Pro-tip - the flask of wondrous physick buff that stops you losing your runes on death, will also stop you from losing any runes you have already dropped, if you die on the way to them. Anytime I've died with a tonne of runes on me, I just drink my flask at wherever I respawn and then have a stress free run to pick up my runes. If you die on the way there, no biggy, you can just drink your flask again and give it another crack. As a bonus, you'll also keep any runes you accumulated on the run there. I haven't lost any runes for ages, now.


Imma need that flask ingredient


https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Twiggy+Cracked+Tear Enjoy


This should be the top comment. It takes less than 10 seconds to concoct the flask at the site of grace, drink, and then attempt to come back to pick up the rune. Only issue is if you drop them on a boss arena. But most boss fights have a site of grace before the fight anyway.


If you are fast enough you can quit out near a fog gate and when you come back in the game you will be outside the boss arena


You can also die with a Sarcificial Twig equiped if that doesn't work


Is it possible to upgrade the flask to have more than 2 slots?


Yes, came here to say that. That flask is awesome, lasts 3 minutes, it has become a habit for me now to use it, also **saves me a run back to grace too**, fast travel in dungeons when you can't fast travel or when getting out of enemy aggro takes awhile and you just want to leave, just die lol, that flask is awesome. ​ Pro-tip: [When the flask is active, the icon that you see on your status bar is the same as the Sacrificial Twig](https://img.game8.co/3492851/687b7d9c5a507b17d79caa73c0a359b3.png/show)


Why did you hold so many?


My dude should have just said he spent a couple hours making a bird commit suicide but instead wants to lie lol


I’ve recently found this as well.


What is this rune farming spot?!?


Mogwyn Palace. You can shoot a big bird and make it run to its death at a specific ledge.


It’s crazy just how fast you can get there. >!Kill Godrick > get bloody fingers from Varré > invade three times > get the cloth > go to the four belfreys > use key for chapel of anticipation > get the blood of the dead maiden > talk to Verre > off to Mogwyn for either the suicide bird or to cheese Mogh for ~ 500k souls!<


is killing godrick even necessary? also there’s a church with a dead maiden somewhere in Liurnia you can also use.


Yeah, towards the north east. Gotta deal with the death camp though, so chapel of anticipation is just faster. I recently completed this and it seems like Godrick is necessary. You need to have a great rune then Varre gives you the bloody fingers to invade and progress the quest.


So technically it doesn't have to be Godrick. Godrick is probably your easiest option though.


Wouldn't Renalla be easier? Or does her rune not count?


Yea so easy 😒


I mean for a location that is supposed to be the last location to get to its pretty easy to get there early


The what now?!


without this quest Mohgwyn's palace and the Haligtree are the last 2 new locations you can discover on the map in a linear playthrough - which is the reason Mohg gives so many souls lol


Just 10 easy steps!


Even easier - you don’t need Chapel of aniticipation. There is a Church on the hill next to the Bellum church. There is a Bell bearing boss with automissle sword. Pass him and get maiden’s blood in church. And I’m not sure you have to defeat Godfrick, just go to Lurnia.


To add to rhis: you only need to *use* the fingers three times. You don't have to win and can in fact just disconnect immediately if you don't feel like doing PvP.


Doesnt this only yield like 10k? Using the Elden beast sword on the guys sitting down yields 42k in the same timeframe


The bird is for cheese farming levels early.


Way quicker even, but that requires you beat the game whereas this is only with a bow.


If you’re at the point of having the Elden Beast sword why would you really be farming runes though.


mine doesnt seem to run off the cliff?


You gotta be in a particular spot.. also, if you miss an arrow and it alerts the bird you might as well rest at the grace point because odds are it’s not gonna Geronimo itself


if you miss, it’ll look around for an enemy. if you hit it while in this animation, it’ll sewerslide


This was just happening to me too. Get very close to the sleeping guy right by the cliffs edge


You need to be standing really close to the first passive enemy. If you're too far left of him the bird will stop on the ledge.


I don’t get why people are ashamed of exploiting PvE games lmao. I’d personally be a lil disappointed in myself if I did that shit before actually completing the game&bosses, but beyond that who gives a shit. Tell ya rn I plan on farming runes cause I just finished getting all them achievements.


This is what I'm doing on a second playthrough on a new character. Just wanna be op real quickly.


For real. I unlocked the chicken farm asap in ng+. Not because I wanted to max out damage or up my hp, but so I can effectively use (almost) any equipment I want to play around with without having to respec.


The scaling is so insane that after farming a few hours it does not matter anymore. I need so much more to even get another that the little time I hve I’d rather game. To whole game design is auper easy farming. Runes don’t stand in your way. They are just a little hurdle. The bosses are hard even on. Lvl100-150. If you don’t dodge you die. Yes is makes is a little easier. But damn. I’m so bad that I need the boost. Farming the bird get boring after lvl 100.


I’m also rather older than the average gamer. I guess that my reactions are not as good anymore.


This is me. I'm an over 50 gamer, but my reaction time now is crap! I can rarely do a successful parry, I usually need a summons to beat a major boss, and I die to really dumb stuff. But I have fun. I have a stressful job, and games are a way to relax. I know I'll never be top tier, but I enjoy it.


yeah I'm 68. I've realized I should use this game as an exercise for memory training of faster button pressing reaction times.


They do say that it is good for us!


and here I am feeling old in my mid thirties. Anyway, rock on old gang! Didn't expect old codger! All the more Praise the loveable sort!


I am not 50. My reactions are ok at the tender age of 36 but man do I feel you. I'm a student nurse ( nearly finished) and I've worked as a hospital care support worker for the past 5 years. I LIVE stress. 4 teenage kids too. What you just described above is totally me as well. I am never gonna be ER top tier but I love this game. I summon for everything I can. I farm runes to get stronger and yet I'll still get poked by one of the bleed imp motherfuckers and die instantly from time to time. Or slow walk off a cliff while trying to look what's down there.


Don't worry as a "younger" gamer (almost half your age) I cannot do a successful parry either!


I'm having so much more fun exploring now that I'm not being one-shot by bullshit enemies out of nowhere. That and boss fights are still challenging but not die 50 times in a row challenging




I farmed runes so I wouldn’t get my ass kicked. Turns out I still get my ass kicked. In fact, I leveled to about 90 and was shredding through some content. Then I literally managed to die from a 1v1 to a wolf. I suck.


Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.


It cuts hours of farming down to minutes. People would prefer you spend hours killing vulgar militia instead of minutes running a bird off a cliff.


I use this for pvp save files with different builds on them and stuff but as far as the first playthrough goes it’s just so unnecessary. I ended the first playthrough at 135 without ever farming. and once you’re on NG+ where enemy values are increased by 550%, then it’s really just not necessary at all unless you’re trying to get to some insane level.


Perhaps they find them TOO vulgar.


Idk, people want to feel praised for doing things in a more difficult manner. That's why older generations are so salty when kids aren't made to suffer like they had to, or when new games have QOL changes and unnecessary tedium removed compared to previous titles.


Farming souls is a time honored tradition in these games so it doesn't even make sense. Anyone remember Giant Lord farming in DS2? You grab the bonfire ascetic, kill the Giant Lord, use the bonfire ascetic then repeat. That are would end up at like NG+15 for me.


I’m gonna level with y’all man, I exploited the fuck out of this game till 100 and steamrolled margit. Feelsgoodman


Pfft. Back in MY day, we couldn't just power level past Margit. We did it the OLD FASHIONED, REAL way. With 2 summons.


Same here lol. AND I ENJOYED IT


This is the first time I learnt people actually look down on farming tricks/exploits (militia or bird, same thing to me btw). I’ve been doing similar things in every Souls game just so I don’t have to feel bad when I die twice and lose souls when exploring a new level, since an easy farming method usually makes those souls seem less precious. I don’t overlevel because farming is boring af and I can’t handle boredom with my ADHD. I thought everyone does this and judged from how From never patched it, it should be ok in their book. Didn’t occur to me it’s something so many people feel so bad about.


Fragile people will desperately seek to validate their way as better or true. Farming has always been part of Souls games to some extent. Currently I have loved the fast farm because now I don't get so upset if I lose my Runes. I tend to only have a cheese session if I just lost my Runes to bullshit or need to buy some stones to upgrade a new weapon to try.


What do you mean by this?


There's a place near a bonfire that you can bait a bird enemy to jump off a cliff and net like 15k runes each time and quickly reset. Easy farming.


Where is this? 15k a pop could be real handy in a pinch.


Moghwyn palace


Its in the Lord of Blood area but i would only suggest getting the bird with the bow if your low lvl and couldn't kill the 10+ mobs that stand by the grace. They give 2k per mob and can be easily farmed with some aoe weapon specials. https://youtu.be/ZOTghpzsf4Y thats a vid showing the spot to give you an idea what I'm talking about.


Brilliant. Thank you, I’m a fair bit into the game but haven’t got to Moghwyns yet. This beats stalking the little vulgar Militia for 1k a pop when I need a few more runes to buy something or push up to a lvl


I usually just save my golden runes for these situations.


Right by the grace where those big alien headed things are chilling? I tried arrows but it just stays by the ledge and walks back.


When I was doing it there were a bunch of messages right on the cliff edge. If you don't stand in the right spot the bird will stop before the ledge. Just experiment with shooting it from different spots and eventually you'll find the right one


Also, try strafing the edge of the cliff after the hit registers


It's much faster to also kill the guys right there for 2K runes each. It shouldn't take longer than an hour to get some 3MIL runes doing it that way. You can combine it with the bird too.


The fun part is bird worth 11k, the monsters right next to it give 2044 each. You can kill 5 dudes so quick (2 power stance attacks each for my dual katanas or a single heavy unsheathe). It takes longer to aim then to kill 5 dudes.


_For the rush and proper fear of death when you’re over level 100._


I walk around with 1.5 as well! Not really sure what to do with them ... I am level 130 and in NG+


The difference being OP was “in pain” losing their runes while you actually KNOW you have that many.


He lifted himself up by his bootstraps 😤




This. As soon as I have enough runes to level up or buy what I need, I fast travel the hell out! You won't see me hoarding anything.


Don’t forget about your sacrificial branch if you have that many


New player here, just found the sacrificial branch today, but I didn’t understand the description.. when it drops, can I pick it back up? Or it’s a one use item?


it is a one use item, you equip it in one of your talisman slots and when you die you lose the branch instead of your runes


Does it work the same way as the ring of sacrifice? Where can put on while going to collect runes in case you die on the way?


sorry man idk bout that, but if it works like that in souls games it would most likely be the same for elden ring too


This response makes me so happy


We love a newbie 🥰 Or Bloodborne player?


>Does it work the same way as the ring of sacrifice? Yup, exactly the same its this games version of that ring. Theres also a effect for the Flask of Wondrous Physick that does the same thing for a set amount of time when you drink it. good for when you run into surprise bosses.


I can't be sure, but I think the way it works is even if you die with 0 runes, you drop that glowing marker for you to pick up to recollect your runes which would reset your last marker that actually has runes. If you're holding that talisman on your way to pick up the marker with all your runes and die, theoretically you shouldn't drop that 0 rune marker because the talisman will be sacrificed instead. So tl;dr it should allow you another chance at going to pick up your runes.


Can confirm, spent 5 sacrificial twigs yesterday to collect 70k runes i dropped in a boss battle, the problem was getting there. I would die before even getting to the boss but my runes never despawned. I even went to a merchant inbetween to stock up again


I’m a little confused what you’re asking, but it sounds like yeah I mean that’s exactly what it’s for


It’s a consumable. It’ll let you keep your souls upon death one time. Edit: Runes, I mean. Runes.


It is a talisman and must be equipped in a talisman slot. When you die with it equipped it will be consumed and you will be respawned with any runes you had before death and any runes lying on the ground remaining where they are.


Or the psycick potion option which does the same thing for 3 minutes!


Also a solid option


Hmm I always considered that as planning for failure but considering you can change it at a site of grace when you respawn actually means it might be worth it to switch around a bit just to pick up souls depending on what you dropped... thanks


That’s why I always send the elevator back, plus it’ll just save time from having to wait for it to go all the way back up EDIT: Idk how this has become my most upvoted thing on Reddit ever but here we are. Thanks for that and the awards peoples


A sign of a truly seasoned player.


As someone who never played a Souls game before and also does this, this comment will go straight to my gaming ego. Sincerely, ✨Seasoned Player.✨


"he will know your ways without being taught..."


Unexpected dune references are my favourite


Lol I've been playing souls games since PS3. 90% of the time I forget to do this.


I always assume I won't die and then curse my ego later


“Just *one more hit* and he’s… shit”


Lol the worst is when you die and you die on your way to pick up your souls or runes. Such heartbreak


I've only really played elden ring, but I'm seasoned too... With palm sweat and failure.


Don't forget, mom's spaghetti.


I was thinking the exact same thing lol. Too many impatient lever-pulls led me to start sending those elevators back every time.


Or at least one resigned to their fate of dying. Again.


Sign of a weak player. If you send that elevator back, you’ve already lost the fight. /s


I find that the one time I do send the elevator back, that’s the time I don’t need it again


Murphy’s law for tarnished/undead.


If you use elevators at all you're not playing the way Miyazaki intended.


I think the same, that is the last time I’ll ever use that elevator


God Ive actually never realted to a comment chain so much in my life lmao I've been through all these trains of thought xD


It shows weakness by expecting death. Go into every fight KNOWING you will win!


Or someone expecting to die


I send it back because I'll either die or kill the boss. 0 chance I'm riding that shit back up(/down)


This. And becuse I compulsively check underneath the elevator for secret areas.


I think so far I've only come across one elevator with stuff underneath it.. and it wasn't even secret. It was required for the lever to open a door.


I looked for the damn lever for ages in those catacombs


The "watchdog" or whatever the fuck it's called in that place can eat a dick. I hate those, so much... I mean I get that its a statue but fuck man. Tanky bastard.


Found two so far. Fell into more than two while looking.


100% facts.


Exactly. The only time I’m riding an elevator up/down is if there is a jump to look for/attempt, otherwise it’s a 1 way trip


PTSD of the fishing hamlet lift before Orphan of Kos. NEVER AGAIN.


Oddly enough kos wasn't bad for me. Fire dog in the chalice though and vicar Amelia I believe her name was. Fuck them


I started doing this because of Lothric Castle in DSIII, because fuck that one shortcut lift was dreadful.


This is Lowkey double edge. Because if you always send the elevator back, you might forget to do it once, and since you're used to it being there, walk into your death. I always check anyway


Learned that move my first time fighting Gascoine all those years ago.


I felt horrible about losing about 6k yesterday…


I just lost 6k, revived and was calm and was just about to pick up my runes when I got 1 shotted by an archer. I didnt even know archers could 1 shot you. Had to stop playing after that lol


Sofria river?


I was dealing with those heatseeking, overpowered porcupine quills all afternoon today. Then you get them out enough to go hand to hand with, or on horseback in my case, and they do that ridiculous bull charge thing and one shot your horse. Almost as annoying as rats, dogs and torch men.


If you find that annoying, wait until you meet Preceptor Miriam...you will literally punch the screen if you are a melee user. Super annoying fight, I recommend "Shoot but hole"


Is that fight even possible without magic or killing her before the final phase? Not that her drop is useful for a melee class.


It is and it’s not fun! I used the bloody dagger and it was not an easy time.


If the arrow hits you in the head, it'll do a bunch more damage and stagger you. That's probably what happened.


Damn. 6k is about 80k away from when I can level up lmao


It's about 144k away for me


I lost 170k yesterday (from grinding bosses and arcs) and felt like absolute shit lmao, then a few hours later I had like 300k (killing bosses and discovering new caves) but that's just the from software experience as some would say lol


I lost seven million once in dark souls 2 to smelter demon. I don't even remember why I had so many souls on me back then. It definitely hardened me to not worrying about losing souls ever again lmao


Losing souls on dark souls 2 was the absolute worst because of the soul memory system. If you wanted to pvp you would have had to made a new character because it was based on how many souls you had ever collected, not how many you used to level up 🤦‍♂️


Holy shit what a terrible design.




​ ![gif](giphy|1vBllxywfDcLJtdPkQ)


Actually, I get way more stressed when I’m holding a lot of runes, not knowing where the next site of grace is, than I do during combat. That’s one of the Souls best/worst game mechanics. It really ramps up the tension. The only other souls-like game that improved on that was Lords of the Fallen. If I remember correctly, the longer you held onto your souls, or whatever they were called, the higher the multiplier would be. Added even more tension by encouraging greed.


Nah I play it safe and turn back the moment I hit enough tunes for a level up. I’m weak willed like that lol


Lol, that's not weak willed. That's smart. There's no upside to holding a bazillion runes. You spend them or you kiss them goodbye.


Sure there’s an upside, it’s basically a push your luck mechanic - if you’ve gotten through part of a tough area, you know you’ll have to get to the same point and defeat the same enemies, when there could be a grace right around the corner.


When I have runes on the line, even if it’s a somewhat small amount in comparison to my level, it makes it a lot ‘easier’ to get back to them. When I have 0 I’m basically just slamming my head into everything until I get through and it results in a lot more attempts.


Most I've ever lost in one go was 60k, how do you even have that many


When you hit all the soft caps in your build and have fully upgraded weapons runes aren't as important to you. For perspective, there is a farm spot that gets you about 50k with two button presses that is right next to a grace point and late game bosses can drop around or over half a mil.


And I thought i was in the late game. Jesus


In NG+, late game bosses proceed to drop 1 mil+ ;)


In a NG0, the most souls you get is 500k from the final boss, the optional superboss fights are a little over 400k each. NG+ bosses will drop way more, but that's not really "late game" is it.






















So you farmed runes for half an hour just to not spend them?


Sigma rule #0000290: The only reason for collecting wealth is to toss it down a bottomless pit. This ensures that the grind will never stop.


Didn’t expect loss porn Making me feel better about the 30k I just lost haha


> Didn’t expect loss porn WE LIKE THE RUNES


Loss porn? [ | ] [ |. ] [ | | ] [ |- ]


Could this be Loss?


I lost millions in dark souls. That’s how you learn my friend. Now I bet you will be spending those asap. RIP


If I’m within 10K I’ll find a grace site and eat golden runes till I hit it.


Or the suicidal chicken.


Or just do a little co op.


I was doing a no death run on NG+ in dark souls 2, maybe no bonfire as well. But I went to Back to majula and threw my controller on my bed to snag some food. Came back to zero souls and watching my guy fall off the cliff. Big sad moment for 17 year old me


Everytime you lose a ton of runes/souls, a starving child in the Lands Between receives a turkey club sandwich with pickle.


Time to visit the chicken


Why do you have 1.5 million runes ?!


Went in the dark souls hell would you be holding that many?


Just go to the turtle bridge area by the lord of blood and farm for 10 mins. Then you get back 1.5 mill


Imagine if you could turn back time


If they could find a way.


I'd take back those runes that've hurt you, you'd stay


If I could reach radahns stars


Try fingers, but hole


So creative well done


Good news is it's trivial to get them back if you really need more. I'm at the point I'm just buying upgrade items I may/may not ever use so I don't level anymore


Soooo, why did you have 1.5 mil runes?


I see a bunch of people say shit like this. How you guys walking around with 1.5 million runes I get to twice my level and immediately dip out to level up


Did you need 1.5 mill to level up? One of the tenants of any souls game is if you have souls, use it or lose it. Level up, buy spells, upgrade something it doesn’t matter what because there is always the chance you’ll lose it and it WILL sting.


To the Dino-bird farm you go partna.


Pro Tip: equip the branch talisman if you die and need to rune run or use a physik flask to preserve them.


Oof. Can you buy golden runes from any vendor? You could do something like that in Sekiro—buy pouches of gold at a modest premium so you couldn’t drop it upon death.


Nope. Just gotta be careful


I mean I sometimes farm and just buy a ton of smithing stones because I know I will want them later.


Runes are super easy to come by, just use mohg area and get em back in a few mins




I am thinking how far are you in the game


That’s why I just spend. Why were you holding that much?