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I've never told a friend, but when I was on dating apps I would always try to let the girl know I was into edging and denial. No point in keeping it secret until later. Most responded by ghosting me, some asked about getting sore, 2 or 3 were into it, but not themselves, just edging others so that was cool. I didn't meet anyone who was fully into edging, I think we are quite rare...


Then your goal is to turn others into horny edgers


And it is a noble goal!


Most of mine didn't care or thought it was weird except for one who turned out to be a fellow gooner we have jerk sessions together all the time haha. Edging with someone in person is wayyy better.


She was a bit surprised that I could go 3+ days without an orgasm while still masturbating. Told her it was a lot of fun. That was about it.