LPT: Don't throw away your notes after a semester/graduation!

LPT: Don't throw away your notes after a semester/graduation!


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Wish I took it while I was still in school tbh.


No kidding, haven't touched some topics in 5 years.


This last year of online school I made the switch to digital (surface pro). I can't imagine going back to paper to be honest.


Same, I switched a year ago and would hate to go back. The benefits are extremely convenient.


yeah those notes came in handy when it turned out I failed one of my classes and had to repeat *facepalm*


Bold of you to assume I took notes


Note to anyone reading this, always digitize your notes, and save all resources like videos, ppt slides, etc. I scanned all of my notes during the years I was doing pen and paper, and after that had switched to typing notes. It is invaluable because these are the same notes that are easiest to parse and remember from later, since your brain already has this information, in this format, in this context, deep down. Re-learning shit from online resources is only second to reviewing notes/material you had already learned from. Credibility: 3.98 GPA, 4 years in industry. I still use my damn college notes.


Rekt. Never discard notes. Use it as an excuse to make good notes as a student