Feeling old and stupid.

Feeling old and stupid.


3rd year civ eng at 41. I've found a handful of youngsters who are solid, reliable, ethical workers, and a whole bunch who I pray never design a bridge that I have to use.


I went at 25, soon realised the baby geniuses are just as capable of helping me with my homework!


I graduated highschool with a 1.8 cumulative GPA. I really wanted to do engineering and my parents laughed at the idea. My mom told me she would take me and my brother to a tour of the engineering department of the school I wanted to go after I did 2 years of community college. I go and and the guide asks if we were nothing looking to pursue engineering. My mom sorta laughs and said, “no, just the younger one. He’s a senior in highschool”. I was crushed all over again. I rebelled and just worked random jobs till I was 30 and I was finally over customer service and being made fun of for not knowing what a square root is. So I took 6 classes of math to get to calc 1. Failed that 2 times because I thought I didn’t belong. Finally clicked and and transferred to the school I toured. I really battled with the help of some new found friends and finished this may. I still can’t believe it. I cry almost every time I think about it.


Fuck ya


2nd year, 31. Aerospace Engineering. Math is the struggle..just keep swimming. We'll get there.


32, aerospace. They're kids just like you were once. Patience


I remember being one of them and that kid needed a solid asswhooping lol


I have a study group of 4 and were all about 30


I just recently graduated at 35, after going back at 27. Luckily my state school I went to seemed to have quite a few older engineering students, but there were still the geniuses and morons. Hopefully you have some life experience in dealing with either! Good luck on your journey, keep your head up and keep grinding


Sadly most of my life experience is dealing with the latter.


Thanks everyone! It's nice to know I'm not alone.


I'm 33 now, and finishing up my my final year. Will be 34ish when I graduate with my Masters. It's mostly fine, but I just feel incredibly old and late to the game compared to the young ones, and when I think they'll be graduating at 22/23 and by the time they get to my age they'll have had over a decade of engineering salaries saved up. Meanwhile, I emptied all of my funds to pay to go back to school.


In similar boat here, but with bachelor's. Just have to remember whatever monies we spend now, we will earn back, and then some. I figure 30 years of working, and retiring in early 60's should still be well within sight, so I don't lose sleep over it. I'm just glad I was a prudent saver in my 20's, otherwise, I'd be in school for 8+ years taking 1-2 classes per semester, instead of being in the path of graduating in 3 years.


I’m 38 and in my senior year. Can confirm baby geniuses or morons.


Late to the post. 34 here 2nd year civil Engineering. I have not met one “older” student in my classes. However, baby geniuses are more amused and impressed by me they all want to be in my study group hahaha


I am 33 and in my final semester at my local community college. I plan to go to a 4 year next semester. I find most of my classmates to be either super smart or struggling/ complaining. I find myself to be somewhere in the middle. I spend more time studying and trying to understand the material than other students and I think it's because of age. I let my classmates know that I've made discord groups for my classes and it seems the smarter students take advantage of that. It's all about how you want to your experience to be. I don't feel judged for being older but it's readily apparent. Some of these kids call me their friends and I kinda get a kick out of that. I keep up with the memes.


Going into my second year (i'm 32) and its the best decision ive ever made


31 2nd year materials engineering, I also feel so stupid, my background is in chemistry so I have the physics and stuff down but it’s the meticulous mathematical bullshit that keeps bringing me down sometimes. It also takes me longer to study and I often find I spend night after night going to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning after studying. You’ll do well fear not.


I went back at 25. Graduating at 28.. Almost 29.


I've had pretty similar experiences at 33. The worst thing for me is how much harder burnout hits than it did 10 years ago. In my 20's, I could grind through *so much* misery, but now my brain is just like "No, we're not doing that dude." Plus I can't begin to express how much I hate that online platforms like Blackboard Learn allow instructors to make shit due on weekends and holidays. Which they do. Often.


I am in 2nd year MechE and I am 37. If I can finish by the time I'm 40ish, I can still spend 20 years in a career I'll love versus a decent paying job I despise and crushes my soul everyday (IT) It's not easy, but as old as I am, I know that all the best things in life aren't easy to come by. Stick with it, and DON'T let haters get you down.


Software Engineering at 31. Just remember they haven’t experience quite as much of life as us. Take it with a grain of salt. The young kids will stress out over things we find trivial.


25F junior, gonna graduate at 27. I don't think my class can even drink yet


I just started my first year and I'm 29. Better late than never buddy keep your head down you'll be alright


I went back at 25 and had the same feeling.


You just perfectly described my only two modes during college.


I'm personally 22 4th year of college and I have a good friend who is in his 50s who just joined for fun after retiring from service. We just consider him another student, and only occasionally crack the old person joke lol.


Can relate. 4th year now, Mech eng, 35 yo. Steadily running out of energy!


Don’t sweat it. I’m 44 and almost done with my MS in Analytics.


31 and yes. A few baby geniuses, a bunch of morons, a few in between. And it's a bit of a struggle. Actually just math.


I feel like that's a pretty good way to sum up my experience with community college so far. I'm 31 and just finishing my last courses before transfer this quarter. Definitely starting to feel old and disconnected from the other students. The baby geniuses and complete morons thing is pretty spot on as well, but I think that has a lot to do with it being a community college. There are lot's of motivated and talented students, and there are those that need to get their shit together and really commit to their studies. I don't mind working with the younguns for the most part, but I do not like working with kids. Last quarter I was stuck with a 15 year old in the Running Start program. All he wanted to do was play Genshin Impact and annoy the shit out of me during lab session.


Just @ me next time OP. Started again this year, 30. The problem is we probably know we'll never use a heap of the stuff so we don't have the enthusiasm. Plus usual life shit. At least when you're young you're maybe interested in the topic or naive enough to have the drive