I hate to break it to you, but I don’t see any possibility of Hulk coming back full time.


Neither do I to be honest..


From most to least likely: Albon - Experienced driver with high marketability and talent. Also won't humiliate Stroll as much as a rookie would. Drugovich - Proven he has strong race pace and brings in a lot of money. Liberty would also love to make F1 more popular in Brazil again. Piastri - Probably the most talented young driver available at the moment, but Alpine ties might mean they wouldn't hold him long-term. Maybe in the future if Alpine call for him they could swap with Ocon or Alonso. Hulkenberg - Knows the team well and has got them good results for a reserve, but is not much younger than Vettel and if any team was still interested in him he would have come back to the grid by now. De Vries - Like Hulkenberg, if he was wanted he would be in F1 by now. His only real successes came from F2 2019 which was a weak field and Formula E where last year was a lottery championship.


What do you mean by lottery championship? Not in favor of De Vries in F1 btw.


Formula E last season had a qualifying format that made it harder for the drivers at the top of the championship to qualify at the front of the grid. A lot of teams were very even and this resulted in a 15-way title battle up to the last two races. Also the season had some very stange incidents (see Valencia where the energy was miscalculated) which made the series more luck dependent.


That sounds very artificial indeed.


Michael Fassbender


Best comment




That would be interesting wonder if Ferrari is interested to get any of their juniors in F1 in the Haas don't think they have much lined up for that tbh




But that's assuming Ferrari hasn't given up on Mick entirely. I mean, the dude is getting absolutely crushed by Magnussen who had been out of the sport for a year. Not exactly a good look and he only gets a pass for it because of his last name - Mazepin would have been torn to shreds for getting knocked in Q1 while his teammate made Q2/Q3. Repeatedly. Even on France, where KMag had a penalty and was going out for the sake of annoying Sainz, he destroyed Mick. Why would Ferrari keep sponsoring his seat? Dude has done two good races this year, Austria and Silverstone. And the second one was a chaotic race in which an Alpine and a McLaren finished less than 3s away from the podium which should pretty much sum up how valuable it is as a metric. Him moving to Aston would be really good for the team in terms of marketing, but awful in terms of sporting results. Assuming Aston hasn't assumed they won't be on the points on a regular basis anyway, in which case it's a sure win.


Hakkinen ends his sabbatical


Mick Schumacher


Kimi is coming back, again.


What a good young driver to build their team around


My Hot Take would be Herta to replace Ricciardo and Ricciardo to replace Vettel. I feel like Aston Martin will want a driver who is experienced but also in it for the long haul.


It won’t be Schwartzman but I think his name should be considered


My thoughts, without giving a full answer: Albon: 99% going to be retained by Williams Mick: kind of Vettel's "last wish", could be, could be not. Probably depends on Ferrari higher-ups. Stroll would jump at the possibility, though. Very marketable, probably good and definitely a learner De Vries: eh. I like the guy, he's good, but the F1 ship has definitely sailed for him. He'd probably be a stopgap while the team looks to hire someone like Gasly, Magnussen or Albon for 2024 Hülkenberg: eh. Even more of an explicit "this is a stopgap" choice. Piastri: definitely the best choice in terms of a complete package (if they're going for a rookie) but a loanee is always a double-edged sword Drugovich: great qualifier, great race pace. Third season tax, but he also brings a ton of cash from Brazil. Worst case scenario, he's out for 2024, best case scenario they get a real talent for net positive money


I think it will be Mick and Drugovich will replace him at Haas


It won't be Piastri. Fat chance papa would allow junior to get rinsed by a rookie.


In my perfect world piastri goes to AM and Sargent goes to Williams.


i think if mick goes to aston, shwartzman goes to haas


This is gonna sound crazy. But Alonso isn't exactly getting much support from Alpine, And AMR just lost a lot of experience in their lineup with Vettel retiring..


Damn. Could you tell us how the Piastri situation will unfold kind sir ?


Piastri joins Ferrari replacing Leclerc, loses out to the title by one point to GOATifi




I'm surprised people don't think Hulk isn't a viable option. He's a great stop gap imho. Already knows the car, experienced enough and probably won't cost much. De Vries is also possible, not threatening to Lance, Mercedes connection, great at car development, apparently very loved in paddock, he is also a valid stop gap. He will test for Aston as well. Aston isn't a top team, dunno why people think he's not good enough for them. Mick seems possible because Seb clearly wants him but I'm not sure if Mick wants it. He's getting better at Haas, FDA connection is important. It could be like Perez's McLaren move tbh. Felipe is, once again, wishful thinking. Aston won't go for a rookie or someone who has never stepped foot in F1 garage.


Drugovich is young, currently doing very well, from a big F1 market currently not represented in and should bring sponsors. I hope Logan gets the Williams seat so that would open up Piastri to AM as well. I don't see much reason to take DeVries over Drugovich and Hulkenberg is just too old and rusty at this point I'd say.


I think it's Piastri, but I hope it's de Vries


Why though the guy is 27 and is wildly inconsistent


Oh, simple. I'm also from Friesland


Fair enough


Jehan Daruvala


As test driver for hire/trackday customer


Zhou, for that China market kowtow.


Alfa might want to keep Zhou


Schumacher... I think.




Mick Schumacher


I think, because now there’s going to be 2 open seats after the season, Logan Sargeant is going to Williams, and Piastri goes to Aston at least for 2023