The implication of "whatever"

The implication of "whatever"


Thomas Sowell is a stupid man's idea of what a smart person sounds like.


He uses multi-syllable words and puts them in correct grammatical order. Oh, and he uses them condescendingly. That's effectively what passes for rightwing intelligentsia.


The moron still doesn’t understand the importance of wetlands. He “thinks” it’s simply a politically correct rebranding of swamps. Never mind they’re important biomes regardless of what you call them—you can breed mosquitoes in a puddle: frogs that eat mosquitoes, not so much.


Waht O.o That's such a *stupid* thing to be wrong about. Wetlands are just PC swamps? Also, what's wrong with swamps?


Exactly. I wish I had clipped the article and digitized it, but Sowell is exactly the kind of idiot to be proud enough of his output to have it archived on his website.


It's funny you say that, because it was around the time that I realized that using bigger words doesn't necessarily make you look or sound smarter to other people, that I also realized that libertarianism is actually a bad ideology. Huh.


Thomas Sowell is the Right's "good negro": who they will endlessly hold up and cry "nuh uh - we're not racist: we've got A Black Guy!" Being a woman or a POC Republican is the easiest grift you can get. Your takes can be utterly dogshit, but if you're not a white male - the Right will shower you with money and attention. See Candice Owens.


Note: Only works with a few for maintaining tokenism. Won't work with all the rest if they come later.


Similar to how maxine waters is the lefts "good negro": who they will endlessly hold up and cry "nuh uh - we're not racist: we've got A Black girl!" Being a woman or a POC democrat is the easiest grift you can get. Your takes can be utterly dogshit, but if you're not a white male - the left will shower you with money and attention no matter how stupid you ar. See Alexandria Cortez .


Are you an r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM candidate by any chance? Do you know how hard it is for a non-white woman to get into politics (or any position of power or authority)? It's absurd to call what AOC does as a grift.


Are you an r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM candidate by any chance? Do you know how hard it is for a non-white man to get into politics (or any position of power or authority)? It's absurd to call what sowell does as a grift.


Ok, LOL.


>"Thomas Sowell is the Right's "good negro": who they will endlessly hold up and cry 'nuh uh - we're not racist: we've got A Black Guy!' Who [regurgitates racist propaganda](https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/heres-why-poor-people-are-poor-says-a-conservative-black-academic/2015/09/03/df8ff1fc-1ab4-11e5-93b7-5eddc056ad8a_story.html) for us"


> a Marxist radicalized into a free market libertarian Yea right I’m sure he was a real Marxist


No you see, he read all volumes of Capital which means he was a Marxist!


“Says our black friend who is totally also black himself. Did I mention he was black?” Seeing as the title is about poor people, the loud proclamation that the author is black makes it blatant this was about black people. Jeez they’re not subtle




That’s pretty racist


Yes, they’re also using John McWhorter and Coleman Hughes the same way.


well put


Sowell is pretty smart; but the positions he takes are god-awful and he cannot separate his ideology from his education.


Yes, he can. He chooses to lie in service of that ideology, like all his fellow fascists do. [He says wrong things on purpose](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaPgDQkmqqM), because he [doesn't care about truth](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMabpBvtXr4). Whenever people get lost in the "stupid vs evil" conundrum, I just want to grab them and shake them until they get it through their fucking skulls that Hanlon's razor has the word "adequately" in it for a fucking reason. And I think a lot of people have a great deal of trouble recognizing that they can acknowledge intelligence among evil people, or with recognizing that *dishonesty* is a worse offense than *stupidity*.


More people need to know about Grey’s Law which goes, “Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.” Because at some point, there’s no way to remain that ignorant except through active, deliberate effort, the kind of effort which can only be born of malice.


Tom Sowell is published almost daily in my local newspaper. He has an audience of tens of millions. People underestimate libertarians, but they make up roughly 60 - 70 million people in America. Glenn Beck introduced Ayn Rand, Friedrich Von Hayek, and Milton Friedman to tens of millions of Americans on Fox News around 2008. He was huge on Fox. Sean Hannity and Fox News love Sowell. Republicans love Sowell. Google the video of Tom Sowell on Sean Hannity. It is funny.


I can’t tell if you’re defending Sowel or more generally, what this had to do with the above comment


Yes, he’s flattering & defending Sowell. He is also an idiot. Move on.


Yes sir!




Smart as in cunning? Probably. Smart as in educated and aware about SotA landscape of economics of inequality, development and education? Fuck no.




capitalism is not trade, dork


The dweebs who come to argue with us ALWAYS have the WSB diamond hands Snoo. Ever noticed?


Capitalism is when commerce.


Don't be mad that he was a communist once and he isn't any longer because communism is neither ethically or economically viable... Blame communism.


I never said I was communist.


People don't agree to be poor or to be born to poor parents or to be born with expensive medical conditions or to be underpaid workers for capitalists or to be fodder for wars seeking foreign oil, but the coercive nature of a system that allows the wealthy to buy almost anything they want, from laws to judges to politicians to public resources means that the poor don't have a reasonable choice in the matter.


Yeah I get the feeling Adam Smith might disagree with that.


“Why don’t you read some Adam smith, the father of capitalism! You childish leftist” “I have… have you? Smith says value stems from labor and that we shouldn’t have inheritance” …


"But basic economics! Jordan Peterson told me that this isn't true and this must be true, he's a doctor after all!!!"


It baffles me that the right doesn’t recognise this. Capitalism rose up in opposition of feudalism, the system where almost all productive assets were inherited. Our property and inheritance laws are still largely the same, only the underlying system of generating and extracting value has changed.


Which Book in TWON describes his views on inheritance? Haven’t read that book in a few years.


It’s been a few years for me as well haha


Capitalism is when there's economy. And the more economy there is, the more capitalism there is.


Genuinely what these people believe.


Its just capital because isms are bad.


well then maybe the government should stop enforcing property rights


Tomas Sowell is the most fake intellectual out there


Sounds like white supremacists talking about race as if they don't have one.


Indeed, any ism isn't an ism if you define it poorly enough


I guess Sowell never heard of monopolies, trusts, or cartels, all of which exist to exploit capitalisms and remove customer choice.


>monopolies, trusts, or cartels, all of which exist to exploit capitalisms. Well, Cultists of Capitalism believe that **UN***ironically*


what capitalist realism does to a mf


It’s annoying when people conflate capitalism and commerce like they’re the same thing. So stupid. This is what happens when you gut funding for education.


Nah, he's just dishonest. He knows the difference.


Etymology doesn't care about your feelings


Well whatya know the people who snidely tell people to “take Econ 101” can’t even define capitalism.


This definition by Sowell admition would make the term capitalism obsolete and useless. He really is the living breathing proof, that do long as you propagandize for the right ideas, any p3reon can become a "academic"


>The puzzled reader may ask: how could a learned liberal professor have forgotten these elementary axioms familiar to anybody who has read any exposition of the views of socialism? The answer is simple: the personal qualities of present-day professors are such that we may find among them even exceptionally stupid people like Tugan. But the social status of professors in bourgeois society is such that only those are allowed to hold such posts who sell science to serve the interests of capital, and agree to utter the most fatuous nonsense, the most unscrupulous drivel and twaddle against the socialists. The bourgeoisie will forgive the professors all this as long as they go on “abolishing” socialism. -Vlad motherfucking lenin


I never agreed to the penury and starvation contingency on the whole “sell your labor” deal…


And how does private property originate, Tom?


It's not ideology when we do it!


The worst thing that ever happened to our society was liberals wining the cold war. Because not ten seconds after the Union dissolved Liberals (as in people who believe in Liberalism/Capitalism) disappeared up their own asses and came to the conclusion that Capitalism isn’t just one of many political/economic systems but is in fact the world at rest and the default status of humans in nature. Anyone who thinks Capitalism is nothing more than the “free exchange of goods” they’re either a propagandists (Sowell) or someone who has never in their life studied politics, history, or philosophy. Trade and barter systems have existed for centuries, as have controlled and planed economies. Capitalism as it exists now emerged out of mercantilism and colonialism. It’s main object is not the free exchange of goods of service but the accumulation of wealth and power by people who already have a not insignificant amount of wealth and power.


When you have no idea what ism describes but you desperately want to be smug about your ism.


If you want to charge exuberant prices for water and other basic necessities (especially after a natural disaster) that’s freedom baby.


Transactions are not a unique characteristic of capitalism. Slavery had transactions such as people exchanging human beings for money, but I doubt Sowell would call that capitalism.


The name "free exchange" is completely misunderstood to mean free from regulation. It is not that at all. It is an exchange free from coercive factors making both parties equally free to negotiate on the merits of the exchange alone. "Free and fair" cannot exist in the absence of regulation. Therefore, the common (conservative/libertarian) understanding of "free exchange" is actually the opposite of a free exchange and actually ANTI-CAPITALIST!


Capitalism: Freedom to take away your freedom.


I saw an interview where Sowell said Capitlism works because the standard of living is higher in the US than Egypt. That was literally his reason and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.


"Capitalism is not an 'ism.' It is closer to being the opposite of an 'ism'" ... What the fuck does that even mean?


Not understanding basic English to own the libs


I like how they say based dr sowell even though to them everything he says they agree with, it’s probably because they hate black people.


Every time I read something that Sowell or Friedman writes, I feel a bit dumber for having read it. Libertarians are ridiculous people.


((((((((ordinary people))))))))




Well you’re obviously qualified to lick them


You're fit to suck my half-chub through my jean shorts.


What a strange insult. Why would anyone ever want to? The man is a hack.


Sooooo brave


Hopefully I don't get banned for saying this, but Thomas Sowell makes a lot of sense in a lot of the things he says.


>get banned Nah...