How many pumps do you have/own?

Thinking about buying a third pump. I have a Momcozy, a medela PIS flex with wearable cups, and i was borrowing a hospital grade one from the WIC. I have to return it soon, plus it’s way too bulk and not portable at all (Ameda). I’m thinking about buying one that is stronger than my medela but not sure I can justify the cost.


4 🫣 Medela PISA from insurance w/ my first. Then a spectra w/ my first because I didn’t love the medela. Then elvie stride with my second and momcozy s9 with my second. I lied. 6 because I suppose the manual and Hakka count too? “Breastfeeding is free” my asssss


Breastfeeding being less expensive than formula is the biggest lie. That’s only true if you have no trouble breastfeeding and can nurse easily (even then, there’s supplies like nursing bras, nipple cream, etc?). I’m deep into the rabbit hole with pumps, pump parts (EASILY as expensive as formula with how often you have to replace/getting fit and comfort level right), seeing a lactation consultant, storage bags, comfort items like a lactation massager, food and drink for extra hydration and calories. If I didn’t have the means, there’s no way, at all, I’d be able to attempt breastfeeding.


I’ve been meaning to try and calculate what I’ve spent this time around between all of that, supplements, etc. If I have a chill patient assignment tonight I’ll start a google sheet + report back.


do you like the elvie stride? I got one but the connector broke before I got to try it out. I’m feeling bitter and am not sure if buying a replacement part is worth it.


The comments here convinced me that I might need additional pumps for work and backup lol.


Lmao I’m thinking the same


Saaaame. And i can use our hospital pumps... But now I think I need a quieter wearable for work, a wall pump for home, one for travel... Lol


Over 25. But I’m not normal I use these for test/review and educational purposes on top of being for fun


You likely have a wealth of knowledge… opinions on willow go vs willow vs elvie double vs elvie stride?


Of those I only have the Willow go and elvie stride (which I only have because my best friend sent them to me I NEVER would have paid for those) and they’re not at all worth their price tag. Willow go is decent but doesn’t fully empty me, stride I actually never got it to work 😅


stride is the worst wtf I got it bc I was told it was hospital grade! I get like one ounce per side after pumping for 40 mins! versus like 2-4 per side from imani?! ughhh


If you read their insanely fine print, it says “hospital strength suction with only one side”. It’s fucked. Another thing with wearable cups attached to a pump is they may not work as well for someone with the *cups* compared to *flanges* and almost pumps have “decreased” suction when two sides are used anyways. Elvie and Willow are two hugely overrated brands in my opinion and their prices are straight robbery. Don’t even get me fucking going on the Willow chiller fiasco.


I saw the chiller recently and thought it seemed awesome to take to work at a first glance but really digging into it and the ceres chill, it's overkill for what I need and what they really do. But I agree. And... *backing away slowly*...don't want to get you upset about it 😅 just glad someone else agrees.


Not everyone needs or wants one and that’s totally fine! What isn’t fine is how they ripped off ceres chill and milas keeper and their design isn’t even great. Ive chatted with people who have them and it doesn’t even stay at a safe temp every time. They stole ceres chill’s wording right off their website and the day it launched, magically had a bunch of reviews that bashed them. It was sour and disgusting and really spoke to them as a brand.


Yeah I definitely agree that they ripped them off. It sucks companies don't have more integrity than that.


Business is business and the bigger the business the bigger the asshole they are, usually. -_-


I got the Willow 3.0 and it sucks so badly. Stay away. It has too much tech for it’s own good so it’s really glitchy. I’ve heard good things about momcozy as a wearable.


Wow! Haha. Do you have any recommendations for a pump I could take out with me so I don’t have to worry about racing home every few hours? I’m using a hospital grade pump at home but would love a pump I can take with me anywhere I go.


Currently (this is my third baby) I’m using unimom opera and baby Buddha as my two main pumps. That said, with my last baby I used the pumpables genie advanced and at that the the baby Buddha was too strong for me. BB and PGA are two of the most popular portable pumps on the market right now, bb is a strong one that it seems half of people love and half can’t use/handle. PGA is super popular too and not as “strong” and doesn’t have the sacred ✨long pull✨ baby Buddha has that can rip a nip right off😂 Everyone “responds differently” to different pumps, so my favorites may not work for you! But those are two well known pumps these days. Pumpables is having a Black Friday sale starting the 6th and I would assume baby Buddha is having a launch sale with the launch of their new wearable cups (11/1 I think?) and worth looking at. I’m gonna buy them for testing bjt I’m a die hard flange girl. Cups don’t do as well for me at all.


Thankyou!!! I forgot to mention I’m in Aus but I have had other mums here mention baby Buddha so I think I’ll have a look into those! Thankyou for all your recommendations!! :)


I think there’s a brand called youha out there that’s good too. I know a gal on Instagram who’s a CLC buddy of mine and she’s from Australia and has those


Pumpables Genie Advanced!


BellaBaby on Amazon!


I have three but just had to buy the third because my Motif broke after 7 months. Just bought Spectra S2 and already had the Elvie Strife as my hands free, but it’s not my fav. I also use my Haakaa often.


7 😂😂 The Medela PIS, two Spectra s2's, a Spectra 9, 2 Bella Baby wearables, and a Paruu wearable 9 if I count the 2 no name wearables I bought and didn't really like.


That’s amazing. Do you keep one around each room in the house or like have different one for work? I have 3 right now but need to return the hospital one… but now thinking whether I should buy a spare s1 for when I need to go back to work or as backup. Like what if i forget the pump or one of them craps out on me randomly? Such a nightmare


I like to switch them out so I don't get bored with pumping. Look on Mercari, I found my backup s2 for $25 and it only had 8 hours of use on it


3 pumps plus a manual. I really thought I had too many until I read this. I'm going to show my partner bc they thought I had too many.


I have 1 wall pump and two wearables!


Spectra wall, momcozy V1 wearable, bellababy portable.


Do you like the momcozy more than the bellababy?


Yes for sure. The momcozy is hospital grade. Bellababy is a backup


Tooo many… 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ S1, BB, PGA, Zomee, medela PIS, Phanpy, Ikeare, evenflo, motif Luna, momcozy amazon dupe, phanpy wearable, and waiting for my S9, spectra gold portable, and motif duo to arrive 🫣🫣. At one point I had 2 medela PIS, and an S2(gave those 2 away) And I’m currently renting a medela symphony. I also have about 3-4 manual pumps.


Does anything compare to the Medela symphony? I’m renting one too but probably ought to return it, but now I worry nothing else will empty me as well…


The S1 is hands down my fav. But I have elastic nipples.. so the Symphony just doesn’t work for me. It’s a good on the highest suction but it pulls my nipples too far into the flange tunnel. Vs the S1 has longer flange tunnels which allows a better suction.


Ah okay! I have slightly elastic nipples too but use pumpin pals flanges so it works out. What differences did you notice between s1 and s2?


Three and a half - 2 wall pumps, a baby buddha, and one working and one busted momcozy


One wall pump with 3 sets of parts and one set of wearables! (Spectra s2 and Bella baby wearables)


I have three. Spectra S1 for home, S2 for work, and Tsrete wearable (bought on Amazon) for commuting.


3 pumps. 2 baby buddhas and momcozy s12 pro (which are technically 2 pumps, but yeah).


3 pumps. Lansinoh smart pump 3.0, Momcozy s12pro and Medela pump in style


I have… 6 right now. Soectra S2, Medela Pump in Style, Lansloh 3.0 electric, Elvie Stride, and two Momcozy S12 (Amazon accidentally sent me two). I don’t see myself using the Medela or Lansloh and will probably donate them.


I have: zomee z2 x2, NCVI x2, Medela pump in style x2 (gifted new one, insurance pair for one), a spectra pink one x2 but ones broken and I bought used, Willow 3.0 and mom cozy s12.. and some random cheap portable one my SIL gave me! So 11… Zomees my favorite, the Medela fucked up my nipples, NCVI healed me with gentle effective stimulation. The spectra I got off marketplace out of curiosity of the hype. It works ok but not preferred. The Willow was meant to help give me freedom but hurts me to use. The mom cozy is ok but it doesn’t empty me that well.


I have the Zomee but found their flanges to be so uncomfortable. Do you use theirs or something else?


I find theirs comfortable enough, but they have an adapter to work with pumpin pals. I’m surprised with the silicone around the outside. The medelas were worse for me for sure, I was always afraid it was gonna suck my nipple in lol


It’s hard out there for a nip!!


I’ve the Spectra S1 as my main and Willow Go. I also recently bought the Legendairy Milk collection cups (haven’t used this yet) for hands free use and Lackteck flange, for the Spectra. I also have an Avent manual. I’ve a whole bunch of other flanges that didn’t work out.


Oh this makes me feel much better. I have 5 - if you include the Haakaa, which I don’t bc I could not for the life of me make it work for me.


3. Two spectras through insurance and I paid for a Willow Go with our HSA (regret this purchase).


I have 3 medela pump in style got from hospital for free, spectra used from marketplace (have never used it yet, it didn’t come with all the parts I need) and wearable bio boo. If I was financially able I would buy another, I don’t really prefer the ones I have.


I have the Spectra s1 for home use, the Ardo Alyssa to use at work and I also own a set of Elvie Pumps which I mainly use when we have guests over and I don't want to sit and pump in a different room.


I’m at 5 so far 😩 Spectra as my main pump. Two Momcozy S12 pros - I really liked it when I first got it. I wanted extra cups but thought the extra parts were pretty expensive so I ended up just buying a second pump (idk how that made sense in my head). Recently got the Elvie and haven’t really gotten it to work well. Today I got the Baby Buddha and tried it with legendairy cups. I think I damaged my nipples 🫣 will never use it again. But now I need another pump to go with my legendairy pumps 😅leaning towards pumpables, which would be my 6th pump.


Spectra Pink, Avent Manual, Avent Portable Double Electric, Freemie Independence, and Genie Advanced


I only have a primary pump now, but I'm tired of always being tied to the wall, so I ordered a momcozy s12pro, hopefully it will arive soon!


Four plus a manual and if I could do it again I'd have half. Got a Spectra S2 from insurance. Got a Spectra S9 a bit later thinking it would help me feel more free (it didn't and I barely used it). Lansinoh when I switched insurance. And then an Imani for something that truly did make me feel more free. If I could do it again I'd get the S2 and then a wearable when I switched insurance carriers. No need for four (with two out of pocket).


Spectra Blue, Pumpables Super Genie, Pumpables Genie Advanced, and 2 Medela Manual pumps. I leave the Spectra at work with 2 sets of flanges, LOVE my Super Genie and the PGA is the best portable pump on the market imo.


If I'm being honest...11 First child: Haakaa x3, Medela Harmony x2, Willow 3.0 x2, Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Deluxe, Momcozy. Second child: Willow Go and Medela PISA, rented the Medela Symphony for three months so not counting that. Note: purchased a second Willow bc the first broke. I was using the reusable containers and they kept leaking... To the point where one broke and the other was faulty. The Momcozy was short lived. The parts smelled like burnt plastic after I tried to sterilize it. I didn't want to use them after bc I didn't want pass whatever chemical/microplastics to my baby. Lansinoh was free from insurance and in hindsight not a bad pump at all compared to Medela PISA. Currently using both Willows (one at work and one at home). I much prefer the 3.0 but since I am an oversupplier the 4oz containers didn't cut it for me. My supply did dip when I switched to only wearables, but I still produce more than the baby needs. Hand pump at home and work just in case Willow pump is being annoying (especially the 3.0 when at work).


Spectra S1, momcozy s12, and pumpables genie advanced! Pumpables GA by far my fave for its portability and versatility while still emptying me well - and being the most comfortable


I have momcozy s9 pros, the og Elvie, a paruu, a pump in style, and a spectra I really only use the Elvie and the momcozys


1. Free symphony rental (upstairs) 2. Paid symphony rental $40/ 4 months (downstairs) 3. Medela swing duo second hand (travelling)


1) Medela in style 2) spectra 3) momcozy wearables 4) Medela hand pump 5) haaka 1 electric and 1 manual at work, 1 electric and 1 manual at home, wearables are always with me.


I had four with my first. This time I have two, one of which (I think its an Ameda Joy?) came from my insurance and will almost definitely never be used. The other is the Momcozy S12 Pro.


Spectra S1 Spectra S9 Elvie Stride MomCozy S12 Motif Luna Baby Buddah Legendairy Duette To be fair, these have all been given to me by mom friends. Only the Duette is new


I have a medela symphony rental and Willow 3 wearable


Three. A Spectra S1, a Willow Go, and a Medela Harmony. That’s one hospital grade, one wearable, and one manual.


4- I have two spectra’s, one was a handmedown, a motif, and I have a set of Medela manual pumps. I also have two different sets of haakaas but those aren’t actual pumps.


Medela swing maxi (just replaced it so technically I have 2 of those at the moment) this is my go to pump and my trusty sidekick. It’s been with me since my first baby 4.5yrs ago and has done another 2 babies since. It’s worked hard for me. Baby Buddha with freemie cups. Love this for on the go pumping. Oh and I have my medela hand pump. And I help a lot of women with pumping (in the U.K. and support is poor for pumping) and the ladies are always kind enough to donate their pumps when they’re done to help the next lady. I have another baby Buddha, Elvie single, spectra s2 and lanisoph sitting in the cupboard


Unimom (covered by insurance), Madela hand pump, Hakka


1. Medela symphony rental (main pump) 2. Haakas x 2 and dr browns manual pump (use for clogs) 3. Ameda - free from insurance (used once) 4. Mom cozy wearable - bought but haven’t used yet 5. Hand me down Medela pump not sure the style but have never used.


3 but only use 2. Ordered the Zomee Z2 through insurance and absolutely hated it. Love the milk bottles though. Spectra S1 and BellaBaby wearable are both great. I love all the settings on BellaBaby and generally produce more with that than the Spectra. And it was only like $50 on Amazon. Win win.