>Twitter might have had a reputation as a left-leaning workforce, but there had always been a faction that disapproved of its progressive ideals. On Slack, some of these workers had formed a channel called #i-dissent, where they asked questions like why deadnaming a trans colleague was considered “bad.” When Musk announced he was buying the company, one of the more active i-­dissenters was thrilled. “Elon’s my new boss and I’m stoked!” he wrote on Linked­In. “I decided to send him a slack message. I figured you miss 100% of the shots you don’t make 😅 🚀 🌕”. This employee was cut during the first round of layoffs. Soon, all the prominent members of the #i-dissent Slack channel would be gone. this would make a great LeopardsAteMyFace content. lol


That's actually quite hilarious. He wasn't keeping around for their politics even if he does enjoy trolling he was pretty much determined to only keep a small group around.


He was cost cutting to try and salvage the $44 billion he'd thrown away. He saddled Twitter with so much debt that it swamped its profit margin. He tried chasing new revenue sources because he hates ads, but lost much of his ad revenue because to the Twitter Blue debacle. After he let go his staff, he realized what they were doing and begged them to come back. He somehow thought that 75% of the staff didn't add any value to the company.


Does he hate ads? Or did he just lose so many advertisers that he couldn't bank on them? He recently tried to pitch embedded targeted ads in twitter feeds before being told outright that literally every platform *already does that*, including Twitter.


I read that he thinks ads are a waste of money, which is why Tesla doesn't advertise. He thinks social media shouldn't be so reliant on ads, but he doesn't really have an alternative revenue source.


I would chalk that up to him not realizing that his entire brand is based on his outlandish claims that traditional companies can't rely on, especially since he's been covert panicking as advertising fled. I don't for a second buy that he wouldn't be advertising constantly if it paid off for his companies. The day his absurdist hot takes stop gathering media attention, he'll be demanding discounts from Sid Lee and Taxi.


His entire brand was built on people that wanted an evolution in EVs hence why so many come to California, then he shat on the state, then his brand was based on the outrageous stock price of Tesla and how it made millionaires, then he sold off the stock to pay for Twitter. Add that along with slow movements with SpaceX, Boring and Starlink and people may just be less enchanted especially with how he claims to love free speech, but openly blocked reporters from actually reporting the news.


We'll, he bought that brand. His actual brand is grandstanding.




Ahem, you missed the part where after taking advantage of intellectual, monetary and progressive wealthy consumers to virally tilt up the Tesla brand, he sold "everything" and moved himself and Tesla to Texas to avoid taxes that he should have pitched into California like everybody else. Don't let him fool you...


True. Also enjoyed his Covid hissy fits.


He wants to do what WeChat does and make twitter a digital wallet


If he was smart he would have kept the advertisers while working on alternative revenue streams. He also could have giving away a Tesla every 30 minutes for over a year and not even blow through a billion in a publicity stunt to draw in new users. But he also could have not waived due diligence or grossly over paid for the company, or even just hired away the top programmers to make a new Twitter for a couple billion (just have massive bonuses when they reach user thresholds, and the programmer would deliver, don’t copy Meta) All twitter did was highlight how absolutely clueless musk is about how to run a company, how the world works and made a lot of people question his basic understanding of math.


> If he was smart he wouldn't have overpaid for Twitter in the first place.


I got the idea he wants it to be a media hub where you can do everything, but that seems like a mistake. Do one thing perfectly then improve your product around that. people often lose money when they try to be everything to everyone.


AOL already tried that. Didn't Elmo know?


This sounds like Ryan in The Office trying to make a paper company ecom site a hub for social activity lol. As much $ as mucks has, he’s still an ass


He wants to make an 'everything' app Except this isn't China where the government picks the winner And there are anti-trust laws here


From the article: > What about his plan to turn Twitter from a mere social network into a super-app? “You’re not getting it, you’re not understanding,” he said, sounding frustrated. “I just used WeChat as an example. We can’t freakin’ clone WeChat; that would be absurd.” Musk doesn’t know what he wants in terms of an actual, coherent strategy.


He wants the audience to be the product, but Twitter doesn't' really offer anything I'd want to pay for and a blue check mark isn't it considering every tom dick and nancy can have one now.


>He wants the audience to be the product Back to front, The audience were the product, advertisers were the customers, Musk never has understood that's how social media works and tried to make the audience the customers and make advertisers...well not sure what he wanted them to be, don't think even he knows


I get Tesla ads on here so they do


I mean, what *is* there? The web is structured on freedom of information. As soon as any of it goes behind a paywall, that information gets disseminated somewhere else and revenue for the site plummets.


I am sure eventually Twitter will turn into a Cambridge Analytica like company. He owns the platform and data.


Hahahaha he did lose advertisers, but he also hates ads. The thing is the ad product was never good, but a bunch of advertisers took off when their content showed up next to antisemitic content.


I think it's more a case of he can't control ads - advertising follows the cash and trends vs what he wants. Like how he supports free speach- aa long as it agrees with him.


When you buy a tech company ALL you get is a staff in place, some code, and a reputation/name. This dumb bitch destroyed all three in the first week.


Why does he think that Twitter had all those employees? That they just liked spending money on workers for no reason? If there was that much fat to cut Twitter would have done it a hundred times already five years ago.


Because Musk is a narcissist and thinks he knows better than everyone else. He created a financial crisis for the company with all the debt he brought in to buy them, so he's desperate for cash. Instead of taking a slow and steady approach to reorganization, he wanted to make a big splash and slash the payroll by 75%. He had no idea what he lost when they walked out the door for the last time.


And this guy is supposed to be some kind of business genius?


So he tells us.


> He tried chasing new revenue sources because he hates ads, but lost much of his ad revenue because to the Twitter Blue debacle. Now he's banned 3rd party tokens in plenty of apps because they bypassed adverts, and showed posts chronologically. Of course now people are just downloading ReVanced, and patching the official Twitter app to show posts chronologically and hide ads 😂


>He somehow thought that 75% of the staff didn't add any value to the company. This is your average C-level and why companies lay off employees periodically. They think work is easy beacuse c level work is stupid easy. We have seen example after example of c level people putting their gym time, meditation time etc etc as work time and they think EVERYONE is like this. So they think they can cut 75% of the work force and be just fine because well they dont work 75% of the day anyway.


Musk thinks tweeting all day counts as work.


the hilarious part is, Elon Musk also need to pay the legal bills for twitter suing him. They are literally using his money to sue him.


He only kept the people who couldn't leave because they're visa workers. You can imagine he's taking all the advantage of them. Probably actually treating them like cattle.


Like children working in an apartheid emerald mine.


> This employee was cut during the first round of layoffs. That employee: 🙃 eLoN iS tOo wOkE 🙃


Fascists don’t like upstarts, go figure.


right-wingers I worked with were not good at tech. Tech is all about progress and cons don’t like change. They usually think people are discriminating against them but they are just not good at tech.


This tracks for the most part. Except some genuinely evil smart techbros the fact that you’re conservative suggests you’re not really good at tech in a fundamental way.


And yet there is a strong stereotype that people who tell you they have STEM backgrounds also tell you women are not equal to men and people need to chill with all the alphabet people and canceling, because "science."


Same deal with art and academics. They act like those are liberal dominated fields because they are oppressed when in reality conservative minded people generally don’t have talent *or* passion for those fields.


There's a reason all conservative artists either make propaganda or paint ducks.


Would? It is lol


Lol that brought a smile to my face, fuck those clowns, fuck Elon too but glad those people got canned.


And bottom line is that he only cares about himself. Everything he does is through the lens of how it will impact Elon. Part of being a grown-up is thinking about how your actions impact others and how that might end up impacting your life. He's had so much money and so many enablers that he's been gobsmacked by the blowback. You can see it in his thin-skinned reactions. He doesn't even seem to care all that much about his companies. He could have done what he did at Twitter quietly and over a slightly longer timeframe, which would have likely worked out better.


Elon Musk saw this in one of the slack channels https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/031/634/guy-fired-over-meme-job-work-post-facebook-cody-hidalgo-fb.png And he replied to it with a giant wall of text basically saying that he's 44 billion dollars in debt, made a bunch of sacrifices, and the employees are the ones making money. But that's not all. Elon Musk now has been going into bathrooms now and if he see's someone sitting in on the stalls, he pops his head over to talk to them about their projects in order to make sure they aren't pooping longer than necessary and stealing company time. The meme seems to really gotten under his skin.


Common musk fan L


It's always nice seeing scabs and bootlickers get theirs.


I don’t think these people were scabs. They were employed at Twitter before Elon was in the picture.


The instant karma and schadenfreude are delicious


Non conformists must go. Very clear message


Hahahahahahaha love this


That was worth the read. I wonder how long twitter will work?


I expect Twitter to file for bankruptcy any day now, just to avoid paying back his Saudi loans. 1.4 billion per month just on the interest! Friggin genius numbskull maneuver by Elmo. I fully expect him to sell more Tesla stock to try to pay for this...like a billionaire version of using a credit card to pay off another credit card to pay off another credit card.


I doubt the Saudis will accept bankruptcy as an excuse to steal their money.


I don’t think the Saudi’s loaned him anything, I think they want the platform shit down & that’s what they paid for.




there is a point though that communication only works because people use a single platform. if you shatter it into a hundred different platforms, then that communication becomes less effective. you can kind of get around this by forming special interest platforms that can assist communication in only the areas where it's needed at much smaller scale. The issue with this though is that it's much easier to isolate and contain the smaller platforms. this is actually exactly what happened with a lot of the 4chan exoduses. they shattered once, twice, three times, and then now they are scattered to the wind. it's just this time instead of shattering and isolating Nazis and other groups, it's being used to shatter pro-democracy groups.


Shit down is the right term


Lol, I left that typo on purpose


There were Saudi investors. And Emerald Boy shut down Saudi dissent on Twitter. Do a search. Both article’s on line. Apartheid Elon will file for bankruptcy. Preplanned. See right through these planet killers. Twitter, was a good app to speak to world leaders and politicians. Elite don’t want that. Afraid that someone might upset their plans. Destroying Twitter the only alternative. That’s my opinion.


Bankruptcy might just get it sold to someone else and then the saudis really did get nothing they wanted.


Idk if that Elmo was a typo but it’s funny as hell


I think that’s the plan: buy Twitter, run it to the ground, file for bankruptcy and close the service down. Saudis give fuck all about the money, they just wanted Twitter gone. Musk is just dumb enough to go along with their plan because “he’s contributing”, plus he wanted that jet tracker gone.


So basically do “A Trump.”


But if that's true, why did he try to get out of it?


Yeah, I doubt it was some master plan to dump his debt. When are people going to stop assigning some 4D intelligence to billionaires and realize they might actually just be fucking morons who lucked into their money by being born into the right situation, then being in the right place at the right time through no intelligent designs of their own?


Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice, true.


I agree. Despite all his protests of being a workaholic, Musk screws around a lot and is undisciplined in a variety of ways.


He’s an idiot


I dont think it'll get shut down. Some bank is going to twitter as an asset in the bankruptcy I would imagine, and has an interest in keeping it up to sell it off.


It's not $1.4 billion monthly. For whatever reason, the first payment due is $1.5 billion, but the regular payments after that (can't find it they're monthly or quarterly) will be smaller, not that that helps much if they have $0 in the bank.


Yeah I'm fairly sure it's 1B-ish yearly in debt service. Also, he'll get a restructuring long before they force the company into bankruptcy. Better to keep Elon happy and hope their investment recovers than take a >50% haircut and try to sell off the corpse.


Don't forget he still has SpaceX and Starlink IPOs where he'll make another $100 billion. Unfortunately, he'll be fine.


True, but I think Starlink has a good probability of ending up like Solar City and SpaceX still relies on government contracts to exist.


Starlink has proven to be very useful in Ukraine, so the US government will pay all their bills until someone comes up with a better way to provide global communication during war.


That sounds like a rewording of Starlink depends on government defense contracts to exist.


>just to avoid paying back his Saudi loans They are not "saudi loans", loans were from various banks. Saudis are shareholders (ie no interest payments), twitter goes under they will basicly lose the investment while banks will claw back good portion https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2022/10/28/how-elon-musk-financed-his-twitter-takeover


I have this theory that when Elon realized he was being forced to honor his agreement to purchase Twitter he hatched a plan: consolidate all of his debt (Twitter, Space X, The Boring Company, etc) under the umbrella of Twitter, Inc and then tank the company into bankruptcy. Not sure I'm wrong.


>Not sure I'm wrong. You are in fact very wrong. He had to put his Tesla shares as collateral for the loan, so put more debt on the company and TSLA stock. As a result, the stock plummeted.


Ah yes, the Hollywood Shuffle approach made famous by Robert Townsend.


Saudis didn’t give him a loan, they are a coinvestor (because their freaking morons)


Ah, I thought they loaned it to him, but if they just invested with full risk, they got fooled by the snake oil salesman. Elmo approaching dangerous territory fucking over other wealthy men.


The vestiges of the 1980s and 1990s still exist, Verizon owns AOL and Yahoo. Microsoft still runs HotMail.


They didn't fire within one month everyone who built them.


i mean they've already started auctioning off corporate assets, sooooo hopefully pretty soon


As someone who also wrote C code in the 90s, it's hilarious how much better I am at engineering today than I was then. That Musk uses this quip to demonstrate that he's "technical" is nothing short of pathetic.


I just want to walk up to him; shake his hand and say. "Hello I have also taken a college level C code course."


Elon never took any coding courses in college tho lmao. Seriously a kid writing hello world in basic has more coding skills than Elon does lol. That Twitter space where real engineers tried to get him to explain a basic concept, and he couldn't, is all the proof needed. He got flustered and called them rude and whined that they set him up lmfao.


I was about to ask you if you have a link to that Twitter space where he gets embarrassed, but then I remembered how to Google. There’s a 2 minute recording embedded in the article [here](https://nypost.com/2022/12/22/elon-musk-loses-cool-with-ex-twitter-employee-during-spaces-chat/) for anyone who’s (relatively) lazy.


> then I remembered how to Google. That's it, you need to turn in your redditor card, bucko! ;-)


Haha that was a thing of beauty! Elmo got so flustered, you could hear his sputters lol 😂😂😂😂


Yep! 🤣 He was so angry too right before he left lmao. I feel bad for whoever he went to scream at after he left the Twitter space. You *knooooow* someone got hit with all that anger, probably one of the last 15 engineers they have left lmao. Probably screamed at him to explain what those super mean people were talking about, so be could go back and school them, but he's too stupid to understand anything in detail, so he just went back to tweeting angrily lol


Nice subtle jab from the moderator there, with the "MySpace" references.


I took C++ Elon, I'm way more talented then the C coders. Two pluses more talented.


> I took C++ The two pluses mean I'm double plus good at coding :D Hire me!


I understood dereference. I'll show myself out.


I took C# so I am two pluses on top of two pluses more talented than you.


Everything Musk coded for X.com had to be rewritten by a real engineer because he writes spaghetti code according to his biography.


Yeah they had to bring in a team of engineers to redo everything. They didn't save a single piece of his code. He was so butthurt about it he forced them all to work hardcore long hours and shit. Just like he's doing at Twitter now. He's just an awful human being in every conceivable way.


I also wrote some C in the 90s. Every line of code I wrote in that decade was total garbage, no matter the language.


As long as you have enough lines of code, doesn't matter if it was garbage.




Don't forget LOGO!


Musk spits on your high level, modern programming languages. He could re-write Twitter in C in a week if he wanted to /s


What's wrong with assembly?


Binary or go home, poser.




Please note that the other reply is a joke, your comment was not removed. Well, TECHNICALLY I had to remove it for that to post, but I immediately re-approved it. Look, I don't have many mod jokes, okay? Y'all just have to deal with the few I have. :)


I made very nice Angelfire pages back then. Does that count?


My knowledge of networks and operating systems might be higher because of my coding experience back then, but that's probably it. Things turn over quickly in tech.


Shit, I taught myself the basics of C just so I could program Lemur (a MIDI controller). I don’t consider myself a particularly technical person.


Oh snap! Lemur! Loved that thing. Used it myself in the mid-2000s to run light shows.


Well, it was released as an iOS app years ago, sadly it looks like it’s been pulled. I still have it on my iPad, however I almost never use it anymore. I found I was spending all my time making cool looking controllers with lots of complicated interactions between different components rather than you know, making music. But hey, I learned some C! Super cool software, love the idea, it just didn’t fit into my workflow the way I’d hoped it would.


I saw Titanic 3 times in the theater in the 90's. So I know where this Twitter thing is headed.


Outside of Elon being a completely incompetent moron, this article shows that a surprising amount of Twitter employees are also gullible idiots. > “Elon’s my new boss and I’m stoked!” he wrote on Linked­In. “I decided to send him a slack message. I figured you miss 100% of the shots you don’t make 😅 🚀 🌕” > This employee was cut during the first round of layoffs. This is fucking hilarious. As well as all the "oh I talked to him and he really seems to believe in XYZ cause". These people wouldn't win a game of Werewolf with reads that poor.


Did they really think their loyalty would keep them safe? Are they new to the corporate world?


They probably legitimately thought loyalty would keep them safe because they believe in the conservative view of work. The belief that hard work and loyalty will be rewarded. They saw Elon as some savior who would turn the ship that is Twitter away from the rocks and towards the open sea of proper values. In reality, Elon is a bad businessman who has bought his way into being seen as some tech genius. Though even if he was some miraculous old timey businessman, that wouldn't change anything except such a person wouldn't have bought Twitter in the first place.


This explains why conservatives get mad at liberals, we know they wont' reward loyalty. Everyone for themselves. That's why I still laugh when I think about one of my bosses chiding me about loyalty...like girl this is one of the largest least respected places work in the world and you want loyalty? I laughed then left and started a new job a few weeks later after she lowkey threatened me about working in this city again.


>That's why I still laugh when I think about one of my bosses chiding me about loyalty One of my buddies was just telling me his employer is letting him go at the end of February. But they expect him to show up to work and give 100% until his final day and he is expected to get new hires excited about working for the company. Pretty told me he's showing up and put in the bare minimum until he clock out the last of his sick/vaca time. Fucking horseshit to expect your employees to be loyal to a company when those same companies never show any amount of loyalty to their employees.


Those types of bosses have such a small amount of power and yet they're constantly tripping over it.


These same type of people stormed the capitol thinking Trump would totally have their backs. The wealthy don’t care about anybody but themselves.


Some people think that if they are fans of billionaires, the billionaires will reciprocate. They are always wrong. See: MAGA hats


How a single working person supports Trump is something I will never understand.


Religion brainwashed them


Faux News helps a lot


That's the thing about worshipping billionares, or anyone else. These people are stupid enough to believe their worship will have some recroprocating value. Guys like musk, hard core narcissists, can't even see their own children as people. They are so hyper focused on believing they are the center fo the universe that they can't see anything. YOur worship is just a tool they employ to meet their narcissistic needs...


Fuckin idiots man, fuck Elon but glad those idiots was canned.


A lot of that sounded like wishful thinking. The previous CEO was pretty hated in the company. Trading the devil you know for the devil you don't know can be temporarily exciting.


ITS A BIG CLUB! And you ain’t in it!


Whether you take the shot or not, you still miss 100% of the ones you don’t make.


But you're an idiot if you blow your limited number of shots by not being able to read the room. Nothing in the article was news, other than Elon pulling his known shenanigans on new people.


>The move thrilled employees like Simon… who owned a ­portrait of himself dressed as a 19th-century French general… I think I found the painting: https://preview.redd.it/a6qq0aua5pca1.jpeg?width=3540&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b67d9bf5bca846c1f4972ac2b7ae2fa8c9c68938


“Cool.” -John Oliver


Idiot. Whoever painted this has him holding a horse with a modern halter, racing saddle, and number cloth. What a maroon.


Whoosh? Honestly can’t tell.


As another programmer that owns a portrait of myself dressed as a 19th century Russian general… is this the software engineering equivalent of a wooden “live, laugh, love” sign? Am I… basic?


His hand is so tiny lol 😂


Pie o My ❤️


Narcissists are their own worst enemies.


Which would be totally fine if the only people narcissists hurt were themselves, but alas.


Most narcissists repel people so they don't get anywhere in life. That's why Trump and Musk are such anomalies. They make me sick, but for some reason, they have large fan bases.


Being born into a wealthy family is Easy Mode.


> Narcissists are their own worst enemies Well of course they are, nobody else would be good enough to meet their own standards of self-hatred.


What a sad tale. Also, fuck Elon Musk.


I had to mentally replace Elon Musk with Gavin Belson in my mind, and then it felt like a funny few episodes of Silicon Valley that I somehow missed.


Elon Musk saw this in one of the slack channels https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/031/634/guy-fired-over-meme-job-work-post-facebook-cody-hidalgo-fb.png And he replied to it with a giant wall of text basically saying that he's 44 billion dollars in debt, made a bunch of sacrifices, and the employees are the ones making money. But that's not all. Elon Musk now has been going into bathrooms now and if he see's someone sitting in on the stalls, he pops his head over to talk to them about their projects in order to make sure they aren't pooping longer than necessary and stealing company time. The meme seems to really gotten under his skin.




Yup, after Elon started doing it he bragged to mark zuckerburg about it, but then mark sent him this meme https://i.imgflip.com/77us2q.jpg context https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/10by1q2/who_could_the_puppet_master_be/j4esn6o/


After the unprofessional and cowardly destruction of the third-party Twitter client ecosystem last week, I had enough. Was an interesting 16 years. But I can't give the platform my time and energy any longer.


Twitter lists on Tweetbot were the only way I used twitter. Now every time I navigate to lists in the official app, where I left off in the list resets to the latest tweet. Absolutely maddening and I haven’t used twitter since.


what happened?


Without warning all popular third-party apps, many of whom represented over a decade of loyal customer growth and investment were banned overnight. Not a single official acknowledgement by Twitter. Incredible behavior for any serious company.




Not all. Decent number still work for some reason. I used plume for almost 10 years. Just tried out "harpy"


This is, as far as I am aware, their excuse for a public acknowledgement, which is honestly worse than none at all IMO. https://twitter.com/TwitterDev/status/1615405842735714304


I think he’s addicted to confirmation bias. So much so, he bought a fucking social media company to reinforce his bias. How much real work is this guy getting done on a daily basis. He’s constantly on twitter shit posting and traveling.


Elon is proof that running a company isn't a full time job.


All the members of his cult too.


He basically bought twitter because he was getting dunked on and some loser told him it would be "epic" if he bought twitter to get back at them. He made a joke offer "for the lolz" but because he's an idiot it was accidentally legally binding


Dude's a billionaire, he doesn't do any actual work. He just makes things harder for the people who do, then takes all the credit.


I noticed a huge influx of right wing propaganda promoted on my twitter despite not interacting with anything politically inclined.


I quit Twitter when Elon took over. At first I had withdrawals pretty badly. Then after awhile Twitter became less and less relevant in my life. And after seeing the mess he created, I will never go back.


I left Twitter after Elon started posting Q bullshit. The whole time I've been reading this thread I've been thinking about how little I care about going back. I keep running across new dumb-shit things Elon has done in the news and it just reinforces my feelings. Best thing I can do is just ignore the asshole and his entire platform.


Same here. Was a prolific Twitter user, literally first thing I checked daily. First week was bad, still went to the mobile site. One day, I just never went back again, and boy is it nice. I noticed whenever I read Twitter, I would just get a sense of annoyance and anger, something the algorithm specifically designs for to get you to like, retweet, and comment. Twitter is literally a platform that monetizes anger and rage and virality.


I quit when the Trump poll happened, that decision has only been reinforced since then


It makes me happy that Luke Simon got fired tbh. What a little shit


>Luke Simon, a senior engineering director at Twitter, was ecstatic. “Elon Musk is a brilliant engineer and scientist, and he has a track record of having a Midas touch, when it comes to growing the companies he’s helped lead,” When was this ever true? I understand that before the Twitter fiasco most people weren't aware of how inept Musk is, but Midas touch? Dafuq? Engineer and scientist? Is this the same Elon musk that was kicked out of PayPal for basically fucking up everything he laid his hands on? The guy has never written a line of code in his life beyond a shitty yellow pages for the internet site that basically anyone with a week's experience writing HTML could build. He's not an engineer. And he sure as shit isn't a scientist. He brushes shoulders with scientists and engineers in an attempt to promote the idea that he's one of them but anyone over the age of five can see through his facade.


My favorite Musk-boy conversation ever went something like this (this was only like a week ago, and this guy was heavily invested in Tesla btw, and sold when he bought Twitter, so he's not a total idiot, but still). We're talking about Tesla founding... Him: "Whether Tesla was technically founded by Musk or not is immaterial to fact that he's a great tech visionary engineer." Me: "He is NOT an engineer. Has no engineering degree and his physics degree is a BA, not even a BS, that's in Econ. He's not a scientist. He depends on the lies about his background to grift investors. Stop repeating them." Him: A big rant about how he's like Edison. Me: "That's not my point: you called him an engineer. This is a lie he tells all the time. An engineer is a real thing. You can’t just claim to be one. He’s a grifter. Sorry." Him: "An engineer doesn't even need a degree. Train engineers don't." So, I guess he's a train engineer?? Which I am pretty certain requires some specific qualifications and a degree of some sort.


I would say Musk is a lot like Edison: a businessman who cosplayed as an engineer to sell the idea that he was a genius inventor. In reality he bought a lot of patents, built shittier versions of other people's ideas, abused and killed animals, and used his capital to change public opinion in his favor. Musk is like Edison, but not how that guy meant! Lol


It doesn't take half a brain to see that Musk is a fake. His failures are written all over the boring company and Tesla. The cars are hailed as technological marvels while having barely better quality control than a Russian manufacturer and the worst customer service in the industry. Musk's method of running a company did compel innovation for a while because so many engineers wanted to do anything to bring EV's to market en masses, but now that we are there and other companies are doing the same, the toxic environment he creates in the workforce is going to send people running to better opportunities. If Tesla is going to be around in 20 years, it will be because Musk steps aside pretty soon. If we are lucky, Twitter will die shortly, and our government will take notice and start the first investigating and trial of an individual needlessly tanking a company and causing financial harm to its employees. It's time we start making controlling investors beholden to the welfare of the employees when they pull this shit.


I don't get how people can't even be bothered to do the smallest amount of due diligence before raving about celebrity overlords like Musk. Like Trumpers, they continue to drag on in their failed camp even after having been shit on repeatedly by their dark savior. It's like watching evil take human form.


>So, I guess he's a train engineer?? Which I am pretty certain requires some specific qualifications and a degree of some sort. Actually they dont, but train "engineers" are basicly just bus drivers on tracks. They do have to get a licence though, same a bus drivers Something like rail systems engineer you will need undergraduate degree. Sometimes an engineering postgraduate degree, and possibly chartered status with a certain engineering bodys


>"An engineer doesn't even need a degree. Train engineers don't." Lol this genius learned everything in life from Thomas the Tank Engine. What a Diesel.


That was an amazinly well written piece. I chuckle when I read some dude was chearing about Melon taking over twitter and then getting fired almost instantly.


That "Elon net worth-o-meter" in the sidebar is brilliant. If it wasn't clear from the animation at the top of the article, whoever wrote this really loves taking the piss on Elon.


Yes! And they even updated the photo at the bottom of it.


I am so glad he got exposed. What a dysfunctional and cruel tool


Day he onboarded, I offboarded.


They never deactivated accounts apparently even after the 30 day wait period….


What a massive fucking knob.


I just feel bad for everyone trapped in there due to visa/health plan obligations. It sounds like an absolutely miserable experience. I'm also very surprised the people running the building haven't outright evicted them yet, or done drastic things like turn off the utilities. I once worked at an office where when moving from one office to another where there was a 2-week transition period of some sort. During that time, the owners of the original office building turned off the heat on us in the fall. We all had to run on portable heaters for that time until the office move finished. Seeing someone act as dickish as Musk seems to to everyone besides himself makes me astonished that the building owners haven't gone nuclear on him for flagrantly not paying rent.


So glad I didn't invest any time in the platform. Sounds like a dumpster fire


Was Elon Musk the inspiration for Gavin Belson?


Or Douglas Reynhold.


Will Elon pay? 1.5 Billion Dollars due. Next month. Elon going to file bankruptcy. Too bad Our politicians didn’t screw the Corporations, like they screwed us. If you file bankruptcy, you still have to pay a percentage back to your credit card lenders. Rich people don’t have to pay back a dime. Like Trump‘s tax breaks? Poor people, paying for the rich! 🔥 I must admit PT Barnum was right. There’s a sucker born every minute.


I read he is selling blue checks to Taliban members. Nice.


Is "extremely hardcore" a codeword for narcissistic boss who doesn't know how to run a business? I didn't know.


>Luke Simon, a senior engineering director at Twitter, was ecstatic. “Elon Musk is a brilliant engineer and scientist Absolutely what the fuck


The code printing debacle seems perfect for Elon’s genius.


That was a very good break down of what happened. What a disaster, cant wait to see hoe this boat sinks.


I'm starting to think Tesla is better off with Elon focusing on Twitter.


Great in-depth article!


Brilliant article


Elon - like the fabled emperor- has been parading around naked for quite sometime now. The glamour of his right-place-at-the-right-time early successes masked his hedonism, hubris. and narcissism, but it is now plain to see the sad trope that he is.