he’s malenia’s twin brother, he’s an emporian (idk how to spell it) and according to the lore he’s pretty powerful and important


I think it’s empyrean


yeah that lol


Miquella is a demigod, son of Radagon and Marika. He's the kid in the intro being carried away by Mohg, Lord of Blood in the intro. Miquella had been fighting outer god influence due to his sister being cursed with rot. So he made a magic needle to stifle her curse and he made a magic tree to lift the curse because he's cursed with being a child forever. But then Mohg swooped in, probably while Radahn and Miquella were nuking it out in Caelid, ripped open the Haligtree, and dragged the boy underground to try and form a dynasty of sorts by forcing himself on him. He uses some kind of blood magic to break Miquella's curse so now Miquella is an old dude stuck in a cocoon. But he's still alive according to Gideon. Miquella also may be St. Trina, as there are items that imply Miquella and St. Trina are one and the same. Considering that St. Trina has sleep affects associated with his/her items, maybe St. Trina is Miquella's spiritual form as he's, well, stuck in a cocoon. But I don't really know much about Trina otherwise


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Adding a hypothetical is speculative and doesn't support an argument. And then the ad hominem? Not really sure what your point is here.


I think we can all agree that you’re the one with no point lol. But hey look…we’re having a discussion off the back of someone asking a question! Isn’t that nice. It’s almost as if that’s how online discussion forums work, bud.


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First of all, Miquella is never mentioned nor shown in the intro of the game, second of all, why are you so offended by me asking a question on Reddit? In no way does me asking a question on Reddit instead of searching it up affect you. If you're going to get upset about people asking questions on Reddit then maybe you should stop using it


he’s not mentioned but he is shown in the intro, one of the images is of Miquella being stolen away by Mohg


Yes he is mentioned during the shattering part. All shardbearers and Miquella are mentioned. I'm just trying to help you out. You want some tips about how to wipe your ass too? Since you can't figure anything out for yourself.


No he isn't lol, literally no one besides Marika, Godwyn, Dung Eater, Fia, Gideon, Goldmask, Horagh Loux are mentioned by name in the opening scene, what 'opening scene' are you watching? Even if Miquella was mentioned, how would that answer my question? A character being mentioned doesn't grant me the knowledge of it's entire backstory and origin


I can't tell if you're joking or not?


Just rewatched the opening scene for the 4th time even with subtitles and still could not find any mentioning of Miquella, please provide a link to the 'opening scene'' you're talking about.


Ah must have been one of Vaati's videos then. There's an image of him at 1:25 In the opening scene getting carried away by Mohg.


Vaatividya has not posted any videos of the opening cinematic


Hes Malenia’s brother, cursed with eternal youth. He built the Haligtree to be a safe haven for those that dont belong, such as Misbegotten. He was also working on a way to cure Malenia of her rot curse. Malenia herself believed him to be the most fearsome Empyrean of all. While cocooned in the Haligtree, Mohg stole Miquella, as seen in the intro cutscene (probably while Malenia was busy fighting Radahn) and took him to his Dynasty Mausoleum, where we see him. Mohg’s goal was to raise Miquella to godhood and become his consort, making himself Elden Lord in its own sick and twisted way. Only, instead of the Greater Will, they would follow the Formless Mother, the outer god of blood. Miquella was also androgynous, and would often be mistaken for a girl. There is also a theory that Miquella and St. Trina are the same person.


Miquella is a demigod and brother to Malenia. He had a problem both with the influence of the outer gods, especially the god of rot that had affected his sister, but also the current order of the erdtree, he tried to make his own erdtree that would accept everyone, including albinaurics and demi humans. He had an unnatural charm to him which proved to be detrimental, as some became obsessed with him, Mohg was one of them and during a deep slumber he kidnapped Miquella to help him start the Moghwin dynasty, the player stops this by killing Mohg but Miquella is still slumbering inside his cocoon so his fate is currently unknown. There's also a female aspect of Miquella called st. Trina, there's not a lot known about her though.


The offspring of Marika and Radagon, the most fiercest of the Empyreans who are basically one step away from becoming a god. He is the twin brother of Malenia. But he was cursed by immortal childhood. He was so powerful that he made his own version of the Erdtree AND made two needles that could stop the influence of the Scarlet Rot God and the Frenzied Flame. He was kidnapped by his half brother Mohg so that Mohg can usher in a new age with Miquella as his consort. You can find him later in the game inside a giant cocoon which he basically made to counter his curse and revert back into an adult form. You can also see him in the opening cutscene. The white thing with Mohg is him.


Google it. The fextra wiki has been up since the game came out


Isn't it the area with the tree?