I would suggest avoiding selling live plants. It just feels like a refund trap.


> I’m getting messages from a few buyers 3-4 weeks after their purchase of delicate seedlings saying that the plants are dead or dropping leaves. Been selling plants on Ebay since 2003 and rarely have issues. The 1st key is to email them tips so they can get ready, and also include the tips with the plant. Assume you're writing to a newbie, but don't be too wordy. The auction should explain the plant's growing requirements. Sending delicate seedlings is asking for trouble. Larger plants are much more likely to survive, plus people like getting larger plants. Most plants can be sent at the 1 lb rate if packed correctly. Let me know if want you tips on that (PM me your ID so i can see what you're selling). Rather than send you back a dead plant, how about asking for photos of it?


If the buyer says that the item was not as described, eBay will force you to issue a refund. If you want the item back, shipping is at your expense.


Maybe consider better directions to include with the plants, but yeah if they are failing within the return period its reasonable to expect they will want a refund or a replacement.