Monica from Friends? 100 billion times yes. Prolly the most stereotypical one.


out of these: Hermione, this cat professor (I don't remember how to type her name exactly) and professor from money heist


The cat professor, I will have a hard time forgetting that one.


Imo, type 1s make the most interesting fictional characters


Absolute favourite? [Light Yagami (Death note).](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw-XWS1Usio) ​ But there are so many great ones in fiction, I cannot not mention: * Erwin (attack on titan) * Thanos (MCU) * Bruce wayne (Dark knight trilogy) * Dumbledore (Harry potter) * Prince Ashitaka (Princess mononoke) * [Stannis the mannis](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLNFloNdJH4) * Mufasa (The lion King) * Maximus Decimus Meridius (Gladiator) I think 1s makes for great stories, great protagonists and great antagonists, hence the high number of very interesting characters. There is a [great video about this](https://youtu.be/dRm51fE1ddY) actually if interested.


Would you be willing to elaborate on how you see Dumbledore as a 1?


Dumbledore is a very healthy, reformed 1. To the point he can look like he's beyond anger and resentment. Dumbledore's 1ness can be more easily witnessed in his young years. His plans with grindelwald for reforming the world and controlling muggles "FOR THE GREATER GOOD" are a good proof of that 1ness. The fact he decided to stay with his sister, despite his potential, sending his brother to school, shows how dutiful he is. His sacrificial death is also very 1. The role he fills in the story is very 1: a guide, a mentor, a moral compass too, a teacher. We see him twice in stress. It is told to us that without thinking he put the horcrux ring to see his sister again. Another time is when he drinks the cursed water thingy and began to go into full depression. Both are 4 stress reactions IMO.


Hermione Granger 💜


as a 5, i love 1s, but I'd say out of these it's darcy, Santiago, and Claire Fraser.


Ugh that reminds me I forgot Claire from Modern Family.


I thought of her too when I saw Monica. They're both quintessential 1w2s. It's interesting that wing plays a big role in the characterisation as well. Claire and Monica are pretty different from the 1w9s on here, like Hermione.


Funny, my brother is a 5 and he also loves 1s.


I’m a 1, and I love 5’s! I’ve always had special connections with 5’s.


Thanos for the meme, The Crown queen fr.


Hermione ofc


I'll always have a soft spot for Stefan. ❤️


I barely know any of them, but Monica was relatable, especially since I have OCD as well


Santiago definitely.


i'd love the same collage for other types too - possibly a 9/9w8 too!


Let's not forget Tom Branson from Downton Abbey or Ned Stark from Game of Thrones.


how long did it take you to make this?


Optimus Prime, particularly from Transformers Animated! Overall though, I think Enneagram 1 type might be my favorite type in terms of fictional characters… …aside type from 1 bad guys, though. I don’t support bad guys.


001 being a 1 is ironic


~~Amy, Monica is so annoying (<3)~~ Hermione is on the list. Hermione!


McGonagal is such a 1. I like Henry, too.


Who's Henry?




Angela from The Office is peak patron saint judgey One and I LOVE HER


Elizabeth from the Crown would be a 6 in my opinion. Over different situations we saw her chose safety and reliability over the "right" choice. 1s could never shy away from giving their opinion, something 6s can easily do.


Elizabeth is totally a 1. Second actress is a 6 though. She's never chose safety and reliability. She chose abstention because, in the context of the english monarchy, this is the RIGHT thing to do. If you didn't get this, you didn't get the show or the queen. They hammer it, repeat it during the whole 1st and 2nd season I think.


That's 1w9 vs 1w2 I would say. Lol I'm surprised people are calling many of these 6s, even someone like Hermione Granger or EIIR who I thought was famously a 1. I think in case of the Queen, there are many ways to look at it. People type her as a 1 because of her "Duty above All" motto for life and her tendency to do the 'right' thing even when it causes havoc in personal life. Not to mention, her cold exterior as opposed to 6s who are friendly and warm. But I can also see why you say she could be a 6.


Queen Elizabeth II is 9w1.


I work at a family bussiness, and an aunt of mine was my direct supervisor and a 6. I'm a 4, and there was some friction between us at the beginning about senseless rules, unreasonable quality quotas and stuff like that. I think my rebellious 4ness clashed with her standards as well. I watched the Crown and everything made sense: my aunt was so uptight because of *fear* , just like Elizabeth. I began working this angle, making sure her fears and security checks were addressed, we improved our work and family relationships. Who was a 1 was Elizabeth's granny, Mary of Teck. Her quick, dry, stern and resolute nature was pure 1ness. Like the scene explaining her maid about the proper way to call the royal women (queen widow, queen mother and *the* Queen).


Haha that is a shrewd observation about Queen Mary. I can see that being true. As for Claire Foy's queen, I still relate to her and as you mentioned, her fear, maybe because I am self preservation type I admire her virtue of coming off as "unflinching" and taciturn. I think there were a few scenes where I knew for sure she was a 1. > "There is no possibility of my forgiving you. The question is: how on earth can you forgive yourself?" > I am aware that I am surrounded by people who feel that they could do the job better, strong people with powerful characters, but for better or worse, the crown has landed on my head. She feels very strongly about morals and she's not afraid to stand for them in her personal life. This is also projected when she rejects the idea of Margaret's marriage to Peter Townsend. Or perhaps her insistence on absolute truth: > I took an oath to govern the people of my realm, how can I do that if my ministers hide the truth from me? >“Look, I’m strong. You know that. And I can cope with the truth. I just demand to know the truth. It’s when people don’t tell me the truth that I can’t bear it.” I think there's this stereotype of 1s being somewhat stern which I think is not always the case, especially for wing 9s who don't feel that strongly about agressively pursuing their interests. But you can see in Claire Foy's Queen that her dedication to her Duty is absolute, that's pretty strong 1 attribute. Although my perspective may be blinded based on the 6s I know, who come off more emotional and people pleasing.


Don’t throw 6’s under the bus to type a 1. Yeah, we are fundamentally nothing like 1’s, but we’re not drooling idiots out to people-please and smile at everyone either. Ew. Agreed on QE2 being a 1w9, with that said.


Queen E 2 is 100% a 6


Guess I don’t watch enough TV. Only recognize a couple of people


A damn good collection for sure


I've heard people saying that El Profesor is a social six :) I love how Stefan Salvatore is a 1.


Yes Stefan is very conspicuously 1, I thoroughly enjoy him until they decided to sacrifice him for entertainment.


Yeah yeah, he probably is, I was just mentioning it casually hoping somebody would give their 2 cents on this, because it seems possible imo I didn't watch TVD until the end so I can't even tell lol.


>I didn't watch TVD until the end so I can't even tell lol. Don't even bother hahaha. It really went downhill.


There are a few other sneaky 6s here, imo. Amy Santiago is definitely a 6 (easy to compare with Captain Holt, a 1), and I really think Hermione is, too.


Now that you point it out, I can actually see Amy being either a 1, 3 or a 6. Because characters aren't real people and are changed according to the writers' convenience, it is difficult to type fictional people because they don't fall strictly under one category. Hermione, I would have to disagree, I see a lot of myself in her, especially "annoying first bencher student" which I have been until college.


I agree Amy is a 6 but I do think Hermione is 1


Maybe the temptation is to put Hermione as a head type, she herself downplays her ability by saying she's just highly logical and able to compare details very quickly - and I don't remember her talking much about her motives. But I think she's a 1; most of what she does results in being alienated by her peers and she never seems bothered enough by it to consider conforming.


I think we only have to look at SPEW to confirm Hermione’s 1-ness lmao


(I agree with your take on Hermione, and offer props for going against "common wisdom" on a popular, usually unquestioned character typing.)


Darcy from the 2005 version is the worst adapted character from a beloved book I've seen *ever*


Great thread! Do you intend on posting more on this? Like the many colours of type X? I'd be very interested in people sharing their favourite fictional characters of each type, so it would be great! It's a great way to see several sides of a type and how it reflects in other types liking one side and disliking another. Could even add a "and who are your most hated", to emphasize the duality.


Turns out I really dislike 1s


How have we wronged you haha?


Queen Elizabeth II is Type 9w1.


This is about the crown's representation of the Queen.