Top 9 reasons this sub is hot garbage

Top 9 reasons this sub is hot garbage


10) drop shipping


Christ. How did I miss this. I'm adding this and giving you credit.


T-Shirt business, don't forget!


or candles...


What's wrong with a T-Shirt business? It's been really good to me. lol




Yeah for sure, it's given me financial freedom for 6 years now. It's an interesting business model, seems straight forward, but you can scale it to such crazy heights. It's also not for everyone, but there's infinite opportunity out there, keep crushing it!


How you advertise your shop?


I use social media ads. The most success comes from FB and IG. Google is also important, but it should be paired with another source of traffic. That way when people see your ad and google the product, you will be first creating more trust, authority and increasing conversion rates / sales.


When I saw that "credit /u/ninefeet" I though you were implying they asked this question once upon a time.


Yeah I thought it was serious shade until I saw this comment haha


I thought this too 😂😂




Mod of /r/dropshipping here, we see a lot of this stuff too.


I never would have guessed!


Don't bullshit me


Droppings shipping.




I don’t think you’ve considered this model: I have an already scratched non-winning scratch-off ticket and a half a tin of bacon grease. I’ll be tokenizing by lunch and I’ll be be a billionaire by dinner. (Venmo me $10 and I’ll give you a trillion coins of LOTTO-GREASE + and NFT of the original ticket.)


I wasn't in this sub since month and this is the first post I see. Damn I really missed it to see this kind of "people" lol


This comment was dropshipped in at the end and, like dropshipping, arrived late lol


11) drop shipping


What is dropshipping?


You sell things that you don't actually have in stock. Someone places an order for, say, a sweater and then you put the order in to a larger supplier and have them ship it to the customer. It's not a terrible practice (Amazon started this way with books) but it's mostly become a thing common in get rich quick schemes. It's like this generation's version of the early 00s informercials selling courses on how to get rich from eBay. The only money being made in these scenarios is by the people selling the courses to gullible people. It makes sense for quite a few different companies to use drop shipping because it eliminates the need for storage space but most people that post about dropshipping are just like the post says: lazy and unoriginal


Thats #6


Number 4 is very common.


It is unfortunately a thin line.


True, but if you share your business, and then ask this sub a very specific question about it, it shouldn't get removed. Feedback from other entrepreneurs should be fostered here. Things like marketing questions, product production, shipping/warehouse questions, stuff like that. I know there's other very, very similar subs that I won't mention out there for startups, but this one has some good feedback once in a while.




"I have 25$ dollars and half of chewing gum, which business can I start?"


Prostitute and or Onlyfans


You mean lonelyfans.


I helped start that project. This comment made me laugh. Thank you lol


Why did you write only fans twice?


Prostitutes are discreet /s


Did you guys hear about the guy who paid 10k to meet a girl from only fans?


Just got a hug and then went to some place w/ her bf.haha




invest in real estate... obviously


you could buy a guitar and play songs on the street.


Can’t even afford a guitar with only $25.


you could skip the guitar and just threaten people in the street? make a home made shiv out of an old tooth brush and a balaclava out of your mums stockings. Instant success. Worst case you get caught and they put you up in a nice place with three meals a day and group showers. Win win.


Craigslist, used guitar, easy 😎


try drum sticks & a plastic bucket instead.


You know you joke, but with a LOT of practice: https://youtu.be/FqJdzYY_Fas


Yeah, without knowing how to play they can work with the government to force people out of the street to reduce covid


Or live stream it to my feed.🙄


Drop Servicing you can start. Need a full piece of chewing gum though lol


Even a bootstrapped SaaS is out of the window... $25 wouldn't even cover registering the company or business insurance...


Ok the plus side, when you finish that half of chewing gum you can start kicking ass.


A Bubble Gum Rental, stand on a corner with a sign from a thrown away cardboard box and you'll be rich in no time!


Forget 8 minute abs, how about 7 minute abs? Name that reference.


Forget 7 minutes ab, how about 6 minutes abs? Boom!


6 minute abs? How about 6 minute 6-pack? *Olive oil… salt… pepper… done*


There's something about mary


Step into my office. Why? 'Cause you're fuckin fired!


You forgot the... “I have this million dollar app idea, looking for a cofounder that is a software dev that can build it. I have no money to pay you but I’ll give you 40% equity in my non-existent business that is worth $0”


Holy shit, sold!


"I have made 2500$/hour business and gajillion subs for my SaaS in just 1.5 Months. AMA" (just a plain self-promotion, sometimes of non-existing stuff if you check OPs history and they turn out to be poor as fuck


Simple fix. Mod team flag any AMA that is not pre-approved.


Or just down vote and move on.


Exactly, I am so tired of the "im a hero, I reported something" type.


Those aren't really the same things...


\#8 is what really kills me... ​ someone shouting about making half a million in a year...with 490,000 in expenses....plus loans....but hey sure...buy their book or whatever...to help them with all that debt and shift away from a failing business.


As someone heavily involved in corporate finance this situation happens far to often on this sub.


11) How to get rich fast: \-------> Get a website \-------> Get a social media \--------> Promote! \--------> Positive thonking, mindset, mindset, mindset, mindset


Yep, they're selling on facebook what everyone else is, and thinking if they pay enough influencers they'll get rich.


I have done no research and never tried to start a business, and I am really inspired by your post. I found a website that says I can make a ton of money. You inspired me to start a drop shipping company that I can have started by 4Pm today. I think I should be a millionaire by next Wednesday. I have a special angle I am working but can’t tell you what it is cause you bastard would steal all my millions even though I have no idea what a Tam is. Thanks Bitches, I am going to go post on r/entrepreneurridealong


'How do I make lots of money without investing time to develop a legitimate skill...' '...also, I'm a sociopath and have zero interest in actually helping anyone'.


I think there's too much focus on online businesses tbh. Also sometimes it's feels like if you have a real business and ask a real problem business owners go through it's not even welcome. Everyone will downvote it.


Yes, you have to be hip and online. And no production business. Only dropshipping.


Drop Servicing is better than dropshipping lol


When I wanted to start a genuine online shop focusing on being in the UK, people told me I needed to get the dot.com for my brand and to try dropshipping instead. No individuality, only cringe trends.


I know right, the world needs physical things to go around, the apps and SaaS feel super saturated right now, almost like the .com bubble? I saw an ad for a fintech app that lets you get your salary ahead of time ... kinda like a loan I guess? Thats when I knew...


If the loan app is able to actually able to hook into your revenue stream then that's actually pretty revolutionary. They don't need to worry about loan defaults (unless the user is fired I guess) and can offer competitive rates, or just take the user for all they're worth and make lots of money. Either way, it's a good model.


Yep. This place is right fucked


My questions, that I would consider legitimate, don't even seen to make it into the board most of the time.


I think the damn corona feeds this online frenzy... it’s like an idea about something physical worths nothing


I also blame the obsession with being some internet nomad working on a beach in Thailand working 4 hours a week.


Yes!!! There is this rule: if you can work online you have to be a Digital nomad (but you must be a nomad in Bali or sth)


Not just that, you have to focus exclusively on marketing.


I think your post about self promotion / real posts is spot on. I think the idea of a blanket ban on links while easy does mean that a lot of the time I see a post I think is a genuine request from help from someone who has got farther than I hate my job and want to be a billionaire, it gets flagged for removal. We need to allow more posts from people with companies making real appeals for help or explaining how they did something awesome as long as it's not just a a sales funnel tactic but I think we're mature enough to spot those.


Anytime I've posted articles I've written about boring but important stuff like taxes (I'm a CPA), tax planning, and accounting I get instantly downvoted. I'm also an entrepreneur and these are helpful, just not exciting :(


What state are you CPAing in? I have the worst luck with accountants.


I'm in NY but deal with clients all over the country. Happy to connect if you're interested, send me a DM. A lot of my articles are in my post history, too.


Tax work is a really interesting topic and I hope you continue writing and posting. I think a couple things would help. Your posts are just links to articles you've written. In this sub, people want to article in the body of the post. You can leave out a something so interested people still give you clicks. But just links are downvoted. I also read one of your articles that piqued my interest. Hobby loss rule. It was, imo, very similar to all other articles i've read on the hobby loss rule. You write an example for the problem but not for a solution. Most blogs leave out detailed solutions so you have to contact them for their services. But it's made all the blogs the same and predictably useless. If you had an example in the end about WeDesign starting a profit losing travel blog but still being a business because they (...) it would be more helpful for the reader to understand your contribution's value. Also, what if me and 2 other people are in the unprofitable LLC? What if I shutter the LLC after 3 years and open a new one? How much profit do you need to make? Can your business make $1 on the 4th and 5th year then go back into the red? What if you own multiple LLCs for a brewery? LLC 1 makes the recipes, LLC 2 brews the beer, LLC 3 distributes the beer. LLC 1 is in the red year 1-3 but goes into the black year 4 and 5, LLC 2 in the red year 2-4 but in the black year 1 and 5, LLC 3 in the red 1,4,5 and black 2-3. They all sell assets, IP, and equipment to each other. You would always be posting a loss every year even though some LLCs are profitable. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hobby-loss-rules-how-your-can-screw-you-come-tax-time-jason-ackerman/


I remember seeing people indulge in self-promo and not getting their posts removed. When I posted here a genuinely helpful post with no links or self-promo in any way, it automatically didn't show up on the subreddit (I am an old Reddit user with a premium account so it's not that I am a new account). Check out r/GrowthHacking \-- I am a moderator and we strictly follow the subreddit rules. If the mod here needs help, reach out!


I subbed and commented, see you there.


Welcome! :)


Just joined your sub. So far so good!


Joined! I am leading a tech startup focused on ESG driven accelerator for all - online and offline businesses. Geo-focus is much wider than just US, as it has something to to with multiple MSME crowd and getting them ready for things such as bio-economy, reducing GHG + carbon emissions, planting trees, regen farming, food gardens, offering tangible incentives to consumers for conscious consumption, co-op models, accelerating hyper local food supply chains.


Did you pick buzzwords out of a box? ESG? MSME? GHG - Greenhouse Gases I assume.


ESG is not such an uncommon acronym now in management circles.


for the sake of simplicity, yes. 21s century people are driven by "searching keywords" ESG, GHG - because anyone can google it. Instead of me saying CH4, CO2 etc. that's too much of science for people who just look for free rewards.


Must be an American thing. Searching keywords usually gives you the wrong result. Keywords are very industry dependent.


Not really, I do ton of research on how AI and algorithms are working behind the scene on different platforms, how marketers using keywords and similar indexing to go after consumers and sell garbage plastic products. Example: of course Google and Android, Apple. Android is at least bit doing good as its open sourced (with T&C, LoL). Marketers know how to make social media work. Twitter also uses a bit of AI to present you topics. If you have seen Tiktok - they will feed every content to users with keywords previously clicked and then improvise. Facebook uses every trick to sell user's data on its platform. European corporations are using social media to green wash diesel gate etc. Politicians in Asia & Europe are using mainstream media to pledge for climate and things like "green hydrogen", "carbon offsets". Everything is paid by oil & gas industry behind the scene. Europe is not so united on their carbon footprint, its hard to understand who is real and who / what is behind the scene of those statements. but its always some keyword that's trending. Middle East is a lot simple to understand - everything is for oil & gas, construction industry. Australia has green camping for families sponsored by Shell & few coal mining companies. They are amazing to even say green coal :-) Australian farmers have to pay for water based on water index(yes its a tradable commodity). New Zealand hides its water pollution crisis, animal farms for dairy exports under the sweet paradise. All magic of keywords, AI and social media. India and China are huge examples of how govt controls its own citizens, can't even be covered here. India is lot worst now than it used to be. Google it :-) I personally use [Ecosia.org](https://Ecosia.org) search engine - at least they are honest to the cause of planting trees, and built on Bing (Microsoft search engine), however they have to share ad profits with Microsoft too. Google could have done this too - don't you think?


That's The Joke Dot Joint Photographic Experts Group


That's a very interesting niche. Looking forward to learn and brainstorm how you're marketing :)


We are simply rewarding the consumers to adopt to better products + renewables + services that use renewables. Tested for b2b in Europe, also good run for co-op models, however consumers are more beneficiaries than just b2b segments; because good consumption could fix high % of climate crisis. Prosumers are more conscious & rewards motivate them. By rewards - meaning real $, not stickers or stars, or gamified apps that will just show flying glitterati.


Take all those buzzwords out of it, and we see a real person with plain intentions. There has nothing more harm done than western dream, 25hrs work ethic promoted by so called tech people, has done a greater harm to the person. Instead of providing a great service to fellow man, the mainstream got his soul out of him, now he cant sleep at night, trying to beat the trend and expectation of the standard of the world. I get a feeling, Covid came to the world, so we all can recheck ourselves and remove all the false blankets the society has put on us.


No love for the *"What should I charge"* questions?


Haha #9... People need to realize no one wants to steal your idea. More importantly, they need to realize an idea isn't worth anything, only how you execute on that idea.


Starting power washing you say, hmmm. Good idea....


The only people who make money from power washing are the people selling power washers


I bet Big Pressure Washer is behind this entire sub.


This is not necessarily true, I started a successful pressure washing business 4 years ago. We're small, one truck with 2 full time employees, but we do pretty well and are consistently growing. It took a while to get to this point and there's a lot more work to be done, but there's some real money and great margins in exterior cleaning if you position yourself right. The problem with the power washing suggestions on this sub is that the people making them have absolutely no clue what they are talking about - they literally give you a guarantee failure recipe for starting a power washing business. And yes, there's also a lot of money to be made from the vendor side of things, but just like with everything else, you have to do it right.


I know a guy that charges $.50 per foot to wash a cedar fence. He barely makes any money on that after hauling out the pressure washer and trouble shooting it once a month. He then sells them a staining service that makes him way more and the clients love the discount on the pressure washing.


That's one way to do it. We personally don't upsell services (don't really like that business model). Our business revolves around efficiency and that's what we're set up for. Just as an example, we run 200 ft of hose on all reels and usually pull up with about 60 gallons of water in the tank. While one guy is taping and doing walk around the other setting up hoses. 5 minutes after arrival both guys are starting to wash and normally we do an average 2 story 2500 sq ft house under an hour, granted our average ticket usually includes other things like driveways, patios, windows, etc. so we on average spend 2.5 hours at each job - but my point is that because we're set up the way we are, while the guy you know is hauling out machine and hooking stuff up, an outfit like ours will probably have half the job done.


Who says money is the goal.


It's a lifestyle r/powerwashingporn


Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. This is the epitome of /r/Entrepreneur.


If you’re never specific about what you want, you never fail. I’m in business so I understand the hesitation for people thinking about trying it. Most people should try something small just to expand their awareness of how hard it is to keep a business going. Especially if you’re one of the very few that try’s to go through all the laws and are following them properly, which would mean having a lawyer follow you around to make sure you’re legally on point. But to become an all out entrepreneur I would not suggest it for most. It’s one of those things ether you can’t help it and you’re making deals and getting it done or you’re not. The best business people I’ve seen are always hustling before calling it a business or have a legal entity set up. If you’re not naturally like that those type of people will “eat your lunch” as they say.


Why you tryin' to eat my lunch mr business man? :(


That’s funny. Blame the customer they’re usually trying to find the best deals. So who ever gives them what they want or is very good at getting attention will usually win.


Sort of agree. You don’t necessarily have to hustle in the sense that I think most people envision. It’s not like you need to be a super extrovert or anything. To be a “successful” entrepreneur you need to believe in something and have the balls to actually see it through. Take action and don’t quit until you know it’s truly a lost cause. Then walk away and do it again with something else. Then again. Then again. That’s hustle.


This is very true. Personally I can't help it. I did an office internship, was bored out of my mind and started interning at music places to understand that business more. Then I became a bike messenger in NYC and was shocked I was making more than what I would have as an assistant account executive at an ad agency, which was what I had to take after years of them telling us it was account executive first then manager. From there I just noticed the time for money issue and now I'm intently focused on thriving off my own resources.


That’s where I’m at trying to thrive off the resources immediately around me. After years of playing this game I’m going to try a little more Jay Abraham method of thriving in strategic partnerships with others.


"Can a moderator ban me from this sub, please" .cit


Some dude made the same statement a while ago here and then created r/cutthebull


#11.) buy bulk on alibaba and buy Facebook adds! It’s fooolprooof brooo!!!


“How I make infinite money by posting other people’s crappy eBay listings on Facebook for a higher cost”


It’s all in the B R A N D I N G


10) People complaining about the sub being garbage Most entrepreneurs are noobs, so they post noob stuff. They’ll learn. It’s not that serious.


My kid niece of 8 as a Business Thinker: Sonia:"I think simply the best idea is to grow Potatoes in my backyard and grow it organically, and sell to the Grocery store" Me: Thats really clever of you. Sonia: I am helping people with their hunger. So they buy my potatoes and live healthy. Bingo. Me: how do you make money? Sonia: I can sell to to the people directly so I dont have to pay for Grocer to hold my Potatoes. Me: How are you gonna market it. Sonia: I simply give them the best potatoes, not the potatoes with the worms, and such. Its Sonias Potatoes, they will remember it. Me: Dear you are not a farmer. Sonia: But I love to help people, I love to see them happy. No Buzzwords, No Internet, classical Spirit of Business. I am glad she thinks right, finer than most of the Techie People waiting for the next Big Ideas to arrive.


Posts like these make me want to have kids lol.


>nephew Named Sonia, users the she pronoun?


That should be "niece". Thank you for pointing that out,


I only like nr.5 for content on r/powerwashingporn


Checked out that sub, I don't know why, but it's oddly satisfying.


\#4 is high %, this sub really became non-helpful for real entrepreneurs and people who are really doing it as their core focus to help them. Toxicity will lead genuine people to leave this sub.


You also forgot “I’m looking for the largest list of entrepreneurial ideas that has ever been complied so I can stare at it and ultimately do nothing with it”


>8) People who calculate profit without factoring in what they paid themselves Lol I see this one so much even with people who actually opened a business. One guy actually said "we make a profit every day" and "we are operating at a loss" in the same conversation. And yes most people seem to think "entrepreneur" is some feel-good term that has no meaning except for being a snappy hashtag. In my opinion someone who is an entrepreneur is someone who actually (tries to) leverage a significant investment for the sake of gains. If not, you probably fall under the category freelancer or someone with a side hustle.


Love #8. It's all very good being able to regularly sell a widget for a $5 profit, but unless you can consistently sell 50-100 of them per day you're going to have a hard time replacing a real job.


I just treat this sub like I treat pretty much any social media entrepreneur community; as a barometer. As a copywriter it's pretty useful to me. Saying that, this sub is 100% garbo. Either it's people lying, shilling or asking for inane advice, as you said. I blame the rise in wantrepeneurism, where everyone is cosplaying as Gary V and refuse to put in their own work, or are just regurgitating what a 'guru' said without critical thinking. BRB, got to go dropship some shirts via my SaaS members only site.


Sometimes I think, if you have to ask, 'what can I do/what are some good ideas to become an entrepreneur?' 'How do I make money working for myself?' Then more than likely you're not an entrepreneur and should be working for someone else..if that makes any sense.


Well, yeah, I think that comes with the current trend of entrepreneurship and being one's own boss. A lot of people I've done work for have that mentality of it being an easy ride and everything being a set path, no skills or anything. Guess that's just how things are now.


Disagree w #4. A lot of the hot garbage in this sub is self-promotion - usually advertising shitty courses. It is actually possible to ask a question and describe your product without linking your services.


11) genuine posts explaining situation and seeking advice go completely Ignored.


I browse this sub every once in awhile. Not interested in being an entrepreneur any time soon as I love my job. I constantly see posts/comments about how entrepreneurs are problem solvers above all else. It's hilarious to be that not one person in here has suggest a solution to any of these problems.


1) Meta posts talking about the sub being garbage


yeh i think im gonna unsub soon. better subs out there


could u list a few


this is true for any sub. it just becomes garbage after some time. circle of life


So refreshing to read this, I was really worried about many of you in this community who would down vote me to hell when I'd tell you that you're not a broke 20 year old Steve Jobs, it's just not the same.


I would highly recommend everyone who agrees with any of the OP's points should scroll down the top posts in this sub for a minute and downvote everything that falls under these categories (or whichever you agree with personally). This sub has some real desire to metamorphize into something fresh and we can be the catalyst by actually being "Redditors" and editing the content with up and down votes. Likewise if something is legitimate you should actively upvote it from /new. ​ J


This dude should be a moderator.


I blame #entrepreneur on Instagram. Turned it into a buzzword. Now failing IG “influencers” are spreading out looking to expand their modeling “talent”


Bruh. The Uber driver that bombards you with questions about your business then claims to be an angel investor.


10) How I made $80k per month copywriting


It's now a sub for bottom feeder hustlers.


“You should get into power washing” 🤣🤣🤣


It's actually a good honest business, won't make you rich, you probably make 35k a year, more if you do commercial properties.




You forgot to link us to your current project. ;-)


You broke rule number 1 mate


How about re-posting the same generic advice and buying upvotes so the mods won't delete it? Ex "How I became a millionaire by 26" Grind it out, create amazing content, hustle! If I can do it anyone can! If you build it they will come! (and they're always flooded with "tHaNkS fOr ThE sHaRe" comments.


I was hesitant to leave this sub, but this post made it. Good bye r/Entrepreneur


> "I'm lazy and unwilling to invest my time or money in a real business. I bought a course from a guru who showed me how to get a drop shipping site online by 4pm today. Just wondering where you think I should retire to once I make my millions". I have a friend like this sort of. He wants to be one of those "youtube day trading guru" guys who doesn't work a 9-5 etc. (nevermind the fact that you basically will be working market hours to make money) and ended up joining investor groups and got a "mentor" to teach him. A friend and I who both studied finance in college (isn't saying much but we know a little more than the basics and understand it easy) told him it was dumb af to waste all that time and money when investopedia is free and he had some runaround answer how he'd "rather learn from a guy who knows what he's doing" lol. 2 years later and he's either paper trading, inconsistently trading, or still in some trash group lol. He tried the drop shipping thing too and that proved to be more work than he thought. Dropshipping seems to be like the new thing to recommend these days lol.


Drop shipping works, but it's not sustainable business model, unless you have your own product, or make your own product, that's where the actual money is


You forgot to mention all the posts about how shitty this sub is. Definitely the worst part of this sub. Thanks for your contribution.


#4 Most concerning. Also #8 😂


I can’t post a question without 10 comment karma, could you please very kindly upvote this so I can ask a question that would benefit everyone. Thank you!


Take all those buzzwords out of it, and we see a real person with plain intentions. There has nothing more harm done than western dream, 25hrs work ethic promoted by so called tech people, has done a greater harm to the person. Instead of providing a great service to fellow man, as a Business, the mainstream got his soul out of him. He cant now sleep at night because he is working on UPSKILLING. Where Have we got as a Race? As a Generation? We can change all that, we still got enough awareness that we are one step from hell, and a single breath from heaven. I get a feeling, Covid came to the world, so we all get a chance to recheck ourselves and remove all the false blankets the society has put on us.


This post is on-point and purple-pilled


Lol who orders from 9 to 1


Ever seen the late show with David letterman? Top 10? It's a count down. They leave the best for last so you'll stick around.


Problem number one everyone is talking out of there a## Be honest with yourself have any of you takning the ideas or advice being giving. No. Why ? because there is no evidence to anything being said here. Try going to the bank with some of these ideas without calculating risk, profit, time and a hole host of parameters. The truth is and deep down you all know it. There really is not that much difference between the gurus and the socalled "real busineses". Thats why people are flocking to all these get rich quick scemes dropshipping, bitcoin and so on. Using there one time uneployment cheks


And then those people questioning the successful few who did things differently but found success.


3 makes me the most annoyed


3) power washing, obviously. :)


I used to use Reddit exclusively for educational content to try and get some good tips here and there, and now I just check in when I'm bored because this place has nothing of value...


So, how do you see these issues being fixed?


>4) Any genuine request for help by someone who’s actually put in time to establish a product or service is flagged as self-promotion and shut down, thereby removing users who are actively trying to seek help to build their business. This is the biggest /r/entrepreneur sin to me. Why are people so aggressive towards these posts? Aren't they good case studies of start ups and the hustle? Ugh.


Number 4 hit deep


ye this sub is useless


“I hate my job and want to be a bazzilionaire, but I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas.” Summer is here the BBQ grills are roasting.


"4) Any genuine request for help by someone who’s actually put in time to establish a product or service is flagged as self-promotion and shut down, thereby removing users who are actively trying to seek help to build their business." 1 million times this for Reddit in general, taking credit for your own = self promotion, but crop the credit off the post and its fine.


Great post. Where can I buy your course to find out what the other 44 reasons are? And is it less than 1899$?


This sub should literally be self promotion and feedback on our endeavors.


Shitting on /r/entrepreneur, so hot right now.


The last few hours? The last 10 years!


So, are you going to pay me for my idea? lol




Lmao, this is amazing