I want the fictional character of Tord to appear or at least make a camio in the new eddisodes. Real Tord, I respect his decision.


obviously i still want him back, but i respect his decision.


the fanbase members have definitely shifted. the fans from then are older and maybe not as active within the fanbase or have moved on altogether. the current fans are mostly younger people. so it's like... yeah it's changed but it's the same kind of person, if that makes sense.


What do you mean the older fan base moved on exactly? Like grow out of the show or something?


either that, or most of them have simply moved on to other interests.


Why would they grow out of it? Doesn’t this show appeal to adults?


yes, it does, but most of the fanbase i see at any given point is typically consisted of younger people. it's just what i've noticed, unless i'm missing all the older fans somehow


Idk, if he was to come back I think some of the fanbase might start harrasing him again. But I think it would he awesome if his character were to come back, whether he was voice by tord or not


I think the magiority of the Fandom understood why tord (real) left the show because we grown up, we came in terms with respecting the decision of tord Larson and seeing him a person and not as a character and understood the mistakes some of us made. But I'm with the part of Fandom that still would like a little appearance or cameo of the character, just to increase the mistery after the "the end" episode. It would be nice


I understand why Tord went into hiding. Maybe it’s time for him to come back? We’ve changed so much since 2012


ITS BEEN LIKE 10 YEARS SINCE THAT HAPPENED! WE ARENT GONNA CLING ONTO A CHARACTER THAT LEFT THE SHOW FOR 10 YEARS, AND IF YOU WOULD DO IT, I BET THE MAJORITY OF THE EDDSWORLD COMMUNITY WOULDNT! We all miss Tord and want him to come back, but don't you think its time to like, idk, CALM DOWN! ( No hate, don't take this too seriously :\[ ) and yes, the community has probably changed over the past 10 years, if your wondering :)


Well I hope Tord is okay I really want to meet him so badly


Maybe We All Need To Leave Him Alone, he's doing his own thing, he has a happy life and also he will let us the fandom know when he's coming back like seriously leave him alone for real don't email him but lend him a note to say how much the fandom missed him


So the real Tord is okay right I'm so worried 😫