Unless the weapon has an actually unique ash of war then it should always be changeable.


100%. I was so looking forward to ashes providing unique strategies to change out on the fly for bosses. But special weapons and how powerful they are made ashes something most people ignore.


Make the ash of war for the Greatclub changeable.


Large Club is the best we get, sadly.


I would say every weapon.


I think weapon skills unique to one weapon should stay that way but there are too many weapons that you can't use ash of war on that have a non-unique weapon skills.






Yeah, it's unfortunate how some weapons are just permanently bad because you can't swap the ash. Meteoric Ore Blade's unique R2's are cool, but.....Gravitas though.... Like, even the extra strong version of Gravitas on the Alabaster Lord's Sword isn't that good. Or the Inquisitor's Girandole, an actually pretty damn strong spear at high stat's that's otherwise marred by the fact that it's stuck with Charge Forth.


Cinquadia is stuck with Quickstep for some reason. I think it would have been cool for early game builds if it had a alternate version of beast sling or claw


Beast lance. Like spectral lance but it throws a single javelin like rock projectile.


Don't ask if I want to sacrifice a flask when I'm trying to revive Torrent because I'm running for my fucking life. Just fucking do it, thank you!!!


At the very least give me a setting to turn the prompt off.


And this is how you satisfy everyone.


Or bare minimum, have it start on “YES”, so you can just double-tap it


Absolutely. Over 99% of the time this prompt comes up you’re desperately fleeing what has just killed the horse. I’d be curious to see how often someone replies “no,” and even then it’s likely a controller error whilst fleeing for one’s life.


> I’d be curious to see how often someone replies “no,” Well, No is selected by default, so its probably a fairly popular choice for the wrong reasons.


Does anybody even say no to that? I feel like there are very few situations when I’m trying to rapidly summon torrent but I don’t want to use my flask. If I don’t have time to run away without torrent, I almost certainty don’t have time to chug a flask.


Yeah I'd say it's useful for fighting specific bosses. Like I'd much rather have an extra flask than my horse if I'm fighting fg. For stuff like free roaming in caelid, getting chased by giant crows and dogs and whatnot, I'd much rather have torrent to be summoned instantly.


FG is the only time i’ve used a flask on torrent


This is the correct answer for tarnished. Serves no purpose


\*Stonesword key was lost with use\* Yes, thank you, I fucking know.


Resummon steed by consuming one charge of the Flask of Cri- YES YES YES!! JUST FUCKING DO IIIIITTTTT!!!


And finally- *goes to use mimic tear* "Why is it unhighlighted?" *remembers using multiplayer item to check for other players before crossing fogwall and now Malenia is crossing the field towards you while you're alone* "OHFUCKINGHELLNOPLEASENO"


This 1 billion percent 😂😂😂


And yet it lets you use flasks by accident when you have full fucking health


Yeah I don't know how many times I meant to use a FP flask instead used the health flask. I put the flasks,Torrent whistle & flask of wondrous physick in the Quick pouch so just have to hold triangle & push a direction button.


They at least need to set that prompt to automatically go to yes. The amount of times I've gotten killed because of that or the stones word key...


Wtf is wrong with my controller!? Oh..


THIS!!! running around like WHY ARENT YOU CASTING SPELLS OR DODGING?!? oh, I need to press X?


Or, sometimes, triangle


LOL, my first death besides the Grafted Scion was a gargoyle imp. Messed me up cause I didn't understand how the message worked




I came here for this.


Somewhere, a heavy door was opened


This one is somehow the worst for me. Equals gravity in terms of causes of death.


First time I had one of these pop up, was the stonekey message, I was in Stormveil in the armory and I was obliterated by the enemies in the room because I couldn't fight. Took me a while to realize I had to press ∆ to dismiss the message ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


Exactly! And the fact the prompt won't go away until you hit a button to acknowledge it is so frustrating.


Haha, when you try to roll but it wont work and you enter into panic mode lol


Make holy damage not completely useless for the last half of the game


I agree like holy damage is completely useless late game / mid game meanwhile lightning is just the best goddamn thing ever since everything has barely any resistance to it.


FromSoft has a bias towards lightning it seems. It's really strong in all games, even Sekiro.


Even against placidusax, an ancient dragon who's main ability is lightning, gets absolutely destroyed by the red lightning AOE style incants.


I don't mind that so much since just about anything in the game that uses lightning is also weak to it, which is an interesting quirk of that damage type and goes against standard RPG logic.


All games? Did you miss the part where faith builds were bullied for being shit for the entirety of DS3s life?


In DS3 the lothric greatsword with lighting infusion had one of the highest AR and lighting damage was good against everything Faith was bad, but lighting was still good


fr malikeths black blade seemed so cool! until I realized all the bosses past him resist faith super hard….


I kind of agree but that weapon is an absolute unit, the damage that it can do is insane it's probably one of my favorite weapons.


I went into this game thinking the Cipher Pata was going to be my weapon of choice, now after finally getting it to +10 I'm scrambling to find something else to fit my build and not get absorbed by later bosses. :(


just Blasphemous Blade them fools


Bubble blower build is still broken until literally the end of the game, where Maliketh, Radagon, and Elden Beast are the only ones that it doesn’t absolutely mulch. Watching Placidusax die before it can reach phase 2 is very satisfying


The stagger rate on bubbles is still insane late game tho. Damage falls off, but I don't care if I can stagger them 10 times a fight.


Flame art seems pretty sweet that's what I've been using to get faith scaling, and the fire damage helps


flame art is also slightly stronger than holy, when you buff a weapon you can see like 2 extra points of fire damage, or something like that


I didn’t even realize I was using a holy weapon against radagon and as soon I switched I beat him that try


Extend the duration of black flame blade


Right? Why is it the only one that’s so damn short?


It would be incredibly OP if it were at a long time like other armament spells however that one is incredibly week because it lasts like 5 seconds.


I actually like the idea of it's effect waning over time. First 5-8 seconds are very strong, but you have time where it is weaning off but still in effect


I mean, it is faster to cast than the other enchantments though


It should last luke 10 or 15 seconds and then reduce the spellbuff multiplier


I disagree. Bloodflame blade I’d consider to be a much stronger buff, and it lasts much longer. In PVE you can maybe hit a target once before the buff of Blackflame blade is up.


It's average


It's very strong and also takes half the time to cast compared to the other buff spells. That said it looks sick and I would also like to use it more.


If you cast this right after rolling, casting time is reduced dramatically. Its only saving grace


Or any other action


Actually hadn't tried it with any other action, thank you for the correction!


I wish they extended these buff durations in general. I really like the dragon scale katana and was doing a dragon cult confessor with equal dex/faith so it seemed pretty great for the build but it's hard to keep the buff up for any actual boss


Being able to favorite weapons and armors or create armor sets. It takes me too long to find my weapons or armors


Honestly, this is a very minuscule thing that could have a great impact. Just let us tag some things. Great answer.


You can store things you don't use and also drop the weapons you use, pick them back up in a set order and then sort by acquisition, which will put them in the order you like. Not ideal but it's best we got.


When you buying new armor, I want button to compare it with armor I have


Oh man, I just realized how much I hate this. Very difficult to compare between armor sets.


Ypu can't see exact numbers but you can see if stats decrease or increase. If the numbers are red it is worse. If the number are blue its better and white means that it doesn't improve or decrease values


Let death or damage be the punishment for checking the map at a bad time. I'm so tired of that god damned "vuh vuh vuh vuh vuh vuh vuh vuh vuh" sound as I futilely spam the G key because a dragonfly squinted at me five minutes ago.


I agree! Maybe the intention was to prevent people from fast traveling out of fights? But then they could just disable fast travel I guess... Most likely it was too hard to code!


>Most likely it was too hard to code! They already allow you to open the map but no fast travel when you are in dungeons


Being in combat or not is literally a variable that switches from 0 to 1, or from true to false. Trivial to code.


Ok THIS is what I would change too.


Or a better pop up that indicates you’re still in combat


Why are the balistas and stuff not functional for the player


Laughs in DS2 Pursuer fight


That one ballista in iron forge or whatever it’s called that you use to open a shortcut in the wall - I’ve used it to kill a few hosts while they go to backstab the enemy on the other side of the wall. I don’t usually kill my host during jolly cooperation, but if they’re standing in front of a ballista I can’t help it


Being able to sheathe your weapons. Both of them. At the same time. That’s all


Maaan this! I would love the sound of my weapon being pulled out if an enemy come near!


Dragon's Dogma intensifies


I don't know why, but being able to draw your weapon when you're going into a fight and sheathe it afterward just makes it feel so much more epic.


Yeah like you hold down the interact button and press two of the bumpers at the same exact time that way you can have your fist out pretty simple


Yep. That’s all I want


My brain went to the banished knight duel greatsword sheath and unsheath. I doubt that was the intended image but yeah


Yes! Thank-you. I hate walking around with my weapon out in rpg's so sooo much....


Carrying my uchigatana around the roundtable hold makes it look like I'm getting ready to execute Hewg every time I speak to him.


We being able to use the ash of war of the left hand by holding TRIANGLE + L2. Like, why the fuck they made it equal to TRIANGLE + L1 when we could more easily use another Ash of War... Feels like a lost opportunity (And I believe it's easily implemented through a patch)


130 hour playthrough, had no clue you could do this.


Whaaaat? Had no idea this was even possible


I’m a bit confused at your comment. Are you just saying that like 2handing your left hand weapon you’d like to be able to use the left hand ash with the same button combo just L2 instead? If that’s what your saying that would be fucking dope sounds like fun to me and it actually makes sense, I do wonder if being able to cast 2 diff AoW’s so easily could be extremely powerful.


After completing Ranni's quest, Killing Blaidd will also reward his spirit ashes


Blaidd dies?🥹


Yes, at your hands.


Look at the flowers, Blaidd.


Pls no, don’t remind me that Goodest Boi is gone.


Let us swap capes with other armour sets! We can remove capes at the graces, no reason we shouldn't be able to put it on something else. Twinned set with the Snow Witch cape would look epic


This and maybe color changes for clothes and armor would infinitely diversify the loot. Man I wish


Armor dyes are such an obvious win for a series like this that I’m shocked they haven’t been included up to this point. There’s no downside. 1. Everyone loves fashion souls. This just extends a well-enjoyed portion of the game 10x further with minimal effort from the devs. 2. From loves silhouettes and having specific armor/builds be readable at a quick glance for PvP, but a color swap changes nothing here - phantoms are already given an overriding visual change. 3. As you said, it lengthens the loot pool a *ton,* which is insanely important in these games. People will always value different things - “it’s just cosmetic! Waste of a treasure!” but for the most part I think people would find it to be a worthwhile addition to the pool of possible dopamine hits that hide in little glowy puddles 4. From would have so much fun naming these things - ‘Verdant Mollusk Ink,’ ‘Amber Sap of Expression,’ “Azure Milkstone.” Real crunchy stuff here.


YEAH! It would be huge for people that finished the game too. Gives more replayability


You can’t press the map button to make the map go away. It is unnecessarily annoying.


Armour for Torrent that has boons. For example, less likely to be stunned or knocked off at the expense of agility, faster movement at the expense of torrents total health, etc. Maybe a set that could damage enemies on impact like a battering ram. It could make for some interesting fights like battering ram > dismount into a plunging attack. Or an ability to call upon Torrent where he knocks the enemy over before letting you on, like he appears behind them and tramples them.


Or one that lets you do side hops with torrent. Considering every other mount can do that, except yours.


And mounted jump attack weapon slams would be dope 👍


A Horse Armor DLC would break the gaming community




A few ideas… Tree Sentinel horse armor: Torrent gains a stomp attack Kaiden Sellsword horse armor: additional damage dealt while on horseback Lordsworn Knight’s horse armor: less likely to be knocked off of Torrent Night’s Cavalry funeral steed armor: Torrent can be revived without sacrificing a sacred flask Draconic Tree Sentinel horse armor: Torrent gains the ability to spew balls of dragonfire Bone armor of the Regal Ancestor: Torrent gains an additional midair jump


Those actually sound kinda sick. I don't spend a whole lot of time on horseback, but I wouldn't mind a little more utility out of Torrent aside from traversing great distances.


If Radahn mastered gravity magic for just horse. I wanna be able to drip out my horse so he can be my best man at my wedding with Ranni. Or when we burn the entire world to the ground.




Remove useless prompts like reviving torrent and messages that take away controls.


By far the biggest flaw in the game. It adds nothing but frustration for frustration's sake to the game. Simply a troll mechanic imo.


Only summoning my friends once and just going everywhere together


Increased poise damage from power stancing daggers. Just a tiny bit though.


Also make it so that daggers don't whiff when going up against an enemies with a slightly abnormal hitbox


Make Greatbows Great again


Link the twin maiden husks to the blacksmith and spirit tuner in roundtable hold so i can buy the upgrade materials I have unlocked as I need them instead of having to run to the opposite end of the hold every time I am one smithing stone short.


The way co op works. Make it easier for people to play with their friends. Remove area barriers and sending cooperators home after boss fights


> sending cooperators home after boss fights A prompt could pop up for the host like "Use another Remedy to prolong cooperation?" And if the host selects yes then the summon gets a prompt asking if they accept




I hope they watch this subreddit bc these ideas are killer


We wish for this feature since demon souls lmao. They know. They just don't care


Yea, they stick with this horrible coop implementation because its basically a legacy mechanic. Not good. Just as it always has been...


Yes it’s a carry over from DS when it didn’t need to be. Could have been a fresh approach.


Exactly. Souls veterans are used to this, but From Software's online system is absolute garbage. Easily the worst aspect of the game, considering today's standards on seamless multiplayer.


Photomode. I want photomode. Its what I am missing the most in this beautiful game.


Autohide HUD, then Telescope + F12


That works. But I'd love to have free cam for character shots, changing angles, have settings for everything, blurr out stuff., make funny color adjustments et cetera


1 more talisman slot reserved for the cosmetic talismans for multiplayer


I use the host disguise talisman for all my duels because I want people to see how stylish I am lol. Plus it's a subtle flex that I sacrifice a whole talisman slot just for style points.


Based comment lol a slot for only the talisman to make you look like a player / phantom


You asked for one so here’s more than one, - Melina actually shows up everytime we choose to level up - take away the iFrames enemies get after being knocked to the floor. They’re always invincible during the start of the get up which usually causes my finishing attack to whiff right thru their body. - disable the annoying message prompt you get when trying to flask revive torrent during battle - be able to dye the color of your armor and garments


I was so pissed the first time i knocked an enemy down. I tried to do the jumping power attack to slam my weapon down to finish them off on the ground. When it went right through them i was like wtf i bet if it was me on the ground hed chop me in 2


Lmaoo he for sure would of made sushi out of you on the ground


Yes. Would make the scene when Melina burns more impactful


Speaking of ladder climbing animations It's only recently that i noticed the weird af way our character holds the ladder steps The wrists are bent at nearly 90 fucking degrees


Fall damage, the small window to take damage or die always hit funny. Maybe make the fall damage equal to the fall. Not like trip on a rock and stub your toe type, more of if the drop is two or three times my height maybe it should hurt a bit


Make it like the older games where it starts at 4 meters but gradually increases in lethality until it hits 20 meters. It would make the cat ring equivalent (already forgot it lmao) a little more useful.


It bothers me that you can only have 4 talismans when there is clearly room for 5 on the grid…


DLC maybe?


Give us Better remembrances like placidusax's Nuke


MINOR CHANGE: add a little circle by the “level up” option when you have enough runes to do so.


Dude… yes. Just yes! So many times I popped a few times to reach the threshold only to be off by like 60 ruins. So annoying.


Ooo yeah. Yes. This.


I wanna be able to continue spectating the host if I die before then during a boss fight, I just wanna know if they won


Being a spirit to watch the rest of the fight would be awesome! Imagine having a single use ability that acts like a powerful stun that can cancel a bosses attack, and in doing so it annihilates the spirit and you lose any runes you earned while you were co-oping with them. Basically save the host once more from beyond the grave, at the cost of your own earnings.


I’d like it if there were a few settlements outside of Jarburg that had some communities. A peaceful camp with maybe a moderately skilled blacksmith and a merchant or maybe a shelter in Leyndell with folks that aren’t insane or petrified.


Bring back the emote menu!


How are they gonna do that? All buttons are already reserved.


On ps4 at least, the touchpad could be a tap for emotes and a press for the map


Make armor alterations not just effect capes, give it ability to change color patterns and maybe some other stuff


More Bell Beatings for crafting materials so you don’t have to farm Arteria Leaf or Trina’s Lilies in the latter half of the game.


Bell Beatings? Whomst the fuck are you going to for your crafting mats?!


That one Hunter in Dragonbarrow.


The bell beatings will continue until morale improves


Give Torrent a doge ~~dodge~~. Could make mounted combat actually viable and fluid if your only methods of avoiding damage wasn't just jump or run.


Give the dog a doge. Brilliant! I imagine it gets lonely for Torrent when we're dungeoneering for hours at a time, a little lapdog to go in the sidesaddle bag would be perfect to keep them company ❤


Change Alter Garments to do more. Let us change the material color of metal/leather etc. It was heavily underutilized in the main game and it would solve so many fashion issues of characters with different sets looking like a hodge podge of different metal scrap. Bonus points for allowing us to put any cape on any armor and allowing us to change cape colors


Delete The fucking box that pops up when u use a stonesword key and cant defend yourself


After killing Radahn and leting the stars move, i wish we can see more changes on world. Like more gravity related enemies. More cosmic beasts.


Personally, I would add more options to Site of Grace sitting animations. Such as sitting sideways when donning a gown or a dress! I hate how it stretches whilst I’m wearing a deathbed dress or Fia’s robe. 🥺🌼


I was just thinking about this; it's weird that you can see your underwear while sitting down in the Deathbed Dress


Melina shows up for every level up


When resting at a grace too. Have her just sitting with you, not even needing the little cinematic of her appearing


Swords clipping through capes. It just frustrates me so much when a game is gorgeous, but wearing a sword and cloak causes clipping. Just… make the lower half disappear if the physics of draping over the scabbard is too hard.


Grace site at Rose church ffs


The prompt asking whether or not I wanna use a potion to resurrect torrent. Of course I do, that’s why I pressed square!!!


I'd change how annoyingly long you get staggered for. Also I'd fix the entire poise system in general. Theres no reason I have 40 poise and can get staggered by a fucking rat


Fuck yes, its so annoying getting hit with an attack by a boss and unable to move so it hits you again


I don’t know if this counts as minor, but being able to move your tattoos and scars to your body and not just your face


Let me put items like taunters tongue and lantern on “Always on”!!!


Different armor for the different soldiers of the world. They all wear the same model with different colors. This is a missed opportunity of both lore and fashion.


They did a good job with the variation of clean rot knights though. I love that design


Clean rot armor with the godskin apostle hood looked great if someone is going for some kind of holy knight look.


I’d make the tarnished like ever so slightly taller just enough to be off putting but not enough to where it’s noticeable


I second this, I hate how some sheath’s just go through the ground when on your main hand


lower holy damage resist on most end game bosses. while faith already memes the end game pretty hard, it kinda sucks a large part of it is simply not applicable. like as fun as it is to 3 shot elden beast and 2 shot fortisaxx with ancient dragon lightning strike, seeing my holy damage spells barely break triple digits against elden beast is sad


I feel like by making builds more flexible and nuanced FS accidentally created a state where player damage is way too overclocked compared to previous soulsborne games. As a result the pvp meta (and even some pve) has become a race to the illustrious one-shot build, and that's not fun or enjoyable.


I’d be down with just being able to upgrade torrent like a spirit summon. They’re WAY too fragile as-is.


I’m pretty sure torrent’s health is linked to yours. Solution is to level your vigor


Yup, definitely notice he gets tougher as the game goes on. If it’s not vigor directly it’s at least player level


Take away people ability to leave messages right next to ladders/doors/chests. Ladders in particular have got me killed more than once. If that’s not feasible, just give me the option to filter messages on/off


I've never liked the limited distance of the lock-on mechanic.


I wish they treated NPC summons the same way they treat Ashes. As it is the game punishes you for summoning help. Obviously I am not bringing Alexander with me to fight the fire giant if you are going to take away my fucking horse. Why even have horse bosses then?


Some ashes are straight up stronger than every summon in the game.


Alexander absolutely slaps in the fire giant fight though. Depending on your build and playstyle, I find him to definitely be worth summoning sometimes


Get rid of stored inputs. If I mess up a roll and get hit, don't fucking store the roll input and have it come out after I recover. Getting hit again because of that is beyond rage inducing.


I swear to God they only queue inputs when you're gonna get hit afterwards. If I'm assuming the input was stored and I'm gonna roll as soon as an animation is done it never happens, only when I don't want it to


Out of everything here, this is the one I agree with most. If you time your dodge too late against mohg you will take an extra hit from his spear, kinda sad considering mohg is a great boss


High poise shouldn’t have enemies knock me into slow recovery animations prior to healing.


More passive benefits from wearing specific gear/gear sets. Numbers are fun and all, but I'd love more unique benefits similar to how the Black Knife Chest has a muffle effect.


I have no idea how one would go about fixing it but after 200 hours I'm really tired of the claw my right hand has become due to camera controls.


Using torrent in elden beast


Making Holy damage an actual reliable source of damage


Crossplay. Why is there no crossplay in 2022 for a 10/10 game of the year game? Or a stable framerate/ graphics options