More cute mons. Would love to hear your ideas for more designs!

More cute mons. Would love to hear your ideas for more designs!


How about a feathered dinosaur, but its feathers are leaves? It could prune itself, rather than preen itself Another paleontological suggestion is a saber toothed cat with icicles as its canine teeth. Maybe it’s constantly yawning. Tired kitty with big ol’ ice teeth I’m also partial to the idea of a flower that’s constantly releasing pollen, but it’s allergic to itself. That one is incredibly halfbaked, but I think it’s funny


Ohhhh, I love the crescent-headed, squid, and cactus creatures a lot. I absolutely recommend adding in bats. Many bats. As many bats as you possibly can. Friendly ones! More games need friendly bats. 🦇


A pineapple that slowly morphs into a pizza


I would love to see one that has like a skeleton type look to it or just straight up a skeleton... oh and something like a possessed item like a scarecrow or just voodoo doll...


Off the top of my head... mushrooms. You need mushrooms. Did you know that the common mushroom (you know, the white or brown ones that you can buy anywhere) are merely immature Portobello mushrooms? You can make a two-stage species out of this.


I bloody love these designs. I love dinosaur/dragon inspired creatures


I'm not sure what the elements in this game are, but some sort of lightning/sparky duck came to mind. Also, I'd love to see how a Kiwi bird looks in your style!


more cute mons. would love to hear your ideas for more designs!