You didn't like the mausoleum with long-range cannons on top? Or, the strategically hidden octopus? Or, the blinding fog filled with "goblin riders"? Or the impossible to find catacombs? Or the uncelebrated most-difficult (to me) invisible assassins and snipers? I don't know why you don't like it... 😁


I think I died more times to those assassins and snipers than I did to any boss T_T Hoping to go back on NG+ and kick their shit in now that I know what I’m doing


The puzzle to get into the tree? Equip the sentry’s torch on your offhand. You don’t have to have it out, you can sheathe it. It makes them visible. For you, or anyone else that is still trying to figure it out. Edit: Guys, the torch isn’t that hard to get. It’s 7000 runes and you get it from the hermit merchant inside the capital walls on the hill with the skelly bois and something to do with dung eater. On the way to the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Carian Shield works well for the archers. That or just dodge roll. It helps to plan your route before you enter the evergaol. There’s no enemies in Ordina in the regular world. My route involved taking a left after you enter the evergaol, and going down the main stair. There’s a candle at the bottom to your left, and an assassin you can now see with the torch. I killed the assassin here, since they don’t respawn and I was bitter about getting merc’d when they were invisible. Then you go around the building that’s diagonally across from the candle (facing SW from the candle, it’s the building on the balcony above the site of grace). Stay on the balcony and follow the building. There’s a ladder on its North side, down a narrow balcony heading west. Climb it, then climb the second ladder. The candle is on the roof of the building you’re climbing (it’s the rooftop candle you see in the distance when you first enter the evergaol). Light it, then climb down the ladder and drop down from the platform to the roofs on the east side, and head north across the arches and roofs to the main train station looking building. Two snipers are on that building, on both sides of the candle tower. Dodge roll and leap across the rooftops, till you get to the west side with the ladder and one sniper. Kill him, climb it, and light it. Drop down on the west side, quickly descend due SW (the other sniper can get you if you don’t do this fast) and drop till you get to the ground. You’re looking for a ruined building, with a broken wall that you can hop up (it’s in front of the evergaol entrance, on the level below it). You have to make a jump from the wall to get to a roof, where there’s a sniper. Kill him. We’re trying to get to the top of the western most building, and you’ll be able to platform across the roofs from the current position. Platform across the roofs until you end up on the North side of the candle building. I can’t remember if there’s any snipers up here, but if there are they don’t aggro until you get here. So kill them if they’re there. Then climb up. Light the candle and you’re done. 1 assassin. 2-3 snipers. The hardest part is between the second and third candles. I’m a straight melee character with basically no ranged options and this worked for me.


Oh I did that… it still went poorly. cause I’m not very good


Not very good is gooder than bad


Bad is gooder than very bad


Don't sell yourself short, you MADE it all the way to the consecrated snowfields. Your doing better than you think you are.


Also, the two black knife assassins are in that snowy courtyard and by the ground level candle. My route through Ordina circles around that courtyard and ends with that candle. First assassin never aggros and I get kicked out of the gaol before the second one can kill me.


Just in case you didn’t know… there are 4


Guess I've been lucky then. I've only ever aggro'd the two I mentioned. I'm *definitely* not changing my route now.


Swinging wildly and hoping you hit something is also a valid strategy.


Dude my paranoia got so bad I could hear them coming in the snow and managed to kill one that way


Haha! I killed all but one that way. Took a few deaths, so I logged off for the night. On day 2, I used the torch.


Honestly didn't find the assassins all that bothersome, you can just run past them. The archers though. Good lord, the archers were more difficult to deal with than any boss but Malenia for me.


Running, screaming in a blind panic is the only way.


I died to those fucks so much too. Lion’s Claw on the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier finally did the trick. I’d imagine it works well on any weapon, but it was particularly satisfying to smack their shit in with a giant red hammer.


I hit them with Black Flame Tornado on a twinblade on one cycle, but Ice Spear is where it's at if you're fond of spears and the like. They do not like frostbite.


Ice spear is straight up amazing




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Funny thing is that for me Stars of Darkness was the first round.


Dragonmaw, baby! Give 'em the old 1-2 munch.


That’s my vengeance weapon of choice too. Any AOE ash combined with its brutal animation is quite satisfying.


Sorry but NG+ is just a repeat of NG. Except you start to think "how the hell did I beat this game the first time?" *cries in Elden Beast fight*


I’m doing wayyyy better on NG+, but that’s mostly because Elden Ring was my first Soulsborne game and I didn’t know what I was doing *at all*. The crucible knights can still fuck right off tho, I am shit at parrying


First SB game too. I think I'm enjoying NG+ a lot more. Everything makes more sense. Also, I am really enjoying the more "even" fights. Bosses can still kick my butt but I am able to go toe to toe against them. I feel like my character fits the description of future Elden Lord more than the first time (puny 20 vigor noob vs demi gods).


I just equip a fully upgraded Fingerprint Shield and tank everything they throw at me. I try to parry them sometimes too but just turtling is more reliable.


When they switch to 2-handing their sword and begin to stomp, roll to either side and wait a beat then parry with the buckler and it synchs up to a near perfect parry every time for me. Buckler is the best parry window in the game, followed by the Carian Retaliation and Golden Parry ashes of war.


Hmm, I was using Golden Parry. I used the Crucible Knight in the evergaol to practice now I’m on NG+ and I kiiiind of figured the timing out. I beat him… but I’m probably gonna die a lot more to the next Knight I run into


Elden Ring is my 3rd FromSoft game and I still didn’t know what I was doing until I reached the Altus Plateau.


I'm on my 6th character and I still don't have a clue.




The invisible assassins are way easier to manage with the Sacred Relic Sword, just jam Waves of Gold a few times and they are dead. So I think that area is way easier the next time around.


My way around them was using the physyc that makes you invisible when you're crounching and wearing the black knife armour to make your steps silent. If you can't beat em, join em!


This right here


Black flame tornado and jar canon can kill snipers and keep assassins at bay


Hmm, good tip, I’ll have to respec and try that


if you are an Int Build or Int Hybrid, get UNSEEN FORM. With it i never got attacked by the assassins and the Alb archers didnt aggro me until i was 10 feet away. It genuinely trivialized the area, and there are other tactics as well, Unseen Form is just the coolest way to get through Ordina


WHAT!! No way I love stealthy gameplay but I didn’t really use Unseen Form that much in the later areas my first game. Gonna have to try this, thank you


Thank God I switched to int not too long ago. Srsly I love night sorcery so much. It's what helped me kill Alecto. She just kept dogding all my other sorceries and even managed to fully dodge stars of ruin once or twice. But when I used night comet she was just as screwed as any other enemy in ER.


Burn O Flame is excellent for dealing with the invisible assassins. Giants Flame Take Thee is awesome for knocking the snipers off of the roof.


I’m loving how helpful everyone is, I’ve got so many cool tips to try. Thanks, JizzGuzzler42069


Don't forget the death rite bird... No problems with the others birds, but this one is a mf'er Not even the octopus on the cliff wants a piece of that.. Yet they will fight the dragon


I am conveniently suppressing all memories of that bird. I shudder.


Ah shit, there's another death rite bird there? I hate those things; still haven't beaten the one among all those tombstones in Mountaintop.


Same place as that sneaky land octopus, but at night. Thats why there is so much blood there.


The moment I figured out their weakness is holy damage, using the sacred slash ash of war with The guts sword, made the death rite birds a cakewalk.


i was bashing my head against the wall trying to kill it without respeccing my guts to holy. but once i did, the fight was like 10 times easier and i'm not even exaggerating


No yeah I completely agree. The moment I started using more of the sacred holy ash of war and attacking it with the aura of holy over the blade, I was chopping out MASSIVE chunks of that bird's health. Every death rite bird became easy for me from then on.


I didn’t beat it, but Tiche did while I provided fire support.


Or the nigh-invincible great wyrm theodorix just down the river? Or the invasion in a forest of runebears that makes you get off your horse that are 100x more stronger than the first runebear forest? Or the ghost dragon warriors that one shot you? Or the mad trolls that one shot you? Or the fucking nobles that you can't even one shot? I haven't even gotten to the minor Erdtree, I'm afraid of what horrors await me. I don't know man seems like a great place for a summer vacation.


someone threw that runebear against malenia and it won


I remember the exact video you're talking about. I was so shocked because I was like "okay, that bear is definitely going to lose when she pulls out a waterfowl dance or some rot attacks😀." But the bear just ate that shit like it was a midnight snack out of the refrigerator. Those bears are terrifying


The vid definitely validated my take that that one bear is the most bullshit non-boss enemy in the entire *series*, not even just the game.


Even more, I remember seeing a list of most hated non boss enemies and the rune bear was number one.


Even more, I remember seeing a list of most hated non boss enemies and the rune bear was number one.


Sounds about right


What were the ghost dragon warriors even about? I just plain rode ride past them and whatever bullshit they were protecting.


If you play your cards right, you can 3 shot the minor erdtree boss with the Blasphemous Blades ash of war


Blasph blade is so fucking broken i love it xD


Honestly rotten avatar is the easiest to deal among them.


But yellow eyed Albinaurics with ton of health who hit like hell are pretty scary


The death rite bird too


I dragged the land octopi to occupy him, between the four of us he stood no chance


You can totally cheese Theorodix There's a ledge at the back of where he spawns and you can get up to it on Torrent. Then you can range him with spells and not take a single hit. After you've killed him, follow the ledge further for a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone


Those octopus things can tank the fuck out of him.


Theodrix was easy. You just climb up the rocks by the waterfall, summon Latenna, then just rain down fire out of reach!


The only part of this area i enjoyed was the double night cavalry fight and the reward was really worth it


I have not found this! Two night cavalry at the same time? Ouch!


It was really hard but i managed to distract one of them at first and it really helped.


It's not too hard to agro them one at a time. They flank each side of the coffin wagon. The damn perfumer crossbowman were more of an issue for me than aggroing both cavalry at once.


Same. One of the coolest armor sets in the game imo


That octopus stunlocked the Magma Wyrm for me while I beat his ass, he's my bro.


It's awesome when you can get the opponents become (unwilling) collaborators!


don't forget the runebear disguised as a noble trapped in snow, and the red wolf of radagon ambushing you with a pack of wolves


I killed everything i could in Snowfields, but the one thing i tried a few times and abandonned was the Caster Red (?) Wolf in the blizzard place (above the imp tower). Comes out of nowhere all guns blazzing with adds and murders the shit out of you. I already hate them with visibility but here i just ended up going nope.


It doesn't drop anything beyond runes and respawns after resting. It guards a waygate to the erdtree to the north, but there are far easier ways to get there, so it's mostly just an enemy for the sake of challenging yourself.


The 2-3 random and inexplicable summoned dragonkin with no summoner?! The low visibility Mozilla Firefox fight on uneven terrain?!


Oh gosh, I remember that annoying ass mausoleum with the magic nuke attacks. Literally made me lose like 1 million runes the first time I went against it.


I just sprinted around that invis zone to be completely honest with you


Oh noooo. Now I’m too scared to keep going as I finally made it there yesterday and I already don’t like it


Go for it! Just pace yourself. :)


What stops my other characters from going to the halig tree isn’t Malenia. It is the sniper assassin wombo combo


I echo the sentiment. I cringe every time I need to re-do that section. I wish I knew of a cheese method for it.


Theres a route you can take to just run through it. You only have to kill one archer. I'll try and find the video of it I saw, if I can't find it, I'll try to make a video for it.


I prefer the multiple rune bears


Fuck that whole section before Haligtree. That is the single worst part of the game


(And F that Haligtree section with branches, too!)


Gravity killed me more than any demigod ever did.


I couldn’t believe when I went to get the knights cavalry set and fucking wandering nobles of all things with fucking grenade launchers were killing torrent with a single shot. I was like holy shit between that and the weird electrical sniper rifle things and zero visibility I was like ok this is challenging in a terrifying and exciting way.


So glad I bought the Sentry’s torch before I entered the evergaol filled with Black Knife Assassins, definitely came in clutch


Also just the kinda blend, boring vibe of the place in general. At least to me


The squiggly jumping duel land octopi were a hoot


and the ghost dragonkin soldiers, and that one disguised runebear, or those lightning guys that 3 shot you


But what about the random army of dragonkin soldiers for literally no reason


Or when the snow starts speaking Dragonkin Soldier?


*"strategically hidden octopus"* ...oh I don't like the sound of that


Apparently they didn’t like the Deathrite Bird there either, absolutely absurd…


Fuckin fog


I have no problem with the snowfields except for that fog. I hate any game that puts fog like that in an area, feels like the purest form of artificial difficulty


snowfields is easy compared to horsefuck valley in ds2... ​ God that area was awful


Honestly only played DS2 through once so I don’t recall that. Easily my least favorite of the series


It was an optional area of the DLC, a really good DLC too. That’s where you get the MMA fists with the drop kick move set.


It’s not the first time Fromsoft has limited visibility to modulate difficulty, but most other times there was a mitigating item (or several) you could leverage. Would be nice if you could *do something* to end the snow effect for later exploration. A “beat this secret tower puzzle/boss and the snow ends” type thing.


They literally do it somewhere else too, when you kill the dragon in the Mountaintops the blizzard dies down. It'd be cool have something like the crown of illusions from Bloodborne that dispels the fog. Put it in Ordina or the albinauric church, maybe it stops the dragonkin from summoning too


If there’s counterplay that’s one thing, like being in a dark tunnel with a flashlight. But when games make an area impossible to see in and there’s absolutely nothing to do about it I just feel like they needed a lazy way to make an area difficult


Stupid ghost dragonkin soldiers


Dont forget about the madness trolls!


Those are fine. I look for them when I wanna test weapon builds. They are probably some of the most dodgeable enemies in the game.


Don't you mean trolls?


Yeah at least I can see in Caelid


Don't forget that unexpected second round with mf Astel that gets dropped on you like a hot pile of shit out of nowhere...


And he learned how to make shadowclones from somewhere for his one-shot grab attack.


Shadow clones? I got one shot grab attacked a few times (damn teleportation just behind me), but luckily was spared the illusionary clones.


When astel 2 reaches ~20% hp, he just adds clones to his grab attack. Not only is it nearly impossible to dodge, it also does so much damage that the only way to survive it is by modding your hp


Equipping your best dragoncrest shield talisman and munching on a boiled crab also does the trick


"Alright, I know this up coming attack. I ain't gonna die to him this time... There he is! And there he is. And there he - He's FUCKING EVERYWHERE WHAT THE FUCK"


That mf already creepy, but when he did that attack it made me wanna quit the game immediately.


I shit myself when I saw that attack does 2.4k damage on Vati's video the other day... Does crucible knot affect this in anyway?


That was the one fight I had to turn around and come back to at 150. Not because he was hard, because I couldnt figure out how to escape his shadow clone jutsu


Literally the only times I have beaten that astel is when I killed him before he did his shadow clone grab of death.


Dung Eater summon plus Bolt of Gransax ash let's gooooooo lol. Still was not at all easy though 😕


Wait what


The only thing there that genuinely annoyed me was those dragonkin ghosts. Like, wtf? What are those doing there? Who is summoning them? What connection does the Haligtree even *have* with the Eternal Cities?


Snowfield has a bunch of things related to the Eternal Cities. Ordina has the same architecture as Sellia, Albinaurics may be from the Eternal Cities and were definitely made using silver tears, Black Knives are from the Eternal City according to Rogier, and we encounter Astel (who levelled an eternal city) in a cave there.


Bro I had an invasion that was goin decent, ended up a nice 1v1, me and the guy are going at it and this guy spawns and slaps us apart randomly every 30 seconds, again BOTH of us. Was actually pretty funny tho. Every time someone got the upper hand here comes this guy with his celestial bitch slap


It’s old as hell, hence why the spirits summoned are of dragon kin age.


consecrated snowfields is fun though. except for that one runebear. oh yes that ONE runebear.


The fact that rune bears don’t drop some good loot or even a lot of souls is fucking criminal. Super difficult enemy that most people just run from because even if you want to kill it there’s no point in the amount of time and effort it takes.


There’s a Runebear boss at the end of a cave in Weeping Peninsula It STILL doesn’t drop anything worth the effort


The bear in the cave is much easier because he's confined to a small space. The rune bears are worst when they have room to move and turn and combo you. In the cave, it's much easier to stay directly under it and swing away.


Lol actually disagree the talisman you get from that turns the entire next area into a joke


You’d think they’d at least drop RUNES


theyre all about being an environmental hazard and challenge. i do understand your gripe with that though i wish some of them dropped something unique aside from larval tears. give us bear claws or bear armor fromsoft. cowards. also just sleep them to death.


Would be cool if you could farm various pelts from animals and use those for the currently almost pointless garment alteration.


Just like real bears


Unfortunately there are a bunch of them in the south west region, it took me a couple of tries to clear them all out. Still prefer it to caelid tho


Rune bears can suck the entire inside of my rectum


thats what theyre aiming for though. your sweet inner juices. youre just making it more convenient for them! RUN.


Oh oh... I have not found a bear there! I didn't look hard enough.


Personally hate sewers of lendeyll but yeah


I hated how I got lost trying to find something that was so close to the start. It didn’t feel fun in a usual maze like soulsy way - it was just frustrating


I love getting a lot of high level upgrade materials basically for free wdym


Caelid is fucking amazing, probably the best area in ER.


The apocalyptic vibe is spot on, love it


As a Sith cosplayer, I agree


Confessor Set + Bloodflame Blade?


Cavalry knight top, confessor hood, preceptor pants and gloves. And yes, twinblade and bloodflame is perfect for a sith cosplay, currently I’m running around as Darth Maul lol


Preceptor’s Long Gown works too, but bloodflame blade is a must


We all discovered what we were in for when we opened up that trapped chest and ran outside.


When I ran outside and looked up at the sky i legit thought that Fromsoft just sent my character to hell


I seriously think OP must've misinterpreted what people said about Caelid. Caelid is the type of area you *love to hate*. It's very obviously designed to be as oppressive as possible to the player, but in a very thoughtful way. Comes through both in terms of atmosphere and gameplay. __________ Consecrated Snowfields is just such a last minute thrown together area. There's just random dragonkin ghosts, some shamans, bears, frenzied flame enemies, squids, lizard and lastly albanaurics. It's big, flat and very uninteresting lore-wise. It's a weirdly non-cohesive area to be brutally honest.


Albinaurics are 100% there for a reason though.


Honestly every area is fucking amazing except the snow areas, they are pretty ugly and boring.


It was a nice nod to the good ol' Frigid Outskirts


Death rite bird and invisible night blade assassins. Also random giants in snow storms. Great place to visit but wouldn’t want to live there


And trolls with frenzy attacks…


Caelid isn’t even that bad except for dragonbarrow.


Dragonburrow isn't really all that bad. It's so sparsely populated that you can run through without much fear.


It was bad for me when I teleported to Gurranq right at the start of the game. The midget militia there were one shotting me if I let them get a hit off. But they were great to farm. Then there's dragons everywhere. And the dragonbarrow cave with the mother of all runebears. Even the basic tree guardian dudes there were serious enemies for me at the time, their damage and poison buildup was hard for me to deal with.


Agreed, 100%. I'm on hiatus from ER because of that place


But you can just make a beeline to Ordina if you want. Just go straight north.


Or just not even go there in the first place if it makes you leave the whole game alone


You got me.


The monsters are spread out pretty far though. Assuming you on level caelid is worse


I actually enjoyed it. The late game areas were fun for me.


The problem for me was that I didn’t know that Farum Azura existed. But I did know about the Haligtree cause of the reputation Malenia has. I also assumed that the forge of giants and burning the erdtree would open up the final boss. So basically I did consecrated and haligtree then did fire giant. So now I’m stupid overlevelled for Farum Azura or at least it feels that way.


Could be worse, I did Farum Azula first and had to deal raining embers for the entirety of my time at the Haligtree, kinda spoiled things a bit, especially considering how beautiful it was.


I honestly like Caelid because I think the t-rex dogs are kinda cute. But now the concecrated snowfield is a true cancer. Not just because of the lack of sight through the blinding Misty snow, but because of the absolute struggle I had trying to fight a Redmane wolf in said blinding snow. I was so heated while trying to find him and attack, only for him to dodge me every single time and get a cheap kill on me since I couldn't see him. You have no idea the relief that washed over my soul when that stupid red wolf jumped over the ledge by accident and ended up killing himself. God almighty, I hate those wolves with every fiber of my being.


What’s with all the floating ghost trees? And why are they feet above the ground? Are they ghosts of trees from long long ago when the ground level was higher and less eroded?


Lake of Rot burn it please


Wow the comments here are really surprising. The snowfields aren't even that bad. It's a huge open space where you can ride your horse and it has a site of grace right smack dab in the middle. It's a secret optional endgame area in a fromsoftware game. Ordonia isn't that bad just bring sentry torch and unseen form.


The teardrop shield (or whichever magic negation shield with the smallest int req) helps a ton with that last rooftop section too


You might be thinking of the carian one or the mirror one


Yeah honestly it's been a couple months since I last played so I don't entirely remember. Either way a magic defense shield makes those damn archers almost nothing haha


So does a big fuck off great bow and those Radahn arrows. I usually just knock them off of the roof.


Love how the death bird just came out of nowhere and ruined my day. Took 20 tries of trying to kill the bastard and each time I had to just run back and pick my runes repeatedly cuz boy I had more than a few.


the only parts here that I truly hate is the fog run. it was cool the first time but subsequent play throughs you're just running for that grace that's basically in the middle of it all although had a fun interaction on my twinblades run, low vigor (for the area so like 30) not sure what will or won't one shot me, I run right instead of left because I remember there being a golden seed that way, Suddenly I hear a wolf howl and now i'm being surrounded by a pack of wolves, try to run in between 2 of them, wind up at a cliff, I turn around and see a red wolf walking towards me Really neat if a little cliche


This place just shouldn’t have existed, anything that was worthwhile here could’ve just been integrated into the Mountaintops. The Medallion could’ve taken you right to Haligtree


And they gave us this place, but no Kaiden fort or settlement there. I was really hoping for some badass versions of Kaiden sellswords.


Yeah no Kaiden settlement and the Fire Monks only had one mini fort with regular hostile NPCs in it, not even a boss


I think it’s more fun to have extra areas to explore though


Yeah but if they would’ve integrated it into Mountaintop and kept the good stuff from both then you’d have one pretty solid area instead of 2 kind of disappointing areas


Idk as brutal as this place is was, I thought it was fun. Sometimes you just gotta suffer a little


Fr Caelid was so fucking fun. The mountaintops are just a slog to get through, probably as bad as snowfield


See that white stuff? That's not snow, that's Concentrated Bull Shit. Because everything here is Bull Shit.


Fun for pvp


I use the first spawn area for rune farming. But yeah it's way more difficult than Caelid. At least it's prettier.


I actually kinda like the esthetics of Caelid red and mushrooms and aeonia buds… The whole decay and rebirth it has going. Hate the music though. Snowfields win by a landslide there.


I agree but appreciated that the scary and deadly things were all a surprise here so it was kinda fun trying to figure out where to go and all the cool new random ways I would get murdered as I blindly ran around afraid for my life 🥲


That place was ER’s Rigid Outskirts. The only reason I keep going there is to go to Mohgwyn Palace to beat Mohg. Though you can skip that area entirely by doing Varre’s quest, but I don’t have Xbox Live anymore so I can’t invade.


Aside from the albinuriac archers, there are no new enemies to encounter. By this point in the game I was ready to see new stuff, not stuff I’ve seen for the entirety of the game. Some ice and snow enemies or something. It made the area kinda boring


Only reason why I even dared going to that place was so I can go to that rune farm place near Mohgwyn Palace.


Is it just me but I absolutely loved the vibes of this area. The snowstorm made you feel like you were wandering through this unknown area and it felt great


Caelid culled the weak, Snowfields is where the dumpsterfuckery occurred


Honest to god, the snowfields aren’t as bad as the boss you need to beat to get there. Fuck Commander Niall. I cheese the shithead every time, not even sorry


worst for me is the sewers in leyndell. fuck that place


I’m sorry, but are we just not considering lake of rot?


I still think Lake of Rot is probably the most deadly region.


not really, there aren't many threats, just the rot really, and it's very easy to get rid of it in pve