Critique, Help, and Feedback Requests - March 2023

Hi! Welcome to the monthly critique request thread. When you post asking for a critique remember there's certain rules you must follow:

You must come with at least one specific question. No "I just opened my shop, what should I fix?" If that is your question you probably want to ask how you can improve your tags, or photos, or titles, or descriptions.

Let us know how long you've been open and if you're using Etsy Ads.

If you are possibly infringing on another parties intellectual property it will likely be addressed in the critique. Requests that devolve into discussions or arguments about infringement will be removed. We don't support the unlicensed use of other's intellectual property.

If you are found to be reselling non-handmade products your posts will be removed. We don't support resellers.

Before you ask for help, especially if you're new to selling, give yourself a quick shop critique with the high points most new sellers miss:

  • Am I using phrases that apply to your item instead of single word tags?

  • Am I using all 13 tag spaces?

  • Am I using all 10 image slots?

  • Are my pictures correctly white balanced? Do they look good next to other pictures in search results?

  • Am I using most of the characters they give me for my title, stuffing it full of my tags and keywords?

  • Do I have policies and my about page filled out? Do I have a banner, a shop icon, and my user pic in the about section?

  • Am I infringing on anyone's copyright, trademark, or right to publicity? Is my artwork original?



Hello fellow Etsy sellers and enthusiasts! I've recently opened my shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/funpupdesign specializing in unique and stylish dog collars, and I would be extremely grateful if the knowledgeable and experienced members of this community could take a moment to browse my store and provide some feedback. This is my first store and I'm wondering if it was a right decision to start selling dog collars. I feel collars market is saturated and I have limited understanding how to promote my store and if its worth it :( Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I appreciate your support and look forward to implementing your suggestions and becoming a successful part of this wonderful Etsy community! Warm regards, Eugene


Hi all! I just set up shop about a month ago, maybe a little more. I'm very new to marketing and SEO (my background is software engineering with some digital art in school) so am just soaking in everything I'm learning and trying to weed out the junk. Etsy tells me that the search has only produced 2 or 3 visits since I opened shop. I ran Etsy ads for a week or 2, and recently have been running ads in Meta and pinterest. All 3 of my sales are my own friends, so I'm technically at 0 sales still. I started a 50% off promo on kids and mom designs last night through social media, we'll see if it converts. The eat poop sleep babysuit gets the best responses on social media. Do my keywords and titles look out of line? Some listings are obviously newer and applied a set of techniques that I didn't know from the beginning. Is it worth retrofitting them? Some advice I saw was to always design forward at this stage because you need volume. Am I still just in the waiting phase? My shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LukewarmWear


I’ve had my 4 months now, and while I do get regular likes, I don’t get many sales. My work is a lot of surreal fantasy art, what can I do to make more sales? [https://www.etsy.com/shop/noahrotter](https://www.etsy.com/shop/noahrotter)


If youre looking to make money you need to market to the masses, I support your mission but its overly generalized to a miniscule percentile of buyers.


Hey everyone, I've published a listing today that and I'm planning on publishing a few more that are similar so I want to make sure I get the first one right. I make custom portraits using some software I developed. Each one requires some adjusting so it's not as simple as running it through a filter. I can crop out backgrounds and add personalized text (I just remember I forgot to add this). I'm looking for any advice you can offer on this listing only. How are my title, description, and tags etc. Thanks a bunch. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1448810165/personalised-digital-family-portrait


Hello, I’ve had my shop open about a month and have had a few sales. It’s a dog themed shop and my question is, I want to offer POD shirts with various breed selections. For example: I love my Beagle, I love my German Shepherd (not what they actually say). Am I better to make individual listings for each breed for each design I do, or to try to put some breed choices in the variations while combining colors with sizes? Which way do people generally prefer to see it and which would be more visible. Thanks for any insight?


Hey community, I’ve whipped up [a store](https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/EverythingPunny) just over a week ago with what I think are hilarious tshirt designs - albeit my humour is definitely an “acquired taste”. I’ve enabled Etsy ads at one dollar a day (16 listings). I still need to tidy up my tags though and the comments in this thread have been super helpful! Two questions that I’d appreciate any guidance around are whether… -Up the advertising budget to attract more visitors -My prices are a little too high inc shipping for a new store (being based in NZ I’m struggling to assess market rates) Thanks!


Dear [Etsy community/forum members or friends], I hope you're all doing well. I recently started an Etsy shop called KeviBllc and I'm seeking constructive feedback from fellow Etsy sellers, customers, and enthusiasts to help me improve my store. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments to browse through my shop and provide your honest opinions and suggestions. My shop offers [briefly describe the types of products you sell and your shop's overall theme]. I'm particularly interested in receiving feedback on the following aspects: Shop appearance and branding Product photos and presentation Product descriptions and titles Pricing and overall value Keywords and SEO optimization Shipping and return policies Customer service and communication Please feel free to comment on any other areas where you think I could make improvements as well. Your insights and expertise will be invaluable in helping me refine my shop and better serve my customers. You can find my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kevibllc Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and implementing your suggestions to make my Etsy shop the best it can be. Warm regards, https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kevibllc


Prints need to be focused in on, if potential customers cant make it out without having to click its a no go.




Hi , I recently reopened my Etsy shop and I was wondering what I can do to help drive my sales . https://www.etsy.com/shop/seiiren/


I know this reddit is not directly managed by Etsy, but I wanted to share why I am thankful for Etsy today: I received thid email today from them: *Opt out of Mother’s Day emails* *We understand that this time can be difficult. If you'd prefer not to receive Mother’s Day emails, you can opt out by simply clicking below. We’ll continue to send you unique ideas and crafted finds from imaginative sellers.* *Take care,* *Your Etsy friends* For some this might seem like another marketing email, but for me this was so considerate of them. My mom passed away a few years ago and all of these brands and chain stores keep sending thousands of emails when mother's day is around the corner and that is another reminder for me that she is not around and I won't be able to make her feel special that day, so Etsy, Thank you for that and hopefully other websites/stores follow that example.


UPD: Maybe I misunderstood what this thread is about. My apologies. Hi. My journey with Etsy started when a friend flagged me that one of my 3D file designs was being sold by someone on Etsy. That seller was apparently selling for quite a while and generated a pretty bug using my IP. I've reported and after many days it was taken down. Good.I thought - hey, why not establish my own shop. So, I did. I've added that only item to that shop with plenty of images, description etc. I've asked very small price (like $10, where is many others with very similar idea charge much more). It was up for number of weeks (no more then 4-5) and selling maybe 1 sale a week or so. It's when I got a notification that my shop if permanently suspended for who knows what (there was a list of "possible" reasons listing everything from Term of Service to IP violation etc. Might you it was "or" not "and" and it sounded like they don't know exactly what for). When I requested an appeal where I laied out honestly that I have no idea what's going on and what I've violated I've got response that's it is Terms and Conditions. And that's it. no more details, no way to respond/remedy etc. My feedback and critique - please spend a bit more time on small you stand with (#standwithsmall) and 1) Explain better why account is suspected 2) Give second chance and allow remedy the problem. This whole ordeal caused me serious anxiety for at least 3 days. I am a honest person and a small maker and 3D modeller. It felt like Cassian Andor in an Andor series when he was given a verdict in the court and sent to prison. Pretty terrible feeling. I wonder how many of those like me out there who are treated the same way =(


Hi there, I've been open for about a year but only started really managing my shop this year. I especially need help knowing if my listing photos are okay and what what pictures to include. I sell stickers of frogs and neurodiversity stuff. [You can find my shop here](https://etsy.me/42E3dtx)


Quick question, selling 3d printed items on etsy usually only sell 1 item at a time. Had someone purchase 4 of a large item but the automated shipping only increased the weight of the package it didn't take into account the change in the box size. Am I just out the extra 15$ it's going to cost to ship a larger box?


Critique and feedback for my [Majestic Snow Mountains button pins](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1442761305/colorado-majestic-snow-mountains-sunset) listing. I would like to know how to improve the description. Also, is the price of the product good?


Wanting to start up a shop with just printables right now, but hoping to expand to stickers in the future. Any advice?


Hi I opened my shop 6 months ago. Traffic is good but my conversation rate is very low-(0.2%) https://etsy.me/42QCQ3U


Hello, I am managing an Etsy shop for my client. I need some feedback with regards to low visibility of the product. I already added tags and color descriptions but I don't have sales yet. I think the names of the list needs some work but I would really appreciate feedback right now. Thank you. [Here's the shop.](https://www.etsy.com/shop/PressOnsByACRYLIQUE?ref=l2-about-shopname)


Almost one month open. Not a single sale and only a few views coming mainly from Instagram. I would appreciate a shop critique. I feel so sad and disappointed. Thank you! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CLMaccessories


I think maybe having a background might help. The white background is very intense for my eyes. Otherwise, your product looks great!


Hi there! I'm new as an Etsy seller and have started a shop for Vintage Digital Prints. I'm also new to SEO and all that comes with it - optimizing tags, descriptions, titles etc. I'd love any feedback for this specific listing - how can i improve my description or title? [https://www.etsy.com/listing/1370757276/italian-17th-century-vintage-etching?click\_key=34bb2ab5d85d2caad55bc4ca2bc21413750015b9%3A1370757276&click\_sum=11063562&ref=shop\_home\_feat\_2&pro=1](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1370757276/italian-17th-century-vintage-etching?click_key=34bb2ab5d85d2caad55bc4ca2bc21413750015b9%3A1370757276&click_sum=11063562&ref=shop_home_feat_2&pro=1) in the last month i've gotten 70+ visits and 11 favorites, but only 2 sales. How can i improve my conversion rate? Thank you!


Hi, I'm a new Etsy Seller. I'm an Illustrator and I sell digital art. I already listed 3 artworks but no sales yet. Check out the link below and see what needs to improve especially on the description and better words for SEO. Thanks :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/KIELSDIGITAL


Feeling really discouraged and looking for some insight. I've had my Etsy shop selling candles for 2.5 years now and it's done alright. I haven't given it a ton of attention because my life got crazy, and I have 283 sales currently. Recently I decided to make a large (for me) investment into making beaded bracelets. We slightly altered our Etsy name to exclude "candle company" and got all of the supplies. We even bought a nice camera. I spent a bunch of time making all of the bracelets, making listings, taking and editing photos and videos, learning about SEO, getting our social media rebranded and ready to go, and filling out every single part of my page. It took about 2 months of my spare time. Most of the listings have been posted for about a month now. Sunday night I finished everything and I announced the launch on social media and boosted the post on both Facebook and Instagram. The post got plenty of likes and shares, but I have had only one sale. In the month since the listings have been active they have gotten views and favorites but no one is buying them. I even did a 10% sale on Tuesday until Sunday and still nothing. I suspect that this is because I entered into a very saturated market making some non-unique products. I am kicking myself about this. My prices seem comparable to other people's. I think my bracelets are beautiful but they're no different than many other people's, at least just by looking at the listings. People buy these bracelets from the other 50 shops that come up in their search result before mine. My question is - do I invest more money into the supplies to make some unique bracelets? This is what I want to do but I'm terrified that I would be putting more money into something that just isn't going to go anywhere. Or, does anyone see anything that I can do to improve my shop/listings to get these bracelets moving so I can then use that money to invest in making new products? Sorry this is so long TL;DR none of my bracelets are selling that I invested a lot of time and money into and I need some guidance https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreetopHandmade


I think your choice of colour on your bead bracelets is very appealing and modern! I have an idea... Sell the bracelet and candle together as a meditation / prayer / wishing set. And perhaps add a charm via a jump ring to the bracelets to zhoosh them up? (Like a gemstone or a letter charm or silver star etc...) Add an affirmation, prayer or meditation card (That you print at home) and you've got a pretty cool comforting gift.


This is a really good idea that I'm going to look into! Thank you!!


Hey everyone so my girlfriend and I just started an Etsy shop . We're very excited to have just got our 4th sale. We're 1 month into the Etsy world and are curious as to how long it can take before we make our 1st (organic sale) everyone up until now has been family and friends . We've researched the whole SEO strategies and would like to think our SEO is above average. Any feedback as to why our SEO still shows as 0? Do I have to pay for ads for that to change? Because to my understanding a strong SEO game should help me get found, yet no results. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you all and have a great day. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlacranClothing622


Shirts look great, something about the boy mom and girl mom doesnt look organic though. The print looks 2d in a 3d plane.


I hadn't noticed that, I think that's right after purchasing the 1st few mock ups and messing with them you can definitely tell thank you


Overwhelmed shop owner currently in a tiny, tiny niche (eInk tablet templates and planners). [This is my shop.](https://www.etsy.com/shop/AFearlessVenture) Question: **Am I missing out on any low-hanging fruit that could increase revenue without adding too much to my workload?** I've been on Etsy since 2016, but didn't start creating and selling products until about 2020. I got a reMarkable tablet and saw that what was currently available for it looked nice, but wasn't very usable. I got into this niche sort of unintentionally, after I designed things for my own use and figured since my designs worked better for me than what was out there, why not make some money off of it? I only started running ads within the last several months. At first, I started with a budget of $1 a day. That generated a reasonable ratio of spend to revenue. So I increased it a couple of times a little. It's at $3 a day right now, and ROI is not good. NB: When I use $ I mean USD. **Ad stats for last 30 days:** * 279 clicks * 14 orders * $90 spend * $101 in revenue **Overall stats for last 30 days:** * 27 orders * 1072 visits * $189 in revenue **2023 to date:** * 81 orders * 2800 visits * $577 in revenue **All time:** * 362 orders * 12,116 visits * $2144 in revenue I am an underemployed freelance web designer with a lot of personal stuff going on currently. I would love to know if there are simpler things I could try to get this shop running more profitably…or if the ROI will be too poor to bother unless (or even if) I invest more time. Not trying to achieve a full-time income. I would be happy if I could clear $500/mo after expenses. Note: I am currently designing a product in one of the most popular (according to eRank) categories in my tiny niche (a hyperlinked digital planner). I can't recall the actual stats, but my general impression is that while the numbers were low in volume, they were still a lot higher than keywords for my current products. I only recently purchased software that allows me to create something like this, or else I might have done it sooner. Even with the new software it takes quite a bit of time to design and list this large a product, so it'll be a little while before I know how much of a difference this thing will make.


Im brand new and really dont trust etsy ads. I did the one dollar a day, and the ads claimed my sister purchase was due to them .. id like to get social media up and running. But i feel like the 40 hours this last week i put in for 0 profit might turn into another 20 hours of making posts on instagram


Hi! I'm an Etsy Seller since 2020, I'm a mostly Digital Item seller and part Dropshipping Merchnadises, part Custom Digital Item seller. I have over 52 active listings in my shop. Designed my Shop Profile well with Banner. I'm almost gonna be a 3 year old Etsy Shop this September. I noticed that the longer the shop is going the lesser viewers I get and I stilll seldom got Sales. I would like to ask for your sincere Comment/ Suggestion/ Advice / Critic of what I still have to do to elevate my shop atleast better than before . Thank You very much! I will really appreciate it :) [Nekokyutarts Shop](https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nekokyutarts) https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nekokyutarts


Why dont you have categories for your differerent things? Everything looks good. Just a bit unorganized. How often are you selling the color palettes? Seems like someone could just save image as right on your page.


Thank you 😊 I think i have categorized my items already but maybe it does still need more polishing in categorizing items bcoz you're right it's really look a bit messy lol. For the palette , it's very seldom I got a sale on that 😅


Ill tell ya what I just wrote quick eguide to etsy seo that im selling in my shop and ill send it to you for free. Pm me your email if youre interested. If you find any value in it maybe you could buy something in my shop for a couple bucks. Lmk 😃


Hi, I just opened my shop a few weeks ago. I sell personalized jewelry, watches and keychains. Planning to add handmade jewelry soon. Any advice on design or ideas I’m missing to get my shop going? Thanks https://etsy.me/3ID69xl




I always say niche- less competition andmore motivated folks in that interest, so when you said Canadian praries-even that name gives me a nice visual while Spy Crystal doesn't-just sayin.


Hello all! I sell crochet goods such as beanies, water bottle holders, and patterns. I get a decent amount of traffic to my page but very few sales. I would really love any feedback/advice on how to improve my shop and get more sales. Let me know what you think of my product, photos, listings, and anything else you think is relevant. Thank you!!! [https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrangeCatCrochets](https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrangeCatCrochets)


Hi friends! I just started my shop recently and I've perused through some of the handbook and other things, but I think there might be things I can improve on that I might be missing. Maybe a set of fresh eyes will see things that I'm not seeing and be able to give me some pointers? My store is [dewladen](https://dewladen.etsy.com) on Etsy if you are able to kindly spend some time looking. Thanks so much in advance for reading this!


Cute idea! Small critique - as far as your pictures go, they are nice and bright but I think the colorful background is distracting from what you're selling.


Thank you! I just found the Etsy guide on how to make a light box so I'll try that to get good lighting with a plainer background.


How do you get searches to reveal only items with free shipping? I select free shipping and have items on my search that have shipping fees.


When you filter by "free shipping," Etsy also shows shops that have free shipping deals when you spend a certain amount (ex. free shipping for purchases $35+). I don't think there's a way to filter search further than that unfortunately.


Hello - I sell vision setting guides (as well as meeting activities like ice breakers and office games) and I recently launched a Vision Setting Guide and 45min. Mentorship Consultation. I want to know - is it clear the outcomes you get from the 45 Min Consultation? Do you think the price is fair? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated <3 https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1424544671/vision-setting-guide-and-45-mentorship


I am trying to revamp and revive my dead shop that’s been open for 2-3 years. Can I get some feedback, please? I have my pictures and page filled and i try my hardest with SEO do i just need to delete all my past listings? [Etsy shop](https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationzCorner)


You're selling Dr who inspired stuff.... You might get a infringement claim unless you have a license to sell it


Hello, I’ve owned my shop with only one item for sale since the summer. It’s a mini pet portrait and recently added two difference size options. My question is: is it better to have multiple listings (one for each size)? Does it attract more attention since it may show up multiple times?


Hi all, I would love to get some help & feedback from you. I started Etsy Shop about a year ago. I sell mainly printable art. All the art is mine, made from scratch. At the beggining there was little traffic, so after time I gave up, and put an X on Etsy. Recently, I decided to give it another shot and I've refreshed my shop, made some new designs, but still... traffic like 1-2 views per day. I've worked on my seo, try different designs etc. Can you visit my shop and kindly give me your thoughts and honest opinions? Is the art crap? Maybe the pictures? or something else? Here's link to me Etsy shop [https://www.etsy.com/pl/shop/PuppinessShop/](https://www.etsy.com/pl/shop/PuppinessShop/)


"Tooth Fairy T-Shirt for Dentists and Dentistry Students | Funny Dental Humor Unisex Tee" - Adorable Dental Illustration" Many items in your shop are niche, and dont appeal to the masses. Many of your item listings are overdetailed, and too specific. It might confuse SEOs


Thank you for your insight


Words in your title should read forwards and backwards, for example " Dental humor for students" is more effecient. It searches as -dental humor, humor for, dental humor for, for students, and humor for students. Ive really been trying to really rework a lot of my SEO lately. I even ended up studying it so much I wrote a short book to sell on etsy about it cause why not lol..


>searches as -dental humor, humor for, dental humor for, for students, and humor for students. Ive really been trying to really rework a lot of my SEO lately. I even ended up study Thank you! I will work on that <3


You say Puppies in name and hear yet I see Mothers Day. Yes that's seasonal but at least tie it to PUPPIES! THUMBS me up if you agree-it's confusing for consumer and algo.


Agree with the other commenters - your shop name indicates puppies, and then your shop announcement mentions drawing/photographing animals but majority of your listings don't feature any animals at all. I would spend some time working on niching down a bit with what you offer or consider changing your announcement and shop name.


Thank you for your insight


Hello everyone! :) I had a tiktok that went viral about one of my products (the resin rose bear), and it says that 20 people have it in their baskets. However, I have only actually made one sale on it :( I would like some overall advice on what I can do to improve my store. I am located in Australia but my customer base is primarily from the US. I have reduced the cost of shipping by increasing the cost of some of my products (eg., product used to be $10 with $20 shipping, now it’s $20 with $10 shipping). I’m not sure if this method is any good though - advice on this would be awesome too. I find that a lot of people are favouriting my product/ adding it to their cart - but NOT purchasing it. I just want to understand why and how so that I can change 🥺 thanks everyone!!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ViceKitty/


I find the same thing. I am yet to actually make any sales on Etsy other than friends who have placed an order to support my venture. A lot of my listings say in someone’s basket but that never seems to go away. It’s something that might encourage someone to buy but at the same time discourage others from doing so


Hello, I'm relatively new to this, but I sell my original art on merchandise such as stickers, bookmark prints, printable memos, emotes, and there will be more to come in the future! I like to draw cats, my favorite fandom (i have looked into individual policies for them, this is allowed) characters/people, as well as my original OCs! I don't use Etsy ads, and I don't have official social media pages for my store, I do a little marketing here and there with discord art related servers which brought me 7 sales out of my 13 so far. I know it says my shop started in 2021, but I didn't actually make a listing/get a sale until January 2022. I got 6 sales in 2022 combined, and so far in 2023 I got 6 sales, so I seem to be slowly growing. I appreciate it if I could recieve any feedback on my photos, since I find it kind of hard to keep the lighting consistent and I don't know if it affects the look of my store. If you have other criticism, I'll gladly accept it. https://shuaskiesstudio.etsy.com Thank you! <3


I’m getting quite a few page views but none of them seem to be converting. I had constant sales about 3 weeks ago and since then i’ve only had about 1 sale a week. Is there anything obvious you can see on why customers are looking but not making a sale? Thanks! whimsyandwaxco.etsy.com


Hello everyone, I would love some critique on my store I really need the help because I am running very low on the budget I had. The store is about shirts and hoodies with mean and funny sayings. Here is a link to the site: [https://www.etsy.com/shop/jkkindof](https://www.etsy.com/shop/jkkindof) Do you find the products interesting and worth the price? I am paying for Etsy ads but not getting many visits and no conversions at all.


No sorry. I can’t imagine myself or anyone I know wearing the very “basic tee and font” with no design features 😬 and if I did want one for whatever reason, I feel like I can either do it myself on some tshirt printing website to the same effect or spend the same or a little more for messaging with more design features


I feel like it does have somewhat of a market, it’s just how searchable are those words like “funny parallel park” etc. Maybe using some more known quotes from funny movies or famous people etc. (not sure about the copyright of it?)


You cant use quotes from funny movies or famous people unless they have proper license to do so. If they do this and get an infringement claim their shop could get shut down/legal action.


Hello everyone, I've had my Etsy shop since January 2023, and I'm slowly but surely building it up. I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback and let me know what you think! However, I'm experiencing that I'm not getting many visits per day, and if anyone has an answer to this, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't have too many listings at the moment, but I will be adding more gradually. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignsbyPES?ref=seller-platform-mcnav


Don't mean to be harsh, but buyers might turn away from art that looks like AI art, the general target audience on Etsy is the handcraft/handmade crowd. That's cool you got sales so far, but that's just the reality that if people wanted print on demand AI art, they usually would just make it themselves


Sorry but Ai art? These are not made with Ai. Could you please tell me what makes you think it’s ai?


I sincerely apologize, I looked at it at a glance and the art looked similar to some Ai Art shops I saw with similar astronaut art, and since some styles were distinct but varied, I didn’t believe one person did it, but now that I read the description I see it’s a team of three, which makes more sense. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat)


No worries at all, I was just a little shocked. But I understand, as it's becoming more and more popular to use AI. I hope you enjoyed our shop besides that. As I mentioned earlier, I appreciate all kinds of feedback!


Yes, the art is gorgeous! I was shocked AI art could get so good, now it makes sense it was made by real people ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)


Thank you very much! Yea thats why i was like really how is this ai 😂


Hi all! I just started a handmade sticker shop and would love for some initial feedback, especially SEO. Thanks! [StickerWithStarlight](https://www.etsy.com/shop/StickerWithStarlight)


Hi it's me again. Open since January, and I've just turned ads on again for my higher value items (bifolds and bags) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DJSLeather?ref=seller-platform-mcnav or djsleather.etsy.com Anyways, I've been trying to use all the advice I've gotten. Regarding pictures and the craft itself. There's a few pictures I want to redo, but " I'll do that later" ™ - stupid lamp broke so I only have one point of light now. Need another. Only other feedback I haven't been able to do anything about is the customization and branding. I've got a press, but haven't bought the stamps yet. I don't even know what I want the brand mark to be. I'm thinking of stamping DJS leather goods in a round curvy way and putting a buffalo or bull in the middle. Can't have overlapping elements in a debossed stamp I imagine. Anyways I'd appreciate all thoughts, 0 filters. I can take it.


Hey I took a look at your shop. One big thing i noticed. I didn't see any dimension information numbers. If there was, I must have missed it but some of the product doesn't show dimensions so make sure to double check it all. But from your product FAQ it just says it fits in the front of a 501 front jean pocket. That might be hard for customers to really comprehend. It might be better to list the measurements in inches.


Hello everyone, I opened [my Etsy shop](https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/edenblushes) 2 weeks ago and since i'm unemployed i've been spending all of my days working on it, creating for it and researching about it to be able to grow.I also created a twitter, pinterest and instagram account with my shop name and i've been sharing my work, following, liking and commenting work of other people doing the same thing as me etc. I really want it to work since i wanna be a free lance designer / illustrator and i plan to create my website to sell from it instead of Etsy once i'm popular enough. I'm currently paying for ads on Etsy (1€ a day) and i think my tags are pretty good, i get little views and clicks and still no sale at all. Is it normal after working so hard for 2 weeks ? If not, can you help me fix what i'm doing wrong ? Thank you so much, this shop means the world to me ♡


Wow i really like your shop! I think it just takes time for your shop to get out there


Thank you sm :) ! And yes it takes some time but it’s finally starting to work 😁 I had my first art commission today !


This is actually very cool, you should do more of those animated splash screens :)


Thank you ! :) It was my first time doing animated screens and i had a lot of fun, i plan to make multiple ones


Congrats on the store! It does take some time for the ads and initial traffic to start coming in if you have your SEO set up correctly. It may be worth it to up your ad spend in the beginning to just see how that will work for your store. Some feedback: - Seems like what you’re selling is very niche – is your listing/format similar to other top sellers in your category? - Make use of your additional listing images. Maybe include short instructions on how to use. Also maybe have an image that shows all the other designs available - Consider doing a promotion of buy X get X% off. You can create a separate listing image or include the promo code with the image above (of your other listings) - Usually with digital downloads it’s a numbers game. Add more listings (try to do 50) to see how that goes. The idea is adding more entry/discovery points to your store. - For your images, the contrast between the white and pink text on the purple backgrounds makes it a little hard to read (I’m on an iPhone).


Hey ! Thank you so much for your advices :) How much do you think i should spend on the ads ? I was thinking 3€ a day maximum on like 3 days or so. \- Yes it is very niche as you said, and i thought it was a good idea so there isn't too much competition with other sellers ! As for the listing and format : absolutely since i get inspirations from other shops. I spent a lot of time just browsing pages and pages of this kind of content on Etsy just to get the spirit of it and understand better what people actually want to buy. \- This is a really good idea ! \- I already did a promotion on all of my shop, -40% until i reach my first 10 sells but you're right, i should talk about it in an additional image in all of my listings ! \- Yes, i'm trying to add listings every day :) also variations of a same design \- I get it for the colors, i was thinking myself that they were a little too pale and you gave me confirmation, i'll change that ! Thanks again for your time and advices, have a nice day :)


It’s a great start and kudos for having something up! I’d recommend doing listings in batches, like 20 one week, another 20 another week or later in the month. If it’s true that new listings get a slight bump in exposure, then doing them in batches helps the network effect to your store. On the ad spend side, here’s a thread from 2 days ago that may help: https://www.reddit.com/r/Etsy/comments/11k23hb/etsy_ads/


Thank you, this is a great idea again ! And thanks for the link, you helped me a lot :D


I would also love some Critique. My shop Has been reopened since end of august 2022, that makes about 6 months. I have few sales But nothing regular. I worked on my Seo, did Etsy ads, but nothing. Any help would be valuable. Here is my shop link www.[chantycrea.etsy.com](https://chantycrea.etsy.com) Thank you!


Looks closed…..


Sadly yes. My shop just got suspended by Etsy and I ignore the reasons. Trying to reach out to support But no feedback yet. Thanks anyway !


Mine got suspended shortly after I opened it....8 days later with ZERO response or emails from Etsy it was re-opened. They really need to communicate MUCH better.




I recently posted my first product on Etsy. It shows my listing as active but when I search for it (even with super narrow search filters) it doesn’t show up. But the link they gave me works and it’s active. Any advice is appreciated. https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1418343500/digital-photo-urn-memorial


If I type in “wood digital photo urn” your listing (and ad) both show up.


For digital products what should I keep my stock as? 1 or 999 (max) or anything??


100 or 900. Doesn't really matter as long as it is relatively high so it doesn't run out.


Hey all I would love some critique on my store [https://www.etsy.com/shop/dumbaistore/?etsrc=sdt](https://www.etsy.com/shop/dumbaistore/?etsrc=sdt) ​ My whole ides was to make Dumb AI a comedy page on Instagram, where the joke is fake stories about celebrities and ironicly bad AI generated pictures (kind of irreverent Eric Andre humour). However, I find I'm having more post engagement posting in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld groups, which makes me think I should either build separate pages based around Larry David, one with Seinfeld etc, or play the long game and keep building Dumb AI as a satirical online content provider like F\*ckjerry or The Onion and then people will become familar enough to buy. What do you think? I am in the middle of filling all of the image slots and am going to fill out the rest of the item titles with tags (although I feel it might make my store look a bit less cool)


You could do either but keep in mind there’s the network effect of a user finding a listing, clicking your store, and seeing everything else you have. Having it all in one store can do that for you. You can always create sections like “Seinfeld”, etc to better group them. I see you also have random other celebrities – if you did separate stores where would you put those? If you get to the point where you have 50-100 images for a show, then it may be worth it to create a separate store and potentially do other print on demand like mugs or posters.


This is really helpful. Thank you :)


Hi everyone!! My shop ([KahPrints](https://kahprints.etsy.com)) has been open for almost a month now and I haven’t gotten too many sales. Most of my sales are from friends/family so I don’t really count them as my SEO working 😅 I make sweatshirts/t-shirts/hoodies with hand-drawn graphics! So, anyways! I have 2 questions! First, I’m not sure about my tags. I do research and think about what people search but I’m just sure if I’m doing it right! Second, my conversation rate is low. Is there anything I could be changing in my listings to to change this? Thank you so much everyone!!


Your store looks great! I think it just takes time for the store to get out there


As someone who has bought sweatshirts from Etsy before, your shop design and mock-ups are lovely… they look like quality designs and not cheesy or gimmicky at all… if I had to say one thing, it would be to run a sale or make the prices as low as you can right now to drive some sales… they seem a little on the high side even with the free shipping… but that’s really all the critique I can give as your shop gives me quality vibes rather than someone just doing POD and trying to make a quick buck. 😊


Thank you so much!! This really means a lot :) I have been working hard on it! I recently decided to remove free shipping and make the price lower to try and get more clicks so we will see how that goes! I used to do sales a lot and totally forgot I should be doing that so I will definitely start again! Thanks again!!!


Hello. I opened my shop on Monday making custom [resin dog tags](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1426193625/custom-resin-bone-dog-tag-with-letter?click_key=639fda5385bc27ce0bd11300523b9cf5e273d19b%3A1426193625&click_sum=1018cc4a&ref=shop_home_feat_1). It is currently my only listing but I have things coming in the mail to allow me to create more listings. One of those items is a photo box to improve my photos. Until that comes (could be up to 3 weeks) is it better to have more pictures (currently have 9), some of which are lower quality (the ones of the dogs for instance) or less maybe 4 or 5 high quality, more professional looking images? I’ve read more pictures=more SEO, but are the pics on my listing too bad that it would turn buyers away to a more professional shop? TLDR: are my pictures good enough to keep up for the algorithm or should i take down the worse ones? Thank you in advance🙇‍♀️ [The pics in reference](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1426193625/custom-resin-bone-dog-tag-with-letter?click_key=639fda5385bc27ce0bd11300523b9cf5e273d19b%3A1426193625&click_sum=1018cc4a&ref=shop_home_feat_1)


I'm setting up my shop and getting ready to start listing my products, but I'm unsure how it would be best to go about it. I am going to be selling jewelry (starting with just necklaces) that are all unique. I use pressed flowers from my garden so no two are alike. I see a ton of pressed flower necklace listings that show 7-12 different necklaces, and then the descriptions note that each item is custom made and final results may vary aside from the type of flower used. I don't want to go that far since mine are all so different from each other and I only want to sell products I have already made - not tie myself into making orders as they come in. So am I better off making 30 individual listings for 30 different necklaces, or should I do them in clusters of say 5 necklaces and list them as variations A, B, C, D, and E for customers to choose from?


Personally, I'd probably do sets of the 5 most similar together. I've seen that setup on a lot of different Etsy listings. 30 different listings that are all very similar might compete too much with each other. Etsy will only allow 1 shop to have a certain number of highly ranked listings... one shop can't dominate a particular search, so focusing on a few listings you can highly optimize is better than more individual listings if they are very similar. Also, listings that sell get a big boost, so as the variations sell, the listing will do better until hopefully all the variations sell.


Thanks so much! All of that info is super helpful, I'll definitely do it that way.


Hi everyone! I’m a wildlife photography and design shop that opened in November. I recently hit the 100 listed items mark and was wondering if I could have some feedback. I’m trying to improve at SEO but it’s been a struggle. On a typical day I only get 7-15 ish views and I’m wondering what else I can do to get more exposure. It could just be that it’s more difficult to sell photography? Idk. I think half of my sales are from friends too but I’ve been over the moon at the few real sales I did get! One specific question I have is if for my kind product listing photos, is the photo I capture sufficient? Or is it better to place it in a mock-up. I’ve tried out both as seen in my shop, but I don’t think I get enough views for it to make a noticeable difference. I’ve made sure my products are competitively priced, and am trying to drive traffic from instagram and Pinterest. Any pointers on that are welcome as well. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you! Shop: [MIWildlife](https://etsy.com/shop/miwildlife)


I must say, some of your photography, is not only stunning but its breathtaking! You have quite the eye and talent. So, I have taken a good look at your shop. My feedback is coming from both walking in the shoes of a seller and a buyer. Take what I have to say with a grain of salt. This is only to provide you some food for thought. **PICTURES -** You are in a super saturated category which makes the competition stiff and challenging to get a foothold. I cannot stress it enough, especially for your shop and talent, to implement **ALL** of Etsy best practices. You are given 10 slots for pictures, use them all. There are some of your listings that have one picture only which is not enough to encourage sales. NOT a chance I would buy a print where only one or two shots exist as it doesn't provide me with enough "visuals" to make a decision to purchase. Remember people are visual creatures and often make decisions based on what they see vrs what they read. In addition, there is not enough shots so I can see the difference in print sizes. I want to see what a print looks like sitting on a table but I also want to see how larger prints look on a wall, in a variety of rooms and with different room aesthetics. This helps me visualize how your print might look hanging within my own home. Basically, you've been inconsistent between listings .... some have more pictures, size differences and other listings show to me low effort which as a buyer is a red flag. I honestly can't encourage you enough to correct this as with some of your shots, I personally think they could do really well. **VIDEOS -** Etsy has made it very clear to the extent they nag, their "best practices" is to add a video per listing. Statistically, listings with video's sell more. Why? Because human beings are visual creatures and video's provide more information to the buyer. There are some indicators that the algorithym "favors" showing listings with videos. Bottom line, it sure isn't going to harm your shop by adding videos. **SEO -** Hmmmm ... IMO, some of your SEO needs work. This is where you need to think like a buyer. If a buyer is looking for an owl print, what are the words they will use to search Etsy? It would never cross my own mind to search using words like "Michigan wildlife" but I might search using "bird of prey", "barn owl", winter white owl", owl artwork, "gift for owl lover" etc. Do you use a third party external program to help with keyword searches? If not, I would suggest using E-rank. The free version is sufficient. There are numerous external programs that are good ... I am just suggesting E-rank because I use it and find it helpful to identify the word searches that customers are currently utilizing. Having said all of this, GO EASY with changes to tags and titles. Start with products that have little to no visits and no sales. The algorithym does not respond instantly to changes, it takes time to "marinade" like a good bottle of wine. Make a change and let it sit for 30 to 45 days to assess for improvement to traffice and/or sales. In other words, don't be changing SEO for a listing every week. **TONE AND MANNER** \- Alright, it is important to be transparent and have concise and clear policies which you have very thoroughly done. Just watch your "tone and manner". **Remember this is simply my opinion.** There is just a tiny smidge of wording that I personally find sitting more towards the side of being abrasive and focus on the negative. Try to communicate and/or write policy from the positive, what IS included vrs NOT included. So something like, "Unless otherwise stated, purchases are prints only". This statement, "and read the listing in its entirety before placing an order! This will ensure a hassle-free transaction", in my opinion, is abrasive. My instant reaction is "so if I don't read everything, I'm going to be hassled" and the exclamation point after "read before ordering", is rude. Trust me, I get it and why these things need to be said .... just encouraging you to soften it. **PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS -** In comparison to your competitors, your product descriptions need to be more "robust". Currently, they are fundamental ... its a picture of a bird sitting on a branch. From a sales perspective, you want to encourage your buyer to think outside of the box. For example, "This is a high quality 11 ounce ceramic mug that is dishwasher and microwave safe. A special gift for the bird or wildlife lover, for dad to enjoy his coffee, for mum her tea and for the kids their hot chocolate". Fill it with chocolate and candy for birthday, Christmas, housewarmings or hostess gifts. Perhaps a friend need their spirits lifted and a mug filled with herbal teas will offer encouragement". Give the potential buyer ideas about your product. Again, it sure isn't going to harm your shop. Alright, I have blabbed on enough. Again all of this is simply meant to provide some food for thought .... wishing you much success!! Cheers


I've already spent some of my morning implementing some of the wonderful advice you've given. I don't disagree with pretty much everything you've said. Thank you so much!