160 something


\~150 to beat the final boss, \~200 before i started ng+ i spent a lot of time in multiplayer, and after elden beast busted out the wiki to go get all the missing spells, talismans, ashes, armor, and weapons i could (some were locked out at that point, and i skipped some farmed items). then \~205 when i started ng++, because i did fingerprint shield and vykes spear.


140 hours and still playing. Elden beast and melania are dead, but I got a lot of shit to discover still.


100 hours and I’m still in limgrave! I just keep going round and finding new things


First playthrough, I think 150-200 hours, but I spent a good chunk of time PvPing/sunbroing though.


140ish hours and I stopped. Havent killed melania yet but that's because I'm lazy so add maybe another 4 on. Shes the last achievement I have left so I've done pretty much everything else and at least 10 of my hours were pvp.


A little over 140. I got to level 230 odd and found/explored literally everything. On my NG+ run and I've flogged Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, Caelid, and Dragons Borough in less than 10 hours. I'm in Liurnia of the Lakes now and am thinking it'll take me 40 hours tops this run. Sekiro was the same. NG was tough NG+4 was like 5-6 hours


166 hours but i definitely messed around more than i should've


Around 100 hours. No speedrunning, but no mindless wandering either. Edit: who the hell is this "Melania" everyone is talking about?


270 after Ng3