Imagine being Godfrey and having to beat the boss 30 times in a row but he keeps respawning until he just gets lucky and beats you once and then congratulations you lose


"That tarnished came to my house, beat my kids, kicked me in the balls and called me maidenless, wtf"


That’s because we stole his wife


What we don't know is that every time we re-enter that room were just another Ng+ for him


Jesus christ.. He's on NG+104, he really is maidenless




*“I don’t get why people play game”*


Me neither bro


Playthrough #1 - Powerstanced flails Playthrough #2 - Double Reduvia Playthrough #3 - Mage (current) Playthrough #4 - Big Bonk build (probably) ...   Also, difficulty increases until NG+7. I wanna beat it on its hardest mode.


Difficult increases until ng+7 but outside of malenia, and maybe maliketh, you won't notice it on basically any boss till +5


Sure, but you gotta get there first.


I wish 'difficulty' meant more than health and damage increases. Ds3 at least had upgraded rings, and ds2 even moved items and enemies


for fun trying different endings higher rune reward for better farming the increased challenge




I must be a weirdo, I'm about to get the third required ending and I've done each on an NG.


Not weird just making it harder on yourself


To bully Margit


The guidance knows that he is outright stronger than you, it’s your skill and drive that gives you the potential to beat him. In other words, your boss fight is a beast of a man. His boss fight is breaking your will to continue


*Megalovania starts playing*


Ah, well put. Marika wants you to give up so the Erdtree will stop resurrecting you. Wonder how the tree is feeling about that a few boss fights later though.


I'd love a take on this where you're stalked by some boss-level creature throughout NG+. Like Godfrey just knows you're a credible threat, so he decides to keep taking you out early by constantly invading.


Imagine getting invaded by a tarnished npc and when you look at which one it was, you notice it's Hoarah Loux


That's going to be a part of the DLC maybe!


They had something like this in dark souls 2 with the Persuers. If I remember the lore right they were sent to kill the player before he could be a real threat. In game they are these crazy strong enemies that appear from thin air fairly early on.


According to a ZullieTheWitch video the Night Cavalry were supposed to do this, showing up anywhere and anytime - but it seems to have been canned due to technical issues.


Yeah, that’d be cruel. So I beat him on the first try.


Tbf, that's how it works for us too, but on a smaller scale. We could hit him 30 times in a row without getting hit once, then he gets 1 or 2 hits in and "You Died".


Gotta bop him into submission because a crown is warranted with strength


Hardcore mode


I like to think it's infinite both ways. In that scenario, he reboots his universe and tries again. AFAIK, there's never been a FS boss that acknowledges you're trying again.


Or every time you die he continues on and 'beats the game' sometimes he loses too just much less frequently than you weak tarnished


In Elden Ring I like to think of it as kind of evening out: they get bigger health bars, more damage, and super armor while we get heals and respawns. In past games I thought of bosses as nearly immortal gods and the player as a weak fly that succeeds by being willing to keep trying for eternity. In Elden Ring it usually feels like we're on a comparable power level to the bosses, just in a different way mechanically.


>Imagine being Godfrey and having to beat the boss 30 times in a row but he keeps respawning until he just gets lucky and beats you once and then congratulations you lose \*Summons Mimic Tear\* Godfrey: For fucks sake it's a double boss...


Then why tf dont i get to be 9 feet tall


Cannon wise we probably do grow in stature after some time has passed.


This is not only probable, >!it's actually proven to be the case by the normal ending cutscene! Very cool detail.!<


So I can be Hoarah Loux, Warrior 2.0?


If your ambition so desires it my son, it is yours to claim.


Hell yea! Time to fucking suplex a dragon.


Why stop at one dragon?


Because they are the only things left after I killed all the bosses.


Killed all the dragons already


I’ve seen a man suplex a train. Never seen a dragon.


More like time to suplexing fuck a dragon AMIRITE?


Elden Ring 2: there’s mutant tarnished/dragon hybrid babies floating around like in Shrek


>Lansseax was the sister of Fortissax. It is said that she took the form of a human to commune with the knights as a priestess of the ancient dragon cult. **Of all the knights, Vyke the Dragonspear was the one Lansseax loved the most.** sounds like Vyke already did that


Vyke, thy strenght befits a dragussy *dies


Oh damn I put those to rest after morgott asked me kindly


Horah Loux 2 - Elden Boogaloo


Now with extra WWE mode.


Oops, all fist weapons


Bro. You already are.


Hoarah Two, Electric Boogaloo


The elden throne is gigantic in game, this actually makes sense


oh cuz the throne is big?


huh, ig we do end up becoming the boss


How does it show that? Are you saying because he fits perfectly in the chair and normally wouldn’t? Never noticed that but that’s a cool point.


Wait... what?


I wish size increased with Vigor


Actually, physical changes based on stat distribution would be super cool, maybe size/muscle definition based on vig/end/str, smoother or like... More graceful movement animations for Dex, and idk how to physically show mind/int/fai/arc (head size lol), but from people who included draconic and frenzied flame features, I believe they could figure it out


Int/faith/mind/arc could each have a different colour and be some kind of magic particles or a glow that surrounds the character


You magic gets more shiny the higher your Int, Faith, and Arcane get.


Shiny man go boom




Nha, just keep making the head bigger and bigger


Not the whole head just the upper part of the skull like mega mind


Just the tip.


Imagine what you would look like by NG+7 with everything maxed out.


But It should be toggleable


They literally had something like this as far back as fable. It was one of my favorite game features. Even the way npcs reacted to your presence


Reminds me of Fable


Your head could grow bigger with mind, so you can be big brain.


Fable did it in 2004. With strength you got bigger, skill made you taller and wisdom made you have glowing blue magic lines. They could do this if they wanted.


That's what she said.


You come across a 10 vigor build, it’s just like fighting oddjob in goldeneye


Doubtful, I think the last line for the description of the Giant-Crusher explains pretty well why recent PCs and NPCs are so small. "Man has grown feeble in comparison to his forebears." Based off of the size of the weapons used against the giants I'd say the previous generations of humans were larger and became smaller and weaker after years of intra human war after the Golden Order defeated the giants.


Did you forgot about the power of runes and the great runes? We aren't exactly a normal human.


It's worth pointing out that it's entirely within canon for your Tarnished to be one of the original warriors of Godfrey. The Tarnished are the members of his Long March and their descendents.


Any Soulsborne veteran knows the most challenging bosses are usually the normal-human-sized ones.


Gideon really turns that trope on its head


Damnit Bloody Crow of Cainhurst.......


Why doesn’t he get to chug 15 Estus?


Because he’s not a bitch


Yes, but you are. That’s why you get to chug away and summon lol. No one’s as badass as Godfrey other than Gael or Artorias.


I dream of the FromSoft or game in general that lets me be as ridiculously big as some npc’s are. I’m tired of being just “a guy” when it comes to character creation.


Understood, but that’s also the whole point behind almost all FromSoft games, we’re just a regular person tasked with fighting against impossible odds.


I asked this question earlier and got downvoted :( All these bosses mutate and change based on their own “play styles” wouldn’t it be interesting if the player model changed depending on your stat distribution and sorcery/magic you used a lot? It is such a slow progression, you might not even notice it until you are too far gone.


**The Greater Will is scared of you.**


As it fucking should be, I have a clusterfuck of a build and it is weirdly effective.


first time i rolled up on this guy i had full radahn gear and a mimic tear summon. shit was tanky and effective


The first time I walked up to Godfrey I had Radahn's armor as well, but no helmet, and I had a +10 Tiche. Me, Tiche, and Nepheli Loux stomped him into the ground. Not even the first Elden Lord can beat the gank squad.


Tiche is the real mvp of this game honestly


Wait you can summon Nepheli for Godfrey? The yellow one or the real one?


There's a summon sign if you do some of her quest


Huh. I got her all the way to the Limgrave throne and never saw this. Are you sure you mean Godfrey and not Godrick?


It's both, [*Nepheli Loux is available if you finish her questline, allowing her to get crowned as ruler of Limgrave at Stormveil Castle.*](https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Godfrey,+First+Elden+Lord)


Well that is very cool. I must have just missed her then.


It’s weird, I’ve never reached max level or made a “jack of all trades” build in any of the souls games, but in Elden Ring, I feel like I should do it at least once just to reach the full potential this game allows for.


Grace comes from Marika, not the GW. She says so herself in her echo at the church of pilgrimage.


... still though


Grace should be Marika doing because she wanted Godfrey to become her Elden Lord again. We are all sacrifical lambs for her.


If we are a boss, where is our second phase ?


Most of us had at least 5 "phases". It's when you die, respawn, and think "maybe I'll change to this weapon for this boss"... xD


Change weapon? This cost fallacy ain't gonna sink itself bro. \*Proceeds to spawn bell bearing hunter for the 35th time\*


We got phases equal to the number of attempts we take to kill the boss


You can strip your armor and get naked when you reach half health if you like.


I did this, but in response to his phase 2 :D 10/10 would recommend, I will always fight warrior dad half naked and without a shield


What a statement


Just like the ember in DS, I’ve always seen the rune ark as one’s ‘second form’. On tough fights my rune arc is always cracked on the second form.


saw this pointed out before and I love it I HAVE GIVEN THEE COURTESY *ENOUGH*


Elden ring is basically a battle royale to see which tarnished makes it to Marika first. You and Godfrey are the last two standing.


So do we appear as giants to him as well if we are a boss to him?


If you finish with one of the “Elden Lord” endings, you actually see that our Tarnished finally fits the throne adequately. So canonically, yes, we do grow to some extent.


Shit. Well time for me to become Elden Lord.


That's awesome. I mean, look at it from Godfrey's perspective: He awakens from the dead, journeys to the Lands Between to find everything in a state of ruin. From far off, he can see the Erdtree engulfed in flame. Demigods (including his own kids) are being slaughtered, deathless souls wander the lands, Caelid is engulfed by rot. He makes his way to Leyndell, which is suffocated by ash, and waits outside the Erdtree for us to show up. Us, the Tarnished, responsible for almost all the destruction he sees. Cool part was, on my playthrough it was equally a boss fight for me as it was for him since I beat him on the first try (he was kind of a pushover with a mimic around).


>he was kind of a pushover with a mimic around This game's cheat code right there.


It really is. But hey, when I'm fighting multiple boss opponents at once (damn you, Rot Crystalian Trio), dragons, giant patriarchal snakes, master wizards, eldritch horror aliens, and demigods, I think it's fine to even the scales a bit.


It's an intended game mechanic, no shame on using it anywhere. It might take the fun off the fight since you won't need to really master the dodging and attacking window of the difficult bosses, but it's not like you're cheesing them with an unfair ranged battle or making them suicide or freeze their AI.


We hate the Godskin duo, but for every boss we are mimic duo.


It’s not clear how soon Godfrey landed after our own journey began. It could’ve been immediately after, with a different route, or much, much later. What we do know is that our journey to claim the Elden Ring is a mirror image of Godfrey’s first journey and conquest of the Lands Between. So regardless of what we may have done in our own journey Godfrey has nothing but respect, admiration and honour to show our Tarnished.


Guidance is controlled by Marika, she wants you to die to Godfrey as a part of her plan. She doesn't want random murderhobo to mess up with her ring, pick Ranni or become Lord of Frenzy. >In Marika's own words. My Lord, and thy warriors. **I divest each of thee of thy grace**. With thine eyes dimmed, ye will be driven from the Lands Between. Ye will wage war in a land afar, where ye will live, and die. Then, after thy death, **I will give back what I once claimed.** Return to the Lands Between, wage war, and **brandish the Elden Ring.** Personally, I don't like a choice of words in English translation, in Japanese it's more like**raise Elden Ring** 狭間の地に戻り、戦い、赴くままにエルデンリングを掲げるがよい. Yes, she never planned to give up on the Elden Ring or destroy it completely, the Shattering was result of her age coming to end as Two Fingers were searching for candidates to become a new god and start a new Order. P.S. I still can't over how EN translation made Marika into rebellious brave Queen, by inventing [non-existant Greattree ~~of translation error~~](https://reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/v2rt8i/the_great_tree_doesnt_exist_jpn_translations/) that was taken by the most popular lore youtuber as a basis for parasite theory, screwing Hyetta's dialogue about nature of the One Great and the Greater Will (…すべては、大きなひとつから、分かたれた 分かたれ、産まれ、心を持った けれどそれは、大いなる意志の過ちだった だから、戻さなくてはならない All that there was divided from the One Great. Divided, born **and given heart (soul). But it was a mistake of the Greater Will**) and overall being even more vague than even JP about the nature of Orders. Reading everyday on reddit or twitter about evil Erdtree eating souls is is both funny, knowing that it has nothing to do with canon, and sad because people are simply repeating what they heard on youtube.


So then why is grace still guilding the tarnished toward the erdtree?


Be good little pawn, kill demigods, Empyreans and gods (*Now wield it, and kill them. The demigods. And their god. Queen Marika herself wishes it so*, - Hewg), collect their runes, go the Erdtree and die to Godfrey, Godfrey will gank you, grab your runes and do what exactly Marika wants. That's how it was planned and why Gideon freaked out when he understood what was going on (*I commend your spirit, but alas, none shall take the throne. Queen Marika has high hopes for us.That we continue to struggle. Unto eternity.*) Tarnished was never meant to become Elden Lord, only to do a dirty job for Godfrey.


She didn't take into account that a tarnished could get so much power and have the ability to defeat Godfrey


Interesting. I look at Gideon quite differently now. Everything he believed to be true was suddenly turned upside down. So basically Marika wanted a strong tarnished to gather all the rune fragments and give them all to Godfrey upon death.


I would think that marika wants the tarnished to win, and it's radagon that wants godfrey to win. I understand they are the same *thing* but different people. Like how marika breaks the ring and radagon tries to fix it.


The plan was organized by Marika and she collaborated with Godfrey, it's literally in her echoes. I can't say what exactly is Radagon's deal, a lot of his lore was cut off. [In version 1.0](https://imgur.com/a/msdBfFj) it was obvious that he was pushing Miquella (Vision=Elden Ring) to take Marika's place, gifted him knights to protect Haligtree and he had some odd connection with Misbegotten and demi-humans (demi-humans ashes used to be called "Radagon's chimeras"), creatures that Miquella granted a safe haven. Hard to say what he is about now, both Miquella and Radagon were done dirty in final version, there is even Miquella's ending in cut files that never made it to release.


I don't think it was as much cut as it was probably omitted because it would possibly make everything more confusing It's very possible Miyazaki realized he couldn't properly develop Radagon and Miquella story in the main game and is probably going to expand it in a DLC If they don't, I'll be pretty disappointed lol


Maybe miquella will be bros with the tarnished in DLC, since the tarnished saved him from his rapey uncle


But we killed his blade.


She's likely not dead. She just 'bloomed'.


I think that is what the second phase is all about. We killed her once, she bloomed into the goddess of rot, and then we kill her again. She even apologizes to Miquella, for having met her match.


No, I mean, she's a flower when you kill her. There's a scarlet rot bloom where her body should be and it counts as her 'body'. *corrected.


M--mohg did it? Wasnt me!


Maybe you'll get different dialogue if you kill her before starting the dlc, but the same general content


Based on Godfrey's lines to the Tarnished and his overall personality I like to think that even if that was Marika's scheme Godfrey is happy to see us be equal to the task of battling for the throne. He never expresses anger at us for killing Morgott, only love for his son and respect for the Tarnished. I think he wants nothing more than the fate of the golden age to be decided by strength rather than schemes.


Radagon craving some Hoarah Loubussy 🥵


I'd be pretty pissed if my split personality was raw dogging a giant barbarian


>Like how marika breaks the ring and radagon tries to fix it. This doesn't mean their goal is opposite, though.


Radagon doesn't have any connection to Godfrey??? Radagon is another Elden Lord like Godfrey. Like he literally blocked the Erdtree entrance and stopped everyone from accessing the Elden Ring.


Secret Godfrey ending: Die to him and never touch that save file again


Why doesn't she just have Godfrey go kill everything? Surely he's more powerful than the tarnished?


>Reading everyday on reddit or twitter about evil Erdtree eating souls is is both funny, knowing that it has nothing to do with canon, and sad because people are simply repeating what they heard on youtube. This is a little unfair. The roots of the tree are covered in half-dissolved corpses. It's not an insane leap to independently think that the tree might be using souls and bodies for fertilizer.


People were born from the Erdtree and they yearn to return to its root for a proper reincarnation. It's an insane leap when people just look at the tree without reading item descriptions.


The tree is dead for a long time, it doesn't need fertilizers or anything. It's explained through the story of the ancient Erdtree incantations with [this icon](https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Elden-Ring/blessing_of_the_erdtree_incantation_elden_ring_wiki_guide_200px.png), they are all sharing this description: >The Erdtree once flourished with abundance - yet it was only for a fleeting moment. Such is c course of all life. There is more to it: >It's said that the Erdtree was once as warm as the gentle sun, and would gradually heal all who bathed in its rays. >It was once thought that the blessed sap of the Erdtree would drip from its boughs forever—but that age of plenty swiftly came to a close, and with time, the Erdtree became more an object of faith On an Icon Shield you can see a painting, showing a scene from age of Erdtree's abudance, where a human recieved Erdtree's blessed sap and on this picture [Erdtree is a regular tree with golden leaves, just like minor Erdtrees](https://imgur.com/WoumsjP). What happened with the Erdtree later on? There is a group of incantations called "Erdtree Worship", it's different from the family of ancient Erdtree incantations and has [different background](https://imgur.com/a/0jyiSkQ), a heavily stylized tree without roots. These incantations were used during Liurnian wars and Gransax's attack on the Leyndell, I believe during this period Erdtree started to gradually lose its power and became a golden tree, which was a barren object of worship. *Gideon gained true knowledge after his long exchange with the Two Fingers—discovering all had been broken long ago; that the trembling fingers, bent with age, and the Erdtree itself, were no exception* P.S. To be fair, I understand that it's easy to miss what happened with the Erdtree through the history of Marika's age because it's hidden through many descriptions and visual storytelling methods.


That seems very much compatible w/ the interpretation that the Greater Will is a parasite. The Erdtree was alive during the Crucible Age and bestowed blessings upon all. Then the Greater Will invaded the Erdtree, sapped its energy, and now uses its structure to suck life out of the inhabitants of the Lands Between.


The Elden Star notes that it was the oldest of all Crucible incantations, meaning it was the creation of the Crucible and all thereafter. The Golden Order is an Order of Marika, worshipping her as the only true God, not the GW.


So you’re saying the Elden Star arrived prior to the formation of the crucible.


Yes. If you don't believe so, please give an example of the Crucible incantation that existed before the Elden Star. This is the Elden Star description with the Crucible background: >This legendary incantation is the most ancient of those that derive from the Erdtree


That's interesting. So the Crucible, when all life was the same, was something the Greater Will once approved of? It's only the Golden Order that shunned the Crucible?


The Greater Will exists as a different entity from the Golden Order and not all GO members share the same opinions, which is why Corhyn went mad after realizing Marika was not the one true God and her actions were maleficient. The Greater Will seems to be tolerant of whatever Order the Empyreans would ensure: GEQ with her god-killing cult, Marika with her Golden Order/Age of Erdtree, Ranni with her Moon/Star Order, Malenia with her Order of Rot, and whatever Miquella would bring. The Omens and Misbegotten were considered a blessing until the existence of the Golden Order and Marika's teaching.


The Greater Will isn't a soul parasite, it's literally created souls. Read Hyetta's dialogue again, where she complains that GW divided everything from the one, granted souls, but she thinks it was a mistake. Individuality creates differencies and suffering, followers of the Frenzied Flame want everything to become a primordial soup again. That's not counting that the Greater Will was presenting on the realm long before Erdtree, there is Elden Ring in Farum Azula. 時の狭間、嵐の中心に座す竜王は 黄金樹の前史、エルデの王であったという だが神は去り、王は帰還を待ち続けていた Placidusax‘s god wasn’t an outer god 外なる神 or an ancient god 古き神, it was a host of the Elden Ring, the same kind of god 神 as Marika


> the tree might be using souls and bodies for fertilizer They absolutely are. You know how there are tons of jars laying around most of the Minor Erdtrees? Alexander rather candidly tells you what's in those jars when you find him in the Wailing Dunes.


That is interesting about the Great Tree being a translation error, but I don’t see how it entirely discounts the parasite theory; especially considering that the post you cited about the Great Tree says plainly in one of the final paragraphs that the Erdtree could still be a parasite, just not one that is literally praying on another tree. In the real world it is often the case that a parasitic organism is not also the same species as the organisms it feeds on. Also, what’s with the dig at YouTube as a platform for conveying information? YouTube has a wide enough collection of content, that we really have to look at the video itself, rather than the platform, to determine the trustworthiness. Complaining that people are simply repeating what they hear on YouTube, is like complaining that people are simply repeating what they read at the library: it is the book that they are reading, not the fact that they are reading it at the library, which causes problems. Further, is Reddit a much better alternative to YouTube? Having read your post, if I were to find myself in an argument with someone about the nature of the Erdtree in the game, they could justifiably say that I am only repeating what I heard on Reddit.


Read comments, where it's explained that Erdtree was never a parasite, every other mention of the Crucible calls it primordial form of the Erdtree, including Crucible incantations and Crucible knights items. Nothing is wrong with using youtube as a source of info, not checking your info is a problem.


> In the beginning, everything was in opposition to the Erdtree. But through countless victories in war, it became the embodiment of Order. > It is said that long ago, the Greater Will sent a golden star bearing a beast into the Lands Between, which would later become the Elden Ring. > Remembrance of the Elden Beast, hewn into the Erdtree… It was the vassal beast of the Greater Will and living incarnation of the concept of Order. You are reading texts written in the context of the victors.


So, what are you trying to say? [Crucible incantations](https://imgur.com/a/8rRrVq5) are sharing icons with [ancient Erdtree's incantations](https://imgur.com/a/Uc0DsEp) because Crucible and Erdtree is the same thing, Crucible is just an older form. Even more so, if you give brother Corhyn, Marika's fanatic, book of Two Fingers, he will complain about it and call it heresy >That... is a work of heresy. Its incantations **bear no lineage from the Erdtree.** Two Fingers, vassals of the Greater Will, existed on the realm before the Erdtree.


I understand the mistranslation, but you definitely missed the mark at the end. The Erdtree is undeniably parasitic in nature, and the Greater Will uses it to control the lands between, which used to be ruled by the Gloam-Eyed Queen during the Crucible Age. There may not have been a big ass tree during this age, but the Erdtree is an extraterrestrial invader for sure.


>Erdtree is an extraterrestrial invader for sure The Erdtree is literally Crucible. >**Aspects of the Crucible: Tail. One of the ancient Erdtree incantations.** This is a manifestation of the Erdtree's primal vital energies—an aspect of the primordial crucible, where all life was once blended together >Nobles are the most ancient apostles who are said to have assimilated inhuman physiology. Not unlike the **crucible, the Erdtree in its primordial form** (Godskin Noble Set) >Holds the power of the **crucible of life, the primordial form of the Erdtree**. Strengthens Aspects of the Crucible incantations (Crucible Axe Helm) There is no lore about it being parasitic or Gloam-Eye-Queen ruling anything, she was a mere leader of Godskins and Marika's competitor for the status of a new god. >The Gloam-Eyed Queen led the apostles. It is said that she was an Empyrean chosen by the Fingers (Black Flame Ritual)


The Gloam-Eyed Queen is an Empyrean of the Greater Will. There is also nothing saying that the Erdtree is a parasitic invader because the Crucible is the the primodial form of the Erdtree, the source of life. Vaati corrected himself in the recent videos and people keep looking at the Erdtree burial roots without reading other materials that support the reincarnation process of the Erdtree.


If you go into deeproot depths that there was a great tree, the erdtree just took it over


>The Erdtree is undeniably parasitic in nature This is a misconception based on corpses wrapped up in roots seen in the CNT by Vaati. He's since walked back the theory. The Gloam-Eyed Queen wasn't the ruler of an age, she was simply the leader of the Godskins. She was also an Empyrean, meaning she was chosen to bring about a new age, which never happened.


What's your source for the Gloam-eyed Queen ruling the Lands Between before the Greater Will? The game explicitly states that she's an empyrean, i.e. Marika's offspring and possible candidate for her replacement. It would be impossible for her to have even existed before the Greater Will and Marika's rule. It seems like you have a really particular headcanon that goes against the established lore.


Hey I wanna know if Empyreans are for sure only offspring of Marika? I know one description says that Empyreans are demigods that are born from a single god, which I took as meaning 1 godly parent as opposed to 2 parents of any type, i.e. asexual reproduction. But I've been wondering for a while if that means any of the outer gods could create empyreans w/o marika or if it means Radagon was Marika all along and Ranni was only created by him as opposed to being carried and born from Rennala. I haven't yet found anything in game that says Empyreans by nature are a product of Marika.


That's a fair point; I don't think that the empyreans are described necessarily as Marika's offspring, but as children of gods that could one day become gods themselves. But, considering that Marika is the only corporeal god we see in-game (the other ones are stuff like "The Moon" and "Rot"), it seems like the most plausible assumption is that the Gloam-eyed Queen is one of Marika's many children. I certainly haven't seen anything linking her to the Crucible Age. Her desires and motivations are pretty similar to Ranni's, and there are some clues that the two worked together, so I think it's reasonable to conclude that she witnessed the decline of the Golden Order that pushed Ranni and Rykard to rebel.


True true. I wish we had more definitive info on the gloam eyed queen as well as Marika herself. I feel like the godskins as a whole were probably meant to be a lot more important. Hopefully we see something in the dlc.


Or it’s just Morgotts grace fading away in the direction Godfrey is facing


Yeah I want what OP's saying to be true, but I think you're right.


I wish there was more like, battles with other “tarnished” trying to be elden lord. I know there are invasions but like, if all Tarnished can dream of is being elden lord, some battles with other people would be fun. Not PVP


Damn I must of been an easy boss then bc it took me *looks at notes* 56 tries to kill this man


Man, I have got to be the most underwhelming boss in the whole game


Also doesn't hurt Godfrey is one of the few EldenSoulsBorneKiro bosses that respects you. "Oh you're approaching me? Good! Let us test our boundless strengths against one another?" Also, one of the best death lines: "Thy strength befits a crown"


I feel like the >!seppuku of Sir Alonne!< is still the top.


I seen this same post before


u/repostsleuthbot is your friend


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I really hope this was done intentionally. It’s such a cool little detail. It adds some nice flavor to the world building


This game blows my mind everytime anew


One of the more fun and epic solo fights, imo. Right up there with mogwyn.


Yes, I too read that YouTube comment as well.


Yes this has been known for awhile and posted alot.


You’re probably right. But to me this is actually new.


Same here. 1st time ever. Who knew maybe reposts do have value?


The amount of times somebody yelled Repost on Reddit - and I was like, really?!?


Sometimes reposts are pretty egregious but generally when people cry repost they're just pointing out that they're on Reddit too much lol


And it rocks so I don't mind being reminded of it again one bit.


Never seen it before. Well, I don't spend much time on Reddit, so that might be why.


i’m on reddit quite a bit and i’ve never seen this before


This is fourth or fifth time I've seen it since release


I am glad it was reposted, never knew about it


What are we trying to see there? Hahaha, I also didn’t know about that.


Shit thats fricking amazing


Please mark as spoiler


RemindMe! 7 days To repost this for the 300th time so I can get social credits


This gets posted once a week


Dont wanna rain on your parade but this has been known for months now.


Only one person can claim the throne and he probably wants revenge on his ex wife for shunning him to the Badlands. Also revenge on you for killing his son. At this point you've collected at least 3 runes so you're def a challenge as he doesn't have any lore wise. So yeah we're his boss fight. Would be cool to have a Godfrey ending if he won.


Lemme guess: you watch Vaush