Don't feel like I belong.

Don't feel like I belong.


Isn’t that how ever in this sub feels like, try to make friends with people in your class, I’m also in my 1st semester. Plus people learn differently, you might be confused now, and be too 10% of your class later, just try your best


I hate how college does this your first almost 2 years is mostly bullshit if we're being honest. You do need some background from math and physics but I never used 90% of it because that was the hardware of doing it. I did the same thing no gap year and I even took classes through my local community college between graduation high school and starting at a 4 year. I had the same thought about not being cut out for it. By second semester you learn a lot about how to handle things, how to study, etc. Something else to realize is that knowing math and whatever else you'll be doing for the next year and having an intuitive mind for design and engineering are different. The best engineers I know start math, say fuck this and tell someone else to do the math to prove something while they start doing whatever they're working on because they know it will work. I hated all my first and mostly second year classes and preformed poorly compared to others. However when it came to junior and senior year electronics classes I blew people out of the water on designing circuits for labs and projects because it clicked with me and I love doing that.


Hey, it's a completely normal feeling! Please don't forget that all of us are struggling with everything, even the ones with good grades. In some places the students are super competitive and they try not to show themselves as struggling students. It's also pretty common that the people with more experience (second carrier or had a job before studying) loooove to show their knowledge and experience and we the normal students hear that and feel like shit because we don't know shit. As I started I felt completely lost (I speak Spanish and study in Germany) and I thought that I was really dumb, because I heard other students that knew a lot more than I. As I started to talk with others normal students they all knew sometimes even less than I, and then I understood that everyone is suffering with math and with some of the more theoretical parts of the semester, it wasn't only me. I know that it's pretty difficult to feel better with the "everyone is as fucked up as me", but I only try to say that it's normal to feel lost, it's how this degrees are. It gets slightly better


Totally normal, when I finished school I went straight to university, no gap year, no nothing. First semester and I was shitting bricks, I wasn't prepare for that, y manage to pass in 3.1. On second semester i failed 3 subjects and here I am, still grinding. I went to university at 16 years old, and I had to stop for money and family problems. Also I pay for my education so is hard to work and study at same time. I'm not even close to graduate, god damn I don't even know when I will be able to. But hey, in the end it will be worth. I'm a electronic engineering student and work as a electronic technician, when a device is on my workbench is because no one in the city could fix it. It doesn't matter if is a prestigious discipline or not, it's on you to make it important. Pull yourself together, do what you have to do and face that shit head on. You aren't less than anyone. Good luck.


Listen, I am a junior in aerospace and I HATED my first semester at college. Even now i really don't enjoy the classes I am doing, and like you said, I am performing below other students. Make friends in classes; just sit next to people before class and start a conversation! If you are a first year a lot of people are probably having the same feelings you are. You got this!


I relate, I’m the only female in my major so I think so far a lot of the males are scared to talk to me or something. So I’ve been pretty alone this whole time while they are making their whole clicks and what not. Some of them experienced talking about the robots they are just casually building. Meanwhile I’m struggling to understand how the polarities are changing when you plug in all the voltages using Kirchhoff’s law. In short, it’s really fucking shitty.


Embrace it, you're probably bottom of the class. Only you can change this.