I mean bleed, yeah it’s going to work


It’s actually really good. I use it to great effect in duels, just spam it and you end up forcing people to keep running and staying well away from you. Now smart players will just rush you since they know it’s not actually very dangerous, but most people instinctively try avoid standing in it at all costs. Sometimes idiots stand in it, and cause bleed. I once had a fingerprint shield guy stand in it and block, as if that would save him from the bleed build up. You can do interesting things with a seal in each hand and casting them alternating sides. That way you spread it in a much wider area.


Very situational so don’t make yourself vulnerable by trying to use it aggressively, but good to have to put pressure on a situation or do some area control


Aight thx


Blood incantations (except Bloodflame Blade and maybe Swarm of Flies) are useless in PvP


Nah , all those spells are pretty useless in PvP Just use the spear