horror video game fans when an assassin enters their house at 3 AM by force and tries to kill them (its good because they got an adrenaline boost)


Mortal Kombat fans when they get into a car accident and break half the bones in their body (it's good because they love seeing broken bones through X-RAYs)


Call of duty fans when theu join the military and their friend beside them gets shot (it's good because they love getting blood in their eyes)


Assassin's Creed fans when the input random points on a GPS and follow the route checking them off one by one.


Final Fantasy fans when they get mugged on the street in broad daylight, because they can grind a bit before dealing with their boss at work


Tetris fans they pack their shit up and it all fucking disappears. Am I doing this right?




I always thought it tasted like iron and black pepper.


Damn that is on point..


And you can always just evade your taxes if they are too difficult to do.


“Try running”


Your dodge timing has to be phenomenal though. Even Al Capone couldn't do it.


I bet under todays tax code Capone doesn’t get caught. He just pays a team of accountants to do the laundry like every other billionaire.


Has nothing to do with the tax code. A specific party intentionally underfunds the IRS and since billionaires cost more to audit than peons, only peons get audited. I'll leave it to you to figure out which.


Capone couldn't dodge a cannoli though.


Crouch to hide from enemies. Especially in tall grass.


Exactly, come back later when you've gained enough money to be able to trivialize the IRS by cheesing tax loopholes via offshore accounts.


This has been my motto for 4 years, waiting for it to fuck me


They only care of your not-dirt-poor enough i guess.


Honestly I'm not even sure what happens if you just don't do your taxes. I always get a refund, never owe anything, so would the IRS even care?


I wouldn’t play chicken with the IRS if I were you. I worked in a garnishment department and can’t tell you how many times the IRS sent a garnishment for 100% of wages(because they are the only ones allowed to do that) for a couple of months. And the employee only received notice via the phone call with me when they didn’t receive any wages. They’re also slow to catch you, but they really have all the time in the world, and the more you owe the better for them since they can just take more paychecks for a few more months.




Go on the IRS website there is a section for people like you. You contact them and they’ll give you all your W2s etc… then just go pay someone to do your taxes. They go after you if you wait more than 5 years or owe a lot. Edit: link to site https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript


Oh sweet, I can procrastinate for 5 years! -my ADHD


Yo fuck the IRS. I hate that inefficient government system I legitemetky want to pay my taxes and be all legal and square and stuff And I do, but there was some error with my last tax refund, tax form for last year And they are the most difficult government institute to get in contact with, I legit just want to sort this out to make sure they got my tax forms for the previous year yet I cannot for the life of me get a hold of them. The only way is through phone call and it always says they are busy


Have you tried increasing Vigor?


Just parry the taxman.


seems legit. my 1040 form just says, 'try finger but hole'.


Good luck, skeleton


all of you shitposting. i'm still just watching the gif over and over stunned at how small the rock used to be. guy actually looked fuckin normal at one time. dude looks like mr. potato head on roids now a days.


"Small" Small compared to now, he was always a tank, he's just a monster now. I get your point though


I actually thought he looked smaller and better again in Baywatch (of all movies).


[Smaller? ](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1469304/mediaviewer/rm3841996032/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk) He may have cut weight for the role but he looks enormous xD He makes Zach Effron, a roughly average height male whose in great shape, look like a 12 year old.


That last part is what will do it.


boil em mash em put em into stew


Now i'm imagining a swole Samwise lol


Chadwise: Mr. Frodo, I could toss you to Mordor


The last part...roids 👈😉


Look up trt/hgh head


Yeah, he's still given roles as a ladies man or as the handsome muscular guy, but IMO he left that behind awhile ago when he decided he needed another 50 lbs of muscle to get movie roles. He was way more attractive in the early 2000's when he had a more natural physique. Sure, maybe he's all natty and that's the result of 30+ years of muscle building, but it still feels like he took it way further than he needed to for his career.


He ain't natty


It's very unlikely, I agree, but he's also been lifting for most of his life *and* doing it for a career so I like to give the benefit of the doubt. I suppose we'll have a better idea as he gets older. Guys like Arnold and Stallone look like deflated, overly tanned balloons now.


He's admitted to it in the past. My guy has blown up look at his head size alone. I don't have any issues with it besides actors not admitting it. I doubt any of Hollywood's big stars are true natty, once you hit super hero films it seems trt follows.


Just use a summon. Tax Guy works pretty well.


Yeah but you have to pay those guys and I think everyone can agree that micro transaction summons would be a bad thing


I disagree. The one time I tried to pay for in person tax services they wanted to report everything I received from my GI Bill & VA comp as income. They were ready to have me make payments to the IRS before I left & just did them on my own. It was like using the Jellyfish in a Melania fight.


Accountant Ashes.


I remember some dude online posted about how he was glad there were like 30 sec load times in BB because it gave him time to consider his mistakes. From fanboys are something else


People defending the grinding and blood vial farming in BB "Its a ritual that makes you more fond of the game!"


Just because it's Stockholm's Syndrome doesn't mean they don't enjoy it.


They are just making excuses for enjoying fisting the pig.


That pig was asking for it


honestly, I always assumed it was because of lore reasons. You get healing blood from the church, or you get it splashed into your wounds as you rip open the beast that's ripping you open, but you don't just get it for free, because that kills the church's monopoly. That said, I would be 0% surprised if they (fingers crossed) remaster bloodborne and add auto filling blood vials.


Fuck that, accept CUMMFPK chalice dungeon.


You had to grind blood vials? Oof sorry mate gotta get better than that


farming? you mean going into the cummm chalice then buying a trillion of them?


I just used the slug boy room with triple moon runes.


You could buy them or farm drops however vials increased in price as you leveled up so many people screwed themselves over their first run.


It doesn't increase on level ups, it increase after defeating certain bosses and change of time


I’ll admit it’s been a long time since playing and could be wrong but I really feel like it should have not been a thing.


Or you can just cum


I just can’t get over this, BB is always finding ways to amaze me.


Yeah, there's fans and then there's fanboys.


This is excellent logic, which finds the good in everything.


Ngl I used the loading times to analyze my mistakes as well, and that made them less dreadful


Or… and hear me out… you could just fucking stand there for 30s and not have your hand held by loading times


Loading screens too OP pls nerf them Michael Zaki


Load screen meta taking over




I actually read someone in this subreddit say they *liked* needing to use a journal to keep track of the quests in this game lol


I’m confused


An example: as you might know some NPCs telepprt all over the map in Elden Ring, and they do it with no particular order, you might meet someone in Liurna and then he fucks off to Limgrave without dropping a hint where he might be I mean, you explored Limgrave five fucking years ago, why would you search through it again? Yet Elden Ring fanboys try to defend it that "it's not handholding, you don't know how to appreciate it, you really should just explore more carefully".... idiotic


Its common in the community of from software games to praise them for not spoon-feeding everything to the player. This is down to how leveling up works and what the stats do. Some think that is ridiculous and a waste of time and others enjoy that kind of experience with a game and are happy to put in that kind of effort.


I mean I enjoy it but what does that have to do with tax fraud lol


It's making fun of players who think obscure quest design is good by comparing it to the design of the tax system in the US, which is also intentionally obscure.


And here I am thinking the joke is about Gostic taking some runes out of our asses when we die.


To be clear i am the type to enjoy quests like that in a game 🙂


I've literally seen people say they like that Resummoning Torrent with a Flask is defaulted as "no" because it's a punishment for letting Torrent die. As if the falling off/getting up animation and the cost of a healing flask *isn't* a punishment and that defaulting to "no" is honestly just bad HUD design.


Hey man I play video games to forget about all the tax fraud I'm guilty of, can you fucken not?


8/10 shitpost good work


"increases the replay potential" Buddhism be like


where tax fextralife


More people complaining about complaining here than actual complaining


Nah any post that calls out bullshit in this game is flocked by fan boys


That's how opinions work, mate.


Find me a literal one


The tax system is just like any game mechanic. The more familiar you are with it the easier it is to exploit and win at. It was designed this way I dont doubt that successful people who take full advantage of it actually do feel this way


I'm new to these games, but if there's one thing I've discovered, it's that From Software fans hate nothing more than other From Software fans who have a different playstyle than them. It's some weird-ass hierarchy that I just don't understand.


If the game is hard to beat how else do you demonstrate you are better at the game? Using less summons, less armor, vitality, etc. That’s why someone is will do a no hit, all bosses, level 1, club only, bonkfest to demonstrate their Elden Ring prowess. Then judge others as being less. I always remind people achievements don’t have asterisks saying things like “used ash summons,” or “killed 100,000 albinaurics looking at stars to gain 150 levels while watching Netflix (I did not do that. I killed like 50,000 tops).”


"My playstyle is to summon other people to beat the game for me." Cool.


I summoned zero actual people to help but it’s cool you did. And if you were being vicious then this entire post was for you.


Why so defensive? It's a pretty simple comment. If you didn't think there was something lost by summoning someone to beat the boss for you, you would have done it yourself when you got stuck.


You didn't beat the game


It's mostly just memes about how some people are so adverse to going even slitghly off meta. Then people start to actually care and take the jokes seriously.


No, there is no hierarchy. It's really more of an unorganized cluster.


I think it stems from them wanting people to have the best experience (although there’s plenty that don’t give a shit and are super elitist assholes), act man goes into why the challenge is so great to overcome in one of his vids quite well, I think people should be able to play how they want tho, I jus also think some people ruin their own experience sometimes playing how they want, tho I really can’t jus no life a boss till I beat em anymore like I could in ds3 so I completely understand saying fuck it and going with an easier option (or more fun one, I kinda felt bad I used spirits on the first boss at the castle and demolished it but it looked cool so it was worth) P.S what a weird ass thing for me to wake up in the morning and jus drop a paragraph about a game I barely play anymore before I even got outta bed lol, have a good day tho


Yeah ActMan has done some great vids on the souls games. I'm not great at these games, but I did listen to suggestions to try melee/close combat before magic. I did about 20 hours. I can see the appeal of overcoming the odds, but fucking hell was magic done well! Did a int/faith "build" Still was fucking hell at times, but a good hurt as some say 😆 I'm playing DkS1 now, went with magic. Not the same feeling, so going with an int/dex character. Really can't wait to see what FS does next in this same sub-genre they created. Hope they keep the amazing choices ER gave us.


Fun should be the optimum goal of any game, no matter how you find it. Have a good day to you too :)


I think fun is definitely an important factor that I skip out on sometimes however fun usually ain’t enough for me, I need some real good mechanics or progression or something, I think I’m the minority fo sure tho like I seen some complaining about farming blood vials in BB and me a big borderlands fan I never really thought that was a bad thing, I also still play cod games so there’s prolly somethin wrong with me lol


I'm the same, I always need the *right* level of challenge. Too easy is as bad, if not worse than too hard


I jus wanted add that you can find enjoyment in games through other means too, like I doubt hardcore csgo players have fun all the time but they sure enjoy playing csgo, anyways sry jus thought about that after I replied, fr tho good day I need to go get some coffee now


"But bro its part of the experience that random npc I found on the road was expecting me to talk five times in a row with him, go at night to a random church and then make this weird dance emote so he doesnt die" Edit:Typo


Edit was too late, NPC is now dead and atoning does nothing to rectify it :(


I tried to ask about my return, and my tax guy said "You don't have the right, O, you don't have the right. You don't have the right, O, you don't have the right"


Fighting game fans when some rando breaks their Jaw


I had a great laugh, I don’t know what these fools are on about


To many people got butthurt from this meme


I mean give the meme some credit that's what it was designed to do


No my butt doesn’t hurt. I’m the one who does the butt hurting.


*I'm the one who butt hurts Ftfy Mr. White.


Honestly, I have gotten so accustomed to the insanity that is the internet that I genuinely do not know if the post is meant to be a joke from someone that sucks at Elden Ring and is trying to mock players, or if it's from someone that plays Elden Ring and is mocking the ones that sucked and got butthurt about it.


Neither, its making fun of the From fans that can’t accept there are objective flaws with some From systems.


> ~~replay potential~~ ***repay** potential*, FTFY


**refund* potential*


I unironically have always filed my taxes myself using free fillable forms and the instructions. I often wonder why other people don't.


What is this even about?


This is unironically funny, 6.9/10, would upvote again




this critique is good because it really allows us to appreciate the people who try and see the best side in a slightly cumbersome situation


Try deduction


When was the Rock that skinny?


Lol, normies out there paying their taxes and playing fucking Zelda like a bunch of bitches.


Also remember if you run out of money you can always go farm a bunch of frogmen to get yourself out of the red.


[The joke is that there are instructions printed on the tax forms and if you just use the internet you can figure out exactly what to do]


Seems like a skill issue


So what you're saying is break into the IRS nude, with a pot on your head wielding two katanas and kill everyone? Okay!


Tastes like an incredible amount of salt.


I dont get this? Can someone explain?


The US tax system is notoriously complicated and confusing given the amount of niche deductions and financial tools that can be used. I think I’m lucky my public school taught me how to do my taxes but they did not do a good job of telling me how I can deduct housing costs, charitable donations and essentially anything the government wants to incentivize. Knowing about these little ‘tricks’ lets you pay less in taxes or if you don’t know to use them correctly, can put you in hot water. Kinda like with elden ring, theres all these niche tools and techniques that make the game easier and or fun to play that are sometimes easy to miss


/u/ChubbyFrogGames Part of the "America needs to teach kids to do taxes!" crowd's problem is that they think you need an X = X line to be drawn when teaching, failing to recognize that being taught proper math, English, and critical thinking skills *will* carry you through doing our absurdly annoying taxes. That and that we have allowed shitty tax prep companies to make our taxes complicated and annoying rather than being something you do online with the IRS's website in a couple hours, tops. Predatory American capitalism has made taxes worse than they need to be so that you can feel alright with spending a couple hundred a year to have someone else do shit for you, most people overseas don't have anywhere near the same number of problems.


Lol I get it, I thought it was funny


When you underfund the IRS and blame all of your problems on them anyways 😏


The IRS can go get fucked.


No, the IRS has been drastically underfunded for decades, and the mentality you have was created by rich people to make poor people forget how useful the IRS could be if we properly supported it. The only reason we have to file our own taxes is because of TurboTax, not the IRS. Corporate nonsense and lobbying are at the center of the US tax debacle, not the IRS.


Naw, fuck the IRS


Y’all motherfuckers know it’s true lol


RDR2 players when they get a restraining order imposed against them (it's immersive and great attention to detail)


The longer it sits the funnier it gets.


is that the Rock before the roids?


This is good 😂 don’t listen to the smoothies


Damn y’all are that insecure?


Been ‘bout 4 weeks since Reddit made me laugh. You finally got me.




You are probably not an adult american and/or don't play elden ring


aaah! There's the context I was looking for.




Americans when they see Europeans not doing their taxes or paying for health care (they are playing on Easy Mode and aren't fully appreciating life by learning its moveset)


Yeah, thats what I'm saying


Because it struck a nerve lol


Because every joke is unfunny if you have to explain it


I don’t get it. But fuck taxes


I took a break from Elden Ring and gave Sekiro a try. Nothing obscure. Everything is clear and straightforward. Git Gud. Simply git good.


Everything except for the Dragon's Return




Elden ring players, when they get charged with tax fraud (it's good that no one holds your hand, and that the tax system is obscure, it allows the community to discover all the cool secrets and increases the replay potential)


Wow, thank you, I didn’t read it the first time /s Wtf kind of response was that, just copying the text from the picture? This makes no sense, and isn’t funny


It's funny because From Software Stans will defend everything the company does and the lack of any direction/guidance/as a conscious decision to make people 'git gud' and discover stuff their own way. This is pointing out how stupid that attitude is if applied to other things. It's not an apples-to-apples comparison, but I did find it amusing.


The post is just a meme, but believe it or not obscurity is indeed intentional and not a lack of direction lol. Some might not like it, but they are fully aware of that.


I found it hilarious. People like you are the reason it is funny. Thank you


The joke is funny because ppl don't understand it?


Obtuse people make it even funnier


Not saying much.


Wow, thank you, I didn’t read it the first time /s Wtf kind of response was that, just typing ".... what"? This makes no sense, and isn’t funny




Cry about it.


Guys mind your heads and bring hardened helmets! for we’ve entered the salt mine


This is accurate. They love it when they die or lose all money. It is bliss for them.






Is this referring to people being upset elden ring doesn't have enough straight forward story and quest? And bashing people who defend the gameplay and story for being open ended and 100% up to you?


The goal isn’t getting good at the game. The goal is getting ducked less each time.


Fax you ain't tryna become better than a god you're just getting good enough to have a fair chance against said gods


I’m screaming lmao.


The butthurt comment tells you they know it’s true


The amount of salt here is insane.


I counted two comments that said it was unfunny. r/eldenring try not to argue with imaginary “elitists” challenge (impossible)


You gotta consider this was written 40 mins ago, where the only few comments were of people saying it was unfunny


Sorry, but I think I'm too European to get this American joke. Yeah, I know that the american tax system is a joke made to make money for private companies that lobby against the citizens.


I think you’re just stupid.


He’s too stupid because he’s correct?


Because he doesn’t get the joke..


Yes, he made that clear, and he also gave context of why that might be. But his self-awareness as to his inability to understand a mediocre, localized joke was somehow an indicator of his stupidity to you.


It was a "meh" joke at best. What's worse is all the toxic negativity in this sub reddit.


Rofl, ok yes, real world financial ruin is exactly as bad as seeing "YOU DIED" in a video game


It's a joke. Must of struck a nerve with some of you. It's a bit salty in here lmao.






A rare good meme!


I found this unfunny and untrue but this could be because I haz big Brain and peniz.


Fucking casuals...🤦‍♂️


The difference is that elden ring is designed for enjoyment. The tax system, not so much.


The joke explained (thank you I didn’t get the joke)




Those are totally equivalent scenarios


That's the joke


No, sir. I am a joke…