Only thing I see is try fingers but hole


For sure, some of the messages are obnoxious instead of helpful. I refuse to rate, either up or down, any "You don't have the right O you don't have the right". But I do take some satisfaction in taking note of how few ratings those messages are getting. If someone wants to toast one of his 10 available message slots with an annoying message that won't get rated and therefore won't replenish his health bar, that's *his* loss.


Seen a message on an invisible bridge if that counts? Pretty sure it just said "here!". Got a sweet ring after that.


Valiant Gargoyle’s room. I think I’m done with everything. I see some messages. Probably the usual ‘yay I did it’ messages, I figure I’ll upvote a few. I see they say ‘crypt ahead’. What crypt? See more messages, and then I see the coffin. One thing lead to another and by the next day I was in Leyndell.


I hated those messages in Demons Souls. The "I'm in trouble" was just scrubs looking for free health-ups and they were everywhere while "The true Demons Souls" was just tedious and boring.