When I’m swinging to my three wing and feeling insecure I have definitely felt this way. Also yay for adhd causing executive dysfunction and a penchant for too many penchants.


That hurt... Why did you do that to me? Why did you target me like that? ouch :,( ![gif](giphy|YqE3jbSQQR6x9g19Kj)


>executive dysfunction and a penchant for too many penchants wow, you just summed it up perfectly , gg


It's also giving me 7 vibes - as a 3 I don't relate to this because I'm much more focused on my goals.


Ya he’s like some kind of 5w6 so/sp or something or other


they say they need attention and admiration to feel motivated. im sure that this is not something an e5 needs


Ya you’re right prolly a 8w9


That's very 7s-ish. All 3s I know is very focus and they have no problem hitting one goal at a time. Furthermore, the difference between 3s and 7s who enjoy work is that 3s is very goal-focus and 7s will usually taking unrelated multiple projects at once. I'm not saying that 3s can't take multiple projects but they usually still focus on single goal. One of 3s C-level I know aimed to increase efficiency. He did a lot of initiatives at once, but all of them is focused on single goal of increase efficiency. Everything concentrate to one single focused goal and he said he will not rest until we all reach the target number. He put very just minimal and enough attention to everything else. 7s might try to increase operation efficiency, coming up with innovative project, take care of employee happiness all at once. That's why 3s have a lot of relationship problem because while they care about relationship, once they put their mind on a goal everything will be set aside, including relationship and their own health. I don't know but I've never met 3s who want to be best at everything at the same time. Most of 3s I work with will tell me, the 7s, to stop trying to do that and be more focus-focus-focus-focus. Why the hell are you care about all those unrelated stuff that when you can't even hit this simple goal yet? Stop worrying and start doing. Chop-chop. Goal, check, next. 3s operate like that. "Lie and dream about how I will be the best". I don't think 3s can tolerate this at all.


Right. I certainly see how a 3 in disintegration might relate to this but as a general overview, it reads more as a description of 7 (or possibly 4w3) than 3. 7s go for multiple things at once, 3s are geared towards efficiency and narrow in on a few paths and pursuits. And as you said, that can be to their detriment since they abandon other important things to achieve their primary objectives. As a 3, I wish I could be the best at everything but I focus on what's most feasible at the moment and only switch gears when it changes or in disintegration. The post is also quite reminiscent of idealist/frustrated-type sentiments.


Agree with points on 3, disagree on points on 7. 7s may not get much done as we are scattered yes but not in a way of doing nothing. It is in the opposite way, we usually have too much on our plate. I have a hard time relating OP to a 7s inner world. 7s do, not because of an expectation of gain or need of admiration. We do Compulsively. We can not stand still. We have to keep moving to avoid boredom - our inner turmoil disguised as a dislike for things staying the same. What I get from OP is that she needs external motivation/validation to get moving. She needs to get energized by an outside source which I find hard to imagine for a 7. 7s are usually the energizer, they fuel themselves as well as their environment. Overall I agree that Op doesn't really sound like a 3 but I also think they don't really sound like a 7. They don't sound like an active triad at all actually. I suspect they are a compliant type with the given info


You got a point. It is not surefire 7s but still have significant vibe. I agree that doing things out of admiration is not 7-ish. I agree that needing validation to get moving is not 7-ish. However, I can see how this monologue can play out in 7s head. Unhealthy 7s would not literally doing nothing. Instead, they might do a lot of thing but since it's not play according to their ideal, they still think they did nothing. I can imagine 7s who want to, get a job for example, start doing alcohol, go to bunch of parties or do a lot of gaming instead of applying for job. And they will say to themselves that "I have nothing to show because I did nothing" even though they actually did many things but applying for the job. It's pretty common for 7s to identify their non-productive activity to get rid of boredom as do nothing. It's not literally doing nothing, but it's doing nothing from 7s point of view. I'm also 7s and sometimes when I casually complain that oh my god I did nothing today, many people point out that I did a lot. It's just that I did not do the thing I think I should do. When that happen, I always feel like I did nothing. For example, if I'm planning to get work done but ended up hop through bunch of cafe's just to find correct place to sit and work, in my mind I will say I did nothing today, even though I drive and hop between places for 5 hrs and that's a lot of activity. Aside from that, the 7-ish vibe I got is wanting to be best at everything all at once and have many hobbies and interested. Agree that is not a surefire 7s but still have many pointers.


I am a 7 and I agree, I like attention and I literally think every time I start new hobby that I can do a tiktok account with it and become famous. And I get frustrated because it doesn't work like that and drop this hobby. 7s drop things a lot because they aren't as good as they imagined to be


I want to hear what 3w2’s take on this.


3w2 here, I resonated with “I really need attention and admiration for everything I do. I feel the strong need to have an Instagram or something for people to admire me.” After that though I didn’t agree with a single thing they said. They seem to be in a deeply unhealthy relationship with their wants and needs. I’ve been there but not like this, generally whenever I feel like I’m not fully achieving something I accomplish it the best I can and then shift focus to something I’m more successful at but never give up on the original task. And I never feel the need to do nothing. Doing nothing would completely ruin my self image. Honestly I’d probably spiral into a deep depression if I was forced to miss out on everything and I’d never do it to myself.


I’m glad you’re never that depressed! (Just to clarify I relate to some aspects, but not all. The drop everything and do nothing is definitely not 3. Even at my lowest, I was doing *something*, and not multiple things at once. It sounds a bit 7-ish.)


Me too, this screams 3w4


That’s not a 3. What 3 doesn’t do anything bc they won’t be the best at it? That’s nonsense. Even at my most disintegrated, I was competitive AF at video games PVP leader boards. As a 3, you’re going to do something and strive to be great at it. You have to. It’s also not normal for 3s to get attached to the idea of being best at everything. Maybe some 3s think that. The 3s I’m friends with don’t think that. No one is the best at everything. That’s a pipe dream. No self-aware 3 is getting held back by that. This sounds more to me like a 9 going to 6. 9s stay withdrawn at 6 by going into their heads and worrying about all the reasons why it’d be a bad idea to do something. That’s probably what we are looking at here.


Isn’t that textbook 3 disintegrated into a 9 or am I blind


As a 3 disintegrated to 9, I can confirm. Also, to anyone that knows: how do I escape this hellhole?


Hold up. I've been having trouble deciding between 3 and 9 for the longest, but I'm wondering if this is actually what's happening with me. I'm internally naturally very driven to master my interests and gain prestige, but over the last year or so, I just feel like, what's the point anymore if the world is burning/humanity trying to kill itself off anyway? I just want out of this hellhole too.


Yep you sound like a 3(a depressed 3). That too, disintegrating to 9 is just classic depression.






Thanks. I’m getting a life coach, hopefully they’ll get me out of where I am.




wtf i never related to anything more in my life


This is literally me, I even say it in almost exact wording lmao. Every time I see someone being successful or gaining attention, I wanna try it too and of course I imagine that my first brush stroke gonna be like Picasso. And then I am dissapointed that my idealized image and expectations don't meet the reality and I just drop this project. 7s also like recognition and attention, they just don't define their worth based on it


Oh boy. I’m usually on the fence between 2w3 and 3w2 because I feel I embody both types so much. But…Christ. This one hurt my soul.


2w3 and 3w2 are very different types


I am aware of this


Damn, it’s relatable (except for the part about attention)


Lol that’s the only part I found relatable 😂😂😂


I’m exactly like them and I’m a 6w7 (istj) lol


This sounds like me and I am apperently a 7


This is largely social instinct.


That clunk you hear is 3 going to 9 hard.


This is unhealthy 3+9 fix.