What is your favorite long sword?


Blaidd's. You know perfectly what I mean.


Blaidd being Welsh means that he is canonically uncut. You’re welcome.


I'd hope so because I don't think he's rocking a human peen, at least according to the good scholars at e621.


Reckon he’s got one of those red lipstick things like my dog has?


Be wary of two-handing, therfore seek cleric.


find god


Find the Albinauric woman


I found her WEEKS ago, Gideon, you don't have to keep reminding me!


Find the albinauric woman


I would but look at all the sheep I can hunt.


Thank you Gideon, can you tell me ANYTHING else?


"Stop calling me Great Value Sauron."


Never gonna happen! (Flaps ruin greatswords like wings, flying away)




No, I do knot


Sword of night and flame


All of the endings are spectacularly underwhelming compared to the rest of the game


up to 200+ hours of gameplay for a cutscene only about 2 minutes long... We have "6" endings but 4 of them are just the same one reskinned


Exactly and I'm pretty sure 2 minutes is generous. My first playthrough I just did the default fractured ending and thought I screwed something up it was so short


Also the fact that the world doesn't even look any different post-ending. They could've atleast changed the sky colour to blue for the moon ending, golden for the regular ending, brown/grey/mega gold for the dungeater/fia/goldmask endings


This. Plus zero closure for Hewg and Rodericka hurt more than the dozens of times I got trounced by Malenia.


The closure for Hewg is some dialogue you get before he enters his end game state. I’ve never seen it in game but you can YouTube it. It feels like a huge character moment to miss so if you really like Hewg I recommend looking it up 😢


Yeah he basically says I'm sticking around now that I've made the insane weapon I've been yearning to make my entire life, now go do your part. He's happy to have fulfilled his purpose. Sure there's no "rest easy old friend, the task is complete," but he knew he fulfilled his destiny when he completed your max level weapon. It's similar to how Melina is happy fulfilling her destiny and thanks you, but people talk about how want to "save" her from it. Don't feel bad for her, she wanted that, and she thanks us for helping her fulfill her purpose in life.


Plus no new NPC dialogue. Like you the fucking elden Lord and nobody cares


Age of Stars is the only one I've done...>!You can talk to Ranni after the ending!< I agree that it's all underwhelming


well a majority of those that'd actually care are dead at that point.


I think the Flame of Frenzy ending and Ranni ending are good. The rest suck tho.


what about the basic ending, I don't think it should be lumped in with the Reskins.


4 endings were basically just Mass Effect 3 endings with different colors. I wanted a unique cutscene for each ending.


they had George write the endings. he didn’t finish…


Yeah idk what I expected tbh but after that HUGE experience of a game and a couple hundred hours all I did was sit in a chair and that's it. I was disappointed lol


As my first souls game The whole family loved watching me play. They cheered when I defeated Margit the first time, laughed when I’d panic roll of a cliff. When I finally beat the game with the Ranni ending my sister turned to me after it ends and yells “THAT SUCKED!” Everyone was disappointed


This sounds truly wholesome.


Agreed, even on FromSoft standards.


Except for Frenzied Flame Ending.


The face/lip sync animations in this game are straight out of 2004.


That's true tho


Not a hot take


This one should be universally accepted tbh


Ranni's ending suffers from this so much. Her mouth looks like a sock puppet, but your hand doesnt have a good enough mouth fold for the puppet for it to look like its talking.


I mean, she is a puppet


Wait a minute there are lip sync animations ? :O


I do want some kind of journal. I dont even want it to point me in the direction of where to go, just give me the dialog from npcs i already talked to. Sometimes i forget. Lol


Something to record previous conversations would probably help a lot of players with questlines and such, and actually preserve the game's magic by not essentially requiring players to use a wiki to know where on the map the npc will randomly appear next


Me wanting to use my intuition to find an npc but having no clue where they said they'd be so I have to look it up.


This one. This one right here. This take, right here before us. This is the one. Please. I just need a log of who actually gave me a quest.


Morrowind style of journal would be nice


It really frustrates me that so many people are against this because it would somehow be hand holding. Like no, I don't need my hand held, I just don't get to play often enough and can't remember brief conversations I had in the game over a month ago! Having to use fextralife to remind myself who various NPCs were is far worse


Literally even just nameplates on dialogue boxes would go a far way, for me. Right now the best I can hope for is that an NPC will try to sell me something so that I can see their name on the shop menu.


Gargoyle duo is 10 times worse than Godskin duo because it's easier to run away from Godskins


I beat Godskin Duo on my first try. Those damn gargoyles though, those took me a *while*.


I read a pro tip: "Try to finish the first one off at the entrence before the other one comes too close". Wtf man, I don't have that kind of damage.. The panic-roll was real but eventually with the help of my wife as co-driver I beat those bitches to the ground. Only to realise I had been going the wrong way and didn't need to face them to advance..


The fact they added a jump in what is the dark souls spiritual successor, but proceed to not implement a mechanic to grapple on a ledge when you need to platform, when FUNNY ENOUGH: Sekiro literally had that exact mechanic.


Using magic is no more OP than using bleed or any other broken mechanic. Especially during the early game when you have no MP and can cast like 1 spell.😑


They definitely put Hogwarts there early to fuck with any aspiring Mages. And even giving Godrick that Storm wall shield in case you wanted to spam rocksling.


But magic isn’t a broken mechanic it’s just finally good, as opposed to bleed which is seriously broken


No pvp arena was a huge missed opportunity. No covenants was another


Lack of incentives for PvP felt like a *huge* miss in terms of online play.


There aren't enough legacy dungeons and with the exception of Leyndell and Farum Azula they're too short and simple


Stormveil felt pretty good for starters, but yeah, I'd trade a bunch of copypaste dungeons for a couple more legacy dungeons in this game


Actually fair, Stormveil is rad with some very cool secrets. Just would've hoped it'd develop more from there...


The raya lucaria academy whenever you get to the rooftop section feels like Stormveil and just made me realize how much I wish the whole game was full of stuff like that


So Dark Souls?


I'd love a dark souls 4, but no. I appreciate the small dungeons and caves and open world bosses. I mainly wish there was more legacy dungeons or even just larger ones. Castle Morne is very small and linear, raya lucaria is linear, crumbling azula is linear and as big as it is there isn't a lot to explore off the beaten path (even the secret boss is just dropping down some stones next to the main path), caelid didn't really have anything, volcano manor felt disjointed especially as the boss was only accessible through teleports (which unlike radahnn didn't have buildup or reasoning for it), and the capital/stormveil/haligtree are awesome examples of what the game could of had more of. Basically if there had been two maybe three more legacy dungeons and if they had been more fleshed out it would have been preferred. Especially because raya lucaria rooftops is some of my favourite exploration and I didn't even do it until my 4th playthrough of the game because it's so linear to the boss. It also would feel better if they looped the legacy dungeons back on themselves more like stormveil and older dark souls games did. TL:DR I love Elden Ring and Dark Souls and probably would have enjoyed a little more Dark Souls in my Elden Ring.


Honestly, every legacy dungeon felt absolutely fantastic


Probably get 2-3 more with DLC and if historical precedents hold they will be the best in the game.


Stormveil Castle, Volcano Manor and The Haligtree are amazing. i would say the legacy dungeons are the best parts of the game.


I didn't even know farum was considered a dungeon lol


Dungeon in the sky. A skygeon.


so... are the rest in the *dung*?


There's no "cheap" ways to build a character. If it works, it works. Everything else is secondary to having fun! If you want to set arbitrary limitations for yourself, if that's fun for you, go right ahead.


I only have so much patience to give to Malenia, so if that patience has run dry, she's getting slapped by some variation of a bleed build.


Just annoying when some mf googles the easiest way to build and progress then says "Elden ring was easy 🥱"


Repeat bosses aren't bad if you have good lore reasons to back it up (fuck you godefroy)


I laughed out loud when I found Godefroy. Like holy shit talk about recycling! I don’t even mind recycling but man that’s next level.


No no you don't understand! That's his brother who was imprisoned in the Evergaol by a spirit summon. Yes, his brother has the same voice, exact same grafted limb placement, exact same moves...totally a different character! Justified recycli- I mean original character design.


Godefroy was FromSoft shit posting and there's nothing anyone can say to change my mind


I 100% believe that.


Is this an unpopular opinion ?


Honestly I always took Godefroy to be a literal joke tbh lol


I genuinely despise that i had to level vigor to 50+ in base game.


jUsT dOn'T gEt HiT


Ranni isn't that hot in game tbh she just has a nice voice but in that one trailer she was hot af🥵🥵🥵


Real ones already know Nepheli Loux , Millicent and Roderika are the true bae's of the game


Have you seen Sellen without her crown?


I have fuck i forgot about her. yea she's a bae as well


Yeah seeing her without the dress kinda kills any sexiness she had lol


Ikr women are so much hotter with clothes on


Yup, especially when under the clothes is a ragged wooden body that looks like it got hit by a train


I'm pretty sure the inside is actually ropes


Stone Free




This is an opinion for solo play only and does not apply to pvp: It doesn’t matter how people play the game as long as they’re having fun. If someone likes RoB or Comet Azula, it affects me in absolutely no way.


Godskin duo really isn't that difficult


With the summon it isn't too hard. I had a much harder time with the Noble in Volcano Manor than with the duo. It still doesn't make it a good fight


I didn't do the volcano manor until after most of the rest of the game and so that noble was a stomp for me lol. Tbh had some difficulty with the Magma Wyrm in the pool of lava underneath. The lava's slowdown made that one harder than theodorix tbh


Never took me more than two tries. Fire giant though. Too many


Fire Giant killed me more times than Malenia.


they did get nerfed HARD at some point, they used to be fully aggressive, now they kinda let you 1v1 one at a time and sleep jars working on them wasn't as widely known as it is now so yes if you played blind before the nerf, they were very hard for how unfun it is to fight the same dudes for the fourth time, and if you look stuff up or do them after the nerf, they really aren't that difficult I don't mind dying to malenia 100 times since it's a new, fun boss, but dying 50 times to two bosses I'm fighting for the fourth time is a bit annoying, especially since it's so poorly designed, they didn't even change anything about them, and there's no reward for managing to kill them both at the same time, they spawn back out of thin fuckin air...


A 12 year old idea for a linear game isn’t an appropriate thing to base your entire multiplayer system on in 2022 for a massive open world game.


Final boss should’ve been Radagon where the second phase he swaps between him and marika and their attacks change


I think Liurnia apart from the Academy is a really boring area


I hate when players have to buff for 2 minutes before doing any battle


Let them do it, then equip law of regression


i feel like this game is just not replayable like other souls games, which is weird because playing it i thought it would be the most replayable and on paper it looks like it would be, but i just have no interest to play it again until dlc is released.


yeah this is something i noticed as well. I think it’s partly because of the sheer size of the world. (and personally for me the late game areas too) In every other fromsoftware games, i felt like the size was manageable, and i experienced something of a guided journey, no real open world but something more “bite sized”. In ER the thought of having to fight through mountaintops and consecrated and what not again is just not that inviting. i dunno really, but you’re right. It’s just not that replayable


I think it’s that once you know where the good areas are you can just run straight there from the beginning as opposed having to play thru the first areas to progress, so the second play they onward you skip much more than you ever could in other souls games




I think a big miss here is not having a system akin to Dark Souls covenants for online play. I imagined before release that there would be something like that with the diferent factions (Volcano Manor players invading Leindel and viceversa, stuff like that).


I’m on my third playthrough currently, and on the second and third, just went to certain dungeons which benefitted me, maybe fore certain weapons and talismans That’s fun for me, but that involves looking at guides and stuff which I understand is not fun for everyone


Open world is what kills the replayability imo. it's too tiring tbh I've also done 2 playthroughs and haven't touched the game since. Just gonna wait for DLC's to come out


“It’s fromsoft tradition” is a poor damn excuse for a lot of the leftover mechanics. It’s a completely different type of game than ds or sekiro. I really wish they had made co op more sustainable. And I love games that don’t hold my hand with lore, but they executed it kind of poorly here imo. Like, lore in tidbits makes sense in a linear game, but you need more to tie it together and make finding things less of a chore imo. There’s no discovery joy when I have to google what shack an npc lives in. All that said. Love the game and have 200 hrs in it haha


Grace should have been replaced with grass. Y'all need to touch grass.


Reach out and touch grass


As big as the game is, the repeated content does start to weigh down the experience after a while. Like, after a while you know what to expect from the game and the magic kind of wears off. Also, the weapon upgrades system is crap along with the respec. Really hinders experimentation. I’m willing to bet most people didn’t so much as try 95% of the hundreds of weapons they picked up. 10/10 will play again, lol.


That is because we all are material hoarding sluts who won't respec because my 17 tears might run out. I've recently started respecing and the game gets a new dimension. I does suck that there are so few ancient dragon stones tho. But 9+/24+ is OK i guess. So now I have hoarded 200 and 20 of each stone incase I want to try new weapons for NG+. Also, alot of weapons are shit/ too handicapping for me since I need to get gud.


The NPC quest lines are the worst out of any FromSoft game, helplessly confusing and ultimately unsatisfying. There is absolutely no way I would have progressed Millicent, Hyetta, Ranni, etc. without looking up most of the steps online.


When you're not attracted to Ranni, her dialogues feel boring at first and then condescending.


No it's always condescending, that's the appeal though.


The absolute commitment and lack of shame in your words makes me feel a connection to you that I can’t explain.


This. I’m a straight female and my only IRL friend playing the game is a straight male. I’m like “can you believe the nerve of this bi*ch?” and he’s like “that bi*ch is my queen 😍”


My partner knows I (pan woman) love witches, saw Ranni, and went "oh no" and I said "yeah I kinda put a ring on her"


Some men just want to be dominated idk.


Yeah, everytime i talk to her it feels like she's just being a dick for no reason. Doesn't help that i have grudge on her for being the reason why godwyn died.


Attractive or not if people think she’s anything other than a condescending bitch they’re blind. Only reason I went for her ending is because it’s one of the better ones in theory.


She’s one of the most powerful characters in the game so it seems fitting she’d be a little condescending to a random tarnished that shows up in her room with no reasonable explanation for how he arrived there


Lol yeah, not everyone is an immediate bottom and simp for Ranni, which I imagine contrasts with how the developers expected players to react when making those lines


If she wasn’t condescending she wouldn’t be attractive.


Hmm I felt she was one of the few polite npcs until you find the doll when she just gets super rude until the next time you talk to her when she’s all polite again


People on this sub need to stop over defending what’s wrong with the game.


Subterranean shunning grounds are honestly an awesome area


Honestly my favourite place to invade


It’s my favorite too! I love invading there




Endgame is poorly designed and feel totally unfinished


I feel as though so much more could have been done with Leyndell Capital of Ash, or even the world in general once the tree burned. A skip from Farm Azula and then a bossrush gauntlet makes the ending really feel like they wanted to wrap things up somehow without the space to do so.


The whole Farum Azula thing feels like they couldn't finish the ending in time so they just took a planned secret area and tried to patch it as best as they could


Compared to DS1 endgame its completely finished, but I feel your point


its clearly rushed after about halfway through, which was kinda quite disappointing


Caelid is a fucking great area. The feeling of "Holy shit, this is a nightmare!" that area gives you was exactly what I think the game needed after the relatively pleasant and almost relaxing sights that Limgrave and Liurna offered. The area is beautiful in a horrible, incredibly unnerving sort of way, and one of the few parts of the game that truly feels completely barren and fucked. It manages to do so without any cheap gimmicks, either. No poisoned lakes, no archers shooting you from across the fucking map, no outrageous ganks or platforming sections. The environmental storytelling of the area is really cool, as well. I love watching the Radahn Knights fight against the dog trexes, utilising fire and numbers to take them out. It gives proper service to the Scarlet Rot being something that needs to be prevented by any means necessary. I think that when most people complain about Caelid, they're more so thinking about the Swamp of Aeonia. And while I agree it's shit, it is a seperate level.


Content is reused way too much. I stopped playing after my first playthrough because it just wasn’t enjoyable fighting the same tree reskin for literally 13 times. That boss isn’t original to begin with anyways. It’s just awful.


I enjoyed fighting malenia


I love this game, but the quest design is fucking awful. Basically a bunch of random steps that: A. Require you to either explpre an *open world* game in a correct order or know the exact perfect place to backtrack to, likely with the Wiki. B. Do obscure BS like beat an unrelated mini boss *hidden in scarlet rot* to somehow make Millicent's damn near invisible summon sign appear.


You should be able to kill Ranni.


This. She could be interesting as a boss. If only she's still able to fight.


This and there should've been a boss fight with Melina if you decided to go for the lord of frenzied flame ending instead of that pointless cutscene which is never gonna get a follow up


That would have been much better than "guess I'll die then" 💀🍄 *edit nm thinking of Millicent.


This one's more lore related but Malenia was never the bad guy nor is she a horrible person. Edit: It has occurred to me that I may have to explain this take, however you are still obviously free to disagree. I obviously can't defend the mass ecological damage brought to Caelid at her hand, but I can however explain why she did it (Or at least my interpretation of it) I highly doubt that she deliberately hunted down Radahn for some kind of slight and I don't think she unleashed the scarlet aeonia just for the sake of not losing. It's made quite clear in Malenias title as the blade of Miquella, that she only fights for her brother and the haligtree. We also know that Miquella's goal was to bring about a new for inclusive age to the lands between, whilst Radahn wanted to uphold the golden order even during the shattering. It's possible that Malenia saw Radahn as an obstacle preventing Miquella's new age, but it's also possible that the battle of Aeonia took place after Miquella had been kidnapped by Mohg. We know that Mohgwyn palace is pretty much right beneath Caelid, so it may also be possible that Malenia sensed Miquella's presence there. This may be a stretch however so I would also like to present a more plausible and frankly more depressing theory. Malenia might have seen herself as nothing more than her brothers blade and thus she would want to keep Miquella's name as undefeated, this however would mean abandoning the pride she cherished in order to meet Radahn's measure. I could probably go on and make a more polished description but that would require a sperate post altogether.


She is a horrible person because she beat my ass about 26 million times


Idk about that one chief where I’m from genocide and mass ecological damage is generally frowned upon on you can even say viewed in a negative light Edit: to reply to op that’s a lot of speculation and from what I understand radahn was golden order Faction alongside his father/mother miquella was a traitor, unalloyed gold was his whole schitck meaning he thought himself greater than his father and creator, he was the pinnacle or narcissism and payed for it, timeline isn’t solid yet or hasn’t been confirmed when miquella was taken but when malenia was returned he was gone, and in the game it’s stated malenia couldn’t beat radahn so to match him she released the aeonia that’s it no reasons for it. All of it together sounds like hubris to me or a tantrum remember the caelid swamp is getting bigger she unleashed the Rot God who was waiting for a foothold, Millicent chose to die herself rather than to bloom milenia did not .


Radhan was warmonger who played his part in destroying the world just like his siblings. He doesn't deserve any prise and when you killing him you are not giving honorable death to a warrior but putting down rabid dog. Also we don't really know that "holding back the stars" is actually a good thing.


Tbh, I never found out any reason as to why Radahn actually held back the stars. Like, I get that he learnt the magic for his horse, but when did his gravity magic uses go from: "I'll make myself lighter for my horse" to: "These fucking stars won't be going anywhere for as long as I live"


The fate of the carian royal family is guided by the stars, so by restraining the stars, he was also restraining the fate of his carian side of the family. As far as I can tell he did this so that he could side with the golden order.


Everyone giving their opinion, but I truly believe the correct answer is that he was withholding Ranni from continuing her plans in dethroning the golden order. By stopping the stars, he kept the underground city safe, thus keeping the fingerslaying blade at bay, thus stopping Ranni from completing her quest.


Since radahan is loyal to the golden order he's probably holding the stars just to stop ranni's destiny


That was the impression I got. Papa Radagon wasn't having that shit so Radahn stepped in.


Tbh i find really funny that none of us is spelling radahn name the same way hahahah


Well I mean considering that the very moment you kill Radahn a giant meteor crashes down to the Lands Between and that we know that there are a shit tonne of cosmic monsters living on/are actually the stars, I’d say that it’s pretty safe to assume holding back the stars is a somewhat good thing. I also believe that in the lore somewhere, Radahn was also trying to protect Sellia. Don’t quote me on that though.


Being one shot at 40+ (i have 60) vigor is bullshit Some of elden rings looped combos and delays are bullshit.


Godskin Duo is easy and there's only one bad use of reused enemies, which is Godefroy.


FOR ME AND MY PLAYSTYLE they are easy, and there are some strats that make It really easy, but i think they are unfair too, i mean, their movesets aren't designes for a double fight so the movesets can make the fight just imposible, and they are like killing 3 bosses and a half, not 2 because you can kill both enemies and the Boss Will have like 35% HP, it's a poorly designed fight, but not the worst


Ranni isn’t hot nor is she best girl


Nope. It’s Millicent.


Tell whoever put you up to this. That if I am to flower into something other than myself, I would rather rot into nothingness as I am. Then proceeds to tell us to leave so we don't meet her fate. What an actual bro.


A lot of the bosses aren't actually that good


Git gud is an actual advice


I think people just misunderstand what it means. Git gud is best used against people who are quick to blame the game for their losses rather than seek solutions or improve themselves. In other words, you tell someone in the scrub mentality to git gud.


I feel Git Good was a better advice in DS than here. I don't remember bosses or enemies that were so resistant to one type of weapon that forced you to equip a different unleveled one like the crystal dudes.


Mohg deserves the love he desires


Yes officer this one right here


Mohg: no you don't understand he only looks like a child he is actually several thousand years old


Mohg watched too much anime and is now a shotacon


Also Mohg: I'm the victim here! His curse is he forces people to love him!


Miquella is the ultimate pedobait


Next your gonna say he ain't your brother too ain't ya


Mohg:....I think I need to get a law firm in my dynasty


Hi I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC


Age difference aside, Mohg literally kidnapped Miquella, there is no indication that Miquella consented to anything Mohg did.


I don't think Miquella was even conscious at any point too lol Isn't his mind/soul resting in the haligtree still?


The dogs are necessary evils.


Dark souls was better


The game has way to much platforming for how poorly the platforming controls work I still love the game and this is honestly more of a nitpick than anything


Crucible Knights are actually really really fun to fight against and the Crucible Knight duo fight in Leyndell is actually really fun to do


I like crucible knights because they're great parry practice


Jumping in the air then power attacking someone charging up a spell is a great counter attack.


The imp catacombs are lame, there are a few good puzzles or bosses in them, but they are generally too small and repetitive. I played days of chalice dungeons and I recognize the layouts/designs of those rooms as peices that can be easily and quickly slapped together rather than actually purpose made dungeons and the dungeons suffer from it


Dark Souls 3 is far better when it comes to replayability


There's a good chance there won't be any DLC after Sekiro not getting any. DLC for dark souls games was announced close to release. They could be going down the Rockstar route as there's far more money to be made with a new game compared to dlc (which brings a smaller percentage of players back to the game).


Nepheli Loux is the real best waifu.


I actually enjoyed playing dark souls 1, 2, and 3 more. Siofra river well was the only area that truly blew me away. I think I'm getting tired of the FromSoft dark souls game formula. I really wanted some cities with friendly npcs and a higher focus on questing in a more traditional sense. I'm tired of the 'civilization is over and you're alive in the remnants afterwards' stuff I can say that Elden Ring was extremely polished and has the best fighting system compared to the dark souls series, but it just was less enjoyable than dark souls for me.


Fromsoft doesn't need to go into the open world market, it doesn't work for every game and while it is nice to have an expansive world, I feel like the game suffers in the long-term due to being open world instead of just a large, but gauntlet-based style similar to their past games.


It’s a great first foray into the open world style and I wouldn’t mind them doing more as i assume they will improve just like they improved from demons souls into dark souls, but I absolutely do agree that I hope we get at least one more game like dark souls or bloodborne where it’s semi open world but very level based.


Sekiro's parry based combat system was better.


Malenia is objectively an unfair boss regardless of how easy she was for you. She literally breaks core mechanics in the game and has a difficulty philosophy of being cheaply difficult. Too hot?


We should eat Torrent


*Melina has left the chat*


age of order ending is okay-


The in-game story is bad. The lore is 10/10, but the actual story you play through is bad. You're some nameless, voiceless rando with no character whatsoever, there's barely any cutscenes, all of the endings are underwhelming. Honestly feels like 95% of the writing went to lore, world building and side-quests while the actual main storyline is trash.


There are too many challenging bosses/enemies in the game. I played through the game a couple of times and I find that it's the most fun when you ignore a good portion of fieldbosses/enemies/catacombs. Revenant spawning, get out of there. Death Rite Bird is coming, just skip. Runebear, not today. I soloed the whole game (all Rememberances) without ashes or super strong weapon like RoB or Moonveil and I am still under the impression that the game offers too many challenges, to a degree were it reduces the enjoyment you can have with the game.