What’s with 2000s Emo’s listening to Post-Grunge?

What’s with 2000s Emo’s listening to Post-Grunge?


Much more limited access to music at the time compared to today, especially if you were a kid. The only radio station near me that played any sort of pop punk/radio emo that I wanted to listen to also played all of those bands very frequently. Same story with MTV's alternative rock music video block.


I mean, it's a pretty simple answer. A lot of the subject matter in these songs are pretty emo adjacent. These vocalists are troubled. Staind first album deals with some heavy shit, Adam Gontier from og TDG has some very emo-y lyrics. It's not like they're completely different, and I think the key is that it's all MTV/Kerrang music. It's all part of that 2000's alternative scene. Everyone from that era just gets labelled as emo because that was the main thing then.


Those bands got a lot of play on Fuse and MTV 2 when I was growing up and so if I wanted to hear MCR, TBS, etc. I had to sit through a lot of that music too


Maybe because some of those bands actually are good like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace at least the old stuff


True. Linkin park, three days grace, breaking Benjamin were big back then and I'd still listen to them than most of the popular music today.


I didn't just listen to 1 specific genre as a teenager. I was (and still am) a big Evanescence fan. Since I'm Dutch that type of music was actually quite popular here at the time (Within Temptation, Epica, Delain are some big names that are all from the Netherlands). And Evanescence was close with Seether (even collabing on a song). And if you liked that kind of music you had places like limewire and emule to download similar stuff from (and a buttload of viruses). I guess being Dutch also meant that I didn't really get into a lot of emo music until a bit later (since the internet wasn't as advanced as). Plus Brand New just wasn't well known here at all. We did get MCR, but I guess MCR was big everywhere.