30-40 is fine. When choosing seals it's ideal to choose one that gives a buff to the spells you use and scales with the stats you favor. Clawmark gives +10% on beast spells but I'd only use it with a strength hybrid build. So I'd go with anything that scales well with faith instead. Godslayer's, Fingers, Giant's, Gravel are all fine.


Aight thx btw is it worth putting points into str when i hit the cap of both dex and faith


If you use anything that scales with strength sure, but you'll probably be on ng+2 by then. Personally, with a faith dex hybrid, I'd start raising vigor to 45 or 50 at this point and Mind to 30 or more if you're a heavy spell user. My faith dex hybrid is very stat heavy I probably won't reach Elden Beast before 150.