There is no build. Just some stats right now.


Mind blown. Ok. So just keep going?


Keep going. Figure out the source of damage you want to go with.


Try to focus on only a couple stats damage wise, spreading yourself too thin will make everything hit like a toothpick later


Bigger vigor!


So when I first started, my stats were similar to yours. I think because this is my first fromsoft game. The other games like Skyrim, you could theoretically try to level up multiple things at some pace where they aren’t too behind one another. However, I found that I like the melee build better for ER. So I stopped focusing on Int, Fai and Arcane. I also just focused on having enough FP to call the spirits I like. Everything else was poured into vigor, endurance and dex. I also started practicing with the great swords as they give the best melee damage imo. Once I beat Rannala, I was able to reset my stats to focus more on melee. Another thing I’d also point out is that if you’re going to try to be rebirthed by Rennala, make sure your weapons are leveled up accordingly. One time, I changed my stats to have high Fai, Arc, and Int. Then I realized all of my staffs and seals were just basic. I hadn’t upgrade them at all. So I had to switch back to melee. Now, I’m upgrading all of the weapons I want for my magic build by using my melee.


a true 'build' definitely comes with a few more levels but I would say your stats are to spread out. you have no specialty currently. I recommend just playing a bit more before deciding. you will get the ability to re work your stats a bit later in the game. you can do so about 12 times in one play through. give or take a bit


Yeah I feel too spread out too. I’m not strong where I want to be, but it’s trying to understand where strengths in some areas make up for weaknesses in others. It all feels like such a gamble!


weapon levels matter more than stats at your stage, as you upgrade your gear it will scale better and better with your stats, you can infuse or chose a weapon accordingly (check the letter scaling for a weapon after you assigned a weapon art.) I see a lot of people unfamiliar with souls games think that they should grind levels or respec when they struggle early game, but at this stage damage is all about getting those stones for weapon upgrades. The way a weapon works is it has base damage + bonus damage from scaling. It looks like 100+22 for example. Early game you want to upgrade and pump up the base damage, as it makes most of your damage output. Scaling with stats is nice, but the added damage is too low and your access to runes is too limited to justify levelling up. As you progress through the areas, get shit loads of runes and find rarer stones, you'll see the damage bonus grow a lot. At this point it will start to look like maybe 211+150, or something like that. So you want to max out the bonus damage by investing into the stats your weapons is scaling with since it takes a huge proportion of your damage output. You'll get unlimited access to stones as you progress through the game, very mild spoiler ahead : >! look for dungeons with mining ennemies inside of them !<


How do you tell what a weapon scales with? I’m using the oriental swords and I’m a dexterity build. It’s highest requirement was dexterity. Does that mean it scales with my dexterity level?


in elden ring it's a bit more complicated because you can force scaling via ashes of war. It's been a few months, but lower part of the screen you should see a letter next to the attribute icon when looking at a weapon in the menu. The better "grade" the better the scaling. But as i said, you can change the attribute scaling by attuning an ash of war and chosing an infusion. I don't remember the names, but there is one for every attributes and "split ones" - like strength + dex. I think "sharp" is the dexterity one ? Generally when a weapon has a stat requirement, it naturally scales with it, though the letter is low most of the times. So you'll need to infuse it with an ash of war, to either get a better scaling, or to change the attribute it scales with. If you like your base ash of war, you'll find it eventually in its ash form and you can assign it to your weapon with a better scaling. Idk if my writing helpful or if i'm unecessary complicating a simple mechanic lol


It is, but it all evens out. Your challenges just change. Lots of people struggle with Placidusax, for example, but my faith/arcane build absolutely melted him. That same build struggled with Draconic Tree Sentinel, which is the guy *before* a boss in the same area as Placidusax.


Yeah as Ricky said it's too spread out. Doesn't really matter yet at level 34 and you will be able to respec relatively early in the game in Raya Lucaria Academy. But yeah general rule is to pump up vigor and only focus on either str/dex never both, only bare minimum for a specific weapon you might want to use. Then you can of course choose to go the int or faith route. Arc even. There are some hybrids builds between int/fth/Arc but I personally wouldn't recommend for a first playthrough. I'd stick to a classic Str/Dex + Fth/Int. Endurance I find 20 to 25 to be more than enough for most builds. I read another comment mentionning you wanna focus melee with heavy weapons while still handling some magic on the side. That means you'll have to go STR over Dex in addition to Int or Faith, depending on what you prefer. You can check on youtube incantations/sorceries showcase to help you make your mind.


I played a ton during launch but haven't played in a few months so apologies if something has changed due to an update or anything but here is my general knowledge on stats to a newer player. basically every stat has different soft caps. a soft cap is a specific number to where you will begin to receive diminishing returns compared to the amount of stats you would get from for example one level of vigor. at 40 vigor every point you put into vigor from this point on will be less than levels 1-40. I will link a picture to the soft caps after this comment (on my phone so it's a bit weird). in lower levels you get way more bang for your buck choosing vigor over DMG dealing stats. most of your DMG will come from weapon upgrades. if you have a low base DMG stat because it a multiplicative gain won't make much of a difference until a higher level. I almost always recommend to not go above 25 endurance. the soft cap for equipment weight is 25 and that should be enough stamina as well. (stamina soft cap is 50 but since the equip weight is 25. most only raise a small amount of they want to use a certain armor piece) mind is by far the least important stat. for all the others it really depends on what type of build you may be going for. if I remember correctly you said a melee focused build is what you want. this is where playing a bit before making a choice is good. how do you know what build you want when you may not know what weapons you would even enjoy. for example I have a melee focused build but my main stat is intelligence. I have a str/int hybrid melee build with frost as a main focus since frost scales with intelligence. then I use 3 different weapons all with split scaling between str & int. so I definitely recommend playing a bit more before fully committed. but having an idea like you do personally is a great idea! I probably missed a bunch of info so feel free to ask here or pm me for any other Info.


I guess this subreddit doesn't allow URL links lmao. for the soft cap numbers just look them up on Google. you should find one of many pictures


At level 37 you basically don’t have a build, you’re still in the early stages where you could really turn this onto anything. Some general tips though are to level your Vigor to 30 first, since this game likes to throw high damaging attacks at you. Eventually you’ll want to get your Vigor somewhere between 40-60, but that can wait for a bit. For your build you generally want to pick 1 or 2 of the damage stats (Str/Dex/Int/Fai/Arc) and only level up those (unless you need something else for a weapon requirement). For a big weapon + magic build you’ll probably want to level Str/Int or Str/Fai. Int will get you more damaging spells while Fai will get you support spells, so choose based on your preference and what you think would compliment your melee play best.


Thank you. I think you’ve answered my question. I really want to be an all-out melee magic offensive weapon and see how that goes. So str/int I guess it is.


If you do want to cast, you will also need to put some points into mind along the way to have more FP (blue bar), and at least some into endurance so you can take more actions in a row. With a melee build still prioritize vigor over mind. For example, right now I'm level 80 with an int/dex melee build, but I have 35 points in vigor, 20 in stamina, and 20 in mind. Then everything else went to enough dex for my weapons and intelligence. My strength/faith melee build before that I was roughly 40 vigor, 25 endurance, 20 mind at level 80 with enough faith for weapons and the rest dumped into strength. Don't worry excessively about it. The item Larval tear can be used as a reset down the road (after you finish the academy you unlock the option). It's not a terrible idea to get enough stats to play with a few weapon options/see what build you'd want first. Upgrading your items with smithing/somber smithing stones is the most effective way to increase damage earlier in the game anyways.


Ok, so can I ask, when should I start putting smithing stones into armaments? Because I’ve put 3 into this one broadsword I’m not really into, but I’m scared to change my weapon when I can’t use it and put them into that. Any advice on the smithing stones?


Use them as you feel you need them. You’ll eventually get access to an infinite amount of stones (except for the highest upgrade level), so there isn’t a whole lot of pressure to save them unless you have a specific weapon in mind.


I’m just scared to use them right now, even though I’ve saved a bunch, because I used my first three on a weapon I don’t like but it’s the only one I found. I don’t want to use the next three if they are really hard to find, on another weapon it turns out I don’t like.


Well it’s usually best to experiment with a weapon before you dedicate to it. Play around, try it’s moveset, and if it seems fun then run with it. If you want to play it really safe then you can only upgrade weapons to a point where you already have an abundance of stones.


The general rule I followed was to wait for weapons dropped by bosses or at the end of dungeons to really start pouring resources in. The basic weapons can all be used early on of course but if a weapon has a cool name and a unique skill then you generally won’t be disappointed with the upgrade. That being said, I started as a samurai and it took me until about Lvl 100 to stop relying on Uchigatana. As you progress you will get more ability to customize weapons and if something is working for you and you enjoy it, you can absolutely stick with it until the late stages. I had a couple other weapons that I would swap in if Uchi wasn’t working but spent 90% of the time with my (heavily upgraded) starter weapon


By the time you are late-game, you will have likely found the means to buy them as needed. You could find a weapon and go from base to +25 in like a minute provided you had the runes. For now, try to narrow down how you want your character to fight, what damage stats make sense there, what weapons scale with those stats. Magic is very powerful, and apparently makes the game easy. That's my next run. If you are going STR/INT, there are some really nice endgame weapons. Around midgame, you could very well find yourself defeating a Demigod who would have just what you'd need.


Some YouTubers have showcased alooot of weapons if you'd like too see some and where to get them!


Awwww, you guys!…..this is such an awesome community, I feel emboldened to pick up the mantle again and get back into it. Thank you 🙏🏻


Haha hell yea, bunch of wonderful tarnished around these parts. You have a great deal to accomplish don’t get discouraged at first


Game is hard enough. The least we tarnished can do is help each other!


Lmao the good ol days where it only took 8633 runes to lvl up


I hope I not beating a dead horse but, level vigor upgrade a weapon and find out it’s scaling. Once you figure out how that weapon scales, level those stats accordingly. You go this just takes some time to find out what works and what does not




Short answer is yes. You distributed points into every stat. You’re not going to use all of them. Luckily for you you’re so early in the game it doesn’t matter at this point. Focus on upgrading your weapon and commit points into vigor until you better understand what stats will be useful to you.


You're only level 30, so it's not trash. However, you would find it useful to stick to 2 attributes and stick to those. Then you should upgrade vigor/mind/endurance as you see fit.


You’re too low level to have much of a build, but your stats are starting to be too spread out. Pick 1-2 between strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith & arcane to specialize in. Except int/arc. And don’t neglect vigor.


Looks like you're just starting. You're spread quite evenly across the board. If you're looking to do a specific build, figure out which and which corresponding stats you want to sink your points into. If you're just starting, I recommend going with a bleed build. There's a twinblade in the Dragon Burnt Ruins you can get right at the start of the game. Get that, then slowly shape up from there. There's some amazing bleed weapons later on in the game.


Naw ur doing great bud


Ill be honest, its fucking trash. You need to focus on 4 stats, vigor, endurance, strength/dex and intelligence/faith/arcane. Thats the keys to a good build. Also, use a weapon with wich you are at ease, because you could buff it with spells/greace. Upgrade only one weapkn at a time, if you want to dual wield, use smithing stone bell bearings


You seem to be jack of all trades, but more importantly, you’re a master of none. Pick two stats and commit to them. You don’t have to just yet necessarily but moving forward you’ll want to prioritize more!


You're level 37, everyone's build is trash at that low 😂


Builds will come past level 80 :)


Your build is only trash if your not having fun with it. It’s still early in the game so you might not be certain what you like. Just keep playing and upgrade what you want for that weapon you want to use or whatever. Do whatever’s fun.


Some quick advice for figuring stats out. Vigor: the HP stat, you want this to be 30 minimum. Mind: the MP stat, also increases focus substat. Endurance: the stamina stat, this also increases equip load. Strength: the primary damage stat for large weapon. Dexterity: the primary damage stat for fast weapons. Intelligence: the primary stat for sorceries. Faith: the primary stat for incantations. Arcane: the stat the helps build up status effects in attacks and item find rate. Most weapons can modify their primary stats by changing ash of war. Find something you like and just build around it. All else fails, visit rennala to Respek. Hope it helps, Us tarnished need to stick together.


Mind does not give you more spell slots. That's what memory stones are for


Guess I'm still kinda in my dark souls mode. The rest is still valid. Thanks for the correction.


Hi, I want to go for a build that can handle heavy weapons, and also has magic - I want to go for a cloud from FF7 kind of heavy weapon, but I also want to have that weapon have magic too. I want to be quite melee focused. I’m really quite new to souls games and I stopped playing for a little while because I feel I hit a wall with how I was progressing and I wondered if you guys had any tips.


look up the darkmoon greatsword, try working towards that, should be exactly what you're looking for! :)


This is the way


Finish the ranni quest line. Get the full moon greatsword. It's the perfect weapon for than.


Based on what you described, there are really two options you could take. One of them, like the other replies here are telling you, is building for Darkmoon Greatsword (DMGS). You can't get this weapon until mid-game (or lategame if you aren't focusing on the quest). The DMGS scales primarily with INT, and is a greatsword designed for a character that's otherwise built for spellcasting. If you go this build, you'd be playing primarily as a mage until you get DMGS, which might not be what you want. But there are some melee-oriented spells that you could use in the meantime - check out the Carian sword sorceries. For a DMGS build, focus on: **Vigor** (HP), **Mind** (FP), **Endurance** (equip weight), **Intellect** (damage stat). You'll also need enough Strength and Dex to wield the DMGS - check these values from the Wiki and don't level those stats higher than needed. Ignore Faith and Arcane entirely. The other option is to build a Strength-focused character that uses some magic on the side. This character will be melee from start to finish, and can use the FromSoft staple "big weapon", the Greatsword (which is actually a Colossal sword). This build will focus on using a big melee weapon and using magic or ashes of war to apply buffs to that weapon, like magic damage, cold damage, or fire damage. For this build, focus on: **Vigor** (HP), **Endurance** (equip weight), **Strength** (damage stat). You'll want just enough Mind and Intellect to cast the Ashes of War or buff spells you plan to use. They won't need to be very high. Ignore Dex, Faith, and Arcane entirely unless you need them to meet the equip requirements for a weapon. Good luck.


Too early of a level to say anything if anything you are spreading stats too much for each build people tend to only power level at least 3 specific traits while putting some on other like mind or endurance


Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering - I feel I’m spreading too thin


You generally want to level Vigor early on because weapons don't get much damage from stat scaling until they've been upgraded a lot, and Vigor gives insanely good returns up to 40. This is even more important if you're new to Souls games because you'll likely not be an expert at avoiding getting hit. Later on you can focus on raising 1 or 2 damage stats based on the scaling of the weapons/spells you've decided to use.


I mean, ER is my first souls game and on first playthrough I though 20 vigor is enough. It is not. Go for at least 30 early game, 40 later. If you want heavier armor you will need to go for endurance also, but vigor is priority. After that, you said you want greatsword with magic, I would go str + int. Not sure how many are there, there is that darkmoon one but that is pretty late in the game so maybe look up if there are others. For the other stats, forget arcane, you don't need it at all for what you want. Also faith is useless for what you want (if by spells you don't mean incantations, then go faith instead of int but you will need 38 int for the darkmoon greatsword so that's up to you, also magic damage scales with int, faith goes for holy dmg) so ditch those 2, dex is highly optional, depends on the weapon req but most of greatswords don't need that much dex and are scaling better with str. So what I would do (you can ofc go your way) is go full vigor now, play with whatever I can (I went with basic longsword on my 2nd playthrough until raya lucaria when I finally got enough str for that heavy hammer and everything went super smoothly) wield right now and then respec for str+int with 12 faith for flame cleanse me (trust me you will need it) and dex depending on what weapon you will have at that time. Then you get the dark moon greatsword, you can respec to int being priority and go larger with the sorceries also.


You're too little right now which is fine but you gotta choose around now what you want to build towards. Do you want to slash, bonk, magic, faith etc. Once you know how you want to fight you go from there


Stop putting in Int. It looks like you barely use any Int spells and likely won’t.


Don't spread your points out so much. Specailize


When I started it didn’t understand that the lettering for weapon scaling meant the weapon does more damage if I have that stat higher. I didn’t really think about it, if it said c vs S rank holy, I just thought wow s must be more holy. Again didn’t think about it. But find the weapons that have high ranks in the stats you feel like specializing in, or choose the weapon you like and build into that stats it scales with. I wouldn’t focus on optimizing cuz at the end of the day they have choice so you can make them, don’t try to be what Reddit thinks of as the ideal build, therefore ignore my advice and do whatever you want.


Just to give you some context without pushing too much in any direction I run all my characters to level 150 and once I'm there that's enough to have about 3 stats at 50-60. You start to get big bonus to stats in the higher levels but obviously you can't have everything high unless you want to grind. But I would say start thinking about what 3 or 4 stats you like the best and really focus those. But it doesn't hurt to have 15-20 of something just to have access to what it offers.




Farm big bird / friends 🙂🙃


Vigor > Str or Dex > Endurance > Int or Fth or Arc. Upgrade Mind if you're going to use spells, Ash of Wars or incantations often.


Figure out which build you want and then focus your levels toward those attributes. If you aren’t planning on using magic, focus on Dex and strength…depending on which weapon you choose…just an example.


Your stats are spread out, which isn't entirely a bad thing for now, but you will probably want to pick a main stat to boost your weapon damage. Otherwise you will be okay at everything and not great at anything. You can respec your stats with an item after beating a certain boss, but the item is rare and most of them involve a fight. This page was helpful in learning how stats work. That whole site has been useful for me, but I'd recommend using it as little as possible in your first run as to not spoil too much. https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Stats


Don’t be afraid to commit to a certain build either, you can respec your stats after a certain point with a certain item and try something else later in the game.


Put points in Vigor and you will be a happy tarnished. Otherwise just put stats into the stats you need for whatever spells/ weapons you use and add a splash of endurance and a toss of mind and you are good to go.


Stats are really spread out, but level 37 is just the beginning so its fine. It really depends on the difficulty and playstyle you want to play. Usually you will try to invest some points into vigor (30 should carry you through most of the game), endurance (depends on equip load and stamina used), Strength/Dexterity and Faith/Intelligence/Arcane. Dont worry too much about it because you can easily respec the stats in raya lucaria many times per run using larval tears. If after some time you are still unsure you can always check the FextraLife build guides.


I’ve sent an invader with a bonker prepare for a vigor check


It’s a little even spread. You need to pick vigor and one other area to specialize.


For a build, I reckon find a weapon(move set, skills or looks) that you like and go around that. I would recommend a rapier or heavy thrusting sword to start because it has quicker recovery time after attack. Faster dodge after doing an attack Just my experience


You are lvl 37, you don’t need a build for awhile, just make sure you have whatever stats you need to use your current favorite weapon or spells and put all the rest into vigor.


Looks good so far, just match your arcane/faith/into with what you intend to use. The dragon incantation will be better with arcane and dragon seal for example. And if you go that route you should use a weapon that scales with arcane. Same applies to faith or int if you prefer magic or faith weapons. The game is still early so just level for what you want to use. Try thing, have fun 🙂


Level vigor.


Biggest tip I can give is dont try to level everything. If you mess up you can reroll stats later in the game. Pick like two damage stats for example, strength and intelligence. Or maybe you wanna be a lightning weilding samurai, then do Dexterity and faith. But do NOT put points into every single stat. You'll be significantly underpowered later in the game. The higher the level you are, the more you can start utilizing multiple or all stats


There is no build there. Just early game stats


Big time trash


I think you accidently stepped into the hole of Leveling all stats equally. (Don't worry everyone has done that in the beginning) Little tipp don't level up all stats equally stick to 1 or 2 combat Stats Strenght, Intelligence, Dex, and Faith. Vigor, Mind and Endurance are yourse to decide but you will need alot of Vigor to survive Endgame and not get 1 shoted by everything. Arcane yourse to decide aswell but is not as importand then the other stats in my opinion


You won’t pass the vigor check inspection.


Perfectly fine fella keep experimenting until you find something you like then like others mentioned you can respec pretty early on to suit that more. I do have one suggestion until then though, go get rot breath spell! You're only 2 points of faith away from using it, it's doesn't matter about damage as you are after that sweet rot breath status effect though it does hit hard and best of all for you doesn't really matter about how over the place your stats are as you want the rot effect mainly. Thar bad boy can carry you a lot, only stuff like gargoyles laugh at it


No build, people have said that If I were you, just keep going until your a higher level than look up some builds and see what's fun, or you can expirement which I've never tried but go for it Have fun


Pick a couple of damage stats to focus on. Dex or str? Big weapons or fast weapons? Want to cast by spells too? Fireballs/buffs or really powerful sorceries? If you’re doing a pure Dex build for example, get the bare minimum strength you need to use the weapons you want, put the rest in dex/vigor with a few points in endurance and mind for stamina/fp/decent armor. Dex should be your highest stat for damage followed by vigor for health. Those are the most important stats. Don’t bother with arcane unless you’re going for an arcane bleed/status effect build. Unless you go all in on bleed, just having a few points in arcane isn’t that useful. Item discovery is helpful for farming specific items but pretty useless for just playing. For hybrid builds pick two stats, str/int, dex/int and dex/faith all work really well but there are so many good weapons in Elden ring any combination can be effective with the right gear. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you can always respec as soon as you beat the second runebearer (Renala, raya lucaria). All it takes is a larval tear and there are dozens available per ng+ cycle.


Generally, if you're not planning to overlevel af, you'll want to select 1-2 stats which will be scaling your damage, keep leveling them and abandon other damage related stats. Also, vigor best choice at low level.


Long story short: yes. The reason is that you should concentrate on upgrading Vigor and Endurance along with 1 or 2 other stats when you are confident in those say like: 40-60 vigor, 20-30 dex/str and/or 20-30 int/faith you can start upgrading others to, if you want to deal a lot of damage fast you should upgrade your weapons as much as possible. Short story long: Play as you wish, if you ok with what you have now just go with it, you can respec once you beat a certain boss in the game.


Honestly, yeah it kind of is. Going for a strength build? It isn’t good idea to level everything up together like that. Pick a build and go heavy on it early.


I think since you have a dragon incantation and fireball you could go with a strength/faith build so for stats i reccomend strength, vigor, endurance, mind and faith.


Yes. If planning on staying low level.


What build?


Yeah agree with other commenters, this is not a build because your stat spread is too broad. Assuming you pick Astrologer or Prophet for a starting 16 in your preferred magical attribute, what I typically do for a spell build is: 1/ Vigor to 25 first so I can eat some hits early on when bosses and mobs don't 1/2 shot you. This lets me be hyper-aggressive in fights. 2/ Mind to 22 so I have a decent pool of FP and not always in need of refilling Cerulean flasks. Between how Elden Ring refills your flasks when you clear a mob and some FP-efficient sorceries/incantations, you should be good with this at least until the 2nd area. 3/ Intelligence or Faith to 40 so I can bump up spell damage, as well as weapon attack rating once I apply my preferred damage type (Holy/Flame Art for Faith and Magic/Cold for Intelligence). And then finally I'll round out my "bar" stats — Endurance to 20, Vigor to 40, Mind to 30 is what I usually go for. Should achieve this by around rune level 90 or so on Astrologer/Prophet. Ah, and make sure you give yourself enough points in Dexterity and Strength to wield the weapon of your choice, and enough Endurance to have a medium load. Don't go after heavy armor and instead look for lighter ones that will give you *some* protection. You will want to maintain your distance as a caster anyway.


Focus on vigor first, you can respec your stats later in the playthroug so check from which stat your weapon of choice scales off of and attribute stats accordingly. Spreading out your stats is not a good idea. Also builds usually comes together at the endgame. Also make sure you know what each stat does and what their caps are so you don't waste levels.


don't level up faith and int, choose one, if you want. only one weapon scale with both, and a few spells also level up vigor ffs don't level up endurance unless you feel like you need it to wear heavier armors, or you run out of it before even landing a full combo (like colossal weapons and any powerstance build) faith arc can be useful, but int arc no. also choose either dex or strength. If you choose both, don't level up int or faith at all


There is no build yet. Tip for easiest game? Get stats to the point where you can use your weapon of choice, and pump vigor until 60. Most of your damage in the beginning will come from upgrades anyway. When you have 60, pump into stats you need for your weapon to scale. If you are a caster remember to put few points into mind, so you can actually cast.


More Dex and Arcane because Blood and katana are very strong in Elden Ring.


You’re too low of level for this build to be trash. Don’t level arcane, though. At least, not yet. You’ll be able to re-spec your character a large number of times eventually though, so just keep chugging along.


Lol! I don’t remember anything under level 60. Forgot you could be so maidenless.




You should figure out what you want to do rather than just dumping stats into everything


It’s not even a build, you’re just getting started!


If at lvl 37 your highest stat is a 16, then yes, your build is trash. You want to focus on a single stat+vigor. Then some endurance, and mind if you're using a lot of sorceries or incantations. Spreading your points all over the place is not effective.




You have spread your points evenly, giving you a taste of several different playstyles. Unfortunately this approach makes you not very good at anything. You're much better off specialising by investing in the required stats to create a distinct build. No matter what build you go for, you'll want to level vigor.


Level mostly vigor until like 40 (but it's good until 60!), get whatever you need for weapon requirements and to not fat roll, mind if you really really want it. Weapon upgrades will give you most of your damage.




"Trash" is not the right word. Eldenring is pretty forgiving in terms of wrongly placed stats. First of all you are able to respec several times per run. Second you can just farm some levels while also getting some nice gear from enemies (looking at you, wandering nobles). So even if your stats are too spread right now I wouldn't say you need a respec to be viable. More vigor is always recommended (like 40ish as a goal at least). My first run was far more chaotic than anything you show here and I still managed to get through. I would recommend to play and try out what you like. Seldom I played a game that encouraged me to try out builds and exploring than Eldenring - especially in the newer era (*cough* Ubisoft). Whatever weapon you like is ok - there is not a single one you couldn't beat the game with - and look what stats improve damage. Upgrade that weapon and so on and on. You do good! Have fun!


Your vigor is to low. Pretty much all your points at lvl 37 should go into vigor. A little in endurance and then just the points to reach stat requirements. Early game most of your damage increase will cone from equipment upgrades not stat investment.




Something uve learned, be great at dodging or get lots of vigor


Whatever dings your bell and kills Demons. Nerds on this sub will probably tear it to peices but honestly if it works for you who cares?


Usually I agree, but OP might get stuck later with the difficulty spike and having to repsec can feel kinda shitty if you were having fun before


Bro…. Build something hahaah