Margit farmed the player base hard there for a minute.


Agreed, Margit easily had the most kills on me.


I got Margit in 2. I got the Godskin Duo in 1. I got Malaketh (sp?) In 3-4. I got Melania in ~10. I died to the gargoyle twins approximately 257,000 times.


Man fuck those stupid ass gargoyles


So you to have been takin by the poison.....rot




Got Margit fairly simply but everyone else on that lil list bodied my everyway to Sunday xD he let me think my foolish ambitions were enough to carry me after that speech of his lol


I just helped someone kill them literally minutes ago and the poor host died of poison right as they died. I think he still got the kill.


You do still get the kill.


Unfortunately, it still comes down to the timing. You can die and still not get it if you're a second to late. 😭 I had that happen to me on the Wooden Breast on a playthrough when I fought it with my Mimic Tear Ashes.


Thats true, but I’ve found elden rings cutoff to be more lenient than other souls games. So far as long as I killed the boss before my body starts vaporizing, I’ve always gotten the kill So I guess my original comment should really read that “They still got the kill”. If the host only died right as the boss did, then should have worked.


They fell off the waterfall after killing me. That's how I got it. Lol


I always think it's a sign of really good design that people have really different experiences. I remember back in Bloodborne, Rom was literally no problem for me, got her first try, while a lot of other people really struggled with her. But the three damn snake wraith guys, those would just wreck me over and over even with help.


Exactly! I hate those gargoyles. When people say Malenia is the hardest boss, it's like "oh so you haven't played the whole game" lol


Honestly, I died to the black knife evergaol in Liurnia more than Melania… but I also don't avoid using ashes when they're available so I fought Melania on "easy mode"


Malenia is hard, but to me, she's the most "fun-hard" boss in the game. I had a lot of fun memorizing her tells and learning when I could sneak in damage. It felt like a Sekiro fight. Waterfowl Dance is definitely OP, but I could usually avoid most of it by the end.


Absolutely agreed. Best part of these games is dying so many times to a boss while you slowly memorize their moveset and learn how to dodge everything, and Malenia was the perfect example of that.


Waterfowl dance became so easy once i figured out to dodge forward on the last attack. Hardest for me (as a mage main) has to easily be Hulk Hogan and his super suplex that would get me nearly every time. Like the bastard knew how to perfectly time his stomps and that suplex on me.


The OG rune farm spot. GUARD DUTY 💂‍♀️


This guys is like Bloodborne’s *Papa Guacamole*, also known as *Daddy Gasoline*, of Elden Ring. First boss that truly curbstomps new players into the stones they walk on. “Foul tarnished..”


"Put these foolish ambitions to rest." Imagine my utter demoralization fighting this motherfucker in my first From game, only to be told to just stop trying every time he catches my ass in another never-ending combo


The first tree sentinel between the first step at church of elleh


That stupid tree sentinel killed me more then every boss so far. I still use its weapon though because I love it


Definitely a lot but most people would have eventually learned to go around him, margit definitely takes it as he is mandatory


Fucking tree sentinal, right out of the gates. I aggro'd him and retreated to the church of ellah thinking I would be safe. That motherfucker came through the wall like the damn Kool aid man and killed me again.


I was in awe of the destructiveness they introduced! My jaw literally dropped.


"OH YEAH!" Dead.


A friend of mine had never played a souls game and also just didn't have much experience with video games generally. He spent 5 straight days dying to that Tree Sentinel. Nothing but his starting gear and it didn't even occur to him that he might be optional.


7 hours here before I was like, oh... I can just keep on going by. Fuck me.


I tried three times before I did something else.


Limgrave tree sentinel


As soon as I saw him I thought "nope, this has to be a trap"




Me too hahahaha an embarrassing amount of times


As someone who has dark souls experience and finished them, I thought that I can take on any beginner bosses. I thought wrong... Got massacred a bunch of times but I still fought it till I beat it.


LOL my first time I had no idea what was going on. Next thing I knew, I was dead. Then every so often, I’d come back after upgrading weapons and leveling up to see if I was experienced and strong enough to fight him. Eventually got him good solo, no ash summons. Felt good, but I miss seeing him roaming in front of the church.


He was my test subject too, lmao


Same. I only tried him once not long after I saw him just to “see what he could do”. He immediately one-shotted me and I was like “yup, I’m saving you for later”.


I had never played a souls like game, or anything similar, but I heard he was hard. So I decided to beat him. It took me 2 hours, easily the hardest boss to my skill at the time, but 100% worth it. Really taught me the basics of the game and combat system and prepared me for the rest of the bosses in the game. Definitely recommend every new player, that enjoys hard fights, to spend a decent amount of time on him. Was completely satisfied with him.


I saw him and thought he was a friendly dude and proceeded to get fucked


Fucking this right here, this was my first souls game. Tree sentinal was like "welp you gonna learn today!"


Thats an insanely harsh teacher to the game lol




Looking at something and thinking "Nope, this has to be a trap" is how you know you're an experienced Fromsoft game player Deciding to go in anyway is how you know you've become a veteran


Serious "Obi-Wan -Sping the trap-" vibes hahaha


This is so stupid yet completely accurate


Laughs in Mimic Chest


Limgrave tree sentinel was one of my favorite moments when I started the game at the release night. The music, the destructiveness, constantly being stance broken. It felt so epic. I kept helping other people to just relive it over and over.


I died 100+ times to him. I knew I DIDNT need to beat him, but there was no way I was leaving without killing that fucker. I got him after 3 hours lol


Same, then I ran a little bit aways saying FUCK THIS! Then boom, wandered over to the Night Cavalry on that bridge just a click away. 🥺


I never found that night cavalry. Didn't know they were there until just now. I only tried the tree sentinel once and came back after some leveling and when I had the horse.


Wait where is "there"? I don't think I ever found it because I almost never play the game at night ...too scary


several bosses like Night Cavalry, Deathbirds, and Death Rite Birds, only come to the map at night... and he's referring to the bridge to the west of the OG church.


Bell bearing hunters too.


There's quite a few of them. Found one in Caelid I had never seen before just a few days ago. Gave me some poison AOW.


I KNEW the game was teaching me the “it’s ok to leave and come back to something, this is a big world and you’ll be strong later” And my response was “how DARE you try to teach me something”


I had to cheese him with my 3 wolves then run away till we lined up like a jousting tournament and get a few swings in at a time. 20min main biting shit show lmao


I cheesed that fucker with rot and went and hid in the bushes whilst he (very) slowly succumbed to it.


Dude for real like to finally see the world of ER and there's this fuckin Chad giant grandfather waiting to pound your shit. And the track gets you ready for it too


Prattling Pate "Let's Get to It"


He pounded me good the first time i met him. I explored caelid before coming back. When i fought him again he was just like “Hello sir, here is your talisman pouch, and a complimentary grace to rest.”


I love this game design. I was new to FS games although I was aware of the reputation. I thought “early level, let’s give it a try.” And promptly got stomped a few times before I decided to hold off for a bit. Welcome to a truly open world where the first thing you run in to is a late game enemy. Loved it.


Probably ya, too many people, like me, didn’t know you could simply go around him


I spent so much time in the first area gathering arrows and parts for arrows. This was my first From Software game. When I got them out I wanted to see if I could climb those first ruins with it, I was able to get on top. Then I just cheesed him with basic arrows. It took a long time and a lot of arrows but it worked. Looking back it probably would have taking less time to just memorize his attacks and battle him in my underwear at a low level. I don't remember exactly but I think it took me hundreds and hundreds of arrows.


I probably gave him half those by trying my naked run




Gravity has been so forgiving in Elden Ring. But it was a lot of experimenting at first so who knows :p.


It can be forgiving and cruel. You'll survive massive falls but then die to falls like half the size.


That's because there are a bunch of places that are coded to ignore falling damage. Add that to incredibly janky way falling damage is calculated (the difference between 0 damage and instant death is about two feet) and it makes fall damage feel utterly random and broken.


The only thing I want is my character to be able to roll out of the fall animation. In DS3, when you fall, you can mash the roll button a few times to cancel the recovery animation. It's a godsend for speedrunning. But in ER, you can't do that. That's the biggest gripe I had with the runback to Placidusax. Fall. Recover. Fall. Recover. Over and over, drove me nuts. That would take half as much time if I could roll out of it like in DS3


Agreed, if you swing while in the air though I think it cancels it.


I feel like this is my number 1 killer. I die more in Elden Ring than any other souls game, but most of them feel like falls


Prepatch rhadan was a fucking nightmare


I will never forget spending 45 minutes farming bloodroses and sheep bones to kill that motherfucker.


You farmed to make buffs? I just brute forced myself through it. Enter the portal, get sniped, die. Rinse and repeat until i manage to kill him.


This is the way


This is the way


This is the way


This is the way


Smorc or die trying.


Face is the place


Aw man I miss early Hearthstone


2 different tyoes of players. Play smarter or play harder.


I'm glad I got to experience the release of the game and subsequent patches. Just about done with my 1.07 run and it's been the easiest by far and not just because I know what I'm doing now. The recent patches have done a number on the game. I couldn't play pure strength builds previously as I sucked. I still suck but staggering and poise breaking large enemies every swing has trivialised a lot.


I ran around and just kept summoning and shooting him with blood bone arrows


I remember fighting him around lvl 60-70 ish with bloodhounds fang. It was much harder than I had expected.


Absolute chad.


I'm so glad I have the bragging rights of having beaten pre nerf Radhan though.


Same, though tbh I didn’t actually fight him. After getting ass-blasted and one-shot a dozen or more times, I assumed he wasn’t supposed to be fought directly, so I played battle commander and ran around on Torrent resummoning constantly lmao


Same, only difference is that I used scarlet breath or whatever the dragon incant is called on him to keep a constant drain on his health. Still took like 3 tries


Radahn beat my ass so bad I grinded levels to have enough faith to use that incantation. When the time finally came I missed all my casts and didn't have any blue flasks so I just rushed him with my sword. That was the successful attempt


Boss attempts where you somehow pull a win straight out of your ass are the most rewarding lol


I literally thought lore wise that he was already rotted to the point that adding excess wouldn't help. Oh how wrong I was.....


Yep. Even post-Rot Breath-nerf, it still rots him in one cast, including when you need to re-apply in phase 2.


I didn't have rot breath, so I used scorpion's stinger to proc the rot. Getting in that close to him was a dicey proposition, but I ultimately prevailed. Came back in NG+ for a solo duel with Hoslow's Petal Whip and the Thorned Whip and laughed out loud at how his health bar melted. Sweet revenge.


Did it ever stop giving you call signs? I tried the whole constant summon method and after two or three deaths the NPC summon signs would stop showing up. Ended up having to blitz his ass with the first wave, run, summon a second wave, blitz him again. Then fight him 1v1 for the last 3rd of his health. But yeah, I’m 100% okay with them buffing Radahn back to his pre-patch insanity. I fought him post past in new game plus and even with the extra health he was a push over.


The signs are specific to each of the 10 banners in his arena. So once you've used a summon under a banner you can then only find that summon under a select few more banners. For example Blaidd can be summoned under 6 different banners while Alexander is only under 3. You can see more info here under the Festival Mechanic section: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Starscourge+Radahn


That was my first solution. I feel like the amount of summons and their respawn mechanism was such a great touch to an otherwise phenomenal game. I think I tried at least a dozen times to close the gap with him in the beginning before I realized that the terrain could give partial cover. Then I rode around trying to bait out his attacks only to be curb-stomped to death. Such an amazing fight/scenario to learn.


He was so absurdly over tuned but it was also fitting and one of my favorite gaming moments. It really felt like defeating a god. I kind of wish they would have some more fights available on that scale and difficulty


Yeah I beat him with a melee samurai build first time and it was brutal. But very satisfying. I beat him after the over patch and again after the correction patch. The correction current patch is definitely the most balanced


My new mage character absolutely demolished him. It was then I decided that I wouldn't hide behind Rock Sling anymore. Staggered him at least 3 times.


Oh yeah, magic has always been the 'bring a gun to a sword fight' of FromSoftware games but in Elden Ring it's so ridiculous it gets to the point of bringing artillery to a sword fight And I say this as a main INT player


Jammy bastard, I really wanted to fight radhan pre-nerf, got to him the day after it and beat him so easily, it was a huge disappointment


I never fought him pre nerf. What changed? Was it just his health and dmg or did it also have to do with hit boxes and moves?


All of his moves had larger hit boxes and his dmg was looney tunes plus having beefcake health didn't hurt his chance of plummeting from orbit into your anus to wipe you and a couple blocks behind you away


Dang I wish they didn’t change him. He feels so easy to solo now. He’s titled strongest of the demigods for a reason.


*WAS the strongest. I think they drive the point home that he’s not nearly as strong as he once was since he can’t even think tactically, it’s like fighting a wild animal.


It was too much. It was almost manageable if not for his move in phase 2 with the floating rocks. That shit did so much fucking damage and had such absurd hitboxes that they were essentially a free kill for him unless you were on the other side of a dune. He essentially had a "nope, I win" move and it was terrible.


Lol those rocks are what got me the most. For some reason I just had a hard time noticing when he would launch them, so every time he hit it I was like where tf did that come from, even after I knew to be looking for it lol


It didn't matter. They didn't hit all at once, so even if you saw it coming and you rolled, one of them would inevitably hit you and that was enough to kill you. Blocking was also a no go, since the first one or two rocks would break your guard and the rest would kill you. That move was actually, genuinely bullshit.


For me it was the hitboxes that really pushed it over into feeling impossible.


the 4 meteors used to hit you every single time and they were one hit kill


Actually the worst Move ngl, I think he was the only one who took me over 20 tries


That move was the bane of my existence on release. It took me three days of attempts to beat him even with summons because I was underleved but didn’t know it at the time. Got him eventually though.


He still obliterated me at Level 80, took me 2 days to put him down and the first time that Meteor hit me, I laughed my Ass off.


Spent 8 hours fighting him pre patch. Some of the most fun I had launch weekend.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they say that it wasn't a nerf but a mistake when they patched it the first time? I could have sworn I read they changed it back to how it originally was


No, they over-nerfed him and reverted *some* nerfs, but not all of them. Radahn now is *vastly* easier than he was at release.


I remember coming into the arena the first time and looking at Radahn, then at the summon signs on the ground, and then getting one shot by an arrow that I didn’t see coming. Then not getting the timing of the dodge and having it happen 4 or 5 more times. Didn’t even get to hit him until like the 10th attempt.


Ah lame. I think I fought him the two weeks or so he was super easy. At least there were plenty of other bosses to kick my ass lol


I remember my dad checking on me every now and then over the span of a few hours to see that I was getting pummeled by Radahn. Imagine my disappointment when the patch dropped in the middle of his attempts and on his first attempt afterwards he beat him


Oh man, a real life "are ya winning son" meme


He now gloats to me about how easy Radahn was


Maybe because I used the Festival Mechanism (aka the summons) extensively, but I didn't find him difficult even before the patch.


Id like to say first tree sentinel is up there thanks fromsoft newbs like me who thought we had to beat them at start


Margit may not have killed the most Tarnished but he's certainly the one that's made "Foul Tarnished..." one of my default greetings for people in real life and can you really put a price on that?


Priceless. Margit is the mascotte of Elden Ring. Edit: his voiceover is magnificent.


I work at DG and we are always out of Mayonnaise. You wouldn't believe how often I have the urge to say: Put these Foolish Ambitions to rest!" Whenever somebody asks if we have it...


Truly meme worthy voiceacting.


Man, it unreasonably maddens me that I don't have any people in my circles that would get any FromSoft references... There are soooooo many good quotes, that could function as one-liners. Even among the gamers there are only 2 or 3 that at least now finally played Elden Ring but than not in English and not to the extend that they would get my references unless I spell them out for them... which ruins it. I mean there have been countless times where someone asks me if I think something was a good idea and I just whisper to myself "foul tarnished... doin this or that, embolded by the flame of ambition,... put these foolish ambitions to rest." I wish I could just drop a "foul tarnished" instead of a less than enthusiastic "sure, that's a good idea, I totally believe in you" and people would get me..


Given the amount of people who Havnt finished the game, it’s gotta be margit


There will always be that one harsh instructor early game in Fromsoft games.


Those two werewolves in bloodborne on the bridge killed so many runs I reckon. They weren’t even a boss. Hell they stopped me from playing for a good week or two haha


Gameplay-wise? Tough question. If you only count the player's first death, then it's Grafted Scion. If you count total deaths, then it's anyone's guess. Margit would definitely be one of the contenders. There's also Malenia and Radagon/EB. Lore wise? Unquestionably Godfrey.


Lore wise is also a interesting one. Idk who lorewise has the highest kill count in the Lands Between (and outside of it?) Edit: some grammar.


Malenia essentially nukes like 1/5th of the map so you can go ahead and coins every person who was in Caelid are practically dead which gives a large body counts, meanwhile Astel destroyed the eternal cities which, well, it’s two once very populated cities so that’s one hell of a body count. there were probably hundreds of tarnished over the years who tried to enter stormveil so Margit would have gotten a bunch from that. Radahn was an active war general and fought in a ton of battles which would give him a body count in the high numbers


Y’all may think Margit and perhaps Melania. But I got one better. Those god damn LOBSTERS! Nobody was expecting them they kill every time in a first run


Goddamn crustaceous snipers!


Technically I guess it'd have to be the Grafted Scion, the pre-tutorial boss.


Well it's killed every player once, but some bosses kill players over and over


And then there’s me who created 20-30 chars just to beat him one single time bc I wanted to know if he drops cool stuff


You can go back and fight him using one of the four belfries.


Yeah sure but I don’t know if there was a lot of info about that at day2 after release 😄


Well, did it drop cool stuff?!?!


Those twin straight swords were pretty good as a starting weapon. The greatshield was not that interesting for me


Yeah the sword is decent, but I can't say its really worth it that early. I did it once too but just not worth the effort, you can find better weapons in the first couple hours no problem.


There's probably even some who it haven't even killed.


That only kills you once though.


That’s what you think.




Doesnt actually kill you. It just leaves you with 1hp afaik


NPC? Probably Varre cuz of newcomers who attack him without realizing he turns hostile


And boy is he strong when you are lvl 1 lmao.


And to my understanding, he would keep killing you every time you reappear to that grace until you finally ran away - so multiple kills per person!


Yea he called me bitchless and then I kept dying until I just made a new character, it was a quick reality check lol


Lmao why did yall get so upset becuz yall were in fact bitchless at the time. Juss take the L gracefully and find ur bitch.




Its alright son 🤣


Gostoc did pretty good for an NPC, although indirectly given he locks you in the room with the big knight.


"RIP 1300 KD"- RDCWorld


I'm gonna pick a lesser mentioned one: Commander O'Niel A boss that summons ganks up to 3 times with increasingly difficult enemies. I don't know why, but that boss room is always FLOODED with bloodstains when I fight him. The only one that comes close is Margit with tons of blood stains right at the door as if people went in then stopped moving. But O'Niel is one of the first bosses that uses rot, he's in an area that puts rot on you when you try to reach it, his grace is way off to the side so if you don't find it you HAVE to walk through the wide part of the rot lake each time, he summons a ton of assholes to gank you, and his attacks are huge wind AoEs that do rot. It's no wonder the room is filled with bloodstains, half of which I'll bet he didn't even directly do and the people just died to rot


About 20 of those should be mine, sorry 😂


I agree. But he is also the easiest to cheese




I think he felt bad for me dying in the tutorial area 13 times that he let me kill him to feel something.


Soldier of God, Rick*


Listen to me, Morty. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You're lookin’ around, and it’s all scary and different, but y’know, meeting them head-on, charging into ‘em like a bull — that’s how we grow as people.


Its margit and it isnt even close. He is the gatekeeper.


My buddy basically got into the game and avoided all conflict to try and sprint through the game. His texts when he hit Margit gave me strength.


I am a souls vet and Margit bent me over. His kit was so hard for me to get down


And the sheer disrespect he has for you just makes it worse


A Certain Blade of Miquella, no contest


Shes so far in the game and so well hidden that the vast majority of players have probably never even fought her though. We're on Reddit so we're the super fans. Completion rate is somewhere around 30%. So it's a question of does the sheer volume of deaths per player from Malenia exceed the lower deaths per player but from a much larger sample size with Margit?


I didnt even bother the first run. I went into ER not expecting to beat it, so I figured it wouldn't be worth it to go find her. The last 3 or 4 bosses of the game were a lot easier than I expected so I got my ending and was too tempted to not go into ng+ right away.


I think there's a decent chance due to that high volume. I've seen videos of people dying to Malenia 200+, I wouldn't be surprised if it took me about that many too. On xbox at least, about 20% of the playerbase has the achievement for beating Malenia. No idea how many copies sold on Xbox exactly, but I know it's in the millions. If my math is correct (and it probably isn't, I'm terrible at math) and we assume 5 million players on xbox, 20% would be 1 million players that beat Malenia. Even if we lower the amount of deaths per successes to 100, that's 100,000,000 deaths. And that's only including xbox, and only including players that fought her and eventually beat her. Obviously it's not perfect, I'm sure there's plenty of people that beat Malenia in way fewer than 100 attempts. But that's still an insane amount of death.


Yea but the average player probably dies 250 times to her alone lmao


Pretty sure my average attempt length was around 1 minute on my first solo run, which took 4 hours. Given I’ve had other long attempts and run through her on different builds now, I can comfortably say I’ve probably died between 300-400 times


I’m really not sure 🤔 The amount of bloodstains and summonsigns infront of Margit was insanity.


Malenia has killed me personally enough times to make up for the entire rest of the player base killed by Margit


Like in game or canonically? Cuz they could vary a lot


In game.


The fucking dragon knight guarding the entrance to the capitol city in Leyndell


That first Tree Sentinel or The Runebear scratching the tree. I dont know why people I see playthrough this game always try to fight the Bear.


Yeah I was guna say that tree sentinel or like my dumb ass... first death was to the one passive zombie chillin on a cliff that you backstab and then a giant bear spawns. Yeah I went the wrong direction.


Margit was basically Elden Ring’s Gascoigne.


Ngl he is the reason there is a hole in my living room wall


Prenerf Radahn. That man committed war crimes against me.


Fire giant


i didnt struggle with any boss as such , clearing most within 1-3 tries , but fire giant geez , my low vit night sorcery build got STOMPED by this 30+ times . luckily all them deaths meant by ng+ and ng++ i cleared him on 1 try but the stress stays with me 😅


Bro I would love to be able to see the global kill count of all enemies


That royal revenant in the lake of liurnia.




If it’s just players then I don’t really know, but if we’re counting other npcs then Malenia wins easily thanks to scarlet Aeonia. Margit would be close though, since he’s known for killing countless champions during the shattering.


Canonically? Godfrey. Gameplay? I'm torn between Radahn and Malenia. I've heard tales of people beating Margit first try on their blind attempt, but absolutely being bodied at least once by Radahn and a hundred times by Malenia.


I'd say malenia but she's optional right? You could completely miss her? For me the one I struggled with most was twin gargoyles. I hated that.


Technically you never have to go see Margit either.....


Malenia obviously she wouldn’t have such a reputation if she didn’t




Pre-Patch Radhan was rough though. Especially right after they patched all the cheese methods. Absolute nightmare to fight. It didn’t matter how good you were, you would die


Malenia based on the fact she basically nuked caleid...