Some positives

Some positives


I feel, I’m exhausted 1.5 month(s) after the BU because he contacted me and it just did more damage than good




Yeah when my ex contacted me it was all flirting ans cute emojis, compliments, good nights, good mornings, they even talked about seeing me and shit and all it did was Fucking lead me on so bad then it just disappeared and I became a mess. To find out they’ve been dedicating their time MASSIVELY to someone who is married , and I find it disgusting as fuck.


I was just thinking about this today. That there are so many things about the relationship I DON'T miss. That in many ways it's a relief to not be in a relationship that often made me feel unsettled and uncertain. It's good to be free of that part of it. So that's progress. We should celebrate it when we find it!!


Those are definitely positives and steps in the right direction! The hardest step is the next one -- and that's to stop contacting him. If you don't send him a message, you have nothing to check to see if he's responded to....you can take that obsession right off the plate. Better yet, *you're* in control of this. Embrace the power that comes with it!


Very well said and very well excited