What are some Elite Dangerous accomplishments that you're proud of?

What are some Elite Dangerous accomplishments that you're proud of?


My proudest achievement must be when I found a system on the edge of the bubble with a population of around 1 million. I then proceeded to pick a faction within within system to call my own and then by myself got that faction to take over the system and take controll. I took part in elections, wars and odd jobs and after a couple years I have expanded the faction into two other systems. It's a shame I didn't have enough friends because after basically owning this minor faction I'd love for FDev to make it my own player faction.... Never gonna happen :(


You are an Elite Dangerous Grand Master of culture!


Haha! Cheers!


Okay I'm new and have a question.... is that like a haha role-playing or can you actually do that shit??


I actually did that shit. Lol. In all human occupied systems you'll have a group of different minor factions to choose missions from. Each mission/delivery/combat bonds/cartography data contributes to what happens in a system. If you're trying to impact things solo you will need to find a low populated system (preferably less than a million population) and you can find these by using the filters in the galaxy map. Once you have found a system with low pop... Head there and go onto the mission board and pick a faction you like (I chose one with low control over the system so I could do missions strictly for them and see their control % go up. When your chosen faction takes more control of the system you'll overtake other minor factions in the system and go to either war or election state with them for an opportunity to take their owned planetary bases/locations. There are more in depth tutorials on how the background simulations work though if you do some reddit/googling


Damnnnn okayyy. Fuck me now I gotta be a space miner and space politician lmao. Thanks.


I certainly gave the game some purpose and it was quite fun writing down the % of the system owned and seeing it go up :). When I am out exploring its nice to have a home to go back to. I'm just hoping odyssey allows me to meet some of the mission givers eventually.


Haha it’s relaxing in a way. Like gardening. Except sometimes you gotta massacre a bunch of innocent transports.


Haha! I have done my fair share of dirty work for them. After a wetwork job got me to murder innocent civilians I had to take a break from my faction and I went out the bubble for a few months before returning lol


You can actually do that shit. Your actions in-game affect the BGS, which in turn affects minor factions. I don't fully understand it well enough to explain it better, but you can absolutely do this sort of thing.


Yes you can actually do that. In high population systems it is pretty difficult for a single player to change influence much. In a small isolated system without much interference from other CMDR's it's entirely possible.


Hey, hit me up, Obiwanis if you are on PlayStation. I have been looking to really dive into the BGS of Elite by starting a faction. My gamer name on PS4 is Sidkinue.


Hey dude I am also on PS but I'm currently having a break from the game til odyssey comes out. I've spent 1000s of hours on it and I need some new content to bring me back! Find yourself a system with a low population using the filters on the galaxy map. Choose a faction within that system and just do whatever missions they offer which have rewards like REP+++ or INF+++ to see their influence go up and slowly take over.


You got dibs already when they finally add player built settlements!


Fingers crossed. I'm a console player so I'm excited to see what the planet in the system looks like in Odyssey.(Literally a single body system). Hopefully a PC CMDR hasn't already took first footfall!


Im curious, how do you help a faction grow like that? Do you just donate a bunch?


Do missions strictly for one minor faction and always accept the reward that states 'INF+' or 'INF+++' and so on. INF means Influence and will boost the influence of your chosen minor faction. If you're in the system of your chosen minor faction you can go into the right computer and find a tab called 'Status'. This will give you loads of info on the factions in the sysyem, their states, influence % and government types. If you're doing it solo like me you will need to find a system with a low population(My system had a pop of around a million). Each server tick that happens will update the influence %s of the factions in the system. Worth writing down your chosen faction and their Influence % and checking your progress with each server tick.




I completed the advanced combat training simulation before ever stepping foot in my first sidewinder. Mouse and keyboard, fa on.


Now that's an achievement


Thanks! I had no frame of reference when I did it, they should let ppl know that combat generally isn't quite so white-knuckled as all that. Someone later told me only a tiny % of players actually completed it.


Never trafficked in slaves.


*Technically*, neither have I. But if you want G5 life support for any reason, you'll do much worse than traffic slaves. I know I did :( You're a good person to think that way, compassion for an affliction that you do not share is a sign of nobility.


I'm curious what the requirement for grade 5 life support is now.


You have to hand over occupied escape pods to a rather unsavory engineer out in Colonia.


Why is he unsavory? And how do you even get occupied escape pods in Colonia? The best way i know how to is to Salvage Them from thathoid attacks at the plyades nebula however you spell it, but i dont know of any thargoid sites at Colonia


Triple elite with only 6 insurance claims (pve only) When fleet carriers were introduced to the game my credit balance was 75 billion, I did a Bill Gates and gave all but 20 billion of it away to squad mates and strangers. My alt account also sponsors DSSA Artemis Rest, a deep space support array carrier with enough credits to serve the exploration community for at least 7 years. oh, and I also put together a collection of useful information and infograms called the New CMDRs Welcome Pack, which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times.[https://imgur.com/gallery/i7KFV](https://imgur.com/gallery/i7KFV)


You are part of the real Council, those that rule ED from a position of strength, knowledge and power. Keep up the good work!


Wait. How on earth do you send people money?


Drop trading materials from your ship that another player can pick up for free and then sell (minus the cost of limpets). Invite players to join a wing mission to just gain the completion success reward. Sell materials from a carrier at a low price, so others can trade them for profit.


>I did a Bill Gates and gave all but 20 billion of it away to squad mates and strangers. How can you do that?


I bought my fleet carrier, The ATC CASH COW, on the day fleet carriers came out, and it has operated at a loss from day 1. Back then we had just taken control of a station which had been damaged in a Thargoid attack. It was 300,000 ls from the star so Operation IDA had not got round to repairing yet, so my squadron decided we would do it. I used my carrier to request the items we needed to deliver to Rigaux Gateway and paid 1000% galactic average for everything. Then we moved the carrier to the station and I sold the cargo back to CMDRs at 5% GA so they could sell it to the station and make a second huge profit on the same cargo. Since then I regularly set up buy orders for tritium, bromellite and osmium and pay 1000% GA to incentivise people selling to me instead of other carriers.


Ohh, neat!


...... 75 billion........................................


that's not a lot for a long term player who doesn't leave the house much >.< I think some guy on Inara had a trillion credits. My SLF pilot had made nearly 10 billion at 16% profit share, but now there are 5 additional combat ranks if he gets another pay rise; he's getting fired (out of a multi-cannon into a nearby star). https://imgur.com/O0EjMAa


16% share? I'd fire him on principle and train up a rookie from harmless. They take less of your hard earned monies that way.


None of the money I make is hard earned, I hired him one level from from elite at 12% and he's been with me a long time so i'm not too bothered about his share, unless it increases above 16%. The worst thing is he doesn't even help when i'm trading which is what makes the money, he only ever earns his keep when my squadron has a war and there are conflict zones to clear. The rest of the time he's in the crew lounge off his tits on Lavian Brandy.


I'm new to the game and this comment really blows my mind. What's a "SLF pilot"?


I completed Distant Worlds 2 flying a fully engineered, armed and armored combat Type-10 with a 37 ly jump range. 160.000 ly in 6 months, 3,5 billion UC profit. Apart from getting stuck in the Abyss and backtracking for 3 weeks, it was great.


Holy crap 6 months! That's like going to boot camp. Twice. You, my friend, are an absolute animal, congrats!


I want to go on a distant worlds expedition


I did DW2 and it was simultaneously the most cool thing that I've done in the game and also the most tedious. :) Arriving at the destinations and seeing everyone was really neat. The ride home was long and more lonely. But it was probably the most fun that I've had in the game.


How terrible in actual real world use is the Type-10’s supercruise maneuverability? I’ve been considering making a catch-all do-everything Type-10, and that’s the only thing concerning me.


Awful lmao. Like, if you have to turn more than a few degrees you're honestly better off dropping, boosting and turning in real space then jumping back into Supercruise.


It's catastrophically terrible, but honestly, I got used to it quite quickly.


Madlad! o7. Distant Worlds 2 is one of my highlights of all my time in ED as well. I was in the luxury of a 60LY Conda. Such a epic trip.


Mine as well, such a great event. I really hope there will be a DW3 eventually. I have all sorts of crazy builds planned for it :D o7


0% paintjobs on my ships...


Living amongst the humans for years without them noticing.


Thats what a thargoid spy would say.


I completed both Ram Tah missions for all the Guardian Lore, this is like a certification in Archeology. Even remember the strange looking ruins layout like hammerbot and bear, I could recognize before leaving superglide.


Nice!!! I know exactly what you mean, those maps get burned into your brain. Hey since you know them so well, if you ever want something interesting to do go to Brunel lavatory in Cornsar. Scope out the logo on top of one of the buildings then go drive your SRV around that base. For players like us there's no denying what that base is. Sweet lore touch from Salvation's last CG :D


Those 101 scans! o7!


Survived and held off the advance of powerplay into my system. I was singlehandedly propping up a faction for almost a month. Eventually my system fell to my enemies and I logged in to a hostile station. I made my escape while dumping chaff and zapping system security. One day I will return to liberate Caelinus. One day their reckoning will come. More recently: On my way to the edge of the galaxy. That should be one for the books.


You, commander, are a BMF! Your story makes me wish I could back my vette up to your ship and help you hold off the hordes of enemies beating down your door! I find your bravery inspiring. While you wouldn't be aware of this, I have been looking to make some time to test a few BGS break experiments. And Caelinus is a perfect candidate with a player faction, low population and a dire need for a change in leadership. I would guess that your beef is with the EG Union faction? If it's a different one just let me know. My tests, if successful, will grind down system influence of a faction.


Niiiice. Yeah I was propping up the local communist faction, and IIRC it fell to the alliance. You're vehemently encouraged to fuck up any of the other factions for ruining my home, haha.


Keep us posted on how those bgs tests go


I reached beagle point i guess


Great job, that's a hell of a grind! TBH, if it wasn't for my FC I'd stiull be looking up at the 5000 ly travel requirement for engineering. I'm not the traveling type. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for robigo counting for exploration, I wouldn't have any exploration rank at all :D So hat's off to you for exploring the great unknown!


I wondered why my cargo mission took so long...ig beagle point is really long?


took me like 12 hours with \~65 jump range. about 1000 jumps


It took me about half a year. But I did it without a fuel scoop equipped on my ship, lol, so my jump range was very small.


You reached the beagle point without fuel scoop? H-how?


Farther. I reached Ishum’s Reach without one, and then 74.1 light years into intergalactic space which took over 12 days of continuous supercruising. https://www.pcgamer.com/elite-dangerous-pilot-completes-record-breaking-85000-light-year-voyage-without-a-fuel-scoop/ I currently hold the record for longest linear distance travelled from Sol without a fuel scoop - 65,721 light years. Total journey, due to a detour, was over 85,000 light years. I’m not insane, I just enjoy doing things people assume are impossible. Well, maybe a little insane.




Thanks. It actually made me quit Elite for awhile though when I made it back to the bubble. Was totally burnt out. Glad I did it though, saw some amazing sights and it was a huge test of my skill as an explorer.


My biggest accomplishment is the same, except I went in a 35 ly Sidewinder because I'm clinically insane.


That is an accomplishment, albeit the insane part might be accurate.


* I have completed the grind to Rear Admiral and Duke, twice. The first time I went all the way to Admiral and King. * I have been to Ishum's Reach, the furthest system from Sol * I have travelled almost 1.5 million light years * I have found 3 undiscovered red supergiants * [and my greatest achievement](https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/cq4avi/u_ursae_majoris_the_system_that_took_me_a_year_to/)


Props on your greatest achievement! Gunna have to check out that build later!


Before I started the expedition I'm currently on which is going to bring it higher I have 70,000 bodies discovered and in my name in a little under 7000 star systems. Plus I learned the game through trial and error back before tutorials were a thing. It took way to long honestly but it made me way more comfortable in all my ships in the long run. o7


Made it to Elite Trading before the mining mistake.


'Grinder gonna grind' - I like you already. I did the same, flushed out trading first as that opens more game content from having lots of space cheddar. Make sure and strap that elite decal on your boats, it's a very proud accomplishment!


I've also almost made Elite in Exploration on this account. Only left the bubble 3-5 times and about half of those death warped home. Doing a 17kLy trip right now, planning on hitting Elite with it. Kinda have to finish this trip as my AspX currently has my best 5A FSD in it. Can't let that one stay in The Black. Pretty sure the only long trip I completed was to open up Palin. Also tagged a Neutron Star on that trip as well. Surprised I got that, as it was a little over a year and a half ago, I believe.


Got my own Codex discovery during DW2 Got Triple Elite Got my Andromeda Badge in EDSM


Triple elite = The ultimate grind! I myself have not reached that achievement yet. Well done!!!


>Triple elite = The ultimate grind! I myself have not reached that achievement yet. With the exception of Elite in exploration don't bother too much. The Elite in exploration is worth as the exploration is a service for the community, you explore and ALL benefit from your effort. ​ In my opinion this is better than the triple: >I've never charged another player for my FC refuel or repair services and I'm 1 of only 9 players in the game who sell thargoid probes from my FC to the community


You're ignoring every trader that helped and its still helping rebuild damaged stations and traders that risk their lifes to offer aid in systems in war or famine. You're igoring every combat pilot that hunt pirates or aliens. People that actually protect humanity. Aren't these services for the community? I'm explorer, otherwise i wouldn't had my Andromeda badge, but exploration is only a small part in the grand scheme of things.


I do S&R patrols in Thargoid zones, to rescue escape pods before they get sucked in by Thargoids. I use a Mamba for that, with engineered shields, military grade bulkheads and dirty drives to finish the mission under fire and escape quickly if the interceptor turns hostile. I have no weapons though, since I'm technically an Hospital Ship. It's not paying much, but in the cruel world of Elite I feel proud to be a guardian angel for NPCs.


Number 1 is the time I spent in the fuel rats rescuing people.


thanks for saving my ass million times <3 glory to fuel rats!


Now that's an honorable way to spend gaming time! o7


Same here. Loved my time with the rats. I wanna go back some time. Edit: I'm also pretty happy about reaching a level of skill to be able to win fights with multiple Thargoids at once. The only Thargoid achievement I've yet to bag is a solo Hydra, but I've killed plently of those in AX wings.


Solo Hydra is intense. I managed it once and I will never do it again. Took me almost an hour to kill it.


Getting confident enough in my own skills that I can make some basic tutorials for my friends to get them into the game.


We could use more people like you, Elite instructors.


never having to call upon the fuel rats once in over 5k hours xD seriously tho we had that whole minor faction thing down to a science. MoM, CI and we really did a lot of testing for that =) Gotta give it to Jane tho, her excels were the best!


Reached Sag A and then Beagle Point. Got Elite Exploration while doing it. Was going to make a semi-loop around the right side of the galaxy on my way to the bubble, but was burnt out and just beelined my way back to Colonia and then to the bubble. Stopped playing Elite for like a year before Odyssey came out.


Left the bubble with chump change and an aspx w/nothing but an upgraded fsd, and came back with 1.7 billion in exploration data. I miss the black, so im engineering a new ship and suit for yet another long mission. Very excited!


Found my own death spiral world, and found a gas giant being orbited by 5 water worlds, 3 of them being ringed


Some tutoring I did to get a few new players started, making triple elite, proud of my fleet of well engineered ships


[Completing the original incursion combat training mission.](https://m.imgur.com/a/gWHkx) This is a training scenario where you go up against 10 increasingly powerful waves of enemies in a C-rated sidewinder, with the final wave being an anaconda. The final anaconda required about 4 hours of FA-off reverski (before reverski was a thing to pvpers) to kill because it is otherwise essentially impossible to kill the anaconda without being destroyed by beam lasers and multicannons. You need FA off to maintain speed because you must have 4 pips in sys to tank weapons at a "goldilocks" range. This fight takes so long that you can run out of fuel. I believe the devs never intended for it to be beaten.


You are the Captain Kirk of Elite Dangerous training mods!!!


Having over 1000hrs in the game and not being Elite at anything… (Defying the grind is an achievement ;))


No matter what you're rank in the game, you are in my book elite with 1000 hours of brutal difficult gameplay. There's no manual for this game. Most won't even attempt to play it. Take a bow, you've earned it!


My claims to fame are all SRV-related. 1. [The Aquarian Job goes badly wrong](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkDeE_JPpfI). This one's even memorialized in a tourist beacon! 2. I believe I have the [earliest recorded full-planet circumnavigation by SRV.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EGMFL5wl6w). 3. I was the first to [fly an SRV into stable low orbit](https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/8meuzn/im_currently_in_a_stable_orbit_around_a_planet_at/), meaning I keep going around the planet at constant altitude instead of just drifting off into space. Lots of other miscellaneous SRV-related shennanigans I'm proud of, like [travelling between two settlements without touching the ground.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10efzcMALtk&t)


You are the Evel Knievel of Elite Dangerous!


Earning my Federal Corvette was a chore but it was worth it… especially when I added the pack hounds to it.


Hey that grind is no joke for a reason! Now you have access to the most overpowered (and fun!) game loop in ED - smashing the hell out of Hi CZ's in a G5 vette. But uh, um, you want to let those dogs run loose in anarchy systems to avoid fines for incidental/downright hostile explosive damage that may occur. Alternatively you can turn crimes off so the police don't show when hunting pirates with them. And don't' shortchange yourself on the 4 week grind for those dogs either! That's a lot of grinding and time traps to overcome, well played commander!


Thanks. If only the engineering wasn’t so painful.


Pack hounds? I feel another grind incoming...


I still managed to play enough to have fun and accomplish things while working full time and raising a family. I might not be anywhere near a top player, but I’m here and I’m taking care of business too.


When I was a bloody new player a few years ago: Managing to beat a novice Anaconda in a not-fully A-rated Imperial Eagle, with no engineering either. Took a while, but had my blood pumping throughout the whole ordeal. Every time the thing came close on putting its nose on me I was clenching my butt cheeks


I'm in a group of 6 and k started 2 months after the rest... Gaining Elite trade rank and going to SagA before all of them was an accomplishment that I'm proud of. For others it will probably be owning my Corvette nicknamed "Stingray"


I have found 1 of every star and planted my name on it. Wolfs and Herbigs are very rare especially undiscovered ones. Granted theres a ton out there since the galaxy is so big but they are not easy to find. Also having taking my fleet carrier from the bubble to colonia, sag a, and beagle. I've begun my roundtrip back top the bubble but I'm gonna need 10k tons of tritium along the way to make it. Side note I will pay anyone willing to shuttle tritium to me 200k a ton. so if you have a carrier you are looking at about a 2 bil pay out. ;)


Wow, hello darkness my old friend! Hey thanks for taking the time to explore those far out areas that the rest of us do not! And that's a very sweet offer for the tritium. Post it here: [https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteTraders/](https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteTraders/) and chances are someone will take you up on it in a hurry.


I discovered and did detailed scans on a couple of systems, and was the first to DSS a few more systems, so my name is in there however long that lasts. It's not much, but it's not bad for a casual in an unengineered DBX. I also haven't done any of the cash-heavy stuff like running a bunch of Robigo. Worked my way up financially almost exclusively on laser mining, bounties, and exploitation. I did cheap-shot the Imp ranks, but honestly I just really wanted the Courier.


I've made the round trip of the galaxy a few times now, but the one time I actually felt super accomplished was when I got to Beagle Point. It was before Horizons, so there was no FSD Boost or engineering, and my Asp didn't have a particularly long range, as I had just started playing. This means I got stuck in the Abyss for weeks, hitting dead ends, having to retrace my steps, risking to run out of fuel all the time and all that. Then I had to leave the game for several months due to RL, and when I got back the feeling was even worse, with no stars around and no idea what to do. Mind you, at that time there were fewer than 50 people who had reached Beagle point, so the journey still felt like a huge feat. When I got there I actually felt I FUCKING DID IT. I rarely felt that way in games before.


I started a new game where I swore to never turn on Flight Assist. 150 odd hours later and I'm still going strong. I get so much pleasure from just flying that I couldn't imagine ever going back. I'm not saying that it's inherently better than FA On or makes you a better pilot or any of that stuff. I'm just proud of myself for sticking with it long enough to get good and now that I am I find it makes the game a lot more fun to play. Which is the most important thing really!


I just want to let you guys know that reading this thread actually made me more interested in the game. :P


I have a system named after my dog in Colonia from an event I partook in solo. Fdev contacted me by email to name it, the station, and the faction. I love that it'll exist as long as the servers do.


I crossed the entire galaxy *without a fuel scoop equipped on my ship* and set an Elite record. It got more attention than I thought it would. PCGamer even did an article on me: https://www.pcgamer.com/elite-dangerous-pilot-completes-record-breaking-85000-light-year-voyage-without-a-fuel-scoop/


Created many of the mining maps that are in use today. I'm likely responsible for a significant number of fleet carriers that otherwise wouldnt exist. That makes me happy.


This is a great thread. Probably my proudest accomplishments were participating in Distant Worlds 2, and making it to Beagle Point and back in one piece without going mad or playing both sides during the war of Lugh (and getting in the top 10% I believe) which I remember being a very fun CG and it seemed like a fortune at the time. Edit: oh and getting triple elite of course


I've got a Cutter and a Corvette, the carrier and about 9 billion in cash for reserves, so I guess that's alright. I am mostly proud of perfecting an AFK farming build and method, that allows a purpose-built ship to sit and shoot at pirates without any user input all day (or night) long, without using any third party programs nor binding physical controls in any way. Just a combination of existing game mechanics (auto-target turrets, cargo making pirates continuously attack your ship, engineering and lots and lots of experimentation of what works and where in regards to a particular build). It is super finnicky and requires many hours invested experimenting as well as preparation (not only you have to be exalted with many factions, faction states must be just right to obtain missions in order to make this worthwhile in the first place). I don't know of anyone else who made it work and then made billions using this method.


I learned how to properly dock in a burning station


I was featured on both of Frontier's #EDEliteClub and #StellarScreenshots events on Twitter, still feel like I could be the one to find Raxxla but as we all know the Raxxla is just the friends we made along the way.


Visited beagle point several times and popped in all four egdes of galaxy, circumnavigated a planet with SRV, made a ton of credits with Fleet Carrier and finally piece de resistance: Stopped playing two weeks after Odyssey release. Might get back on it eventually, but I am not in a hurry.


Flew from the bubble to Salome's reach. Earned around 100b credits (legit, not using exploits) in ~9 months in game. Built a community with over 100 people to help each other earn credits the same way. Donated more than 25b to charity.


Sounds like you're one of the Elite in that rich gambling circle that the winking cat struck!


Not really. Was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time to learn about an opportunity to earn the big bucks. The rest has just been hard work and, well... Some more luck.


I'm still a newbie but my biggest accomplishment until now was reaching Hutton Orbital xD


Survived an emergency FSD drop inside the cone of a White Dwarf in my mining Type-10.


I've been to Beagle Point and back without hitching a ride on a fleet carrier.


I’ve taken my carrier Sleeper Service between the Bubble and Colonia ten times in six months, as a free shuttle service for other commanders. I’ve taken hundreds of passengers along for the ride and it’s been the best experience of my Elite career to date.


Played it for 300 hours still had no idea what I was doing


My man! We are the Elite.


This is me. Very sporadic player, can never decide what to do fully. Tried my hand at mining, some very light exploring (brushing the edge of inner Orion spur), Rodrigo passenger missions.. I've got 1.8b credits, and still have no idea what to do 😂


Making the trip almost 65000 light years to rescue a stranded commander near Beagle Point in 7 hours.


Semper Fidelis is a Latin phrase adopted by the US Marine Core many years ago. It translates as 'Always faithful'. It is a title earned by actions, not words. You have the heart of a marine.


A month ago I cracked open my first asteroid with deep core mining... was an amazing sight, and 4 hours ago I put myself into crippling debt and bought my first Large Pad ship, the Imperial Cutter. Gutamaya for the win!


The first time you pop open an asteroid core mining with the sound way up… it’s impressive.


I went to Sag A, Colonia and back, but one of my proudest moments was the first time I rescued people from a burning station. No help from any kind of tutorial just flew in and got them and flew out, nearly melted myself cos it was only later I knew about heat sinks! Lol. Simple but I loved it.


'There goes my hero, he's ordinary!' \~ Foo Fighters


I did over 100 INF +++ missions for my squadron to claim a station/area from its location, and we claimed it by a huge margin. I felt like I did it single handedly.


Wow, you are a force to be reckoned with!


Never again though. I also did not get promoted, so I'm alone again.


Flew an Imperial Eagle to Beagle Point in the pre-engineers days, before Distant Worlds 1 happened. Jump range was 21 Ly, and neutron boosting did not exist, nor did there exist a single station beyond the borders of the bubble of inhabited space. That thing had no shield, no AFMU, no SRV, not even a heat sink launcher, and still arrived at Beagle Point (Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0 back then) with 100% on all modules. 20,000 jumps in total for the round-trip.


I managed to buy my anaconda during my grind for empire ranks, and somehow managed to get the jump distance on it to 9LYish lol, no fucking clue how I did that but I am somewhat proud of that


I’m 60 jumps away from Sag A* in an AspX. Ask me again in a week’s time.


Managed to escape the cone of a neutron star while not in supercruise without any aid-and got to a fleet carrier to repair my canopy in time.


1000 hours, half of it in open, *one* rebuy in total (got ganked in my exploration Phantom once), survived several PvP encounters and won *two* in conflict zones during community goals. Also used normal MC-s to aggro a Basilisk in an Anaconda then continued teasing it for 10 minutes or so (you know, like a mouse playing with a cat), and survived.


Worked up to being able to consistently mine platinum at a rate of 1k tons per hour!


I got my exploration corvett to Colonia and to sag A and spent like a year exploring the center. Made it back to Colonia, then the new station was built near sag a had to take a second trip that time tho I went a little further around then headed back to the bubble, was fun


nothing too special, but i'm proud of my kb&mouse FA OFF flying skills also, I've got trade & exploration elite, and almost to deadly combat, both a cutter and a corvette, and nearly 6 billion in assets, without following any ranking guides or get-rich-quick schemes. i've done it all organically [main caveats: I have sucked the life out of the Jameson crash site in order to cash out on the data CG earlier this year, and I followed guides to get Guardian tech and to exploit the crystal shard sites; and lately I've been doing a lot of combat mission stacking, though I'd like to think I kind of discovered it myself and merely perfected my methods by... overhearing.. things here in the reddit]


I went exploring for the first time ever, and put my name on some planets!


Nothing big, like some things others have mentioned but those are the things I'm proud of: \- My first proper 1v1 PvE kill shortly after I got the game. Still flew the trusty Sidewinder at the time and had a proper duel against a higher ranked Eagle NPC. Ended up with my windshield blew out, earned about 100k for it (yes, really, 100k for an Eagle in 2016) and could finally afford an Eagle myself. It was bloody fun and blood pumping. Since then PvE only became easier for me, though it remains my main employment. \- The moment I bought my Anaconda - the ship I was aiming for since the beginning. I still use it as my main combat ship. \- My first undiscovered System, first undiscovered Ammonia World and my first undiscovered ELW. \- My first killed Thargoid - me and 2 of my friends managed that after a couple failed tries. It genuinely felt awesome doing that for the first time. The second was almost as great too. Didn't have a chance for the third as we dropped the game some time after Odyssey. Like I said, none of those are noteworthy compared to some things other people did but I'm proud no less as they were some great personal achievements.


Those are extremely noteworthy accomplishments! You have an iron will and a solid grasp of Elite combat tactics - 2 of the very best traits to have.


I don't know if "proud" is the right word, but my most unusual "accomplishment" in Elite is probably the fact that I've played since 2014 (started during premium beta) and have never owned one of the big 3. Oh, also, I was the very first to discover a particular strain of red bacteria in the Elysian Shore region, so my name is in the Codex. Also have a decent number of first discoveries/maps/footfalls out there, like an ELW that's just a few LY away from Sag A\*.


- I discovered Wepae aa-a h22 - went to Saga* in a cobra with 24ly jumprange - was part of the beginning where jobs only payed ~5 to 10k and still made millions


This: https://youtu.be/M8cCxSCBjJU


Halfway around the galaxy in my favorite ship, and going strong. Love this game.


I got a fed corvette without money exploits.


I'm a really new player, but I just bought my first Cutter last week, and I bought my first Anaconda this week, outfitted it for laser mining (though, I will probably buy a second Cutter for more cargo space for laser mining) and now I've gathered another 200 million credits. I will probably go on some kind of deep space expedition at some point in my engineered ASPX, but I also want to grind for a FC, so I'm not sure if I'll stay in the bubble making money or go out and do something.


It's not much at all compared to some of these feats, but setting up my mining clipper. It was the pretty much first 30mil I got and watching the profits start to roll in was super satisfying, made me feel like "I made it"


I was a minor member of a venerable and prestigious BGS team - the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps. We spent almost three years expanding one Alliance faction across 70 light years to attempt an expansion into Sol. Unfortunately by the time we got there Frontier had god locked the system to inbound expansions of all types not just PMFs. Huge achievement.


- Securing HIP 44811 for Winters as a Hudson loyalist back in the day - Playing since day 1 - Being one of the few minebombers and being fairly competent at it - Never defected from Hudson, never had any other PP module than the Pacifier - Not flying a FDL


Federal Corvette! I had always wanted one but it always felt so out of reach just due to the price tag let alone the rank grind and engineering!


I claimed first footfall on The Distant Moon, the furthest moon of the furthest body that orbits the furthest star in the furthest system from Sol. That was a glorious ending to a trip out in the black that lasted about half a year. Along the way I had my name on countless black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs, with one of them almost being a second World of Death. Oh, and I have discovered a pink-red Wolf-Rayet.


A couple friends and I decided we were going to bernard’s loop and back, in ASP explorers and I flew a type 6 Unengineered. Without fuel scoops. There’s something about flying without fuels scoops, it’s fun.


I houled 60t of finest Alcocholes to Beagle Point, during DW2 in my AlcoConda. With a Hutton mug


I once saved a friend who forgot to watch his fuel and had no scoop. Guy was in a panic as he was in the exclusion zone of a star when he got stranded. Other than this I got a "First to map" for a planet


Triple Elite, Vette and Cutter owner, been to Beagle, Sag A, Colonia.


It's not much bit it's mine: rank 5 with all pre-Odyssey engineers (including Colonia), all Guardian unlocks, grind to Cutter, most of the way to Corvette. Had fun visiting the G5 crystal planets to trade down mats. I had talked about 5 of my friends into playing but none of they stuck around though :(


Landed a stock eagle on a 45g planet using touch controls on my phone. Got a million credits bounty hunting in an unarmed Asp, just ramming everyone.


I would say: 1. Winning my first PvP encounter 2. Getting to Beagle Point 3. Triple elite 4. Getting the engineering and powerplay weapons to be properly effective in PvP


I think my proudest accomplishment is when I realized that I modded every module on almost all of my ships.


1. Having eventually learned to fly FA-off for all ships for docking and exiting most all stations at least, and doing it only on keyboard + mouse. Have not yet played ED with a stick yet since I first started playing in 2016. 2. Having mapped first fully a couple of systems in the bubble before it was too late. It's hard to make a name mark in ED as tens of thousands of other players usually get to all the (more visibly) "first-time" possible achievements first.


I got to dangerous rank in combat. It was over a month ago and I'm still crap at combat


I almost killed one of Hudson's best FDL fighters in my less-than-half engineered vulture.


I hit elite explorer rank and 1 Billion credits in the bank yesterday without ever buying a large ship 99% of my playtime has been in my DBX, Tim-Allens-PartyBus I've been to Colonia, sag A* and most recently put my name on 35 new systems 5000LY from the bubble. I love the sight seeing in this game, and having first discovered first mapped and first footfall (where possible) on every body in a system makes me so proud.


Recently reaching 1 billion credits. I actually posted about it a couple days ago.


Welcome to the big boys club! Don't forget to strap that Elite icon onto your ship the livery. That's one that you have to earn, can't pay for it.


I’m the second Xbox cmdr to have ever reached Beagle Point. I Did this during the Distant Worlds Expedition back in 2015 when Horizon was still very far away to be released on Xbox. So you can immagine how painful was doing 65k ly with a 33ly Asp X and no spectrum scanner.


My best accomplishment? Probably taking down an Elite ‘Conda in a Fed Dropship, with no shields. And that was when I was still ranked as Novice. Alternatively, escaping the cone of a white dwarf star after being forcibly dropped by an interdicting pirate CMDR.


Not that big of an accomplishment but im proud of having gotten a full engineered corvette as well as travelling to sag A without using neutron star. Those were my two goals from when i first started playing


That's HUGE!!! Very well done, you should be very proud of that. You can tell from posts here that there are many who do not have a vette yet, much less anything engineered. Free beer on the house for you!\* \*when you're home


That I'm still here after starting in 2014.


And thanks for all the questions you've answered along the way!


Helped/participated in one of the biggest player group events (early days but I still did it!!!) to try and get an unlocked section or partial answer to one of the games biggest mysteries, or to get fDev to notice us doing it so they could throw us a bone with it. I turned that Wheel! And if anyone isn't in the know still, a bunch of players expanded The Dark Wheel faction of on Shinrarta Dezhra (something that apparently could not be done) in order to move along the RAXXLA storyline or to see if it could be advanced.


Journey to Sagg A* and back in my 39LY Anaconda. Since then i've been cruising in a double engineered ASPX but not been away for longer then 3 months.


not buying odyssey...


My two biggest accomplishments were that I backed the Kickstarter, and I made it to Ishums Reach (and back home again).


I kinda understand the BGS


Surviving a botched bounty hunting run in an RES with two friends in multicrew. We accidentally hit a system authority ship and they all turned on us. We were in the middle of the ring in a non-engineered, non-A-rated Anaconda. It was a mad dash to get out of mass lock so we could jump away. We were getting shot up on all sides by a dozen or more ships. The whole sensor array looked red with hostiles. I was the pilot, one of my friends was the gunner, the other was the fighter pilot desperately trying to fend off our pursuers. Probably the most tense moment any of us have ever experienced in the game. Lots of screaming and panic, switching pips around, lots of evasive maneuvers. It was wild. Managed to just barely escape. We regrouped at a nearby station, our ship tattered and riddled with holes, but still flying.


I was mining with an aquaintance who was kind of new to the game. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, he had decided that he liked my T-10 mining rig and sank almost everything he had into one of his own. Some of you may guess where this story is headed... Anyway, we had finished a mining run and were headed into the station. For some reason I had stopped at my fleet carrier on the way, and we were chatting over comms as he made his way to the station. "Oh no," he suddenly said "I'm stuck in the mail slot." Then "Oh no! The station is shooting at me!" Then a total sound of defeat... "They blew me up and I don't have a rebuy, dude." He was going to quit playing the game. I managed to talk him off of the ledge. "Dude, dude, do you have enough for a Type 6?" I asked. "Yeah, so?" he replied. "So buy one. I can't get you your T-10 back, but I can get you into a Python. You can make your T-10 money back in a few trips." So anyway, he got a T-6 and we used it to play the "buy low and sell back high" exploit on my Fleet Carrier until he had enough to purchase and A rate a Python for mining. I burned through a few million credits, but I kept another Commander from rage-quitting the game. I haven't played with him for a while, but I enjoy the thought of him lasering rocks in that "free" Python while never forgetting to Never Fly without a Rebuy. ​ Edit: for some reason I'm proud of naming my Fleet Carrier after a Porn Star. If you Google "Puma Swede" shame on both of us. ;)


About a year ago, I owned an alliance chieftain that I had named the Vatt’ghern. She was my prized warship at the time, I loved taking her out to all the res sites. She handled like a dream and was my first real stab at serious combat. Eventually I got around to heavily engineering the twin beam lasers, all the core internals, I even did the mining grind to modify the armour. One day I was just flying around the bubble and was preparing to take off from a station, as soon as I left the coin slot, another commander passed me, in another Chieftain, I honestly forget everything about them other than that. Clearly I had caught their interest as well, because they whipped around and shot me before we had even left the no-fire zone. I jumped to low wake to avoid major damage, and within ten seconds of doing that, I get interdicted. At this point I know I have to defend myself or he’s gonna keep coming, so I throttle down to submit to interdiction, turn off the FA, and it was game on. I switch to my secondary weapons, a pair of dumb fire missile pods, meanwhile I’m already beginning to receive a barrage from his full auto-cannon setup. The shields had a bit of work done on them, but only so much that it offered maybe fifteen seconds of protection from sustained fire, after that it was all up to the armour to do its job. Thanks to Selene Jeane, I was only losing a percent of hull integrity per every 4 seconds of sustained gunfire, which gave me plenty of opportunity to mess them up. I used the aforementioned missles with a cascade effect to limit the thrust from his drives, then I switched to my beams with heat sinks and created an orbit around him. I pulled a turn and maintained an angle throughout a booster burn to create a half circle, then I used the rest of the ENG to make another burn, and make a full circle around him, they had no idea how to defend against it. I managed to complete this maneuver once more and melted them down to 54% before they successfully escaped the fight. It was my first win against an enemy commander. I have never felt more alive in this galaxy.


Uninstalling the game


What system is ya probe seller in? I wanna scan some probes


Refunding Odyssey o7


Helping others, making friends like this. Then becoming good friends beyond the game. Never ganked anyone, never will.


Losing over 1500 hours to a game which hasn't been fun since the first 200


I played over 3700 hours and only went 5001 light years from my starting location...... And the 1500 player kills feel pretty good to


I never got deep space exploring either! Gotta have that action, mix things up all the time. It takes a high intelligence to get bored quickly like that. People will take shots at you for that brainpower. Don't listen to a word of it. Zoomer gotta go zooooom!


Finding inner peace within the incompetence of FDev


Not paying for Oddyssey.


Doing the deadly->elite rank fighting thargoid scouts in viper MK3 with fixed normal multis. :)


Triple elite and unlocking all the ships possible


Making 2billion creddits off exploring in within one year but im still in deep space so theres not much i can do with it. Lol Went the long way too beagle and still have at least half the trip till i get home Only havent completed it yet cause of work and ive been switching too other games


I got my fc in a matter of two days of grinding. It was definitely worth it :)