Technically nothing. Maybe his ability to lift depends on his target's "magical energy" or something rather than physical weight. Like rocks are easy to lift since they're just rocks, but a demigod like Malenia will be hard to lift due to how powerful they are.


But Astel uses gravity magic, and it lifts us just fine.


That's true, and while I can't say anything definitive I can offer my explanation: I belie Astels are much more proficient in gravity magic than Radahn. The extent of Radahn's magic seems to be instantaneous power release (collapsing stars, starcaller cry, his meteorite attack), and while powerful he seems more interested in just whacking his enemies really hard. His greatsword/greatbow either minimally or don't scale with INT, (almost) all his attacks are either hitting you with his swords or bringing you close enough to hit you with his swords. Astels meanwhile are basically embodiments of gravity magic, and we see them do things like summon meteors from the void, summon explosive nebulas, unleash waves of pure destructive darkness, and fire beams for magic. Meanwhile they are pretty frail physically (damage resistance-wise and appearance-wise). I think that while Astels are more proficient at magic, Radahn takes advantage of their physical frailty to just fly up and whack them really hard, which is how he won.


Just plot convenience, otherwise Radahn would be the strongest entity in Elden Ring, and he isn’t. ER’s powerscaling is in the “don’t think too hard about it” category.


the fact that hes already holding the stars up lol


He can still hold 3 rocks up each the size of a car above his head for as long as he likes in phase 2. I don't see how holding the stars would effect his ability of force grabing shit.


Maybe it's a spell of his that's holding back the stars? Like not something he has to focus on 24/7


Probably he's own sense of honour and fairness


The real reason is because he's gone mad long ago, he can no longer think to use such a cheap strategy to deal with a single target (it probably didn't work on malenia anyways since she would just rot him)


cause astel would sue


That would be really dumb


Where’s the fun in that?


He isn't holding back the actual stars, because then he could just eviscerate the entire world without a second thought. He's just holding back their magic.


People aren't stars. Maybe he could do it to Marilyn Monroe or Elvis.


Radahn: “It’s over Malenia! I have the high ground!” Malenia: “You’re underestimating my powers!” Radahn: “Don’t try it!”


Honestly who's to say he didn't in the past. In the present he can't because his brain is scarlet rotted applesauce and he isn't thinking beyond "smash, kill, eat" The only reason he's still arresting the stars in this state is probably because he's been doing it so long its just natural for him or his default state


Gravity spells only make things float I think. Like when you are caught by one of Astel's aoe attack that makes you float in midair for a period and then slam to the ground. So they can't do choking in midair.