How Long Do You Plan On Pumping?

I’m less than a month postpartum so anything could happen and/or change but I really want to pump for 2 years. I see most on here weaning at 6 months or 1 year. Has anyone ever pumped for 2 years? I would love to hear any experiences!


I wanted to pump for a year. Then 6 months. Now I hope to make it 4 months.


This is the real-est. 😆


My goal is 6 months but right now I'm 6 weeks in and I'm just taking it one day at a time at this point.


The best advice I've heard on here is to break up the goal into smaller goals when things are tough. Like don't think about the 6 months or a year goal, just try to make it to the end of the month. Then another month when you meet that goal, then another and so on. You can even break it up into smaller goals like one more week or one more day, whatever helps to mentally get you through the struggle. It's helped a lot for me, that and just deciding that instead of stressing about getting at least 8 pumps in per day, I'm just going to do as much as I'm able to and if my supply goes down, oh well. If we have to supplement a little formula, it'll be okay. Baby is still happy and fed and getting mostly breastmilk.


I have set goals for how many pumps per day. So currently at 5ppd and plan to stay that way till end of month. If I follow plan then ill make it 6 months. But mostly focused on just making it to the next ppd drop.


This is the best advice! As soon as I just started pumping when I had the time it felt like I needed to, I felt so much better. My supply did go down but my baby is still growing and smiling and that’s all that matters


100% this! It's amazing how much more patient and present I am with my son now that I'm not stressing over how many ppd I do. I still consistently so far have been getting 7 ppd in, which is only 1 less than what I was doing before, but I feel so much more relaxed now that I've taken all this pressure off myself to get a certain number every day. I can't believe how crazy it was making me before, I feel so much freer now and am enjoying my baby so much more so it's 1000000% worth it ❤️




I wanted to make it to 1 year, now I'm hoping to make it to 6 months, I'm 4 months pp


How many ppd are you doing?




My goal was also a year. Then I started pumping and it was 3 months. I’m 4 months in and planning to go to 6 months. I think about quitting every day


How many ppd are you at? Im down to 5 and hoping it will get easier when down to 2 or 3 ppd. But feeling like it is worse because you are sooo close to freedom but not there.


I’m still at 6-7ppd but I’m also pumping for twins. So I’m not going to start dropping until the 6 month mark and then wean from there. I can’t wait for 2-3ppd. That’ll be so many hours I get back but I agree it’ll probably feel too close to freedom haha


I’ve been pumping for almost 7 months! I’m not sure when I want to stop. There’s days where I’m like “today is the day I start weaning!” But then I get over whatever stress I have and continue to pump every 3-5 hours throughout the day. I cut the MOTN pump awhile back when she started sleeping through the night.


How did you cut the MOTN pump? How long do you go through the night then without pumping? My struggle is she last eats at 630pm. I pump at 1am. She wakes up to eat at 7am the next morning. I'm torn between adding in a pump at 10pm or just going 12 straight hours.


I just cut it! I would wake up leaking and just throw that shirt in the dirty clothes. My last pump is either at 8 or 9/10. And then I pump when my husband wakes up for work (6:30am) My LO sleeps from 10ish to 8am Monday thru Friday for daycare If you want to pump at 10pm and you’re still awake, do it. I cut it because she was sleeping through the night and I hated being the only one awake in the house, I supplement with formula when needed to make things easier. I’m a just enougher most of the time, so I had to use formula to get a few bottles ahead. For example, I try to make her THREE bottles for daycare the night before, so I try to have at least that many ounces/bottles ready whenever. It helps just in case we also have an emergency!


This is helpful. I'm also a just enougher nowadays so I use the MOTN 3-4 ounces to go to the next days bottles. Maybe for my anxiety, I'll add the pump in at like 9 or 10. My husband stays up really late so I won't be alone but that 1am pump blows. Thanks!


Of course 💕 good luck on your journey! Our babies will appreciate our effort


I cut it too! I just needed the sleep. I’m 6 months PP and have been exclusively pumping almost the entire time. I do a last pump between 9-10 PM and then the next between 5-6 AM. I cut out the MoTN one maybe 2.5 months ago. I do pump every 2-3 hours through out the day, for roughly 15 minutes a side. I always do 7 or 8 pumps and it hasn’t been an issue for me


I'm 7.5 months in... I nurse at 7am, pump at 930a,1130a, 130p, 330p, nurse again at 630p and then pump motn at 1am. I am so freaking paranoid that I'll drastically drop supply if I cut that motn pump.


This is my only kid so I am definitely not an expert, and I’ve made a good amount of milk from pretty early on, so I can’t speak to what’s normal. I work 8-5 & I just couldn’t do without some solid sleep. It was gonna be a mental health issue so I tried it. I *might* make a little less now? But not by much. Do you use an app to track? I use Pump Log for pumping and Nara Baby for her intake, diapers, etc. I don’t breast feed at all because my sweet, sweet princess is a chomper. She drinks about 30 ounces a day. I only do 5 ounce bottles - she generally drinks one between 5-7AM depending on when she wakes up, (she sleeps from between 7-8PM every night straight through). I always send 6 five ounce bottles to daycare. She almost always drinks 4 and I get 2 sent home. I like to send extra because she can be hard to feed and they dump after one hour so I don’t want her to be hungry. I only work 15 minutes away but I don’t want to have to go over. Anyway, the leftover daycare bottles are usually “dinner.” The AM pump I make a ton - I have to switch the bottles out. Usually on Saturday I freeze almost everything I pump except for maybe my last one or two night pumps. I’ve been able to build up a bit of a stash - I think I have around 170 ounces right now. Maybe you could try it for a couple days and see? Or alternate? Any ladies who have a couple kids have any advice? Good luck, mama! ❤️❤️


Thanks. I think you make more than me for sure. My 930am pump has the most of the day .. usually 4-6ounces total. Every pump after that is a total of 3-3.5 ounces. She gets three 5.5 ounce bottles a day at daycare. Depending on that first pump, it'll set me up for enough or not enough for the next days bottles. That motn pump of 3-4 ounces covers that potential gap for me. Do I have milk in the freezer? Yes. But, I'm determined to make it a year on breastmilk alone.


Do you use an app to track at all? It’s super helpful for me to see what I’m getting. I get about 36-39 a day usually. Honestly no idea where that stands with amount because I am so new to this. The first pump I get like 11-13 ounces (and I lose some from boob 2 while pumping boob 1 lol) I get 3-5 ounces combined from my other 6-7 pumps. I do my best to stay super hydrated, and I try to be good about pumping 2-3 hours from the start of my last pump.


No because I don't strictly pump. Apps would just lead me to obsess over output. I get 16 ounces a day in my pitcher with the pumps I do now. Occasionally, I will have 2-3 extra ounces a day. So I'm pretty consistent with 16-19 pumped ounces in a 24hr window. No idea what she gets in the two nursing sessions.


Honestly that mentality brought me through to six months. Now I am weaning, 2 ppd at 7 months. I didn’t want to pump at all so each day I went back and forth between “that’s it, I’ve had it” and “I guess I can keep going a little longer” I don’t think I would have made it 6 months if I had set out for it from the beginning.


I am aiming for 6 months, currently in month 3. It's really emotionally draining and exhausting because now my son is outpacing my production, but I prefer to give him some milk vs non until he's 6 months and starts childcare.


Same here. My baby eats more than I can produce, but I want to give him all the antibodies I can. He starts daycare at 6 months, and I’m hoping to go a bit beyond 6 months so he’s as ready as he can be.


Pumping until baby is out of NICU. So from mid October to the end of January


Sending care to you, that’s tough.


My original plan was 6 months. It became difficult for various reasons to transition to formula so I kept pumping and my goal was "as long as she needs me to." So now I'm weaning at 11.5 months!


Currently in month 2. Just taking it one month at a time, but I hope to make it a year.


That’s the way to do it! You can do it!!!


This is my philosophy!


Same here! I have days where I tell myself let's take it month by month and then I have days where it's week by week ;) it's tough but we're doing our best!


Same in month 2. Hoping to do this for at least a year too. I’ve invested so much money into this 😅


Same here! I just bought a genie advanced to see if that makes things a little easier. I have a 19 month old as well.


I pumped for 27 months with my first child. Before he was born I had planned to go for 1 year. Then Covid started, and I wanted to give him the immune system protection. We also discovered a genetic risk for breast cancer in our family within that first year. So that contributed to the decision to keep breastfeeding for 2 years to help reduce my cancer risk. Working remotely helped a lot to make this doable. I could easily pump from home. It is more difficult to manage when you have to lug everything back and forth to work, and leave your workstation throughout the day. Having multiple sets of pump parts makes a huge difference. I had a set for every pump, and would wash everything at the end of the day. If you are doing something for 2 years, you have to find ways to make it a simple routine in your day. Traveling was not happening much during that time due to the pandemic. But even when things opened back up we didn't travel much. A day at the beach is more stressful when you have to manage access to electricity/refrigeration/sanitation. It seems like wearables have come a long way just in the past few years. So that could make a big difference in lifestyle you can expect when pumping for years. The ones available on the market did not work very well when I was trying them out. I had an oversupply, and they never emptied me effectively, so I would be uncomfortable if away from my primary pump for more than a few hours. I'm currently 9 months pregnant and expecting to pump for 1-2 years with this child. I'm planning to use a Medela Symphony and a couple wearable options. I rented a Symphony off and on with my first. I was advised that most pumps are just not made to last as long as the Symphony, or work as effectively for exclusive pumping. My poor little PISA was pretty shot by the end of two years! After 18 months or so my supply started slowly decreasing and I gradually reduced to 1-2 pumps per day. Got my son through his first Covid infection around 25 months, and then stopped shortly after. My husband was also the unsung hero of a long pumping journey. He took on a lot of extra household chores, and would jump up to care for the baby when I was stuck to the pump. Good luck! Extended breastfeeding/pumping is totally doable with a good support system and supplies.


Wow! Can I ask how many ppd you were averaging before your supply started dropping at 18mo pp?


In the first 3 months pp I pumped 7-9 times a day. I stopped overnight pumping around 3 months. Then pumped 5-6 times a day, 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, sometimes another around 11pm, but I didn't like staying up late just to pump.


Thank you, that’s impressive!


Original goal was 6 months. She’s 5 months now and I started weaning a week ago so I should be completely done at 6 months. I just got so tired of having to plan around pumping every day and everytime we had to go somewhere ,and not being able to hold her and get down to her level for playing because I was pumping, especially as she got older.


I’m in month 4 and I’m aiming for 6 to 9 months. I’d love to give my son breast milk for as long as possible, but I also don’t want to miss out on things because I’m connected to a pump 4 hours a day.


I was planning on a year, but I think my new goal is a year and a half. I’m currently 4 months. After getting mastitis and my supply tanked I realized how grateful I am to be able to feed my baby breastmilk. I’m still recovering though.


Bub turns 3 months soon and I think every day about quitting. We have always combo fed. I don’t produce enough, and he loves to chow down. Since my husband went back to work, it’s been even harder to maintain a regular schedule, so I usually pump whenever things start tingling or feeling engorged. Intuitive pumping lol


My bub turned 3 months yesterday and I think about quitting every day too. But making the definitive decision to stop is more difficult than I thought, but also so tired of living around pumping sessions


I’m 5 months EP’ing and I don’t even know what I want! I’ve been looking forward to having my freedom from not pumping but now she’s actually started weaning and I’ve seen my production go down, it’s making me feel sad and I’m Googling how to make my production higher so I can freezer stash more! It’s doing my head in! I’ve got some emotional attachment to pumping I didn’t realise I had. I guess you just kind of know yourself don’t you ? Well I’m hoping I figure it out soon 🤣


I was planning to pump for a year, because I honestly don’t know much about giving kiddos breast milk after 1 year!


I'm seven months in now. I wanted to bf for two years but bug had a tie and had a really hard time with it, so I ended up pumping. About a 8 weeks ago my supply took a huge plunge (I was fighting a tooth infection at the time and had no idea) I threw my hands up one evening and said "I'm not doing this sh*t anymore and I cried myself to sleep, woke up the next morning and kept going. I wanna make it to one year, but honestly, I'm taking it week by week.


My original goal was a year, but after 2 months of pumping and returning to work, my goal is 6 months (I’m almost 4 months in). I’m looking forward to spending more time with my baby (and sleeping a little more) when I’m done with pumping I want to get him through cold/flu season until he can get the COVID and flu vaccines at 6 months. We’re going on a weeklong trip for Thanksgiving and if pumping doesn’t go well, it’s possible I stop sooner since we have many upcoming travels planned


We’ve going semi-strong for four months now and my original goal was 6 months but now I’d like to be able to give him some amount of breast milk until he’s at least 1. We’ll see tho cause when I get hit with a bad day and don’t prioritize pumping like I should, I swear I’m ready to quit right then and there.


6 months. I started with wanting to do at least two months. I just made three months (and am slowly moving my MOTN pump to drop it 🤞). 6 months is my next goal but I think I will probably call it then.


I am combo pumping and nursing in month 15. Never had a goal, I just reevaluate every month. Once I went down to 4 ppd and no overnight pump it was much more manageable. Currently nursing in the morning and then 3 ppd


I’m in the same boat! I’d really love to keep pumping for 2 years, but realistically think I’ll only be able to go a year. I’m currently 3 mo pp, I go back to work in a few weeks and work from home most days, I’m hoping that will make things easier because I’ll have more time to pump. I’ll be honest as soon as my little one started sleeping longer I stopped pumping overnight


My original plan was to pump for 12 months. When my supply started dropping around 6.5 months, I revised my goal to 8.5 months.


I’ve been pumping for almost 1 year. I to have multiple set of pumps and that helps not having wash the dishes so often. I think I’ll stop at 1.5 years, my baby is having surgery and I want to be able to give her breast milk during the recovery.


I’m currently 7.5 months in and the fatigue is really kicking in even though I am down to 3-4 ppd. I have sensory issues, so every pump is so grating. I’ve also been an under supplier from the start. My goal is a year, but I may stop before that.


I pumped for a year with my first child and that was originally my goal with the second child as well, who is 12 weeks on Monday. I’ve been fortunate though and if I remain on track, I should have a milk stash to make it to a year at the 6 month mark. If that’s the case, I plan to start weaning at 6 months.


This is me! I have just over 400 Oz to put in my stash and then I can wean! Should be done pumping before the end of the year!! (Baby will be 7 months)


Hopefully 12 months. If I can then provide just a little breast milk until 24 months, I'd love to try to do that as a secondary goal. But only as much milk as I'd make with 3ppd MAXIMUM, and no MOTN pump.


I’ve been pumping for 9 months and my goal is one year. After two rounds of mastitis and just generally the toll of pumping I am so beyond proud of myself for making it this far and so happy I could give my babies (twins) breastmilk for this long, but there’s no way I would make it beyond the one year mark.


My goal is a year, maybe more. I plan to play it by ear. Currently at 8 months. I’m fortunate enough to have a freezer stash, so even if i stop pumping at 12 months she’ll still have milk to make it to like 14 months maybe? Although i can see myself still pumping like once a day past 12 months. Then she can still get some fresh along with frozen


My goal is one year (at 8.5 mo) but things keep happening and my supply keeps dropping. So while I am determined…idk how much I’ll actually be able to pump at one year.


My goal was 3 months but I’m at month 5. I think I need to stop by 6 though because my joints are aching so badly from the relaxin I’m still producing that I can barely walk. 😩Trying to freeze as much as I can though.


I’m five months in and pump 4x per day. My goal is one year as that’s how long my medela symphony rental is. If I still have willow bags from insurance I’ll probably keep pumping until I run out. I also have the reusables but they never worked for me. Would love to get to 1.5 years but we’ll see.


Currently at 3 months with a goal of 6! Her intake has increased again now though so will probably need to start supplementing with formula soon


I had a goal of 1 year with my first and pumped for 13 months. I could have kept going because I was down to 4 pumps per day (6, 11, 3 and 8) and that was pretty easy to maintain. I work and pumped my two middle pumps at my desk. I stopped because we wanted to try for a second baby. I'm now 4 weeks pp and am exclusively pumping again. My goal is another year but I will say it is much harder to pump this time with a toddler running around! Even with my pumping schedule being manageable it was super freeing to be done. I no longer had to think about my life in terms of when to pump. I was free of the worry about my daily pump output. I had my freezer back for food and not milk. I think it is so grand to have 2 years as a goal, but also don't be hard on yourself if you have reasons to stop earlier.


Just stopped pumping at 13.5 months!


I’m 4 months in and hoping to go for a year to a little over a year depending on weaning. I’m taking domperidone and I can’t be on that when I get pregnant and I want my next close in age so it’s gonna be a juggle.


6mos! Almost to 4mos. I do a MOTN pumo still around 430-5am (idk if that counts as middle)/around 7 hours from 9pm before bed pump ONLY bc I get a ton out... Otherwise I would drop it and I did drop it for a few weeks when I went down. To 4PPD (I'm now back up to 8PPD, I am sahm right now and will work limited hours probably in December. It is only feasible bc of this and I only do 1 boob, so 1 set of parts etc, can still hold baby while pumping if needed). She gets half from me :) If your capacity allows for 2-4ppd to get a lot of output for baby to eat, those are the moms I've seen make it to 1-2 years not the 8ppd people lol.


I’ve been pumping 7.5m. I always planned to BF and supplement with formula but never considered pumping at all until he was born at 28+2 and spent 9 weeks in the NICU. I wasn’t really given another option. And I don’t hate pumping, I thought I could do it for a year and I also have someone to take LO while I pump so I get a break too. Then I got thrush & mastitis which tanked my supply at about 4m pp. And then he was weaned from at home oxygen at 6m and suddenly there was all this STUFF we could go & do if only I didn’t have to pump every 3 hours. So I’m weaning now, down to 2ppd and wow. I’m still sad about it, he’s getting noticeably annoyed now when he comfort nurses to sleep as there’s not much in there. But he loves formula, we’ve started solids too. I’m 44 and he’s going to be my only bub - I have some regrets about stopping but I feel at this point that I’d be “missing out” on having fun with the little guy and I’d definitely regret that more.


Currently four months in. Initial goal was six months, but now I am hoping to get to 1 year until he is old enough to get his MMR vaccines


Before I had LO, I thought I’d nurse to 6 months. Ended up EP-ing after nursing didn’t work out. I go back to work when LO is 10 months so I made a goal of weaning just Before I return to work. We have a big international trip when LO is 7 months and it will be a pain to pump on the flights and while on the trip so weaning at 6 months makes the most practical sense but I’m having trouble giving myself permission to stop before 9 months.


I pumped for 10 months and it was torture, but I didn't realize how bad. If I could go back, I would have stopped around 6 or 7 months (around when cold/flu/rsv season ended since I had a preemie). If you make it to 2 years, all the power to you! Just please don't feel guilty if you decide to stop early, even if you decided to stop this instant. You have already done amazing work for your baby and no matter how long you pump, that will not change. 🩷


My LO just turned 11 months and I’ve been EP’ing the whole time. My original goal was 12 months, but it is probably going to be longer because he is not very interested in solids. I don’t see him being on primarily solids for awhile, so now it’s just until he can primarily be fed from solids. We don’t have the money for straight formula but we do combo feed. I pump 4 times a day and it’s much more manageable now that it was the first 6 months.


My LO is 12 weeks. I’m an undersupplier by about 6-10 oz a day and just started Domperidone. If it works, I plan to pump until around 10 months and then start weaning off dom (and pumping) since it takes so long to dose down. If it doesn’t, I plan to stop within the next few weeks. I know even a small amount of breast milk helps but for whatever reason to my perfectionist mind if she isn’t getting ALL breast milk, it’s not worth the high effort of pumping..did try nursing and that seems to slightly increase my supply but gives me anxiety since I don’t know how much she’s getting .. sigh 🙃


Tomorrow marks 6 months for me. I always told myself a year but these 6 months were alright and I’ve been thinking about doing more. Butttt, I have only been back at work for 1.5 weeks now lol. I have a demanding odd job that isn’t really pump friendly. I know I’m protected by law and all but in reality it’s a big struggle so we’ll see how it goes.


I worked my ass off to build a slight oversupply and managed to feed my baby fresh milk for 9 months, freeze enough to give him milk until 15 months, and freeze dry a little over 1,000 oz for later use. All in all, I started weaning at 10 months and was done by 11 months. I would have been open to pumping longer, but ultimately decided to wean from the pump because 1) I was getting a lot of cysts and other breast complications that were giving me major anxiety and I had to get several breast exams and ultrasounds, and 2) by 11 months, my son needed me more than he needed more breastmilk. He needed me to be more involved and focused on him every second because he was making huge developmental jumps. At that point, the cons of having recurrent health concerns and not being able to be fully present with my child while pumping outweighed the benefit of breastmilk past ~15 months.


2 more weeks gets me to 10 months and then I’ll be weaning.


I'm 9 months in, planning on 18 months -2 years but we'll see what my body says


Little guy just turned 7 weeks yesterday. My goal for breastfeeding/pumping was 2-3 months. Now I’d like to make it closer to 4-5 months to get through cold and flu season. However I’ll probably supplement with formula here and there also.


I’m only 3 weeks in but my goal is to make it to a year. Just taking it one day at a time.


My goal was always a year. I work overnights so it really impacts my sleep between shifts and as an RN I really need my sleep. My daughter turned 1 on monday (I’m not crying you’re crying), and I dropped my first pump on Saturday. I’m going slow but she’s taking to cows milk nicely (mixing half and half breast and cow milk right now) but where I haven’t really seen a drop (maybe lost an ounce as of yesterday) I’m likely dropping my next pump Saturday (which is fine because my nephews birthday party is Saturday then my nieces is Sunday). ETA: my original plan was to breast feed up to 2 or when she decided to wean herself if sooner. Since pumping became our journey I figured I could at least pump to give her my milk until 1. I can’t mentally handle pumping for another year.


I nursed my first, other than pumping during the workday, until 10 months and then exclusively pumped to get him to 1 year. I nursed my second for 7 months before switching to exclusive pumping and he will be 11 months next week. I'm planning to start weaning from the pump at that point. One thing to consider is that many daycares are not set up to do breast milk in the toddler room. My daycare has said that they plan to move him to the toddler room when he turns 1 and that they do not have a fridge in that room and do not allow bottles. While they are willing to work with me, I'm using that as extra motivation to be done with pumping and transitioned to cow's milk during the day by then. Then I will give one serving of freezer milk at home until my stash runs out.


I’m hoping for a year and then will assess the situation then, May go longer or stop! My LO is currently 8 months old and also has CMPA and refuses any hypoallergenic formula. I pump every 3.5 hours for about 10 mins and honestly it got easier for me as time went by. I also bought a yeti cooler which has been amazing at storing fresh milk or frozen milk to so I’m not entirely stuck at home pumping. I also downloaded the Mamava app which shows you pumping/nursing stations near you in public.


I pumped for 13 months with my first (I had to quite in order to take a medication) and I’m at 12.5 now…but probably will wean in another month and have milk til 16 months or just over. I’m ready to be done!


I’m 8 months and plan on going until 10 months or at least dropping more pump sessions in between lol I want to make it to a year but I have a supply and don’t really know if I want to keep pumping consistently, I recently dropped to 5 pumps a day but I’m ready to go down to 4, my supply is still some hat the same! Honestly a few times in between I wanted to quit for my mental health, I’d say do whatever works for you mama!


I was open to pumping for as long as I had supply. Close to the one year mark, my supply started to drop so I finally stopped around 13 months. The body took care of it naturally for me.


A year so I can get out of work travel (new PWFA laws).


I'm 11 months in. Suddenly my supply has dropped so I hope to make to a year - if I don't solve the issue. If I do I'll probably try for another 6 months.


My original goal was six months and stretch goal was 1 year. I’m 7.5 months in and started to see a reduction in supply. I’m happy that I made it six months and my new goal is 9. Hopefully I can stretch to a year, but I’m willing to drop early if need be.