I really hate to gatekeep, but so many of these ideas have cropped up now that a fromsoft game has hit the main stream Some good, some bad, some white text on white background


I’m all for the gate keeping at this point this whole sub has turned into people who just started playing the game having a circle jerk about how they wish it was a different game. Especially around invasions. It’s pretty exhausting to read the same baseless arguments over and over.


Im looking at all the "imagine an anime/movie/tvsho about elden ring" I cant wait cor those guys's brain to pop when from soft releases the next super short and confusing trailer for whatever comes next


Ffs there was a post with the same topic just a few days ago. And again, no, they shouldn't be able to do that. This is speaking as someone "pro-invasion". It's a terrible idea that would be impossible to implement without it being absolutely abused.


The amount of people in a world needs to be upped to 5 or 6. 3v3 would be amazing. Also invaders should have an "SOS call" item so they could call in reinforcements if they get overwhelmed.


Id be fine with a invader being able to summon another invader the problem is that ppl are going to start spawn camping even more so you dont even have time to summon another invader unless they will give us more immortality while spawning


It's a vicious balancing act. I get why they made the odds against the invaders so stacked, but those 2v2 brawls are the best.


I agree but to this day I dont understand why invaders only have 50%of their max flasks


Balancing that made more sense in older games with higher person slots in each world.


Yeah but def not in this one


Because there is no risk to invaders losing progress. It made more sense when the distance between bonfires was a lot larger so losing progress was quite tough as a host.


I support 3 v 3 solely because I want to make the Lands Between Soccer Club


Kick the skulls around! Bonus points if it has a golden rune in it!


the ball would be the glowing one actually! it would be easier to track imo, no clue what goal posts would be or jerseys, I'm thinking something light so you can light roll


Just don't accidentally break the ball.


iirc the only way on foot to break it is rolling or attacking




Invasions aren’t supposed to be fair fights


no then you'd get pricks who go in as phantoms rather than invaders and just attack the host.


I mean invaders already have to deal with ppl like this i dont see a reason why host shouldnt as well


you don't see white hosts shouldn't have to deal with summoning a cooperator, not being invaded, and having that cooperator just kill them? I guess we just can't see eye to eye then.


I mean invaders already have to deal with a hunter a furled finger and the host with 50% of their flasks sooo yeah


The whole idea of invading is that you're at a disadvantage.


that wasn't what I was talking about. I'm talking about a player summoning a total of 1 person into their world, which they did with a gold summon sign, and then that gold summon killing them. I'm talking about me using a coop summon sign and them killing me, that's what would happen if gold summons could hurt the host.


Thats a simple thing to fix just turn the friendly fire on only when ur being invaded


This is so dumb


Lot of dumb shit on the internet...


That's a battle royale, not coop with invasions


This is so smart and definitely won't backfire at all. This is a horrible idea aimed at just nerfing each other for no good reason


Booo. Everyone boo this man!


Literally no


Okay so how would you prevent the summon accidentally killing the host in a boss battle? Because what someone does in a boss battle is none of your business as an invader


Jusy turn the friendly fire on when u get invaded


I feel like that would be very confusing


This is so incredibly dumb


Youre an invader. You dont deserve a fair fight. You get what you ask for


Said the man who summoned 2 players to clear an area he cant clear for himself


I play with my brother because he lives hours away. Dont jump to conclusions just because you cant comprehend what friends and family are.


“Waaa invader bad”


Nope. Love being invaded. Love destroying them with any means I want and then listening to them complain of "gank squads". I say they deserve what they get and I love giving it to them.


So the idea is to have phantoms and hunters be differently coloured invaders. Genius. Why not also have invasions automatically send home all the phantoms, and why not have invaders cross fog walls too, it's unfair that the host can just fight a boss in coop. /s


So you want to replace phantoms with mound makers? I don’t think this is a good idea.


Another day another person on reddit complaining about Spell spamming.


As an invader I would fucking hate that


As a invader I disagree.


*sadly assigns despair emote to the quick menu for every time I murder the host I was trying to protect*




Casting spells isn’t brainless. It takes careful thinking about casting/recovery times. Swinging around a giant bonk stick is what’s brainless.


Yeah. These invaders expect all mages to have like 10 different spells prepared for PVP at all times and cycle through them with every casting.


Do you not?


No. Pebble, Slicer, Rock Sling, and Lorretta's are enough for any PVE content. Other than long casting time, paper-thinned health bar, and FP management, I don't need to add the panic from having to cycle through unnecessary spells during boss fights into the mix.


You can't talk shit on spamming with melee and then say spamming with spells is any better.


Who said anything about spamming?


Because otherwise you have even less of an argument.




If you didn't mean spamming then what's your argument? Heavy weapons have recovery time. Just like your spells.


I'm all for this but also Invaders should also get aggro from mobs not just take damage if the mob hits them by in attempt to hit you.


Couldn’t agree more. If you wanna gank, you should be skilled enough to not hit your hommie while outnumbering me you punk asses.


Yes I agree with this


Or let me summon another bloody finger just like host is able to summon hunters im fine with either


I'll say the same thing I said on another one of these posts. It won't work, because there's simply too many big hitbox attacks/aoes in this game you'd be constantly getting hit by your teammates, not to mention people who would go out of their way to troll their team and kill them on purpose. A system I think would be okay is being able to stun your teammates, meaning if you hit a teammate, it will put them into the appropriate hitstun of the attack unless they have the hyper armor/poise to withstand it. They won't take any damage, they only get hitstun. To make the system fair and avoid trolling, this system would only be active while an invader is in the world. This way players really only need to mind their positioning while in pvp without over punishing them.


most enemies can't hurt you as an invader/vice versa. as an invader, that's your tactical advantage. that's how it's always been. you're just another enemy on the map facing off against the host and their summons. it's up to you to make the most of what you've got and earn the kill. invading ain't easy, but damn if it isn't satisfying to get the win edit: if you're struggling, i recommend making a character built around invading the church of the cuckoo, probably around 45-55 weapon upgrade level 8. there's a lot of really helpful enemy mobs between that grace and the boss, and a lot of them are difficult for the co-opers to ignore, especially the dogs. the first invasions i did in elden ring were in the main lucaria area, and i found that it was pretty difficult given how open the map was and the lack of tough enemy mobs to support me (it was more or less just me dueling 2 or three people at once,) i moved to invading from that grace and it was massively easier


I think arguments can be made for friendly hitstun, maybe as an invader-side item like Seeds of a Giant Tree were in DS2-3, but full-blown friendly fire would enable widespread griefing in a community already seriously struggling with that and seriously impede actual coop when the game lacks almost any form of communication.


Honestly hunters at the very least should have friendly fire on cant tell you how often i got spawned as hunter an wanted kill a scrub host or help hunt the afk farmer


Yup same goes here


Why everyone so mad to people using weapon arts or mimic in elden ring? Now if you havent done malenia at level 1 with no mimic and weapon art you arent a real One. Play like you want, i didnt spam the bloodhound fang weapon art because for me It was too op but if you want use it.


Yes. There is nothing more unfun than invading a world and have literally no chances of victory against 3 or more guys. I agree with some people that the phantoms would just betray their hosts pretty often, so, at least, they should stagger each other. "Oh you invaded me, and I don't like it, so you deserve to be totally deleted by me and my 4 phantoms by whatever means necessary, after all, this is not a game. We are not supposed to have fun."


You're wrong but I agree


Thx i guess