7K Fire 100% Contained!!!

If any of you Fire Fighters are reading this, thanks!


If any of you Fire Fighters are reading this, thanks!


Excellent news! Thank you!


Glad this one is out. A new one just popped up on watchduty. Out 126 east area.


Is that alert wildfire site?


It's an app that will show you where wildfires are, and yes alert you.


Ah, I sometimes look at the one that has cameras. Interesting to watch sometimes.


You can see the one by Lowell from the camera in Deadball Mtn




Wahooooo thank you thank you fire fighters!


It's worth noting there's a substantial difference between contained, and lined. The perimeter of the fire is completely lined, and defensive fire line is in place, but the fire itself isn't dealt with in its entirety. Both ODF and the US Forest Service have been wanting to move away from using contained in reference to fire control because it can be misleading and confusing. For instance, last year's Cedar Creek Fire was never fully contained, despite it being considered managed/ dealt with. That being said, hats off to the ODF crew for managing this as quickly and effectively as they did. Great peeps.


"ODF said that as of May 30 all spot fires are now lined and mopped up, which means that firefighters have found no heat or smoke anywhere within their individual perimeters, ODF officials said. GPS mapping determined the fire’s totality at 352 acres and its cause remains under investigation, ODF officials said." https://www.kezi.com/news/fire-crews-finishing-final-mop-up-on-7k-fire-forestry-officials-say/article_432ffe8a-ffec-11ed-9b89-5b50036628d7.html


I know, I’ve been following this fire pretty closely. They’re still mopping up the larger fire, even though the spot fires have been entirely dealt with. Sorry if this is coming off as condescending. I just wanted to pass along what some ODF/ USFS folks had told me recently regarding the language around wildfires.