ink authors putting out the most interesting storyline with movie directing skills and then abandoning it after 3 chapters 😶


This is so accurate 💀💀 but I’d be mad Fr if I paid real money for art that I’m not even gonna use lmao


no but fr everytime it's one of the authors that be doing the absolute most with ink stories and then they're just "why am I doing this" and then leave lmfao


LITERALLY!! all the stories with the best animation and storyline just randomly end out of nowhere and are never heard of again 😔


Yesss or It’s always the same stories with the “bad boys” too. Like babe you started this in 2016 time to wrap it up or deactivate 😭


It's actually after 3-4 chapters these days 😂


Actually sad af how many amazing stories only have 3-6 episodes


I've had to stop myself from beginning a new storyline within the story I'm working on without tying up or addressing current ones several times 😬


This is harsh imo. Authors do this most of the time without pay, and not all that get paid make enough out of it. So yes, if I'm tired or have no motivation to continue writing a story, I'm gonna stop it, hype or no hype, art or no art (my money btw), yes yes I'm gonna stop writing 🖤


All your points are totally valid, but it’s clearly a joke. OP isn’t trash talking anybody, and even though what you wrote is true (minus the “harsh” part) readers are allowed to feel disappointed that a story they enjoy was abandoned.


I guess they just feel like it’s harsh from a writer’s perspective. I’m a writer and I thought it was funny because it is true🤣. I still have stories in my favorites that I hope will have more chapters soon😭!


As a former episode author, I myself abandoned several stories that are currently hidden and only my completed stories remain on my shelf, I wrote for episode for 5-6 years with zero recognition from them or the community, I write now for chapters and spotlight. My stories on the other apps get reads regularly and sit on a shelf easily found. Just trying to give a different perspective.


Hm, this feels kinda harsh to me. Many authors spend their free time writing stories with no financial payback. Yes its their choice to buy art too, but they're doing it to enhance their story and the reader experience. Then sometimes things happen in their lives which means they cannot continue, or they're just burnt out, recieve critique after critique or lost motivation, all for something that was hobby providing free entertainment for others. There's just so many reasons that are very personal to them which lead them to discontinue. So I dunno, mocking it just feels a bit cruel to me.


“cruel” ?? it’s a joke people are allowed to joke about things and two things can be true at once. Yes authors are allowed to grow out of writing on episode but the readers are also allowed to feel a sort of way that a story they we’re interested in got cut short.


Expressing disappointment or sadness a story you were enjoying was discontinued is natural and understandable. But the author wouldn't have decided on a whim, they would have gone through a lot of thinking, worry and stress before doing it, knowing that there will be disappointed readers and potential backlash. There's also all the time and often money they've invested into it too. Then they're *also* dealing with whatever it was that meant they needed to discontinue; so for them it's a very big and scary decision. But when their personal circumstances and or mental heath/personal problems mean they need to leave or stop writing their story, they're left with no choice and need to do the scary thing of discontinuing. So whilst readers expressing disappointment is natural and expected, making a joke out of that as I said, yes, feels a little cruel to me.


Okay then the OP is clearly not referring to those type of authors ur describing like damn let us laugh a little cause its true 80% of the time. They disappear & never come back.


go outside


You are reading way too much into it.


People make memes like this all the time. It's not a personal attack on authors. I've even witnessed readers from the AO3 fandom making jokes about authors not updating because they went to jail, camping but their laptop flew away in a tent, etc. It's just a joke lol


I don’t think you understand the definition of a joke…


I understand where you’re coming from but I don’t think it’s bad to laugh at it because it is true,authors do leave episode and it’s disappointing when their story was really good, nobody said it’s bad for authors to feel burnt out i feel you’re taking it the wrong way since you’re an author but at the end of the day it’s just a meme


it's not that deep.