Two 37.5mg pills a day to 75 mg once a day

Two 37.5mg pills a day to 75 mg once a day


There shouldn’t be a difference. When you take it honestly depends on you. I take it in the morning, some take it at night as it makes them drowsy.


I recently switched from 37.5 mg to 75mg. I haven’t felt any massive changes, although I didn’t have very severe anxiety to begin with, more so just an episode of anxiety that extended over a week or so. I’ve found that I have a lot less side effects on 75mg, the first couple of days I had the usual nausea and lack of appetite but now I am practically side-effect free for the most part. In terms of overall mood, I would say I’m feeling a little bit more stable then on 37.5mg, but the difference is slight


225mg and it hasn't affected my high at all? Sounds pretty fucking scary though, good luck my dude and stay strong