In their prime? So assuming one carrying a baby wolf Sif and the other with a tiny horse? Their eyes lock and see the other with a small animal in their company. Both approach in confident strides and their hands lock in mutual appreciation.




I rather they meetbo. The field of battle and walk up cold to each other. Then reach into respective bags pulling out a baby horse and wolf and they start jumping excitedly and acting like 16 year old girls from the 80s. Wrist sweatbands and hair scrunchies magically appear....wonder years type lighting. I could go on. But yay!


>meetbo Is that a typo or does that word actually exist


He's just talking about the famous Norwegian rock climber, Magnus obv /s




Artorias: A powerful knight with a doggo companion. Chosen by Gwyn to repel the Abyss. Can wield a massive greatsword with one arm. Radahn: A 6-story tall behemoth of a man, legendary warrior, and intelligent scholar. Held back the fucking stars for who knows how long while fighting one of the deadliest women in the world. Can also hold a greatsword with one arm. In fact, he does it twice.


Tbf Artorias also wields a greatsword with one arm. In fact when we fought him, one arm was totally shattered and useless and he still ninja kickflips a greatsword off our face. I still vote Radahn though.


That shattered arm was his sword arm, we fought him while he was using his off hand.


"I know something you don't know... I am not left handed!"


“Well, I also know something you don’t..” “What is that?” “I am also not left-handed” god I love that movie


So many good quotes. Life goal is to quote the whole thing ;P


We did it in a denny's. But i ducked up the prince's lines in the pits of despair.


That sounds awesome! I'd love to do a live reenactment of it, Rocky Horror style. "No one will have ever suffered more than you, either!" I know it's not right, but how'd I do from memory?


Great! It was super fun actually. We had a crew of kids that we went to punk shows with and our tradition was to go to the local hospital cafeteria for food after the show. But we got kicked out, so we started going to denny's. It didn't feel very punk rock so we started reenacting our favorite movies from memory. Then we started giving out parts and preparing. Fucking high school lol.


Ah yes the other use of a Denny's parking lot, quoting fantastic movies at each other.


I thought it was for drinking endless coffee while playing D&D?


No that's inside Denny's, the parking lot is usually for drunken brawls and in one hilarious case pistols at dawn.




What’s the movie?


High Six!


Wait wasnt artorias left handed? I remember people saying that the original dark souls cover had artorias entering the abyss with a shield in his right hand and his sword in the other


Nah, the knight on the cover of Dark Souls didn’t actually look like any specific set in the game. If anything, it looked the most like Alva’s set from Dark Souls 2, but even that’s not accurate. The random-ass knight with no analog in the game *does* use Artorias’ Greatsword and shield, though. And he *is* left handed. Bonus points, iirc Artorias’ Greatsword, or one of like…two or three versions of it, does get a special move if you use it left handed…I think. It’s been a very long time and that might have been in a different game. Iirc though, the story about him is a little conflicting. I always thought he shattered his arm blocking an attack from Manus with his shield, and then left the shield behind to protect Sif once he could no longer use it.


I think the special move was in ds2. You get the sword somewhere in the old iron king dlc or whatever it was called. When you used it in your left hand you could do the frontflip smash


Yeah and also i think if you powerstanced with another greatsword you get a crazy ass moveset. God i miss powerstancing


In ds2 his sword has a unique moveset if you equip it in your left instead of the right (the moveset it has in ds1/3). I feel ds2 did it right but it didn't matter in the other games as ds2 was the only game that had power stancing (now elden ring does too).


Oh woah, since you get his sword in DKS2 and it does more damage in the left hand I just assumed he was left handed. Man’s a fucking beast then.


We have no proof. And if he broke his left arm to protect Sif, he most likely did with his shield. That means his sword arm is still his right.


That's actually fairly unlikely. Except for the cover art and the majestic greatsword in ds2 everything points to him being right handed. His Pauldron is on his left shoulder, he fights just fine with his right, and it makes much more sense if broke his left arm using it to block an attack with his shield before giving it to sif.


Artorias' Sword is like a dagger to Radahn


Gravity is a force to be feared by all, including the gods, artorias might be a good skilled knight but when he face radahn brute strength and gravity magic he just holds no chance.


"He who controls gravity, controls the gods."


We wouldn’t even be standing here if it weren’t for gravity!


Radahn is also the greatest gravity caster ever


He’s also not a half bad cavity grasper.


Artorias is also very smart his weapon scales off of int and faith (ds1) also he was considered unrivaled with a greatsword. He could single-handedly take down a big ass dragon (true dragon not a bitch ass descendant) which would normally require scores of silver knights. Also, when we meet him, he’s using the two handed weapon in his right hand (he’s a lefty) Sure even then he still might not win but he deserves a bit more credit


Can he beat goku tho?


Can he run crysis?


Can he 5 gold star Through The Fire and Flames on Expert?


This comment is so many good things all at once.


The more important question is: Can he beat **drip** Goku?


Really gonna do Leonard dirty like that, huh?


“Held back the stars” i see this so often, what the heck does it mean? Did he cast a spell to stop the stars? Did he reach up there and go “no” with his hands? Did he look angrily at the sky and the stars stopped moving out of fear?


He just stood there…. Menacingly! But the real and short answer is he used gravity magic to hold them in place.


Considering shooting stars suddenly appear after his death (and a fucking meteorite) I’m thinking he stopped any sort of space debris from entering the atmosphere.


He’s a master of Gravity Magic. He’s constantly manipulating the gravity of stars to keep them from moving. That’s why a meteor crashes into Limgrave after he dies


He's also simultaneously making his own weight almost zero so his little champion of a horse can continue to carry him around. Radahn don't walk like a pleb.


To be fair, he also doesn't have feet anymore. :P


He is a master of gravity magic. With it he literally kept the stars in the sky. That is the reason why once he dies, the stars start moving again and Astel crashes into the Lands Between (it is assumed that all stars are creatures similar to Astel).


Atorias is very cool, and was likely very powerful in his prime, but I definitely feel like Radahn would win. He’s got size, surprising speed for his size, and was considered the strongest of the demigods in a world where malenia exists.


Malenia was probably weaker but a bit faster than artorious pre-bloom. Morgott also stomped him. He was considered the strongest sure. But the guy who says this also happened to work for him.


Gideon also states the fact he's the strongest of the demigods and knowing gideon is one of the smartest men in elden ring that's not something to sneer at


“I have the highest iq in all of Reddit”


I’m the smartest man in this insane asylum, more like


Jerren works for Ranni not Radhan (he says that under some weird conditions) and his diolog also has a cutscene one of the few so i don't think From wanted us to doubt of Radhan strenght. As for morgott stoping him that states more for strategic strenght than anything else.


Jerren serves Radahn, I believe his set describes him being a wandering knight who swore loyalty to Radahn. Of course Radahn is the son of Queen Rennala, of course one of his top soldiers would know Iji, he’s the Carian war counsellor.


I think he serves the Carian royal family in general. He holds down castle redmane, tells you Ranni's fate will be set in motion after the festival, and kills Sellen to put the Carian family (rennala) back in control of Raya Lucaria. He also knows Iji, the Caria family's blacksmith, pretty well it seems. No evidence that he has done anything for Rykard but that could be for a multitude of reasons, probably mainly because if he supports Rykard, Morgott will whoop his ass.


It could just mean physically strongest. 0% Chance that Malenia or Morgott could lift half as much as Radahn. Guy is massive.


Concerning Morgotts victory over Radahn; Even the strongest can lose. In fact such bravado and confidence is often the demise and humbling of such beings. Morgott also won with home field advantage, and probably; greater tactical acumen. Morgott's goal was less to defeat Radahn, and more to defend Lyndell, and deter him.


That's not radahn it's been confirmed that the "radahn" we see in the painting is actually a early design of the Redman knight's before they decided all the Knights would use the same armor


Confirmed where?


Would like proof as well




Their source is that they made it the fuck up!


*"Collective Consciousness" intensifies*


I was revealed to me in a dream


source: trust me




Artorias in his prime got his ass handed to him by Manus. The entire point of his DLC is that the Abysswalker is, in truth, the Chosen Undead, because they didn't fail where Artorias did.


Feel like i'd have to give this one to Radahn. Artorius was an exemplary knight, but Radahn stalemated the hardest boss in the series, not to mention that he held back an entire meteor shower through shear force of will.


Radahn was also praised as the mightiest demigod and his fight 100% lives up to that


Pfffttt, mightiest. Patches could solo him easy. He only bails because the bout isn't worth his time.


Dude patches would kick him straight off a cliff, no guilt at all


This is something patches would say


Doesn't he share the top billing with Malenia, though?


Yes but I remember some NPCs claimed he was the mightiest, likely because he conquered the stars


Might and skill are different accolades. Radahn is the mightiest but Malenia is the most skilled and undefeated.


Undefeated until she decides to get up out of that chair at least


Undefeated but lost the invasion and didn’t kill radahn, or take over any of his lands.


And had to be carried back to the Haligtree unconscious by Finlay.


Idk radahn is pretty skilled with his weapons, his attacks in the battle of Caelid were precise af.


He is definitely very skilled but not to the same extent as Malenia. She is literally the best swordsman in the world while being blind and a triple amputee.




I heard at least a couple times that she has never known defeat!


Let him solo her


That really depends on how you define "undefeated." Clearly, she's defining it by the fact that she's still alive. She coudln't defeat Radahn without giving into the Goddess of Rot and laying waste to an entire region. She constantly calls herself the Blade of Miquella, and yet he's nowhere to be found. Why is that? Because he's been abducted and rather than, y'know, live up to her name, she's just waiting for him to come back for the store with that pack of cigarettes. So she couldn't actualy kill her greatest adversary. Failed to protect the very person she swore her oath to, and to achieve these amazing feats she rendered a sizable portion of the land uninhabitable and virulent. Malenia may "have never known defeat", but the lady \*reeks\* of failure.


Malenia used her trump card, that being a suicidal nuke, and still couldn’t beat him. She is later noted to have fled after doing so. Radahn is not only stronger, but more skilled in my opinion.


She didnt even flee herself, Cleanrot Knight Finlay carried her back to the Haligtree


She didn’t flee, she fell unconscious shortly after blooming but not before razing the swamp of aeonia with scarlet rot. The aeonian butterfly and swamp ghost indicate she entered her goddess phase after blooming, which is why the swamp didn’t bloom where we find Radahn, and Finlay’s spirit ashes describe her carrying an unconscious Malenia to the haligtree post battle.


Malenia came away from that fight vastly better off than Radhan did, there’s literally no comparison. She was asleep but otherwise herself, he was a shambling corpse eating his own soldiers. Both won, both lost, I think it’s okay to let that just be epic.


It’s stated by the guy that runs the festival, which is clearly biased. ;)


I'm fairly certain Gideon says that aswell, but maybe I'm misremembering


Yeah, Jerren is clearly Team Radahn. Of course he talks up his guy.


Malenia was never stated as the mightiest demigod tho


The opening monologue calls them the mightiest two. People get too fixated on who is the true number one. No one won. The Shattering is a tragedy for everyone.


Have you tried fighting malenia


Honestly, one of the best boss fights I've ever played in any game.


I still have never beaten sekiro because of isshin. I cannot call malenia the hardest boss because the glockenspiel Saint haunts me Edit: my auto correct turned "Glock saint" into glockenspiel


Have you tried not hesitating? Jokes aside, stay in his face at all times and you'll learn how to parry his combos through muscle memory. The mortal blade is useful but you don't really need it, like any other item in the game besides your sword. IMO it's the funniest fight in all of from's games, and also the hardest based on pure skills. Malenia is less aggressive and at the same time hardest, bust mostly because it's more bullshit than difficulty compared to Isshin. God what an awesome game


Sekiro is by far the hardest FromSoft game


Takes one lucky run man, don’t give up.


You're right but I just can't get back into the game enough to beat him. I was never the best with the mechanics or the shinobi tools but I'm worse than ever now.


Give it another run from the beginning sometime, and remember: all there really is to it for 80-90% of the fights is "attack until they deflect, then deflect their counterattack and go back to attacking". This clicked for me when I was fighting Lady Butterfly and I noticed that if I just pressed the attack until she deflected, she only ever followed up that deflect with a roundhouse kick or a jump back and a kunai throw. Being aggressive in Sekiro is the best strategy because it limits the opponents' moveset to a much narrower range of predictable options.


Not just *a* meteor shower- he kept literally the entire sky from **falling** because he decided they should stop. Even 90% dead and absolutely insane, the stars stood in the sky because you’re fucking stupid if you think they’re going near the lands between with the fuckin **starscourge** milling about


It’s not implied that that’s actually him consistently maintaining them at every point in time. We see other demi gods erect barriers that just sit there passively and there’s no indication it’s actively taxing them. It would almost be headcannon. We have no idea how his spell worked. Secondly. “Stars” we have no proof that actual real stars exist in ER. We see a comment hit limgrave and destroy a mountain. The. We see a bunch of those comets fall and hit all over the continent and they’re just giant bugs. The falling star beats, and they just make craters in the ground. Then we see a “moon” at Ranni’s rise, but it’s specifically called an outer god, we don’t know how or if it’s an actual moon, since it doesn’t behave like one.


This makes me wonder if Radahn could defeat Astel


I'm sure that Radahn could defeat hordes of Astels and probably has. He conquered the stars for a reason, because he knows probably from experience that they're wacky magic alien rock candy monsters.


Stalemated that is until Malenia cancer nuked a continent. Makes me think that Malenia knew she couldn’t win and would eventually lose.


I would love to see pre malenia Caelid. Time travel in dlc 👀


I'd love to get a Hunter's Dream-like DLC showing us characters like Godwyn and Radahn before they were reduced to diseased shells of their former selves.


If this happens, I hope we get to see Praetor Rykard as well and be able to get his golden sword before it became blasphemous.


Yeah that’d be really cool. Also could see Miquella.


Wouldn’t it be cool to have Radahn as like a massive npc who gives you tasks to complete in a dlc and is a super kind dude


Don't give me hope, I mean hype


She did it on accident; the rot blossoms involuntarily when malenia is on the brink of death


Should've been Starscourge Radahn vs Manus, Father of the Abyss


Except when he had the lake bug. oh his weakness was a bath


Well, it was actually magic that held the meteors up.


Asking this in r/EldenRing is definitely not going to give a biased result.


Well would you rather I ask on r/darksouls


Try r/KingsField


The most unbiased responses would likely come from r/soccer


I already paid them to vote for Radahn




Could always ask r/fromsoftware you'd think it be even there right?


Too many diehard “the adventures of cookie & cream” fans in there to be unbiased.


> “the adventures of cookie & cream” What's that


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Cookie_%26_Cream a joke


Ah okay, ty.


Ask both places. It would even out.


Or on r/whowouldwin


it's not even so much that, its the fact ER characters scale way above a lot of what anyone in DS can do.


bias? in this sub? especially when it comes to Radahn? ​ dont be silly


Bro Artorias is one of my favorite characters in any video game ever. Radahn would wipe the floor with him. It's not even close. He's just a *really* good knight compared to a literal demi-God




Gavlan Wheel


Gavlan deal


Gavlan want soul


Both of them you don't fight at their prime we don't know what Artorias can do at full and we don't know What Radahn can do at full too.


Honestly, I think you can make the argument that Artorias' fall to the Dark might have made him stronger, even if it cost him his wits. On the other hand, Radahn's infection with scarlet rot had undoubtedly made him weaker


The Dark both strenghten him and weaken him at the same time, power wise he was stronger but he was more beastly and way less focused and calculated, he was more savage and in a way predictable and ineffective vs a very skilled opponent like us (lorewise at least). Meanwhile someone like Gael, who i think is the strongest character in the soulsverse to the point that Gwyn himself who took down the immortal archdragons was terrified of what essentiall Gael ended up being, was able to obtain the power of the dark and while at first he was beastly like artorias, we saw how absolutely overwhelming he became once he regained his focus and acted less like a beast and more like a skilled warrior (that air backflip with the automatic crossbow into a slash is still the coolest boss move, holy sheit). So i think overall Artorias was stronger before being corrupted by the darkness, assuming he was a top tier skilled warrior and all that, cause i think that even with the power of the darkness Radhan might be too strong for artorias so his wits and tactic as a proficent warrior might serve him better than raw power, but idk tbh


then maybe its worth a thought experiment comparing artorias to malenia. her skill was able to match radahns strength. if you put artorias lore wise as just as skilled as her he could also hold his own. if you think she can out maneuver artorias then radahn would also ultimately overpower him.


Malenia had to essentially use the scarlet rot to end the stalemate, overall i think Artorias might not be strong enough without the darkness and too predictable/linear with it and still not strong enough. In order to have a fair fighting chance he would need to resist it and completely overpower it like Gael did, cause as i see it to beat Radhan you also need some brute strenght/thoughness Someone like Champion Gundyr, Dragonslayer armor and pre-crippling Lorian might be more suitable contenders cause they are more on the powerhouse side but also skilled and agile warriors (and Radhan better pray gameplay mechanics aren't involved otherwise the Dragonslayer armor's shield is gonna just end his entire existance while taking negative damage)


They stalemated before the rot. Which means pre-bloom she was matching him. According to the battle lore she had also been through an entire campaign just to get to him. We've seen when she's near death she blooms. Her (?)daughter/clone shows it involuntary though. I doubt she actually ment to do it.


Can you imagine Dark Artorias if he could still use both arms? That greatshield is amazing, the Chosen Undead would never stand a chance.


Don’t put that thought into my head I’m scared thinking of the fight in general


Your profile picture has r/berserklejerk energy


Bruh the Chosen Undead kills the guy that made Artorias look like that later in the DLC. They would absolutely beat a prime Artorias as well.


All i know is that the current "corrupted" for of Radahn seems to be much stronger. I love artorias but similar to a lot of ds1 bosses he doesn't have the insane move sets that later games' bosses have


Idk man im rooting for Artorias. I have no concrete argument im just cheering him on


i love radahn but Arto has a special place in my heart


As much as this hurts me to say it... Radahn would absolutely demolish artorias ​ Dark souls characters are simply not on Elden Ring's characters power level... except for Gael ig


Not a single living being in any FromSoft game can match my boi Gael on sheer stubbornness and determination.


Just fanboying but I'd say that Gael can easily clap most demigods, and I think he'd be on morgott's level if I were to rank him (both fight like dancing ballerinas)


Gael is basically the MC of his own game.


mans literally the dark soul


He is the John DarkSoul


ah... the eternal john dark souls.


There are a few that can compete, Yhorm is the one that comes to mind. There was a thread a while back with the same premise, just Radahn vs. Yhorm. Even in this subreddit, it was 50/50, if not even in favour of the giant. His Lore is just that powerful, even without his shield. With shield, he may be able to defeat rot queen, so that is speculation on my part.


Yoo I didn't even think of Yhorm but now that u say it... Yup he's definitly a great contender. Let's just hope radahn doesn't know about the Stormrulers


Gwyn in his prime could give most if not all of the Elden Ring cast a run for their money but yeah overall Dark Souls characters are on a lower power level than ER characters for the most part.


And midir and gwyn and witch(s)of izalith responsible for creating all demons, I'm sure there's some more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.


Radahn 100%


Honestly, I don't even gonna say that Radahn on his prime could beat Artorias on his prime, but rather that Radahn as we find it in-game could still beat the crap out of Artorias on his prime. Like... Artorias is cool and all, but we are comparing him to a guy capable of jumping to the stratosphere and turn himself into a friggin' meteorite.


Penetrator and it’s not even close


Nah, gotta be Semon of Dong


Curse weapon


As much as I love Artorias for both his style and lore, Radahn, easily. Artorias has no feats of strength comparable to Radahn, especially considering his gravitational magic. Artorias is still personally my more favored of the two, though.


I'll take the guy who can turn into a damn meteor every time.🤷‍♂️


Radahn. Man’s like 27 ft tall, held back the literal stars, and fought Malenia. Plus, his gravity magic and Cragblade would put him at a big advantage.


Radahn hands down but Art is defo not to fuck with


We don't exactly know the logistics of Radhan's cosmological feat. He very well could have created a spell that binds the celestial bodies and doesn't need to maintain any sort of focus to keep the spell consistent outside of just being alive. That being said Radahn wins for sure but I like Artorias better for the Guts references.


Sorry mate but Radahn is on an entirely different plane than Artorias. He would die within 30 seconds.


Artorias is a fantastic character, but he’s not touching Radahn. The in-universe power levels of Elden Ring characters are just so damn high compared to dark souls, and Radahn is considered the strongest of them all, alongside Malenia.


This but with Optimus as a competitor as well...


Considering Artorias in his prime couldn't even stop the abyss situation in Ooly while Radahn can hold the entire visible star system in halt, it's frankly not even a competition. He was also a war general meaning he's probably incredibly tactical and intelligent considering how beloved he his by his troops. He honestly just has all the advantages here, with maybe the exception of size, not being able to get into smaller spaces that is. Other than that, Artorias might be left-handed, but that's kind of all he has and it's not even 100% confirmed whether he was actually left handed. I'd say a more fair fight for Radahn would probably be the Ivory King. Both of them are actually relatively similar, **successfully**, holding back an entire force of nature, sky and chaos respectively. They were both beloved by their people, one a war general, the other a king. They both had someone they cared for an incredible amount that they would die for, Leonard and Alsanna. Both of them were corrupted yet managed to continue their duty even after corruption. And the only difference I can think of is that one is a demigod and one is a human.


I love my boi Artorias but Radhan is literally holding back the movement of celestial boddies **while not in his prime**. I think it would be hard to substantiate an equal claim to power by our acrobatic friend.


Radahn could control the stars with his mind gone and still could fight a dozen tarnished. This isn’t even close


Radahn. Cause even in the state he's currently in it still takes an ENTIRE FESTIVAL of people to kill him. Artorias meanwhile in his worn down state is defeated by a single person(or 3 if you summon)


Artorias is op by Dark Souls standards but in Elden Ring shit is on a cosmic scale of power


Artorias is my favorite dark souls character but Radahn held back the fucking stars while being driven insane by scarlet rot AFTER fighting the other contender for strongest in the lands between to a standstill. Not to mention in his prime he would presumably be able to use other types of magic, having studied in Sellia. Artorias just doesn't match up


Radahn bodies him


I mean... one has a doggo.


Better question is who wins in a fight:. Leonard or Sif?


Look, Artorias was strong as fuck, but not hold-the-stars-in-their-place strong So i vote radahn


Radan will win. He is the tankiest enemy in the game and he can ise so many ability. Artoriss is a skillful swordsman but he can only bonk.


Artorias is one of my fav bosses, both gameplay and lorewise. But being honest, Radahn just wrecks and wipe the floor with Artorias, both pre and post Manus.


Radahn by a long shot. They directly say he is one of the strongest demigods.


Isn’t artorias just a swordsman? I mean he doesn’t really have demigod-like powers. How would artorias even deal with all them meteors? He’s also not a chosen one so we can’t compare him to our protagonist..


He is from a species of gods with Gwyn as their king. He is one of Gwyns 4 knights


I know he’s one of the 4, but I can’t even see Ornstein beating Radahn, let alone Artorias who mainly uses physical strength as far as we know. He used magic to keep Sif safe and that was after he lost his sword arm, which means he’s mostly about swordsmanship. Compared to a dude who jumps into the air and comes down as a fucking meteor and has gravity magic and swordsmanship in his arsenal. I can’t see Artorias winning this. Maybe the 4 Knights+Smough, but just Artorias? No.


Does Radahn have Leonard? Because he's unbeatable with his home boy


Well I guess Radahn would have Leonard and to make it even artorias would have sif


There wouldn't be a fight, both would start talking about each other companion/friend.


I love Artorias as much as the next guy, but I think Radahn has to take that one. Artorias is an awesome knight and all, but I don't think there's much he's doing to a dude that mastered gravity magic and can become a meteor. I think Manus vs Radahn could be kinda close though.


I am a huge Artorius fan, in his prime i bet he was a hell of a knight, but Radahn is on a different scale.


Radahn, not even a contest


some people don't understand how canonically overpowered elden ring characters are...


“Radahn held back the stars through sheer force of will!!!” mf it is gravity magic.


I know that this is r/Eldenring, but I think Artorias still has a chance. Radahn was in stalemate with Malenia at his prime when Malenia didnt use her rot. You all assume Artorias is just a swordsman, but it was same for Malenia. If Malenia was able to fight radahn's gravity magic with her swordsmanship, I see no reason why Artorias wouldn't be able to. Also keep in mind that, althought tainted by the abyss, Artorias was powerful enough to challenge Manus in the Dark Souls universe. Given that Manus is the strongest being in DS, I think Artorias is definitely strong enough to fight on par with Radahn.