If I was in a room with Perceptor Miriam, Dung Eater, and Varre, and I had a gun with two bullets, I would shoot Perceptor Miriam twice


Shoot the Dung and Varre, proceed to slowly and relentlessly beating Miriam to death with an empty gun She gets staggered easily, beaten her on a melee char with poisoned knives. Got to the last teleport point, found an opening to get in range once and interrupted her every attempt to cast the big bow.


Running towards her only for her to teleport away as you’re about to reach her made my blood hurt


Yeah. I didn’t hit her once before the tower flipped. Ran up till she ported, cleared mobs and went on. Once she gets to the “circle” phase, you can get in range for knives where she still tries to shoot you instead of porting. At that point you don’t have to dodge much, just land one stagger with a knife and so long as you have enough stuff to throw at her she just dies. On the other hand once the tower flips she doesn’t teleport away from he first location fast enough. So you just run up and murder her so long as you time attacks and not just spam waisting your green bar. It’s an obnoxious encounter, but not that difficult the moment you realize how it goes.


There's an even easier way. *She's a puzzle boss*. Her teleport points are all under the overhead beams. Use a ladder to the left to climb up, channel your inner Ezio Auditore, and drop on top of her with a plunging attack.


Wait long enough up at the top and she'll come to you. I killed her straight melee right side up.


Shoot varre twice, leave Perceptor Miriam with the Dung Eater.


Dung Eater, Dung Eater, makes a corpse, what comes next, is even worse


The Office! I use that quote at work all the time. 🤣


I killed her before inverting the tower, imagine my surprise when she came back to life when I came back a few hours later to flip the place around


Dude I was so unhappy when I found out she was still alive


I was happy to get to see her face of pain and agony again as I killed her with a giant pizza cutter


Indeed. Preceptoroni


The best flavor ☺️




In my first run, she was a real PITA when I was clearing the non-inverted tower. Later when I inverted the tower, she fell off the ledge while trying to snipe me. Was pretty happy with that outcome lmao.


I used her own stupid magic bow attack against her


This was honestly the most fun way to go about it, felt like a genuine mage-off sniper battle I hope they buff that spell


It already got buffed lmao. They reduced the FP cost of Loretta's greatbow significant reduced the FP cost of Loretta's mastery (wasn't worth using over the "lesser" version before that). I think it's good right now. I don't think it's supposed to be an easy nuke that you can use well in actual combat. It's more like a sniping tool to take out or weaken threatening mobs or roaming bosses from afar before they aggro you. Goes great with terra magica to improve the damage per shot. Definitely not a must-have by any means. But I generally find it helpful often enough to give up a slot for it.


With Pineapple


You madman


For me she was just annoying for teleporting away over and over and over


Pain in the ass. Gotta say though, getting in the right spot where they couldn't hit me and then throwing Loretta'


I bolt of Granax'd her off the ledge. Was hilarious.


Solid verb


What's utter wolf of radagon water is that collapsing stars can't pull her off her initial platform in the upside-down version. She gets pulled, and stops immediately at the edge, even if she's already on the edge.


I have the ancient weapon of Italian mass destruction, now how do I invert the tower


> ancient weapon of Italian mass destruction You cannot use this to invert the tower. You can, however, make it lean.


I did do that now to invert it


Continue the Ranni questline iirc.


Do rannis questline until you get the fingerslayer blade in nokron. Then give it to ranni and you get the inverted statue


Ok follow up question, how do I not get jumped by the two gargoyles, I do have the mimic summon on standby.... that might give me an idea


To be fair, she probably felt the same seeing me come back to life. Again. And again. And again. And again. (She killed me a lot.)




I never even went through the regular tower in my first playthrough. Didn't even know it was there until I flipped it.


my bf was like make sure you kill her so she’s gone before you invert the tower. That did not work as I learned the hard way lol


Oh thats extra awful


also equally annoying to have to kill her twice for the sorceries she drops


I was pissed until she accidentally yeeted herself off the bridge while I was trying to clear the hands off at range. Bye bi^i^^i^^i^^^tch


It was so much better than being on the top floor of the study hall, that shit was so fucking annoying


It felt good to kill that bitch from above with heavy bow though


I was also completely devastated when she returned. I was so upset I cheesed her with rot bolts. 10/10 no regrets.


I cheesed her by getting her to fall down the elevator shaft.


Yup that's what i did the first time. The second time i was welcome enough equipped to knock her over and kill her before she could get away.


Rot bolts?!?!


It was easier dealing with her in the inverted version. You can use gravity magic to pull her off the ledge at the first position. 😈


Even without gravity cheese, the inverted version of the fight is way easier. She can't just teleport in a circle forever like the normal fight lol


I swear the first time I got there, she stopped moving around once I took care of the ghosts; but every subsequent time through, it's like she just keeps summoning more ghosts and going around the room forever. :/


My first, all-blind run through the game was on a melee build. After about ten minutes of not getting anywhere because of that teleport spam, I remembered Carian Retaliation had an Ash of War variant for shields. Popped back to a grace and slapped that shit on the Carian Knight's shield...*because what other shield should it go on*? I then spent another twenty minutes letting her slowly kill herself as I just chased her around haphazardly fighting her mooks, spell-parrying, and feeding her magic right back at her. Slow...but *sooo satisfying* when she finally dropped.


This dumb asshole walked off the ledge to her death the second time I fought her (INT build). The first time was a STR build and I was miserable


Oh that’s ɯɐᴉɹᴉW ɹoʇɔǝdsoɹԀ


She didn't come back for me after I flipped, somehow. Will test again on this run through.


She always came back. You also get two different rewards.


Wait wait wait. Invert the tower??? And she’s still alive??


Yup! Inverting the tower is part of Ranni’s quest. I didn’t know that was a thing and explored the tower before hand and beat Miriam, came back after getting the inverting item and she was respawned, cost me a nice 100k runes dying to her


Jesus Christ well that is some great info for my second playthrough I just started. Grazi!


Damn then I'm glad I didn't kill her before inverting the tower. Would have been so pissed if I had to kill her a second time.


Pretty sure you get different reward for killing her each time though.


Yes, your reward is 22,000+ lost runes and some crap you'll never use.


You get both rewards for killing her the second time. My friend never managed to kill her, but got both rewards when inverting the tower


Fun story about my playthrough: I did not know she was in the inverted tower. When I first went there, I saw the entrance in the elevator and went into it, thinking it was a little secret area. I instantly plummeted to my death, but I was rewarded the Lucidity sorcery. I thought it was a pretty funny joke from Fromsoft: you see a hole, blindly walk into it, you get a sorcery sarcastically praising your intelligence. Imagine my surprise when I was watching a streamer play it and see that Miriam is in the inverted tower and drops the Lucidity sorcery. I guess I made it far enough into the bottom of the tower that she spawned and fell to *her* death too.


Uno reverse!


I wish that there were secret items you receive for killing yourself in specific ways.


Really? I killed her before inverting it as well and she never came back. Unless she’s just an NPC and I never came across her?


I’m not sure what she classified as, she doesn’t spawn in like an invader and instead stands guard in the tower and as far as I know this/these fights are the only time we see her


She's like an NPC miniboss with some special behaviors, namely the teleporting. These were more common in other Soulsborne games and behaved just like the NPC invaders, they were like denizens of the world rather than invaders from another/their instance or timeline of the world. As a Preceptor she's similar to Seluvis in arcane powers and I think they lend to each other's lore somewhat. Seluvis had a puppet body ready for Sellen, I think Miriam has another body to 'jump' to after we first defeat her. Seluvis may not be entirely dead himself...


> Seluvis may not be entirely dead himself Seluvis may not have been alive when we spoke to him in the first place...


I wonder if they changed something in a patch. I killed her before flipping the tower a few days after release and she stayed dead. But now I see ppl saying she comes back.


Maybe, I think I got to this part around a month and a half to two months after release


Fuck this absolute coward


Hides behind her big meaty grippers


What did you say, PUNK?




Aye, these grippers ain’t just for attracting mates!


WELLLL these grippers ain't just for attracting maidens!


I legitimately died more to her than most bosses.


She cheesed me so I cheesed back lol


For me she was just annoying for teleporting away over and over and over. It took me so long to catch her.


One my dual greatsword build I had to strip everything off to get down to light equip load so I could dodge shots and out run her. My magic character hardly even broke a sweat with glint stone spells.


Got a problem that needs a solution? Get but ass naked! No one likes a crazed naked person running at them full speed!


yeah, but when you invert the tower it’s even worse


Is it? I was able to run up to her and kill her immediately while inverted. The first time was a PITA. Felt good dropping on her head from the rafters though.


Yeah, before the tower was inverted I couldn't catch up to her no matter what I tried, she would just teleport before I could do damage so I gave up. Later when I went to invert it she didn't teleport once and I annihilated her.


YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DROP ON HER!?!?! I spent way too long chasing her up and down the stairs to get *just* in spell range


I don’t know if you are SUPPOSED to drop on her, but she definitely didn’t run or teleport when I did. Take the ladder up and you can run right above her and she won’t move too much. One good drop attack with a colossal greatsword.


I got to the point where she was teleporting in circles in the tower and just kept chasing and occasionally throwing a lightning bolt at her. Then when I ran out of fp resorted to counter sniping with an underleveled bow. Yes I am a fool, yes it took WAY too long.


Lol there's a ladder on that floor that you can go up to get in the rafters. She just so happens to stop under them, so you can drop down and bonk her on the head.


Talk to me about this tower inversion. I killed her after many hours and had no idea where to go. Wanna do it in ng+


Completing Ranni's quest line gives you an item to invert the tower.


Note that this is only completing part of Ranni's questline, that gets you the Carian Inverted Statue. There's definitely more to do for her past that if you want the Ranni ending!


Sweet thank you guys


Part of Ranni's questline.


Fia's too.


Bow and poison arrows are the way.


“Stop running you little shit!” -me, with only my Lordsworn Greatsword


If you crouch behind a railing so she can't hit you, she will eventually stop shooting and just walk up to you. Just gotta be careful of the explosion from the arrows.


Well, I wish I had known that!


Pain in the ass. Gotta say though, getting in the right spot where they couldn't hit me and then throwing Loretta's Greatbow right back *chef's kiss*


I did this too, with zero shame, cackling at my ingenuity. Fuck this mob.


I did the same and then switched to rot arrows out of spite…


Yeah the last time I fought her it turned into a pretty intense Loretta's Greatbow duel. The closest to fun that this fight will ever get


I threw on Radagon's Icon to increase my spell speed, then just stepped out and did my own Loretta's Greatbow. Then as soon as mine fired I could just dodge roll backwards and hers would miss me.


Exactly my move


I just stayed at range and hucked lightning spears too she died. No ragrets


This is the way


Fuck Preceptor Miriam, all my homies hate Preceptor Miriam


This man understood the prompt ☝️


Never have i ever felt good using poison in souls games but theres always this exception.


Poison?! Bitch deserves **rot**


nah. rot kills her too fast. Poison is where it’s at. Slow but certain death.


Love poisoning em and watching them teleport to every oxygen atom in the joint


Fookin diabolical


Well if it ain’t the ~~invisible~~ teleporting cunt


Huge turd


That’s fair.


I was so under-leveled when I first got there but I was determined to not leave until they were defeated. It took about an hour as a melee build lol but worth it.


The fact that she kept running away, gave a different type of rage, the Micolash type of rage.


As someone who was fresh off Bloodborne…this whole experience made me a better Tarnished Hunter


> the Micolash type of rage *eye twtiching* Soon as I catch that little shit, I'll give 'em some eyes to see. Just you fucking wait.


Never met her, always just killed her from a distance


To be fair, you're fighting fire with fire there


Fire arrows with fire arrows


My first time getting through the tower was pure suffering. I lost count of how many times I died. Eventually, I managed to get her to the top floor, then cheesed her by shooting from the area just after the elevator while her AI was inactive. When I returned for the inverted tower, however, I had Loretta's Greatbow too. I rained sorcerous arrows upon her while laughing maniacally and shouting, "HOW DOES IT FEEL, MIRIAM?" That was some good therapy.


You are so right. This absolute IDIOT thought they could kill me by running away and spamming the same overrated spell AGAIN AND AGAIN. Felt so good running my sword through em.


Just to rub it in this dumbass idiots face I killed them with that spell and blew them out of their fucking robes.


Cheers to that mate 🍻


I heard he facetimes while taking shits.


Miriam is actually a old lady


I thought it was a woman, because of the name?, but for some reason bunch of other comments said they're a man. Is there an item description that describes them as a her.


I could be misremembering but I’m almost positive on a Zullie the witch video about showing hidden npc faces that Miriam was a girl


It's probably a woman then.


She was such a pain in the ass to fight during my first play through, and I was sticking with the default Samurai build with Uchigatana and a bow. I died so many times cause I was still low level and inexperienced. Didn't know that I could dodge Loretta's Bow and spent so much time taking cover while also avoiding the other enemies. And whenever I finally get close to her after an excruciatingly long time, SHE FUCKING RAN AWAY! I beat her without using the Carian Inverted Statue first and basically wounded up at a dead end after all that. After using it, I find out that I had to fight her all over again lol.


Where is MY fucking Instant trasmission Kamehameha?!?!


Absolute nightmare the first time I encountered her I had to rage quit for a few hours. The second time I encountered her I had a halo scythe + 15 and hid in a corner and just sniped her. She didn’t have a chance. It felt amazing


I like Miriam. Loretta's Greatbow is a nice, predictable spell. Makes ya feel like some kind of mega-badass countering it with Carian Retaliation or Golden Retaliation. Preceptor Miriam, "Okay... That didn't work. My spell completely backfired and I took a load of damage again. Maybe I'd better try the exact same thing again and again and again...!"


Palpatine vibes


Literally me fighting any boss


yeah... i threw rocks at her


You mean Duke's Archives Crystal Sage?


They were actually fun though


Stop the cap


Lame ass bitch jus barking from behind the fence.


She's definitely in my list of Top 2 Worst Preceptors


Fuck her and everyone that looks like her… which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened twice.


Fuck Preceptor Miriam, all my homies hate Preceptor Miriam My first playthrough I was more or less blind, and I was doing a str fth build, so my ranged options were limited by my low mana and few blue flasks. Miriam was the absolute pinnacle of difficulty on my first playthrough, for the worst possible reasons. Everyone compares her to Crystal Sage and Micoshit, but she is *infinitely* worse. Like those bosses are both annoying, sure, but at least they have weaknesses. Micoshit stops running when he gets to his room, and Crystal Sage at least tries to fight a little bit before teleporting away, and his teleport is Slow. Miriam can just teleport, whenever she wants, infinitely. Hell, Micolash can even run out of bullets! It takes time, but I've seen him run out and be reduced to only using his sick karate chops. Miriam, though? Infinite mana, never even needs a sippy. And to top it all off, her instant unlimited teleporting can be done whenever she wants. And I DO mean *whenever*. I was sitting right around a corner, within a couple feet of her, and she was spamming Loretta bow and standing still. After a few shots, when she started charging the next one, I ran out and did a running r1 to try and get some damage. She teleported, while holding the bow, out of range and blasted me at the same time. I died in one hit. I stopped playing Elden Ring for that entire week.


Hot take: Perceptor Miriam plays most like a human cheese master. She is the most human of NPC adversaries.


I cannot stand that piece of running shit


Only way I killed inverted Miriam was slamming my head against the wall until she fell off her first spawn point


I shoved my balls of gransax into this bitch’s stomach


miriam is the biggest fucking coward in the game, worse than melee only elden beast


She ain’t as good an archer as the Albanauric women of Ordina!


Absolute cowardice piece of trash. Fuck dat ho.


Dex and Int are easy mode. It was so fucking painful trying to beat her fair and square with a colossal on release. She could teleport in between my swings


Golden land AoW works on colossal weapons


The first time I got to tower it was one of most stunning fights I’ve ever had in a video game. I’ve been playing an intelligence mage, and up till then limgrave had been pretty easy taking from a distance. I kind of figured the whole game would be like that till I got to the study hall. It was truly one of the most epic battles I’ve ever been a part of. My character and her were slinging spells at each other from a distance dodging and weaving around. I’d come up from a roll and have to whip my sword out, defeat her lackies all while intermittently casting spells. It felt like an actual real wizard battle to me. We got to the end, she had a sliver of health, I had a sliver of health, barely any FP and no flasks. I won with a last desperate charge at her final platform with my most powerful spell at time. It felt so satisfying. Directly after I died to a rat in the rafters, and on my way back fell off so lost the entire big wins runes on a rat.


After the 4th or so playthrough you get really good at just running past this clown.


i just defeated this guy for the first time yesterday and i was so goddamn confused what s going on


He's a little bitch in Seluvis clothing who just teleports miles away like a coward.


She's a close-talker, eats with her mouth open and interrupts every conversation!


She is the NPC that acts the most like a cheesy invader.


All my homies hate Preceptor Miriam


NGL, it wasn’t until right now that I learned this guy wasn’t Selivus. I was just like “huh, what’s this jerk doing here? Oh well, this nerd’s gonna catch these hands.”


Miriam can eat my whole ass that was easily the most annoying divine tower to access


Hot take, she’s a well designed fight


I punted them off with my great bow when I walked in there, I had no idea people didn't like her lmao.


She’s a bitch


teleporting p.o.s


Miriam deserves to be cheesed in the moldiest of fragrances - that fragrance being scarlet rot. Watch this dumb idiot teleport around while dying, it's like poetry


I had a whole training arc to kill this bitch. I tried over and over and over again, maybe 30+ times and just fucking left and progressed elsewhere in the game, then when certain quests I was grinding out demanded I return I came for those cheeks and I clapped them into oblivion. Out maged the mangy ho.


If at first you don't succeed, level up and stomp them later.


Erdtree greatshield up your ass Seriously it's really powerful against her


Like who the fuck has that much FP to shoot Lorettas Great Bow back to back??


Yeah well SHE doesn't have the Radagon icon. My arrow's faster, you smelly nerd.


spent so long before i inverted the tower trying to kill this one. finally did, only to see her damn face again. so dumb


Fuck Preceptor Miriam, all my homies hate preceptor Miriam


Nearly lost my mind with my greatsword build on my first playthrough. Fucking 1v1 me you coward.


Dude preceptor Miriam is the worst fucking boss in elden ring, especially for melee builds(literally almost every build in elden ring besides mage and ranger and sm else, idk)


I was in an all-bow phase when I met her, so we had a pew pew fight


Scuffed archives crystal sage


Ol’ staggerin ass can’t cast a spell if even a glint stone pebble hit her big hat Logan from wish lookin so scary you gotta summon a bunch of spirits cuz you already know you trash and I still killed you twice needa “Precept” these fuckin nuts lookin ass bitch How’s that


The fight with Miriam prior to flipping the tower was probably one of the most infuriating bits of gaming I've seen in recent memory. Hands down, worst encounter in Elden Ring for me. Despite not dying, I will never fight Miriam without inviting the tower first.


Fuck her. Seeing her a second time after inverting the tower was one of those times where I preemptively rage quit to save myself and my controller from the potential fury I was about to go through


She drove me crazy with her constant teleporting away, so I tried hiding in one of those alcoves near the top. I was astonished when she stopped and started walking towards where I was, and then I popped out and killed her. She didn't try to teleport after I hid from her. Has anyone else had that happen?


May her character forever rot in scarlet rot!! The death isn’t worth the data she was coded in!!! May she experience the wrath of a thousand suns!!


Miriam can fuck right off. Unless you’re a magic build or have a ton of throwable you can use you can’t even hit her cause at like half health when she goes to the top floor she just teleports everytime you get near her so it’s impossible to hit her with a melee build. She can lick my left nut


yeah I cheesed the fuck outta her because fuck her


Fuck Miriam. All my homies hate Miriam.


Cheesed her every time with a bow. Whenever she draws her magic bow it's a free hit because she's just stuck in place. I have no shame for killing her this way, a coward deserves to get a taste of their own medicine.


That bitch


I'm not ashamed to admit that I cheesed her to death with poison arrows. Fuck her.


I found an easy way to kill them instead of chasing I just used my kukuri then they stayed in place and came for me instead took 2 secs to kill and carried on my day


My fist playthrough just melee was traumatizing. Grabbing that hoe and giving her frenzy the second time around felt soooo gooood. Not to mention the long range frenzy snipe.


Fight me yourself, Precepturd.


I thought that was what this whole sub was for.


Smushing Miriam with a great sword strength build was very satisfying


For melee builds , nothing was more frustrating than this fuck on the first playthrough, especially for stubborn players who refuse to level up and come back later


Like bro what the hell I'm just trying to walk by go away and like she does to much damage for where she is. When I came back near the end of the game tho she cried.


Nahhhh I forgot about this dude until I saw this post and got mildly infuriated. Fuck this guy and his projectiles


Ain’t that the shorty that used to remind the teacher to collect our homework?