Does Caides need a nerf?

Does Caides need a nerf?


Caides is not by any mean hard, but it take a looong time for non 1shot team. Tedious. I vote yes, since i want ez life for pve.


You can one shot it. It's extremly hard and needs either 5k atk, 350cdmg straze on rage gear or elphelt and and still insane stats for straze+wschuri. Farming it non-oneshot is slow which is biggest problem i feel like. Units u need for it are not too rare and pretty popular so i think thats fine. Maybe with khawana buff for example the hunt could become faster to farm and that would be enough.


A standard caides team is consistent but slow. If the nerf is to make runs quicker then I'm for it. But I don't think Caides should get a nerf because of the "it's too hard" argument.


I just want a reliable way to oneshot it without relying on Straze together with 270+ spd Elphelt and SoS procs. That kind of gear is better off on pvp units. Currently it take 3-4 minutes per run for me and it's tedious.


not the boss but that stupid 1st wave.


Not hard since the latest nerfs for it but it is just a slog. First wave being a mini boss, boss having massive hp, and hp% damage being cut in half just lead to it taking forever and being annoying.


The team which designed Caides very likely have some goal in mind, to make the hunt very annoying with the speed tuning just slow enough to let your general PVE Tama start her S3 before Caides, then you proceed the fight with slow and restrict, negating her greatest quality. You sure can make your Tama even slower, but she'll suck elsewhere.


To avoid Tama S3 just need to clear 1wave quick. My trick is def break-> a slow stacked Cermia with hell cutter Even the def break failed, Cermia still have time for second round and finish it with GAB and 50% pen


Just get rid of the DDJ resistance and the stats to one shot the damn thing will be lowered consistently and slower hunt teams won’t feel like a slog to farm. A hunt shouldn’t be this frustrating to farm, especially since the gear is niche as hell. I get a fair amount of okayish Caides gear from World boss, but I just wait for the puzzle/portrait events to get the reforge material chests to reforge anything. Also waiting for Light expedition boss to actually Farm the mats.


Caides isn’t any harder than the other hunts, there’s just fewer guides because it is newer and more niche There are infinite many “slow” run combinations you can use, i think every member of my guild uses a slightly different one Tamarinne + Luluca + Roana + 1 has worked tremendously well for me. +1 can be violet, top model luluca, any hero with a non attack skill 99% win rate


The problem is, non-oneshot runs are way too slow. It doesn't need a nerf because of difficulty, but because of how long it takes.


I agree with this, my w13 team is scuffed as frick because I haven’t touched it since I made it. My Sigret is still lvl 50. My C13 team is filled with my well geared characters. W13 takes around 2minutes at max C13 takes like 5 minutes minimum per run because of all the BS on that boss


I don't think so but I voted yes because who cares about pve give me easy farms please


Khawazu on a counter set is great for this hunt.


Weirdly enough i found Caides easier than A13. I hate A13 , haven’t bothered doing it in a while (since i had no watcher schuri) and dont have Bellona, Luluca and what not for fast non one shot hunt, use scuffed team and sometimes even reaches 8 minutes. I do Caides with a pvp SSB, pvp Violet, scuffed Tama and Roana , takes around 5 mins , leave it auto before i sleep. I hate it when hunts are made super annoying, i just want mats so i can low roll gear and trash gear for months on end lol.


Like you said, it’s not hard but tedious and slow. A lot of people hate the idea of this hunt done fast being gated behind straze.


Ikr, and it seems like you need both Straze and Watcher on PVE gear to clear them fast. I have straze on pvp set since i really need him to get through the endless wall condom and revive comps, and only got watcher recently. Also kind of need him to work for pvp since Straze alone isn’t enough most of the time.


It’s so annoying. No intentions to ever farm this BS during a hunt buff which says a lot because most gear I need ATM is from caides.


Honestly i personally gave up a bit on wyvern i farmed hard past year trying to chase speed dps rolls and got burned out after constant min rolling. Farming caides for a week and got my fastest piece ever. But now Caides giving me weird rolls again so imma do another hunt to confuse the algorithm lol


Maybe banshee? Quite easy and accessible ONESHOT too.


they nerfed him a few months back.


15% Atk and HP, I think. He still heals and he still, for some stupid reason, has DDJ resistance.


Seriously, ddj resistance? I'm pretty sure my cermia's damage went down after i switched ddj for border coin. I could be wrong though . .


Resistance, not immunity. Half damage. It's enough to make the whole fight a minute or two longer, though.


Ah okay. For sure this is the most annoying hunt at the moment lol.


wait, it have ddj resistance?! i've been using that since I started Caedes


yeah the effect of HP scaling damage is halved


Me too, but it doesn't work very well. That's a big part of why C13 is so slow.


Someone posted a video that’s very doable, it’s slow, but consistent, so I would say no to nerfing. https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/qcu75v/have_tama_roana_ssb_youve_also_got_a_caides_13/


Keyword is **slow**.


Well we all gotta start somewhere


Point is it’s way to hard to make it fast compared to other hunts.


You guys do Caides?


No, it end game content. It pretty Ez when you get your carry with non atk skill.