It's definitely a weird dynamic when your family members are also your pets.


Bruh thats a mood Thats why I don't ever for any reason do anything for anyone for any reason ever no matter what




David Wallace: *confused staring*


How about someone on reddit?


Only to those with strictly incremental and consecutive numbering in their usernames


i need about tree fiddy


Spare any change?


Grandpa clearly never read "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"


Damnnnn I completely forgot about this book!




The one I remember is cookie. But i think there were multiple "give a mouse a ___ books"


My favorite, as a Canadian, was if you give a moose a muffin


I figured Canadians would give a mouse a moose. You guys up there are a hoot.




If you give a brownie a cookie?


Don’t you come in here trying to Bernstein Bears me.


If you give a mouse a cookie it will want the nookie?


Damn he started something bad.. for everyone involved


Yup, some idiots were feeding the coyotes in one of our local parks. The coyotes started approaching people and getting aggressive, to the point of biting a few. [The coyotes had to be culled.](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/stanley-park-coyote-cull-1.6164627)


My neighbors grandma got murdered by deers in Oregon.


Are you sure it wasn't a reindeer? Was she walking home from your neighbor's house on Christmas Eve?


She was feeding them in the winter getting a little too friendly by spring they kicked her to death.


Any incriminating Claus marks on her back?


Ran her right over did they?


Naw, from what it sounds like they stomped her out like an ms13 gang initiation.


"dude, she *really* got fucking brutally stomped to death by these annoying, disease-spreading, glorified rodents" "My *hilarious* Christmas jokes tho"


A Møøse once bit my sister.


Hello fellow vancouver-er


You're not from Vancouver, you're an imposter! because it's Vancouverite


I wish it was Vancouvarian because it sounds like an alien species.


Or a birth by surgical method.


Oh no! Poor coyote buddies :-(


In a lot of places they’re considered vermin. There’s no season it’s just kill on site.


This is because wolves and cougars use to eat them on the regular and so their populations were kept pretty low and in certain locations. When those two species were nearly wiped out the coyote went everywhere and bred like crazy.


That sucks. I live in the Midwest and they're plentiful here. I don't know if there's a hunting season for them or not. I just feel bad that they were trusting of humans and then we betrayed them. Feels pretty terrible. I hate people.


Fellow Midwesterner here. In most states they're considered vermin and are legal to kill anytime. Plus, most conservation departments will pay you a little bit for the tails of the ones you kill. It helps conservation departments keep track of number estimates. It's also the same with ground hogs


If its population control, I'm not against it. In the long run, it's better for the coyote population as a whole and keeps disease and food scarcity down and I get and respect that. If people are feeding them though, it makes me really mad at those people because they're condemning them to death by building the coyotes (or any animal for that matter) trust of humans/taking away their fear, which makes them a liability. I get it has to be done but I feel bad for the animals in that situation and the people who basically ruined the animal's chance at life. The people who do the culling or hunting the animals are doing a service that is needed for stability. I respect that and they're not the recipients of my frustration.


I totally agree. You just seemed unsure about how laws work when it comes to vermin in the Midwest. And for anyone thinking, "I'll just raise coyotes to turn in the tails," it's not enough to cover the costs of raising coyotes, its basically enough to cover your cost of killing the animal


Well I don't live rurally and don't hunt so, yeah not really sure about the rules/laws here regarding coyotes in IL.


Yeah. I'm so torn between, "This is horrible," and "I'm a little jealous, though. NGL."


Me too. I would raise foxes if I could


they're basically cat-dogs, right?


Yea super cute, but this is why you don’t feed wild animals. They’ll start to approach other humans, and may become aggressive when they don’t get food


Foxes never get aggressive with humans, though. Even foxes that have grown up living alongside humans continue to be skittish and will bolt at the first sign of anything remotely unfamiliar. There are only 2 occasions a fox would ever intentionally attack a human, and that's if they're cornered and have no other choice, or if they're rabid (in which case they will be sinking teeth into literally anything that moves).


My comment stands for all wild animals. You are right about rabies, which is just another reason not to feed wild animals.


Yeah this isn't eyebleach. This is nature 101: unless it's your job to feed wild animals, don't feed wild animals. Makes the whole ecosystem balance get real fucky


Was at a wildlife conservation area this week. They had a saying that applies here: a fed fox is a dead fox. Sub out fox for any other animal. If you like animals, don’t feed wild ones.


>Makes the whole ecosystem balance get real fucky There's an old man on [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/c/JamesBlackwoodRaccoonWhisperer) who feeds raccoons hot dogs on his balcony. Dozens of them show up to be fed and bears have shown up a few times because of the fiasco. I hate that he does it because there's no way its good for the balance of the ecosystem in that area.


Why is it bad tho?


Human food is not healthy for wild animals, and they do not need food from humans to survive. Wild animals have specialized diets, and they can become malnourished or die if fed the wrong foods. Also, animals cannot distinguish food from wrappers or foil and can get sick eating these items. Feeding leads to public health concerns. Too many animals in one place increases the chance of disease transmission to people and among other wildlife. Animals accustomed to people often lose their fear of people and can become aggressive. Those that become too aggressive may have to be destroyed to protect people and property. Birds gathering near or on airports can become victims of bird-aircraft collisions, potentially causing flight delays, damage to aircraft, and loss of human life. Animals fed along roads tend to stay near roads, increasing the chance of vehicle-animal accidents. Large concentrations of ducks and geese can pollute nearby waterways, backyards and athletic fields. Some waterfowl species drop up to a pound of feces every day! Source: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/wildlifedamage/sa_program_overview/ct_dontfeedwildlife .


I am in no ways knowledgeable on this but I would assume it ruins their instincts to hunt independently. They now come to you all the time for food since they realize it's far easier. If you stop feeding them after that, they may not be able to hunt as easily again and can starve to death. That was only an assumption, so someone feel free to correct this.


Or they get aggressive to humans when they aren't fed and have to be killed. But your assumption is generally correct


They start to lose their motivation to fight for their own meals and over time can lose this ability enough to not be able to feed themselves or their babies. A lot of "safe" food you eat, especially meat, is riddled with pesticides, fat, preservatives, poisons, e.coli, killing floor detritus, parasites, hormones, anti-biotics, human fecal matter, animal fecal matter etc that wild animals shouldn't eat or at least are not used to and can cause issues, some lethal. Not to mention covered in germs from your kitchen and hands their digestive system isn't used to. Their systems are used to and can only handle an edge case of food. If you give them unnatural foods they can die. The extra calories can lead to obesity in animals. An obese animal can't often fend for itself and will die. The extra calories can lead to a spring "harvest" feeling that can lead to pregnancy because females instinctively presenting when full and males impregnanting. Now they're having babies off-season and only because they are being fed. If the food stops, which it eventually will after grandpa gets his social media kudos points or is sick of spending money feeding them, the babies will starve, maybe even the parents. These animals become trusting of humans and get killed by us. Either for sport or out of often-fake concern they're dangerous by hunters, busybodies, and sociopaths. Animals should never be trusting of us because we are untrustworthy. Teaching wild animals to trust us is morally wrong. Morally, its wrong in general to interrupt the world of wild animals for ego pleasing reasons. Morally, treating wild animals as entertainment is wrong. Toying with things far more helpless than you is wrong. Interrupting complex ecological systems you can't comprehend is wrong. Abusing your position as the apex being on Earth is wrong.


They'll expect all humans to freely give food to them. If they get used to it and aren't fed there'd a chance they get agitated and aggressive. Also most animals have a fear of humans and feeding them takes that fear away and they approach people more.


Cute, but also why you don't feed wild animals It can be dangerous for the animals and the people.


This must be how dogs became domesticated.


There was a fascinating Russian project that started in the 50s and bred the tamest foxes in each generation until they were pretty much domesticated. Took them, what, 45 years to get foxes that were pretty much as domesticated as dogs. Ceiridwen Terrill visited in 2012 and was scratching their bellies. *And they loved it*. Fascinating not just for the results, but their other findings along the way- that adrenaline and melanin share a pathway via dopamine, that we might not have observed intelligence in animals because of their fear of us, that the interaction of hormones, neurochemistry, genetics, and fur colour be real wack, and so on.




Another interesting thing is toxoplasmosis. It's a parasite that causes brain damage in foxes and in some cases makes them almost tame as it takes away their fear. It's why London foxes are so friendly. I wonder if the foxes in this video are in the UK.


Aren't there some theories about cats having toxoplasmosis in their urine, and people being affected by it? Also that a huge percentage of people have toxoplasmosis. I've heard that somewhere I think. Like that people like cats so much because of toxoplasmosis. Not sure how true it is though, but do you know more about that?


I know that pregnant women aren't supposed to clean litter boxes because of it. If a pregnant woman gets it it can potentially cause the either miscarriage/stillbirth or the baby may be born with an assortment of health problems. Not sure how common that is though.


He commented one line and you wrote two paragraphs. But I learned something cool so thank you


Reddit is gold like that. You can have some of the simplest or dumbest passing thoughts posted on Reddit by just your average dude, replied to by an actually educated, sometimes extremely qualified person. The juxtaposition is just so funny sometimes.


Yo you can't just be calling people "juxtaposition" anymore, it's 2022 man...




Ugh I miss the early 00’s


The curiosity in any stray thought, no matter how casual or passing, can lead to the most incredible discoveries. I'm just passing along what I've picked up in the hopes it inspires someone.


They also bred the other way, for most feral in the same experiment, and got some foxes with nasty big pointy teeth.


Omg I think I learned about this in genetics! I believe these foxes' genomes were tested to see if there's a genetic component to behavior


Can someone explain in drunk?


Russia got tamed foxes due to a social experiment. Some nerdy genetics stuff is cool


Oh sick!




Did dogs become domesticated or did humans become domesticated to dogs? The jury's still out on that one


We certainly became domesticated to cats, the writing’s on the wall with that one.


I know your joking but it's semi true. Basically it's theorized that the way cats were initially domesticated was when people started building structures those structures would get infested with rodents. Then cats showed up and started eating the rodents and people decided it was too much effort to drive out the cats and figured that because they were handling our rodent problem it was ok for them to stay. Then after a few hundred years of this symbiotic relationship cats became domesticated. So basically cats domesticated themselves. Additional fun fact, it's also believed that cats may have been domesticated multiple times.


"What do you mean 'we don't have to hunt'"?


"Wait so all we have to do is bark at stuff and we get food shelter and warmth?"


And here the process begins anew, for the 42,305,482,854-th time.


Don't feed wild animals.


exactly. Foxes are adorable but theyre wild fucking animals. Now every outdoor cat in the neighborhood is fucked. They just cited/arrested some lady near me that was feeding black bears. Shits no joke. They were getting confident enough to walk up into the highschool parking lot during school hours and they traced it back to this lady that shared a property line with the high school.


You shouldn’t have outdoor cats. They’re horrible for the environment.


And the environment is usually bad for them as well. The average life expectancy of an outdoor cat is much lower than that of an indoor cat


Also if they’re outdoor cats who is going to keep your keyboard warm?


You shouldn't have outdoor bears either. Or indoor bears. Or any kind of bears.




They are not a native species in 99% of the locations they’re kept, and even if a small presence were tolerable, cats have far outnumbered that. They devastate local bird and small mammalian populations and even some insects and amphibious species. They’re a predator animal, you’re essentially dumping hundreds of predators locally into an ecosystem that at max supports a minuscule number. The Australian government had to literally go on a eradication campaign against feral cats because they were driving species to extinction


I'm not OP and I don't share his opinion, but they are the perfect predator in a lot of countries. Birds often fall victim, cats are responsible for the extinction of some species. That being said, I don't believe cats should be deprived of the outdoors. Difficult situation.


Stick with dogs


They're good for foxes though lol


They’re actually not. They compete for same small animal prey, and can pass toxoplasmosis to foxes. Keep your cars indoors


What about outdoor foxes.


I live near a lot of foxes, they don't seem to care about cats. Cats are not worth the effort and the fox will always get hurt even if it wins. As I type this, I can hear a fox scream outside. We have loads of neighborhood cats and foxes around here near woodland, never heard of a cat go missing. Foxes living near or in cities should be fed enough not to go after something like a cat.


Not sure it Berlin's city foxes are any different to the ones where you live, but we have a few foxes that visit our courtyard / backyard that are a lot larger than the male cats in the yard. Its a shared yard for several apartment houses and there are about 10 outdoor cats. In all the time I lived here, none of the cats were harmed. The foxes sometimes try to get into the trash bins and jump on them but usually aren't successful. The cats just watch them, don't even raise their fur (except one very anti social cat but she is nasty with other cats too). The foxes live in a cementry a few streets further away. They can only enter our shared yard if one of the houses has the street access door and back door to the shared yard open. This usually only happens if the waste management crews are driving around so we think the foxes follow their trucks. In another neighborhood with lots of single family houses they had reports of a lot of stolen garden shoes and slippers. They thought it was teenager pranksters until a year later they found a fox home filled with hundreds of shoes >.<


These foxes getting rid of every outdoor cat in the neighborhood would be a good thing. Outdoor cats disrupt local ecosystems and reduce biodiversity. Their presence alone impacts nesting and migratory behavior, and they’re responsible for killing over 2 billion birds each year. (E: but agreed, don’t feed wild animals)


What about dogs?


Seriously. Stop. Yogi Bear needs a comeback? Stop feeding wildlife. why did you think they needed it? they don't.


Again, DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS. It can cause trouble quickly




This is exactly why you don't feed wild animals. Don't do this!




And now you have crack foxes


With squishy boots hopefully


Look at how polite they are sitting. I can’t get my dog to be that nice when we are at the table


*Look at these distinguished gentlemen. Look at the way they are sitting. Yes, very distinguished. Mm-hmm, I see, I see...*


Okay but if he or anyone else in the neighborhood has small dogs or cats that go outside, all those animals are now in serious danger. Once they know where food is, they will keep coming back. That shit isn’t cute, they’re wild animals. Let them be wild animals.


Foxes are not a danger to domestic cats or dogs. Foxes generally avoid cats, when there is a confrontation domestic cats usually win. Domestic dogs almost always win a confrontation with a fox, and foxes almost always run from dogs if they try to confront the fox.


I see a lot of generalizations in there, and you're wrong. Very. Foxes are very much a danger to smaller dogs and cats when they no longer fear humans they ain't gonna fear your fucking tabby or your 30 lb mutt. They just see food.


[You’re wrong. ](http://www.catbehaviourist.com/blog/study-certified-cat-behaviourist-anita-kelsey/)


This article is one big "well vets in my area haven't said they've seen any fox bites on cats" 1. It's not a very broad study 2. Foxes generally eat what they kill, you can't take a eaten cat to the vet


It’s more rigorous than your pedantic comment.


I only have the single anecdote that my friend’s small dog was killed by a fox in her own back garden. That’s not proof of much, but it’s proof enough that it can happen, it has happened, and it will certainly happen again. So why take the risk?


Well, you should never leave your home ever again because bad stuff can happen, had happened, and will happen again.


Ur right also I’ll let my small children play barefoot in the streets without my supervision




My cat used to scare the foxes away when she was younger, now they just leave each other alone. Honestly I think the biggest threat here is the stink bombs they’ll leave in the morning


Oh red Fox pee is another level




And vice versa. House cats and dogs tend to win fights with foxes. They’re scavengers. Have a nice night.


how is there wild animals anymore if we keep taking up all the land


….let me know the next time you see a domesticated bear.


Well some people are into domesticating bears and we shouldn’t judge them for that. I might suspect we are talking about different bears…




[always sad if you have to explain a joke](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_(gay_culture))


Thank you for not judging lol I do enjoy a domesticated bear every now and then. Though they can still be wild where it counts 😉


Step forward, Son of Adam. The council will now commense judgement.


Did he give em a fuggin baguette!? I mean yeah, don’t feed wild animals and all but, why a baguette of all things if that’s what it was haha


I love foxes, but that first scene change is fuckin' terrifying.


I thought it wasnt real for a second.


And that’s why you don’t feed wildlife.


this is why you do not mess with wild life.


Even if they're cute, don't feed wildlife. You don't want them to lose their fear of people.


This is giving me flashbacks to when I used to do this when I was a kid. I used to feed wild foxes raw hot dogs with my mom. I even called them "fox dogs". However as cute as it is, please don't feed wild animals. I was a kid and didn't know any better, and I'm lucky I didn't get bit or worse. Not to mention food like this isn't healthy for fox friends. (Buuut a bird feeder filled with seeds wouldn't hurt if you really want to get an experience. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a bag of grapes down to the river on a hot summer day to feed the ducks and geese!)


That actually creepy AF


Let’s hope grandpa doesn’t have cats or small dogs😐


The outdoor and wild cat/dog population is going to take a hit regardless (assuming they weren't already.)


Lmao, do you guys think foxes win those fights? They tend to avoid cats, whilst dogs will easily kill a fox. There’s a reason dogs were used in fox hunts. Idk why there’s always a bunch of pearl clutchers that have absolutely no knowledge on the animals in question making judgemental comments like this. It’s dumb to do because foxes are a nuisance, they’ll tear into rubbish bags to scavenge and their piss smells really bad. Pets are in more danger of being hit by a car or the local psycho child than being killed by a fox.


As wholesome and awesome as this is... *never* feed wildlife outside of the most extreme circumstances folks. It's ultimately no bueno.


Please don’t feed wild animals.


Nah bro they’re never leaving now


You want foxes? Because that's how you get foxes


This is why you don’t feed wildlife. Let’s hope all the neighbors are cool with foxes hanging around.


Don’t feed wild animals


Yeah, all of them just sitting there waiting wasn’t creepy at all.


Like yeah it is cute, but also it’s a very dangerous game


Enjoy the rabbis. Also wild animals cannot digest most processed human foods.


TIL foxes like Jews.


Gorgeous but fox pee is rank


Theres a family of foxes that live around my neighbourhood they made home in my garden


Looks like a horror movie


Oops! Yikes!!!


Did he throw it a burrito?


This looks like a scene from Twilight before a vampire battle


This is why you don’t feed squirrels as well.




You end up with way more than you want. They go from being cute and funny to being a pest that’s chewing into your soffits, ripping out your insulation, and emptying your bird feeders in a day. They don’t really go away when you stop feeding them either. Then you’re trying to trap them, shoot them, or block them. It might not be a problem for you, but when my last dog passed, they started climbing our house and tearing into the house, digging out insulation. So you’d just have to to decide if they’re a problem for you.


Oh look, a perfect example of why you don't feed wild animals.


Dont. Fucking. Feed. Wildlife.


Ya that Grandpa is a piece of shit. He just sentenced that fox to death, and likely small dogs or cats in the area.


I am scared.


It's so easy to see how we have pet dogs now 😂😂😂


Your grandfather is a Fox now.


I'm gonna need updates at 3 and 6 month intervals


Grandma’s getting upset. He fed those foxes $75 of food last week alone!


Foxes are so cool. I’d love to have a family of them live on my land!


Your grandpa is a Disney princess!


so beautiful 😍,but it’s kinda hilarious 😂


We have tons of foxes in our neighborhood. I would t want to attract them to the house. They scream like children being murdered when they call out to each other (try to mate).


This is not eyebleach at all. Stop fkn feeding wild animals you dumb fucks. You're destabilizing their ability to survive in the wild aka killing them slowly.


Dont feed wild animals


Training them to be killed. They lose their fear of humans and end up getting shot by the police or animal control.


Welcome to the epic guilt trip.


How could you say no to those little faces!!!!!?


Old people are so pure <3




Didn't their appearances alter over the years as they became more tame, too? Like their tails became curled and ears folded?


The fox went out on a chilly night. He prayed for the moon to give him light…


I read this thing ones that these Russian scientist where able to domesticate foxes over the span of 50 years and they even started barking n shit


This is the same house as the video about the dog who saw something before the owner and it chases a fox.


Reminds me of this horror short: https://vimeo.com/lorcanfinnegan/foxes


Follow up vids or I’ll end myself


Beautiful yard


Domesticate some foxes. Sell them for tons of money!


Try horizontal video and you will get them all in frame!!! Geez


Some men are rich beyond reason


Now you definitely will never be robbed


Foxes are so cute, their poop stinks to high hell though lol


OMG!! I would LOVE that!!


This is why you don't feed wildlife.