Painting a Farseer

Painting a Farseer


That glow in his palm is a great touch!


Very nice. Same colour scheme as mine (green, purple, bone), but way better painting.


Oh, that is a lovely colour scheme. I might just use a variation of it at one point, I especially love the highlights on the helmet.


It reminds me of the Il-Kaithe scheme, but with a bone-colored robe. Definitely nice.


This is sick!


Looks great! Getting some subtle joker vibes


Fantastic purpledar, would love to know how you’ve done his tunic and helmet, the greens and whites are amazing


Green is Vallejo Model Colours mostly: Base Deep Green, shade adding some black, you can also soft shade with Caliban green, soft highlight with Intermediate Green, sharper highlight with German Camo Bright Green, then higher highlights add Moot Green and Dark Sand


White was Sandri Dust as it was over a black base coat and I wanted to build up the colour. You could skip if your base coat was lighter. Then Ubsanti Bone, Screaming Skull then mix in white


First thing I thought when I saw it was the Joker. Purple coat, green and white head? I think that Farseer might live in a society. fr though it looks really good


Green and purple are two of my favorite colors and at one point i started to paint my craftworlds with those colors.. but it just looked too cartoonish for me... like the Hulk or Joker.. so i decided against it. But the way you did purple and green is legit and i really dig it. Fantastic job. Ill def be saving a pic of this as a reference.


Thanks. If I’m honest I’d rather I’d managed a pinker purple to move out of the stark contrast with the green (maybe even desaturated a bit). I’m still happy with it and there is a fair bit of freehand to go which should reduce the expanses of purple