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Plin plin plon


The plin plin plon is everywhere Gwyn, lord of cinder Aldia, scholar of the first sin Soul of cinder Elden beast


Gwyn plin plon


Plin plin plon Plin plin, plin Plin plon


Plin plon, Plin Plin Plin plon, Plin plon Plin plin.






My brother, Ludwig the Holy Blade.


Yes...the moonlight waltz is the og ost


Ludwigs is nuts. But nothing tops slave knight gael for me. Radagon is also a banger


Haven't heard his ost yet but I'll give it a listen. I really do need to play the ds3 dlc's cause I know the bosses there are fantastic.


Nothing tops Ludwig for me


Blood starved beast? I mean, it's not the most memorable boss fight but that OST though...might only go unnoticed because it's not a Ludwig or a Lady Maria


I agree, the ost feels straight out of a horror movie which I like. But also can get a bit repetetive. I actually think Cleric Beast has the most underrated ost in Bloodborne.


Cleric beast is great indeed




Gehrman, the first hunter...


Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt


YEESSS, now this I would have to say, is definitely one of THE best ost's throughout the whole series.


Godrick and Ludwig are almost equal for me, they share the same style.


Godrick's is great but nowhere near In my opinion. In all honesty I think Malekith is pretty forgetable. Nowhere near Ludwig, Soul of Cinder, Laurence, Lady Maria, Living Failures, etc. (The old hunters dlc has fantastic music is what I'm saying)


Living failures is unbelievably underrated, probably my favourite bloodborne track. But malikeths OST is just fantastic, it fits him so well and the second phase is just so unique


Malekith's is really good yeah, but I wouldn't even say it's the best in Elden Ring let alone the whole series. If I had to pick a favourite for Elden Ring it would probably be Morgott.


Elden ring is pretty new, gotta let it sink a bit, all of them tracks are going to feel more memorable as time go by, it's just my honest opinion


Godskin ost and Mohg are better imo


The drop on Malenias second phase tho


That second phase is terrifyingly gorgeous with the music.


I mean she did say that you will witness true horror.


It’s even crazier that they teased us with that music in the game awards teaser


Laurence the First Vicar tho 😭


It'll be Ludwig for me


I haven't even played Bloodborne and I would agree that Ludwig's theme is probably one of the best in the series


That shit slaps hard I still think Godrick ost slaps harder tho, It has the same style with bloodborne music.


Maybe I’m a purist but for me, Bloodborne’s soundtrack hits different because they recorded the ost with a live orchestra and choir. The cello solo in phase 2 Laurence is the definition of sublime for me, and a lot of that comes from knowing that I’m listening to a person who spent on the order of tens of thousands of hours playing and honing their craft, and because of that, they could convey to me the tragedy of Laurence’s story, his hubris, his pain and his regret. It’s gorgeous and devastating and I treasure his encounter every time. Maliketh, Elden Beast, and Midir are the closest the synthesized orchestra and choir get to evoking similar emotions for me. Beast Clergyman especially gives me such a fabulous sense of space (in terms of the arena and Farum Azula in general).


The swedish orchestra/singer performance of the blood borne intro was amazing as well. You should watch it if your haven’t.


Are they synthesised? I thought the Budapest Film Orchestra performed the ost.


Oh shit you’re right. Welp that’s what I get for not doing my research. A lot of the choir is definitely synthesized though but now I’m second guessing myself on some moments. Damn looks like I’m gonna have to play through elden ring again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


There was that sneak peek of the orchestra that Bandai Namco released a little while ago that showed singers apparently performing the Tree Sentinel theme. But yes, it’s definitely not proof of all the choirs being real. Wish they released more behind the scenes footage like that.


Yeah, I went back and listened to the OST while at work and I’m just trying to figure out my beef with it. They say they recorded with a full orchestra and singers, but it just doesn’t always hit right for me. There are some absolute winners, for sure, but some vocal lines just feel artificial to me, esp. in Morgott’s theme, Godskin Apostles, and parts of Elden Beast intro. Maybe it’s the perfect regularity of the vibrato combined with the fact that Tsukasa uses voice as an orchestral timbral element more than as a… idk, choir I guess. The male singers in Beast Clergyman knock it out of the park though.


I prefere Godskin ost But yes, Maliketh and Godrick are top tier


Yessss I love me some Laurence representation


But Mohg theme tho…


That ***choir***


Nihil NiHiL NIHIL *nut*


\-Nihil !! \-AAGH what the. . would you please . . ? \-NIHIL ! ! ! \-STOP THAT!! \-**N I H I L ! ! !**


*bleeds to death*


Elden ring ost is full of bangers that it was hard for me to pick, my favorite game ost.


Fair point a lot of the themes are good in this game


I think what sets the Clergyman/Maliketh theme apart is that it really visibly incorporates Farum Azula's musical motifs, like those incredibly solemn but dreamy chimes to intersperse the more usual-fare boss-orchestra drama. It makes the boss music--and by extension the boss--feel much more like a part of the world, like, a natural extension of the very environment you've been exploring and navigating all this time.


I love mohgs theme. It just sounds so...evil


I like maliketh theme, but nothing tops the godskin duo for me


Godskin duo is on my top 10 in the series Every track in my top 10 are very close, but maliketh is top 1 for me


Unpopular opinion but I want more Godskin variants to fight lmao Let me get a Godskin Knight that’s armored with Godskin leather mixed in and a Black Flame straight sword, a Godskin Pope with new Black Flame incantations, and Godskin Templars and Godskin Commoners as mobs ——————————————————————————— I’m also not convinced that Ranni and Melina aren’t the two halves of the Gloam Eyed Queen or at least her successors. Eyes are linked to a ton of different things in the lore and I feel like they each got one eye from her. Marika(technically Maliketh) defeated her and took her ability to kill gods with her Black Flame. I think Marika actually physically took her eye that had fire abilities and sealed it in Melina. The surviving “Dusk eyed Queen” may have been Ranni’s teacher the Snow Witch with her remaining eye representing Dusk/Night/Cold which was eventually passed on to Ranni. Melina has the ability to burn the Erdtree and was “given purpose by her mother in the Erdtree” which is in line with Marika’s goals. I think she gave her daughter the Queen’s eye in order to defeat the Greater Will eventually. If the Queen is still alive she’s probably eyeless and could even have no powers left besides a weakened version of Black Flame that can no longer kill gods, and a weakened ice magic. If she’s not a dlc boss she could even be an NPC vendor that teaches more Black Flame incantations and cold sorceries to us in return for doing stuff for her TLDR; I want more Black Flame items/incantations, I went on a rant about Melina and Ranni probably having the “Gloam Eyed Queen’s” eyes


Maybe in dlc we'll fight the gloam-eyed queen, that'll be so good.


Why is the second phase unique to the duo? I can't enjoy it's full glory while I'M FIGHTING FOR MY GODDAMN LIFE


It pisses me off because the theme goes hard yet I hate fighting the pricks


Same here. Although Radagon is a close second for me.


Give morgot's theme a chance


Have it writ upon thy meager grave


The choir of that theme at the start of the fight while he walks towards you menacingly with the Elden Throne and the Erdtree in the background is incredible


Yes. I often feel like I'm the only one who thinks it's the best theme in the game


the only bad thing about Maliketh's theme is that he doesn't have enough health in phase 2 to hear the full thing. his whole fight is like a dance, all of his attacks are choreographed so smoothly and flow into one another like a stream of death. genuinely my favourite boss in the game.


true that, i wish he had more health, same with fortissax


I mean, I get what you're saying, but... Radagon/Elden Beast's Theme. And Renalla's... also Malenia's... Still a really good choice though, shows you got taste.


Elden beast theme fits what he looks like if you get what I mean. It was like, really grand and serene; added a lot to the atmosphere.


Radahn second phase on repeat. Just plug it into my ears.


They're all masterpieces, I just prefer Maliketh. Entering the crumbling arena with that soothing sad music playing, knowing that Maliketh doesn't want to fight, you can sanse the sadness in his voice, shit hits deep


Malenia phase 2 theme is the musical embodiment of true horror.


Counterpoint: Godskin duo theme exists


Counterpoint: I'm inside ur walls


Counterpoint: I already got your skin


Counterpoint: i have skin cancer


Counterpoint: I'm so sorry to hear that


Turned dark then turned wholesome so quickly lol


godskin duo theme goes way too hard, agreed


Lichdragon Fortissax 👀


Lichdragon Fortissax, Godskin theme, and Godrick’s theme are my personal top 3


I'll take your word for it, couldn't hear shit over my launch destiny 1 edition ps4s fan


get ur thermal paste replaced. Its only like 15 bucks I think. I know its a meme that ps4 fan is too loud, but its not normal. u will be shocked how quiet it is once u get new thermal paste


Counterpoint: Soul Of Cinder/Gael


Counterpoint: those are on my top5, they're all super close to eachothers


Slave knight Gael phase 2 is my workout music. I cannot lift weights without hearing that choir pop off.


It’s such a shame the fight is so short against Maliketh. The full song is AMAZING, but I’ve never had a fight last long enough against Maliketh to hear it in game. (I’m dead or he’s dead in under a minute each time lol)


Nothing will ever top radagons theme for me. Especially the way it transitions into EB’s theme.


My personal favorites are Radahn's and Soul of Cinder's. But yes, Maliketh's is absolutely fucking dope as well


I can fuck with that opinion, I like Gehrman's / The First Hunter OST more due to emotional attachment, it's my favourite.


Fair enough


I’m pretty sure the nomadic merchants play their own version the same song on their instruments in Elden Ring too which is a fun little reference


Okay but Lichdragon Fortissax slaps


Lichdragon fortissax 2nd phase goes stupid hard.


My brother in christ, ancestor spirit exists


One of the most memorable tracks for sure


Agreed! I heard it and legit forgot to fight bc it was such a beautiful change of pace with the other bosses.


Okay gotta admit thats my second top pick. First is the ancestral spirit for how unique and different it is for a "souls" gane


*Godrick slides in*


I like the beast clergyman phase but i have the same problem as malenias theme: i cant fucking hear it over my panicking


Godfrey beats all


Second phase?


Both phases


One of my own personal favorites, especially the second phase.


I like the radagon/elden beast felt so epic like the ending to a game I appreciate and I pretty much knew how it went.


This rad dad and renala are my faves from the game


Godrick man his shit crazy. But Maliketh, Godrick, and Malenia are my favorite.


Did any of you listened to the ancestral spirit ost it's setts the mood for this fight so good


Damn it was hard to hear any of the boss music over the sound of my screaming


Yes 100%


Nah man, Tower Knight has that honour.


He's easily top three for me. My top three are 1. Rennala 2. Malekith 2nd phase 3. Mohg


I could never point to one theme being my favourite, even naming top3 would be hard. But I applaud posts like this, sharing our love for the game.


Not really unpopular opinion. The clowns that emptily critique this games music and combat are mostly ds1 and especially bb fanboys. In truth the games music quality is on par if not better than the old games barring ds3 imo.


This. The: new game good, let’s shit on it no matter how good it is, trend happens each time From releases a new game. Even Bloodborne got crazy amounts of hate at launch. Base game mfers ready to fucking commit war crimes because the moonlight Greatsword didn’t glow and was silver, and saying the pvp is ass.


In Elden Ring, yeah i can see that In the series? Hard pass from me personally But glad you enjoy it nonetheless


If it's not maliketh then it's either slave knight gael or radahn imo.


Yep Gael is chefs kiss


Agreed, best Boss OST… fave in game is Leyndell through. That ending swell from nostalgia/sad intro triumph/epic is insane!


Man, leyndell only background to kick my balls since Ashlake and Nier Automata resistance camp😭😭😭


I don't think this is an unpopular opinion lol. AFAIK Maliketh is a highly favored boss fight (music and all).


What would your top 5 be? It’s a good track for sure!


1- Maliketh, the black blade 2- Slave knight gael 3- Aldia, scholar of the first sin 4- Soul of cinder 5- Deacons of the deep 6- Ludwig, the holy blade 7- Starscourge Radahn 8- Majula 9- Gwyn, lord of cinder 10- Dragonslayer armour


Whoa! Thanks for this, I’ve only played ER, DS1 and some of DS3. You gave me twice what I asked for I can’t wait to check these out! You’re the best!


It’s up there for sure.


I feel like ludwigs first phase is really under appreaciated


IMO the most underrated ost is fire giant.


When it comes to elden ring Mines probably just the exploration music for liurnia


That’s a funny way to spell Sir Alonne


The music in Elden ring is just incredible. Love all the boss themes. Maliketh is also my favourite score (boss wise) but renallas is so magical and soothing I love it. Malenias (fun fact this was margits theme during the CNT) ancestor spirit etc.. Even the ambient music such as Liurnia and Leyndell (with the added toots) such masterclass


Good lord, I’m 42 and this is the first game I’ve played out of the “dark souls” series. I F ing love it! But can someone school me on what OST means? 😬


Original soundtrack


It is ABSOLUTELY up there with the best. There are five that I have tied for the best and have their own reasons: Father Owl Halflight Maliketh Elden Beast Gehrman


Counter point: Plin plin plon, Gwyn theme's so legendary you can legit look it up as "plin plin plon". Also Mohg, Godfrey, Godskins, Champion Gundyr, Vordt and Dancer Edit: Forgot Radagon.


I think aldia's ost is better than gwyn for me


Lichdragon Fortissax


Plin plin plon


Ludwig has entered the chat


Okay but the Fortissax music is like badass Halloween opera music and I love it.


First phase is so epic


Thank you for getting this epic banger stuck in my head again! 👍


I like all of them but I absolutely love fire giants boss music. It makes the boss fight feel so Norse mythology like.




I can hear the violins crying


1st step background music slaps


I disagree though I have take another listen to Malikeths theme and then I might change my mind


Man remember when the game first dropped people were disappointed in the soundtrack…to say it has grown on me would be such an understatement


I can't hear shit because of all the rock throwing and death flame But yeah his theme slaps Fire giant is another one of my favorites simply because it sounds like something out of a Nordic legend


Nothing tops the Choir as i hear NIHIL NIHIL NIHIL


My top 5 probably 1. Ludwig 2. Godrick 3. Godskin Duo 4. Gwyn 5. Laurence


I love the use of bells in this track, and the second phase music is just great


Man... I got megastomped on my first couple of attempts in p1, so I figured using Tiche wouldn't be cheesing the fight (personal preference, I wanna suffer for my kills). OH MARIKA'S TITS was I wrong! Lil' lady Tiche practically nuked him from orbit with. For p2 I got all of two hits off, the rest was just me staring dumbfounded at Tiche and Maliketh having an epic battle before me :( I didn't even register the OST...


What is ost?


Original soundtrack


Maybe a dumb question but what does OST mean? I'm 200 hours into elden ring and have never seen anyone say this


Original SoundTrack


The final battle, especially the Elden beast part, slaps bro


One of the best for sure. Especially phase 2


Lichdragon Fortissax took the W from me especially that one part in his 2nd Phase


And the coolest design and armor too


I like the fact that it's not as bombastic as other themes. This one is very solemn, calm in the first phase, leading to a chilling transition and a second phase which sounds narrative to an extent. Not my favorite, but definitively one of the most unique


I dunno about series but the reveal of maliketh is Mt fave of ER, first time I watched it I was like 'oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ' lmao


Godfrey, Malenia (press 2 specifically), RadaBeast, and Godskins are my favorites in terms of fighting osts. Other bangers exist for ambients too (in certain areas). Elphael, Leyendell, Farum, and some others come to mind.


Beast Clergyman's theme in particular is amazing. It has such an ancient, sinister, yet tragic vibe to it. And it sounds distinct unlike most of the choir-blaring songs.


Might I suggest the Ancestor Spirit tho


I mean his design is obviously top tier, and the fight is also, but the music doesn't particularly stand out to me.. ? Idk I've listened to it so many times and it's just B tier at best. S tiers for me are Mohg, Radagon, Elden Beast, Fortissax, Radahn and Godskin Apostle.


For me not so much but he looks the best out of all the bosses


I also found him the hardest boss too


Hes also the best boss


Ok so what I’m about to say, take with a load of salt because I suck at fromsoftware games and I’m only on Godrick at level 47 Godricks theme slaps


Not my pick for Elden Ring - that would be either the final battle or Mohg - but one thing that I love about the Maliketh OST, and that I think is unique to it, is how it feels like a continuation of the Farum Azula ambience. It starts where the area OST left off, and it works great.


Elden beast or the Godskin song. Love when I clocked they had a theme and randomly dropped into a room and it started playing, a nice "oh fuck" moment when I heard the song.


Naaah fire giant, the vibe is juste too epic


Fire giant has the most underrated ost


I beileve godricks is the best but valid also did you come here from the mythy moo elden ring sekiro video


The Ost sounds awesome especially in the first phase


Counter point: Ludwig


Up there with Godfrey Elden Ring is my fav due to the OSTs alone


Not unpopular, factual


No one ever puts respect on Fire Giants OST. Its so somber cause we're killing THE final Fire Giant cursed to protect the Flame of Ruin. Then that second phase? Bruh and orchestral masterfuckingpeace.


True that, Fire Giant ost is the most underrated track, makes you feel like you've encountered an old mystical being, while also capturing it's tragedy and greatness.


Yessss and im allll about the lore. So finding all of that out then going to fight him and hearing that sorrowful yet solemn music feels very noble and liberating when you finally put the last of the Fire Giants out of their misery.




I agree


Fasho in my top 10 of all boss themes in the souls games I’ve played


I'm more of a mohg man myself, but maliketh is good.


I’m sorry you feel that way, especially after hearing the Regal Ancestors Spirit OST, not to mention Bloodborne OST


Regal ancestor spirit and some BB ost's are on my top, just because i love maliketh the most doesn't really mean much


I couldn't even think about the soundtrack because that's been the hardest boss fight in the game for. I was getting 720 no scope weapon swap trick shotted the whole time with heat seeking Maliketh weaving around the pillars. With the Clergyman sometimes bullrushing me right from the get go so I would have to give up summoning ashes or get wrecked


Spoiler! >!He starts off a friend. Then a bad dog. Then a friend again, full of apologies. Then one of the hardest bosses in the game.!<


You guys hear the OST over your panic rolling, panic R1ing, and panic screaming?


Personally think his first phase has more layers and sounds better than his second phase tbh


Sorry, couldn't hear the OST cuz I was too busy fightin for my fuckin life


I'll go as far as to say it is my most favored OST overall in Elden Ring (Mohg being second), but the whole series, I would have to disagree, but too each their own, and I still tip my hat for seeing how great Maliketh's ost is 😌


I personally love The Abyss Watchers OST, and compared to previous games, I don't find Elden Ring's songs to be as epic, maybe cause I just feel "more of the same". But then again, "more of the same" is never bad when we talk about From


It’s great and underappreciated but there’s a lot of competition.


The first time I heard the main menu music kick in I was shook...on my first playthrough fighting Radagon not knowing anything about the fight hearing the music again come in after his intro I nearly cried from sheer emotion when plin plin plin came in the soundtrack Is Master Class


100% agree


I listen to Black Knives, Beast Clergyman, Fortissax and Mohg OSTs on Spotify the most. Black knives makes me feel like I’m watching the Night of the Black Knives with a large container of popcorn in hand.


Black knives are so badass, music fits them real well, mysterious and menacing.


Vordt of the Boreal Valley and Abyss Watchers would like a word. Vordt has not right being that good for an early boss.