I’ve been told I’m just like Tina from Bob’s Burgers and it’s pretty damn accurate lol


Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts …Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts


5w6. I have related to Saiki K, young Remus Lupin, and Gundham Tanaka. Take that as you will. I've been compared to Hiccup Haddock III (HIGH compliment), Katniss (neutral), and Tony Stark (decidedly NOT a compliment).


Hiccup is a devastatingly good compliment for sure


My brother once implied something regarding Futaba from persona 5 and there is some old family inside joke involving Peridot from Steven universe. i guess because i like computers and the color green. there may have been some comment regarding Yuri from Doki Doki literature club of them at least not being surprised that I liked her (my brother played the game first so he must have been trying not to laugh so hard considering the whole... yandere knife antics thing in the second act) As for characters I would have personally picked out, I'd say Rin from Katawa Shojo, Adam aka Frankenstein's monster (strictly the book version), Rei from Evangelion and Erik aka Phantom of the opera.


I dont really relate to any characters but once my friend said i remind her of Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho and i havent slept since


id say im like dead pool and my homies have said im like naruto


My partner once compared me to Darlene Snell from Ozark 💀 minus the creepy teenager stuff


lol I'm so sorry


my friend recently told me I remind her of Joe Goldberg from You and Finn from Adventure Time and I was so confused


Me: my inner soul is like Little Lulu and Laura Ingalls, entwined with some kind of very sad psychic ghost child. Other people: usually a mix of 4w3, 7 and 8 types… most recent one was Videl from dragon ball z lol. And Little Miss Bad 😭 (courtesy of my 2 year old niece). From my family I get more compared to historical female figures like O’Keeffe, Louise Brooks, Katherine Mansfield, Chanel… either kinda racy hard short-haired brunette visionaries or independent hermits lol. Sisters have also said, Jo Stockton from Funny Face, and Chanel from “Coco”. Or that I could live easily in films like Demoiselles de Rochefort (take that how you will 😅). Anything French from the 60s really… also been compared to Nana in Vivre Sa Vie by a long ago friend.


I'm most like Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. People have said I'm so much like Grogu from The Mandalorian. Da fuq? \*lmaoooooooooo\*


Agreeeed I've also related to Elizabeth Bennet as well! Was about to post the same. Just asked my partner, said I'm like Zooey Deschanel (Jess) from New Girl. So both ENFPs, seems to be accurate 😂😅


Yasssssssss! \*high five\*


I can't relate much to any character, but have been related to lara croft, mikaela banes, sasha grey..? And... saul goodman?


Damn Sasha Grey? Edit: I want to get around to watching BCS…


I personally relate to characters more in literature than in media since you get more insight on their perspectives, so I think I'm like Kitty Shcherbatskya (Anna Karenina) and Amy March (Little Women). And I've heard I'm like Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) and a bit like Phil and Alex Dunphy from Modern Family.


As a child, I related to Leslie Burke (Bridge to Terabithia) and Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) a lot. It's hard to say now but there is some open psychometric character test and I got Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter on that.


My friends have said I'm like pinkie pie from my little pony. Though they also said I'm like the mc from watamote, but this was more back in the day and I was emo back in school and I did say randomly sexual stuff just to fuck with people. Personally I'd say I'm like a combination of mayushii and kurisu from steins gate. Or like a combination or reina kousaka and oumae kumiko from sound euphonium though I relate to mizore's level of passiveness when she had her little episode of running away from that one bitch. That's kind of why I'd say a combination of reina and kumiko because reina has a level of introversion I'd be more like, but my reactions are more like kumiko because I'm more people friendly--but not to the level she is cause she seems to enjoy people, I relate more to reina's "lemme play my damn trumpet ya fucks. get good or go away". I would say my style of joking is like diane from bojack. She says a lot of jokes in a way that I'd probably say in that kind of awkward but still subtly sarcastic negging kind of way yet still trying to not step on people's toes. Machi kuragi from fruits basket. Definitely I would say I'm very like her except I wouldn't say my opinion directly to people's faces. I would just walk away. But her level of introversion and her thoughts feel very similar to mine. Honestly the whole reason why I liked fruits basket as a kid was because of her character. Hard to pick a character that's exactly like me. xD You can guess what I am for fun: >!INFJ 9w8 sp/sx 952!<


Not sure of my type yet but I remember relating to James from The End Of The Fucking World but it's been a hot minute since I've watched the show. My bf says I'm like Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins.


Ha, the only one I can remember being directly compared to as a personality (not just a specific quirk or something) is Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I'm not mad about it. I can only aspire to be Faramir. (book version)


Diane from BoJack Horseman.


I was told I was like the main character from Russian Doll. I’m still processing that lol.


It makes sense since she's 7w8. I love her.


I haven't ever been told that I'm like a certain character. Hell, even among some of my friends I've been forgotten. Though we were assigning people roles in a Hallmark Christmas movie and putting them in a spreadsheet. So I gave myself the role of The Movie's Extra and no one mentioned it, which is pretty hilarious The only character I've ever truly related to (and felt attacked by) is Mil from Dr. Elise. Towards the end I felt like I was looking at myself and I didn't like that at all.


I just watched an episode of Modern Family where Mitchell has a moment like your first paragraph and it’s giving that energy 😂 also, ever related to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist?


Haven't watched FMAB yet so idk. Maybe tho Edit: I should because we share the same MBTI and enneagram but who knows


Yep that’s why I mentioned him 😁 I’ve only watched 10 episodes lol but it’s good of what I watched.


Can't say I like them, but I've been told I'm like Captain Barbossa, Drax (Marvel), Stanley (Office) and that crazy cat woman from The Simpsons


7w6 792. Been told that I am a lot like Kirishima (MHA), Basil (Omori), Papyrus (Undertale), Rainbow Dash/Applejack, Tails (and sometimes Sonic) and Ralsei (Deltarune). I feel people who think I remind them of Ralsei/Basil forget that I am way too energetic and spunky, and I don't want people to see me as someone soft with no rough edges pffhhh, hearing I remind people of characters that are very protected in fandoms especially makes me pretty angry. I feel like characters that would be way more like me may be Luz (The Owl House), Bridget (Guilty Gear), Lancer (Deltarune), Athena (Ace Attorney) and Sonic, although only in the movie. They have that optimistic endless energy going on with a certain independance and determination in their goals that is way more relatable.


I've been racking my brain for comparisons...uhhh. my ex told me she reminded me of the girl from Shaman King, Anna Kyoyama, Rukia from Bleach even before we got together and this one book character I refuse to mention. Others are "same vibe" celebs. It's really easy for me to relate to a lot of fictional characters especially anime because ~Life is a party and I am the piñata~ It's basically a trope lol.


They say I'm like Belle, and they're right 😁😁💚📖📚


I've been compared to: * Gibbs from NCIS * Thomas Shelby from Peaky blinders * Zeref dragneel I'm not familiar with fairy tail, but according to ex-gf I was basically Zeref because I was ready to sell my soul/destroy myself/be cursed for power or something like that. Sounds quite complicated. * Michael de santa (GTA V) * Tony soprano Personally, I relate to: * Tywin Lannister * Logan Roy * Lelouch vi britannia * Seto Kaiba * V (for vendetta) * Light Yagami * Frank Underwood * Madara uchiha * Griffith * count dooku * Niki lauda rush Yeah...


Others have compared me to Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones, but I know I'm not ambitious or as socially competent as people sometimes give me credit. I've always related to Romeo Montague, maybe a bit of Steve Harrington (I'm sure there are female characters, but I can't think of any). Living for this idealized romantic love, desperate to dive headfirst into it, write poetry and call it from the rooftops, then bask in the tragedy of its eventual demise – for about 30 minutes – when the next one comes around and now that is what I live and breathe for. From the new My Little Pony series, my husband thinks I'm Pinkie Pie whereas I see myself as Fluttershy. At work, I think they'd see me as Rarity (if they knew MLP). All around, it seems I see myself as much more brooding than anyone else does.


I have the same meyers Briggs, core type, and tritype as Barney Stintson. I act strangely similarly, except I’m not a human trafficker.


I get Chandler Bing a lot from my close friends and it’s pretty accurate. From people who don’t know me as well it’s usually Daria, also accurate.


Are you a 4? All those characters strike me as 4s


Yep, I’m a 4, but I’m stuck if Bojack is 3 or 4. I guess I give off 7 energy to my bf though lol.


Yeah BoJack def has a 3 wing but I personally see him as a 4 because even though he wants to be seen as popular and successful, he’s got that deep feeling of being an outsider and he feels simultaneously broken and also superior. And he tends to get a kind of enjoyment from wallowing in his own sadness Also he really wants to be understood for who he is in a way that 3s care about less Lol sorry this is all negative stuff, there’s good things about 4s too it’s just that BoJack is really unhealthy


Ngl I actually have him voted as 4w3 on PDB, but I’m also willing to hear other opinions (younger Bojack gives more of that assertive 3 energy whereas later Bojack is heavy on 4). But the broken/superior asshole dichotomy is a big 4 tell as are the constant attention-seeking displays asking for understanding without ever explicitly stating it (“I know this thing I did was shitty but here’s why…” etc.) or just pushing people away. I think his final arc - returning to “health”? - could signify integration to 6 *or* 1 so it’s hard to tell there. Thanks for your take. His overall themes unfortunately resonate with mine except for the obvious difference that he is famous and fictional and far more amoral LOL I just… understand why he did some of the things he did like fucking up Todd’s musical because he couldn’t handle being alone, etc… Bojack isn’t a good role model for anyone I’m sure but certainly a good lesson… I still enjoy his character nonetheless.


I’m most similar to red 13 from ff7. (sköll is a tad closer, but nobody knows that comic) been told I’m really similar to a guy on criminal minds


I'm told I'm like Luna Lovegood, tho I am no longer a fan of Harry Potter. IDK who I am most like.


I consider myself very similar to Frank Zhang from *Heroes of Olympus*. Someone told me recently that I'm like Sheldon Cooper from *Big Bang Theory*.


I’ve felt connected to Sans and Tony Stark - weird mix, right? I’ve been compared to the tenth (?) Doctor and DC’s Riddler, though I don’t know what either of them are like lol




Konata Izumi was definitely a compliment


Someone said I am like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and that is pretty much the beat compliment a 3w2 could get.


Two of my cousins ​​told me that I have a very similar personality to Evie of descendants, and also a friend said that I reminded her of Merlina Addams. XD