I saw that health bar and was like... Oh no


OP dies if they get breathed on too hard.


Don't need vigor if you dodge everything OP, you need more vigor.


How do you level up the dodge bar?


You play DS2


Adaptability ftw!


Oh god no i hate it


I thought I was the only one that remembered DS2. I love you guys.


Only 90s kids remember the 90s


For adp trauma reasons, I don't think you can forget DS2


Never leveled it...


Dark Souls 2 has the most satisfying roll animations and I will fight anyone who disagrees.


You actually roll/somersault instead of jumping into the ground, it feels so fluid.


But what are they good for if they don’t protect you?




I loved that movie. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a...."


Fuckin' Chuck Norris!


If you can dodge an Asylum Demon, you can dodge an Erdtree Avatar!


Radahn arrow.


You buy dogecoin. Jk. JK FOR GOD SAKE.


Take all your clothes off.


Mine and my characters right?


No no, just yours.


Not sure if you're making a joke, but if you're genuinely asking about the green bar, it's your Endurance stat.


I was joking. I appreciate you tho.


There’s actually a talisman that improves dodge-rolling but increases damage taken when hit. I forget what it’s called. Winged talisman maybe?




Pro tip: play Monster Hunter: World with Iceborne expansion, do not use the Defender equipment, and play until you beat Fatalis. You'll become a master dodger in every game you play.


Really depends on what weapon you play... But yes the iceborn monsters especially had some crazy random and bs attack pattern... Still haven't beaten that tigrex


Can hear the roar rn


Play either hammer or great sword since their big slow weapons cause than you really need to learn to dodge, I always loved getting a stun off with a hammer at the right moment and canceling a monsters big attack..


He can die from a mosquito


I remember on release when this shot did so much damage that I was also one-shot with a huge healthbar. The shots feel so powerful. Took me 8 hours


Yeah I swear it used to one shot at 30 vigor on release.


You probably did. Launch Radahn's attacks did at least 1000 damage, meaning you'd need at least 31 vigor to survive (30 vigor is 994 health). It's why a lot of the advice at launch to people complaining about Radahn was level vigor, cause unless you had heavy armor, defense buffs or a mix of both, you could not survive a hit from him at midgame (depending when you started to spec into your build).


Tyson’s Punch-Out memories.


That game was HARD


It did, and you also couldn't dodge it on Torrent at release since the arrow traveled faster


Before the first nerf radahn was insane


I mean...the dude is fucking railguning gravity-magic infused lances from a great bow at you. I feel like that's kind of grounds to be extremely powerful.


I remember being able to survive, but if he got a headshot I was deleted instantly. Which being on Torrent somehow made that far more likely.


Heavy armor and around 35 vigor at the time. Exact same situation. Headshots were lethal, no matter how big your health bar. Body shots were about 2/3rds. I high-key kind of miss when Radahn was that hilariously overbearing, personally.


On release there was no passing the radahn vigor check


Radahn was not a stat-check. He was just straight up a skill check. Even if you were cowardly and just ran around for summons, you still had to be good enough not to get got.


I remember finally getting close to killing him on my first character and he t-posed and fell through the ground but didnt die. I was so upset :/


Radahn converted to Goldmask's fundamentalism and went to spread the good word of the Greater Will to the people of the eternal cities


*Radahns finger quivers* ....... *A star falls from the sky* .......


My man was packing HEAT pre-nerf. I saw so many people just get deleted by that first arrow, including myself.


On release he one shot me so I was like "Yeah I'll come back I guess" Came back and beat him (thank the lord it was before the newer patches)


With Godrick rune active no less


Not active, just equipped


10 vigor gang lmao


Nothin' like getting summoned to help folks for Radahn, waiting 5 minutes for another summon, then the host dying to one shot before we've even made it close to him.


Yeah that sucked. Respect to those who leveled enough vigor so the match wouldn't end after one hit. It was funny though once some people would get hit, healed, hit again, heal lol


I went in with with full beast master armor except with a great helm and ~27 vigor. That fucker can lay down some damage.


Ng+3 with 85 vigor. Still got slapped


You'll can still get one shot by most bosses big attacks at 40 vigor. Soft cap is 60 vig in this game. Anything less is just asking for trouble. I had 65 vigor and full crucible knight armor and was still getting one shot by a bunch of bosses in NG+3.


Was surprised at launch the vigor soft cap was so high! Used 60 vigor and every possible buff and got 2500+ by Leyndell... That and max poise with a Greatmace was very fun, though I did miss out on this "getting one shot" thing sadly..


The one-shotting at softcap was from big attacks on NG+3 from endgame bosses. Radagons grab attack for instance is pretty brutal on the damage front.


Same with Maliketh. Once he goes second phase, he moves to the center with the host (while you as a summon is far away). So all you see is Maliketh clapping someone who barely levelled vigor before you can even get there to draw his attention again.


That always bugged me about Maliketh, just because there’s that half second of “wait where am I” and trying to adjust to your new position while he’s already going wild on your ass.


Oddly enough, if the host transitions him to Phase 2 with a riposte, they don’t get teleported to the center with Mal.


Sometimes even with leveled vigor, the host would never roll-dodge through the arrows and end up wasting a flask or two


Yeah that would be me. Let's say I'm not the penguin that slides the farthest in this game.


Pro-tip: you don't have to dodge the first couple arrows that he shoots. There are some piles of weapons scattered throughout the field that you can use as cover. The arrows will destroy the cover but not penetrate it. I usually begin the fight by running to the left to find cover for the first two arrows and to summon phantoms. By the time I'm done I maybe have to roll dodge one more volley before the first summons have reached Radahn and he switches to melee mode.


Even bigger tip: if you turn around and run away from him he’ll eventually lose lock on to you. When you turn around and come back he’ll switch to melee instead of hitting you with artillery.


Oh wow, that's a good tip thanks


Radahn just did a vigor check on you


"welcome to Elden Ring!"


That's just how much of a chad he is


“…you must die”




“VIG CHECK BITCH!” Radahn, probably


You can ride Torrent. I did not know this on my first playthrough and beat it without. Felt stupid when I saw a clip on YouTube way after the fact. At least I got good at dodging the Grimace laser, eventually.


to be fair, theres like 2 boss fights in the game where you can ride torrent, its easy to not realize you can. Speaking of which, why the fuck can't we ride Torrent against Elden Beast? this would've made the fight way more fun


would have also been great thematically. torrents been at your side the whole game, and now he helped you kill god. what a good boy


exactly! it would've helped making the Running Simulator aspect of the fight much more enjoyable too


I have decided to move, please enjoy 90 seconds of sprinting during which I will perform one (1) attack to keep you entertained


And it's so fucking beutiful the first few times you stop to watch the graphics and DIE LIKE THE BITCH YOU ARE. Oh Penis dragon, why do you hate me so?


Genitaleviathan scorns all who do not accept the reign/rain of piss


Would have made Melina’s comments thanking Torrent hit way harder


Ideally he should then kick our ass to the curb and ascend himself to rule all.


The Age of Rowa Fruit. Torrent enslaves all opposition and spends the rest of eternity snacking happily while the gods are all tortured to insanity.


Your idea, illustrated by Dall-E 2. Possible title: "Who you callin' maidenless?" https://imgur.com/0Gyv0en.jpg


Raisin Lord Ending when?


possible dlc ending


And makes the ending for the Frenzied Flame even more messed up if he had an active role in helping you unseat the Greater Will, since it's the ring for summoning him that Malenia picks up among the ashes in the post-credits scene for that ending.


Oh Oh no Is that really the ring Melina holds post Frenzied Flame? I was gonna try that ending my current play through but not if it hurts my best buddy in the Lands Between :(


What you mean? You don’t like running a 5k marathon to poke a gold lochness monster one time before he flies to the other end of the massive arena?


I'm pretty sure the Elden beast was designed to be fought with Torrent. I bet you they changed it at the last minute due to time constraints.


I think both bosses you can use torrent on also work just fine without torrent. a lil difficult but no biggie. but w/ the elden beast many of it's attacks would be invalidated by how fast torrent could get you away from them (think the big circle thingy). you'd either have to *force* the player onto torrent and make the attacks bigger at the risk of a walking player being unable to dodge them OR rework all the attacks entirely to be ones you can do both ways.


Would have made it too easy I guess. I am positive it was intended that way, given his place in the lore... and not seeing him at all in the final stretch of the game was a crying shame. But when you could outrun Elden Stars, someone was like... no, I want them to cry. No Torrent.


They can always adjust the attacks so they are a bit harder to avoid on horseback


The funny thing is. It was planned if im correct but they scrapped the idea. Which is why elden beast runs away so much


I legit think they should patch it in.


I was wondering why that battle arena was so gigantic. I used *maybe* 5% of that space during the fight running in circles frantically waiting for him to start hitting Alexander again


There’s also a cave/ruin/cemetery whatever there somewhere


War-Dead Catacombs. It's in the northeast corner of that desert, near where it meets the ocean and along the cliff face. However it is so nasty I would consider it a late game dungeon like the royal capital or later. Going there right after Radahn is punishingly hard.


It’s the same level as Farum Azula, so yeah, it’s late game.


Oh that makes me feel so much better. I spent hours this week getting my ass handed to me in there before I just gave up and let them keep the runes.


Yep. I ventured into it after beating Radahn last night, and noped right out of there


Thank you for this comment, I had no clue and will check that out later today.


why you can use Torrent here and not for (spoilers) the final boss makes no sense and I’m going to die mad about it..


I am 99% sure that originally you were supposed to be able to. Torrent is such an integral part of some character's story that it makes no sense that you don't get to use him for the entirety of the final stretch. I'm guessing they found it made it too easy.


These comments are all confused. At launch, you could *not* ride Torrent without being struck by the first volley (it was probably possible to avoid it but you'd almost always get hit). When you approached the rain of arrows you could then use Torrent to strafe it pretty easily until you arrive at Radahn. The best way to avoid the first volley was on foot, by rolling towards the first shot, then running towards him and rolling in, until the arrow rain. That was when using Torrent was smart. After one of the earliest updates, they made dodging the arrows, both on Torrent and off, much easier.


Well, you CAN ride torrent, not that you'll be able to dodge the arrows though.


You actually can if you ride completely horizontal to the arrows


What? I've always done Radahn on horseback. No problem avoiding the arrows at all. You know you don't *have* to make a beeline for the boss right?


By popular opinion, I’ve decided to go back and work on my vigor before I face him again


No no no you go it all wrong... You didn't decide to work on your vigor you got FORCED to work on that vigor lol


Tell that to the guy who beat Malenia after 3000 tries with almost no vigor.


It's poetic that was actually the 3000th attempt that won. Dan is the maddest of men


I made this same mistake. I was pumping up endurance so I could wear the banished knights armor from stormveil castle only to realize that heavy armor doesn't really *do* anything(aside from poise I guess). It was so disappointing. Then I deleted the character and started over only to realize you can just respec. So many hard learned lessons...


Armor is very effective, the DS3 absorption system is very good imho, there's nothing wrong with it. In this case the only problem is op's health, even with 80% absorption they would've died.


Fair enough. I'm still learning how all this works. My issue was I had to pump SO much into endurance to wear the heaviest armor I could find at the time and weild my claymore/bastard sword and black key crossbow that many other stats were neglected. My new character is a Samurai sorcerer and aside from a few boss fights I'm stuck on, I feel like an absolute bully most of the time.


Talismans Theyre gonna save you 10 levels worth of END for sure


Endurance gives equip load as well as stamina which gives you more rolls etc. Very important but I do favor vigor in the early game


Yeah, vigor is far more beneficial to pump up early on. Like 10-15 levels can more than double your health and no other stat has that much benefit early on. Most other stats give you maybe a 30% boost to dmg or absorption, etc with that many points. Every build I make, I pump vigor immediately.


I've been fat rolling since the beginning of the game and just never stopped. It's at the point now where I feel like anything light is too quick for me and then I literally cannot play the game because my timing is off on everything.


Haha, that's great. Whenever I find myself fat rolling, it just feels so wrong. It irritates me. But I guess that's just a thing you have to deal with if you want to wear a heavy set, right? I'm thinking of trying out the crucible knight set when I get to NG, but it's absurdly heavy.


I use Lionels armor with the Eclipse great shield and the Ruins Greatsword. It's been fun as hell and I haven't really struggled with too many bosses. Just Astell and the Scorpion-Bull thing (forgot what it was called) on the way to Volcano Manor. I did use the Pizza Cutter for a while, too, but it's dangerous against those bell hunters. Haha


Oh yeah, the fully grown Elden star Beast? Yeah I just ran away from that thing after dying so many times and only taking about 10% of its health. I might be strong enough to go back and take it now. I didn't get to Astel yet. I'm having a hard enough time getting the second half of the haligtree medallion.


Fully grown star beast is the only boss I cheesed because I found him so annoying. Sneak behind and poison mist until he just falls over.


Yeah, the Elden Star beast is a bastard to fight! And Astel is just too quick for me to fight without help, so I used mimic tear there.


This was my big mistake on my first playthrough. During my second NG, I invested almost entirely in vigor and the rest just bare minimum to qualify for weapons. It’s honestly been pretty breezy.


Funny, I did the exact opposite. Enough Vigor to survive the vigor checks, and everything else into my damage stats. (Endurance is a damage stat. It lets you attack more without pausing.) Radagon's Scar- or Sore-seal literally never left my first talisman slot.


Armor helps quite a lot, but not as much as having a reasonable HP pool compared to starting character HP pool. You can't tunnel vision into armor, you have to have both HP and armor if you want to be tanky tanky.


>heavy armor doesn't really do anything(aside from poise I guess). FASHION SOULS


Point of order, armor is *very* effective, it's just that you *need* high health even with excellent damage absorption due to the sheer size of incoming hits.


You can dodge the arrows (hint listen to hissing sound of the arrow to get the timing) but yeah you’ll need more vigor to avoid just getting 1-shot once you get in close. GL!


Another option is to dodge


Lmfao fr. You see a big glowing thing in the distance? Definitely find cover. This is dark souls essentially. Fear everything if youre 10 Vigor


That feel when you’re fighting a boss and a crab clips your ankle and you die.


How to make a build in Elden Ring: 1. Base stats for weapon of choice. 2. Alternate between Vigor and Stamina until your Stamina is 15-20. 3. Vigor to 40. 4. Put stats into your build until around level 80-100 5. Vigor to 60. 6. Pump stats for your build.


I’d say 60 vig is really high, 50 is more than plenty plus whatever talismans you use can bump that up if need be. You’d be better off putting the points into your actual build.


Vigor is often neglected in this game. For most builds, I wouldn't go anywhere below 35-40 vigor


Especially since Vigor doesn't scale linearly. You actually get more health per point from 21-40 than you get from 10-20.


Is it? People in pretty much every Elden Ring community tell new players to prioritize levelling vigor above all else until you get at least 35 to 40 vigor.


Often enough that we keep needing to say it.


I was going to comment that maybe you should put some of the endurance points into your health, and at this level no matter what type of armor you wear you will probably get one shot. I think the move would be to level vigor/move points from endurance to vigor and switch to light armor to cover more distance faster. You do you though I’m sure whichever avenue you take you’ll be aight


prove everyone here wrong and beat him as you are in this video it may take you a couple of lifetimes


I beat him with a health bar similar to this, but I used every summoned ally plus my spirit ashes… I did spend quite a few levels raising my vigor shortly after this fight though…


Knew what was coming from the health bar.


I died just looking at him, all that wasted heals from flasks too.


Lol how the fuck... that stamina vs vigor man you need to be birthed anew my sweething


One shot and he's Ra-done with you.


I mean, if you're walking in on Radahn with 15ish vigor you might as well remove your armor for faster rolling... like I did when I came in to his fight at 16 vigor!


Just changed my build to accommodate light rolling, it’s actually worth it now with the update


Change your name to BudgetVigor


“People don’t like run backs to boss fights. So, we put the run back *in* the boss fights”


The reaction time of a dead goat


Taking a leisurely stroll up towards Radahn "Hey, that big purple thing sure is getting cl-"




Check your vigor mate


Low, I know. I’m terrible at gathering ruins or whatever. I actually just made another post asking for help on locations and stuff lol. The boss fights are my favorite parts so I just try to get to them ASAP, but it’s biting me in the ass fr


Go back and put down your summon sign near the Godrick or Rennala boss fights for a fun way to farm ruins + fight bosses


Oh sick that’s a good idea. Do you get the same amount of runes as you did the first time?


There's actually a great farming location where you are but I believe you need to kill Radahn to access it. The War Dead Catacombs are accessed from the beach where the Radahn fight takes place. There's a bunch of spectral enemies fighting each other in there and you get runes when they kill each other. You can just hide nearby and let the runes pile up or go in and murder them yourself to speed it up.


Not a place you want to go low level. They hit real hard in there...


If you're low level you can hide and collect the runes from them killing each other. You don't have to fight them if you can't handle them yet.


Didn't they nerf it in one of the patches to prevent this?


have you found a location called the Bestial Sanctum? its past Caelid and is technically a high level area, but the enemies near it can be easily snuck up on and backstabbed for 1k a pop. that was my favorite early game farm, just make sure you don't ago the boss outside the sanctum.


Stop rushing to bosses


Don't need vigor if you don't get hit?


Did you imagine he was sending you a candy gram? Dont know why you wouldnt attempt to dodge some glowing purple shit getting bigger on your screen.


In my thousands upon thousands of hours put into every souls game, I don't think my health bar has ever been smaller than my stamina bar, especially not by what looks like almost double. Not even in challenge runs with specific builds.


“Boom headshot”


Are u guys allergic to vigor or something?


“I won’t need to level vigor because I’m not planning on getting hit” *proceeds to get immediately obliterated by the boss for the next 30 attempts… “I can feel it. I’m wearing them down!” Source: my play through


More like: "this boss is complete bullshit and completely unbalanced artificial difficulty blah blah blah"


Alllllmost have his timing!!!


My guess is a lot of players are returning from previous souls game, where putting levels in health points wasnt as important as in Elden Ring. Either that or they just wanna maximise damage at the expense of not dying every 30 seconds.


When I started ER, I had just come off of 500 hours in DS:R and was hardly putting any points at all in health anymore. I learned different \_real\_ quick.


Dude, what level are you? Lol. How did you even survive Caelid with basically no vigor?


Shoots in the air to celebrate well earned victory


Where is your health lad?!


It’s all in his stamina bar


That’s the common first radahn experience




Yup. That tracks.


My brother and christ have you considered leveling your health up?


That checks


Ah thanks, I needed this laugh today.


I guess it is only up from here on out.


Someone failed their vigor exam


i can hear you dying before you even got hit


Happened to me too, I was hyped to take him on and got sniped before I knew the fight started.


Same here...at least you saw him. I ran in blind since I don't want spoilers and it took a couple deaths to see where he was...then I would die because I didn't notice that you could resurrect helpers...I knew you could, but didn't see how until a few deaths after that!


First thing I saw was that itty bitty hp bar and knew exactly what I was about to witness


Rocking that base vigor, I see.


I'm pretty sure that's how everyone's first experience is


POV: you have literally 9 vigor


Op you've been hugging cute strangers in hooded robes haven't you? I can tell by the red icon under your hp bar


Didn't know you can make a character with 4 vigor. Neat.


This is the way.


health bar aside i think that was everyone's first experience in that fight.


Youre the guy that dies right off the bat to demonstrate the villains power before the main character charges in.


This is what most people experienced the first time with Radahn


That was everyone’s unadulterated first experience lol


I knew what was coming before I clicked on the video. Everyone get sniped their first time