Rice cooker just broke. What cooking device should I replace it with to create easy, cheap, healthy meals?

Rice cooker just broke. What cooking device should I replace it with to create easy, cheap, healthy meals?


When my rice cooker broke I got another rice cooker. I like the ease of the rice cooker.


Same. I've gotten mine from secondhand shops too and after a thorough cleaning, they're good as new!


I love second hand stores!


You can cook anything in rice cooker almost anything


agreed, lol. You can get a nice one for cheap too under $50 in general and cook like anything you want pretty much. Other then rice hah. You can make chicken, vegetables, lasagna, pasta, even pizza, meat products somestuff like lasagna or pizza you just gotta cook it a bit differently for the rice cooker size but it works and it'll cook it correctly. So yeah, rice cookers are amazing.


Any advice on solid rice cookers to get? My parents gifted me a basic one from amazon and while it does the job, it does have its issues. And have been thinking for something I use so frequently, it may be worth upgrading to a higher quality one, but haven't had the place to ask others yet haha.


Zojirushi makes the best rice cookers imo. Perfect rice everytime and I've had it for years


Zojirushi club! Most expensive rice cooker, actually is best rice cooker. I love the little song it sings when rice is done.


I’m going to search this brand because I love the idea of a rice song.


I've had mine over a decade and still going strong. When I bought it I had a hard time justifying the cost. I'm a little wierd about textures and rice is one of those easy to cook but difficult to get exact. I was poor and eating a lot of rice. Nothing beats the zojirushi and I'm glad I made room in my budget for it. Zojirushi rice is perfect and fluffy, Everytime.


I have considered getting this rice cooker. So it’s really worth the extra money?


I think so, yes, but I make a lot of rice. The zojirushi (or I'd assume any smart cooker) is heads above the traditional single switch cookers.


Yes. Make sure you get the one with the GABA function- it gives brown rice the texture of white rice!




2nd on Zojirushi. The microchip controlled cookers are phenomenal. I bought the larger 10 cup unit so I could do some meal prep. I’m actually looking at getting a second smaller one that can do some of the things mine can’t like quinoa and small batch oatmeal. I use mine daily at this point


Which 10 cup one should I buy? I'd like to buy one in black but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Any chance you could send me an amazon link for it? I just want a good rice cooker lol


Mine is one of their older design units and was a bit cheaper. It's the NS-ZCC18 model. I dont know if it's available in black or not, but mine is white. I got it from Amazon too. It's pretty simple and straight forward, but it lacks some of the features that newer models have. The other brand I was looking at, that was also very highly rated, was a Korean brand called Cuckoo. They are more expensive, but they have a LOT of features too. Both Zojirushi and Cuckoo are well regarded. I'd recommend perusing their respective websites to narrow down a model that has what you're looking for


Imma third the Zojirushi. It’s so good


4th. Used a cheapy 15 dollar rice cooker for a decade and decided to upgrade last year. 10000% worth the cost.


Why can’t the zojirushi do grains? Was thinking of getting one, but this is important to me.


Certain ones can. Many of them have settings for different grains selectable right from the main screen. Zojirushi's website also has a "known your grains and how to cook them" page that you can select your model and see what can be done that doesnt necessarily have a pre-programmed function for. Mine doesnt have an oatmeal setting, but with the right settings picked out, it still makes awesome steel cut oatmeal. Just waaaaay too much of it at one time lol.


Super helpful. Thanks!


it's too expensive so i dont buy em, i go with the aroma one.


Yeah I just looked at both, aroma is muchhhh cheaper haha. But good to know what some good quality brands are to help me search regardless.


Our Walmart Aroma rice cooker has been going strong for over a decade now, it doesn't beep anymore but the rice still comes out fine. The Zojirushis do make objectively better rice (my parents got one a while back) but we can't justify the upgrade while the old one is still working.


Just sayin', once that Aroma does kick the bucket, don't hesitate to upgrade to the Zoji. If for nothing more than the little jingles it plays.


Oh believe me I am eagerly awaiting it's departure, same with our stove so we can swap to induction from the existent electric glass top.


exactly i feel the same man.


I found my Zoji at a goodwill. It just needed the tub insert which I bought off the Zoji website for $50. Best $57 I’ve ever spent.


Which one do you have/recommend?


Not OP, but I recently bought this 3 cup one for myself in my tiny studio apartment and I love it. Currently on sale at $280 directly from Zojirushi. I bought it direct bc I didn’t want to risk getting a fake from Amazon or something. https://www.zojirushi.com/app/product/npgbc That said, I recently got a new job, so I splurged a bit to celebrate. Induction heating + Micom. Costco currently has a 5.5 cup one for $100 by Tiger, which is also made in Japan. If I didn’t get the new job, that’s what I would’ve tried before getting a Zojirushi. It’s also a little more versatile, with the steamer basket accessory. Has Micom, but not induction-heated.


as u/sloshrockwell said zojirushi sells good ones but they are expensive and for me spending $200+ for it isn't worth it for me. So i went with those "aroma" rice cookers they sell them for cheap $25+ and are good quality


They have some cheaper models that are very nice as well. I picked up a 3 cup zojirushi cooker on Amazon for like $40 last year.


So agree with you on this.


Can someone explain me what the difference is between a rice cooker and just putting a pot in the stove and cook it like that?


Valid question. I get distracted easily and forget about it. A rice cooker switches to warming when it's cooked and when I remember to check on it it's still good to go. In a pot it turns into a burnt black disaster with vigorous scrubbing and cleaning involved and no good rice. Also I was never taught how to cook even very simple things by anyone so starting out on my own it was easier to do it that way. I'm a more competent cook now but I still like the ease. There's otherwise nothing inherently better about a rice cooker vs a pot as far as I know. Decent pots can also be fairly expensive if you damage one, a decent rice cooker is like 20 bucks


For me the problem with rice cookers is having another big "thing" in the kitchen. I have to move house fairly regular having having a large device that takes up cupboard space and moving space that only does one thing that i can just as easily do in a pan just isnt worth it for me. Tho i am now learning that you can cook other things in a rice cooker so maybe my opinion will change.


I have a cabinet designated for miscellaneous small kitchen appliances that aren't used on a daily basis. Rice cooker, air fryer, blender, seems like a couple other things I can't remember, all in a cabinet until I need to use it, just like the pots.


Ah you see in student houses cabinet space is a luxury that I must treasure


Another rice cooker. Hard to get much cheaper than one of those.


A new rice cooker.


Get an electric pressure cooker and you can use it to pressure cook, slow cook AND make rice.


My wife and I got a pressure cooker like 2 years ago and when we dont just cook simple chicken breasts or the occasional pork loin we pretty much exclusively stick to [this recipe](https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a19677130/instant-pot-chicken-and-rice-recipe/) and it's fucking delicious


Ok, so this looked delicious and I made it for dinner tonight. OH MY GOSH this is awesome!!!


Yes but sadly you cant cook something to put on the rice, lets say beans, and also the rice for the meal at the same time if you only have the one device. Owning a rice cooker and also an electric pressure cooker is the way to go if you eat rice frequently. Edit: I see a some folks cook their rice in a separate level of their pressure cookers, like a cute pressure cooker apartment building. I see you folks, and I salute you. But I will never do this. I live my life by the warming and timer features of my Zoji rice cooker (30 hour old, hot, fresh rice has saved many last minute dinners for me). Your multi tasking prowess is formidable and I bow before you, but my rice will forever have it's own home on my counter top. I see now that if OP is even considering replacing their rice cooker, then my original comment really doesn't apply to them. Long live the rice cooker!


Oh but you can. You put a glass bowl with rice on a shelf inside the pot.


When you do this, you also put water in the bowl too right?


Only way I can think of making rice with the method


Yes. You put easter both in the and in the bottom of the pressure cooker. We actually do this even if we’re only making rice in the pressure cooker. This way there’s less cleanup and you already have the rice packed to put away.


It's called the Pot in Pot technique with electric pressure cookers. There are recipes that will cook the food in the bottom while the rice on a wire rack above cooks above and both finish at the same time. For just cooking rice like this, I've found that brown rice comes out perfect every time 1c rice with 1.25c water or broth, put 2 cups water on the bottom, then the rack, then the glass bowl with the rice/liquid. 25 minutes on high pressure, let it naturally cool down enough to open. Fork fluff that shit and enjoy!


As an aside, there is hands down no better way to make Potato Salad than with an electric multicooker. I'm a Potato Salad enthusiast, so I would know.


Also are there small pressure cookers? I got one of the smaller Instant Pots and I still wouldn’t bother with it for 1/2 cup of rice.


Use the pot-in-pot method. Assuming a 6 qt cooker, put 1 cup water in the bottom, add the steamer tray, put a pyrex or metal bowl on the steamer tray, add 1 cup rinsed rice and 2 cups broth to the bowl, cover the bowl (I do, some don't). IP also sells personal (2-3 qt) cookers.


Good to know! That’s a few more dishes than I’m willing to create for rice, but would definitely be helpful in a pinch. I love my mini rice cooker that holds max 2 cups since I am most often cooking for just myself and don’t like leftover rice.


It's only one dish? The instant pot only holds water, you can just let it dry.


This is why we have three instant pots


I know someone who has 3 instant pot liners, so after she finishes cooking one thing, she can go ahead and put the next thing in without having to clean a pot or buying an extra instant pot


The one I have has a grill tray that goes above the rice and you can cook your meat while you cook your rice.


Yes you can, I do this all the time. It's like a little bunk bed in there with the trivet.


My rice cooker was like $40 and has a steamer basket that just sits atop the rice pot, I can cook vegetables and/or meats at the same time as the rice no problem.


Stuff like beans can be thrown into an instant pot with rice. Basmati and white rice cooks so quickly in the instant pot that canned beans don't turn to mush, although they do with brown rice varieties as those take a lot longer to cook. I've also just thrown a drained can of beans in once the rice has cooked but is still hot and they soften up sufficiently like that just with the residual heat while being stirred in.


This is the way.


I make rice stews in mine all the time, they are incredible.


Brown rice and pinto beans cook for about the same amount of time in the pressure cooker. I cook them together myself


Instant pot. Does everything.


I specifically bought my IP over 5 years ago just to get more brown rice in our diet as I was looking for a rice cooker at the time. It has really paid off and I use it weekly for the perfect brown rice. I also often use it for: applesauce, hard boiled eggs where the shells peel right off, soups and stews, corn on the cob, potatoes, lentils. It’s very reliable but may take up a bit more space than a rice cooker.


I didn't know you could hard boil eggs in the instant pot, thank you for that! If anyone is thinking of buying one they're usually on sale during Black Friday. I got mine on Prime Day for like 40% off.


1 put 6 eggs on the trivet with 1 cup of water for 5 min with “keep warm” off. After 1 min I do manual release then straight into ice water. Occasionally I have one crack during pressure release but definitely still intact and edible :)


I keep over-cooking the eggs. . . . I will figure it out one day.


Maybe try 4 min?


We have a Ninja Foodi that has an air fryer lid In addition to the pressure cooker. Maybe search for a deal on one like that!


I will always rave about my instant pot doing everything I need it to, but after changing to a Zojirushi rice cooker I doubt I'll ever go back unless I want fast rice. I always had problems leaving the rice in the pot drying out and sticking to the bottom if I don't take it out within 5 minutes, but with the Zojirushi I can forget about it for hours and it's still fine.


Interesting. I just set it without the “stay warm” function and is fine. I tend to use half chicken broth for the water which may help with sticking.


This is the way. If I forget to turn off keep warm, it's game over.


i am leaning towards this. i am seeing an Instapot with the additional air fryer as well. so may get it today


I have a Ninja Foodi. It is both a pressure cooker and air fryer in one. Takes up space, but not as much as two separate appliances. There are official Ninja Foodi cookbooks that can help you get the most out of it, using both the PC and AF in a lot of the recipes, and it really helps to figure out your own recipes. I cannot recommend it enough.


Just keep in mind that if you have a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and air frier all in one unit, you can only do one of those things at one time.


Not strictly speaking true, it just requires a bit of extra work and planning. The Foodi, for instance, comes with metal "shelves" or racks if you prefer- if you place rice and water in a bowl on one of these shelves and something else (beans for instance) below in the base of the pot, and set your recipe properly, they'll both be good to go around the same time. Obviously the air frier portion can't be used alongside the others, though.


This is true. It's also true that when I had separate devices the only one that got used was the one that was out on the counter anyway. My Ninja Foodi gets far more use than my individual appliances ever did.


I never had rice turn out right in my instant pot. Bought it when my rice cooker broke and ended up buying a new rice cooker pretty quickly. Plus I can cook rice in my rice cooker while I use my instant pot to cook the rest of the meal.


Same. To be fair I have a larger sized instant pot and making 1-2 cups of rice in it never turns out well (haven’t tried more than that). And it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing… can cook rice “manually” on the stovetop in a normal pot no problem.


I have a mini. 1-2 cups doesn't turn out well in it either. I tried a few different methods, pot in pot, different rice, adjusting the water amount. Nothing worked.


bit of canola oil in the bottom, 1 cup rice, 1.25 cups water. hit the rice button. after it finishes let it sit for ~5 minutes then release pressure. fluff rice, put top back on with the rice paddle keeping it open a bit until you are ready to serve. comes out perfect every time.


1:1 rice to water (white rice, not brown rice), cook on manual for 4 minutes, let it sit for 15. perfect every time.


I tried that. Never turned out right. My cheap rice cooker does a much better job.


Makes perfect rice every time!!! And it’s quick. 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of water - 4 mins (at least in my small instant pot). Plus there’s plenty more you can make in an instant pot. A bunch of cookbooks out there and online recipes. They are great! Just a bit to get used to bc for me, I was scared at first not thinking I released all the pressure which gave me anxiety taking the lid off for a while 😅


I started recently looking into slow cookers/rice cookers, and I'm leaning towards the all-mighty slow cooker/instapot, but they vary a lot in price and size. What type of "small instant pot" you have, and what size you can prepare in it? Thanks in advance!


I have never had anything but good experiences with mine. I'll admit I haven't tried the rice cooking function, but I'm confident it works *and* you get a host of other functions as well. The pressure cooker is great too.


Do it!! You won't regret the Instant Pot, especially the air fryer attachment. I use it at least twice a week, since I got it 6 months ago.


I use my instant pot to make rice all the time and it comes out the same as my rice cooker did (it broke, I never replaced it because the instapot does just as well). With mine I had to add a little more water than the 1:1 ratio (add an extra 1/3 cup of water per cup of rice) to get it where I wanted, but it works great. Also I don’t use the rice button or any of the other preset buttons. Instead look up recipes that give actual cook times, they work better. For rice it’s 3 min cooking and 10 min of depressuring instead of letting the valve off right away.


As a satisfied customer of the one with the air fryer, I can say you will not be left unhappy my good individual!


Agreed! This is one of my most frequent uses for the instant pot!


Agreed! If cost is an issue, wait until Black Friday, you can usually get a pretty good deal.


Yes if you live in the US, Amazon us always has amazing deals on instant pots on Black Friday.


This. The only downside to my instant pot is that there’s just the one in my kitchen. Can’t tell you how often I want to make rice alongside something else that needs the IP.


I second this. Makes great rice too!


I third this.


I fourth this.


It takes a long time though and unless youre eating a TON of rice im one go its a little overkill


This is where i am leaning!


hard to beat the cost/benefit ratio of a rice cooker. There are boatloads of recipes to make a whole meal in one. Lots of people who travel regularly, take one with them so they don't eat in restaurants all the time. I learned that trick years ago and it served me well when I was on the road a bunch. Fresh oatmeal in the AM, a fragrant dinner in the eve, all in my hotel room.


Agreed. I have one on my semi. I eat very well on the road & have been able to maintain a pretty decent amount of pounds off (~70 lbs) and keep some dollars in my pocket. Not too thrilled about always having to shop at Walmart but can’t always fit a semi in a grocery parking lot like Trader Joe’s or Aldi.


Good for you!


A pan with a lid lol 😁


Ya we got a rice cooker years ago but I already had a slow cooker and usually just cook rice in a pan after my Filipina wife thought me. So ended up giving the rice cooker to a friend who's broke. Takes up less space and is just as easy IMO.


I discovered the lovely dish known as Pilaf rice. Gives it some new flavour. Fry some onion and garlic in a little oil and add your rice, brown it a little to make sure all the rice is covered in oil(you can also use butter or ghee) and then add the right amount of water depending on how much rice you make. Ad a lid and simmer on low for 20 minutes. Done. Delicious. I made the salmon rice thing from insta/tiktok with nori (I excluded the turmeric for that one) and I love it.


I showed my son to cook rice this way and when it’s done he throws a poached egg and chili sauce on top. I think he’s a genius because it’s heavenly


I need to learn to poach eggs. It sounds amazing. With a creamy runny yolk on top. Yum.




I don't understand the obsession with rice cookers in the US?! I'd never heard of one before I found reddit and I've been happily eating rice all my life (and my country is not a rice-based culture). It's just not an issue to cook it on the stove like you would with any other grain or starch.


I don‘t have room for a rice cooker so I make rice in a big sauce pan. For that, load up the pan with your washed (!) rice and add water until the rice is covered and the space between water and rice is about as much as from your finger tip to the first joint. Then boil it up and when it starts boiling, stir around for like a minute and then take the heat down to a very low setting, put the lid halfway on and wait for the rice to absorb the water. Once all the liquid is gone, just put the lid on and take the rice off the heat so it continues to steam until you‘re done cooking. You can really leave it like the for 20 minutes no problem, it will still be hot.


Why the (!) ?


Not the original comment-er but ! to emphasize washed rice. Some folks new to cooking might not think to wash rice. Unwashed rice is very starchy and can taste gummy not fluffy as it should.


Depends on the rice and what you want it to be like cooked. Also depends on where your rice comes from and how it was stored etc.. Being able to buy rice clean enough to eat unwashed is a fairly new thing and is not available worldwide by any means. I have some types of rice I prefer unwashed. Comes out exactly how I want it. Anyway if you've got 17 min to watch a video about washing or not washing rice this is a pretty comprehensive overview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3CHsbNkr3c


Good to know, I pretty much eat jasmine rice only haven’t explored outside of that.


Basmati is the next step!


I've eaten rice (mostly brown) and various grains my whole 34 years of life, and I've never been told to wash rice. I'm an self-taught cook, grew up in Hawaii, Korean mother in law, ... You think someone would tell me this? Now I'm googling and reading all about it.


Weird. Grew up in Hawaii, Korean dad's side and Chinese mom's side, and we wash rice religiously. That water has to be crystal-clear.




Its not needed anymore, but it makes the rice come out more fluffy. The taste is subjective but it produces a cleaner, less starchy bitter taste.


I've done experiments both ways, and I think it's more about the exact brand or variety of rice you use. Some of them have a bigger difference, others don't.


Yup, mexican, can confirm. We too wash the starch out of the rice until water Comes out clear, if it's a bit cloudy or milky, you are not done.


I usually eat Jasmine rice, my mom has always washed our rice so I just did too.


Holy shit I needed to hear this haha


Very important and a lot of people look past this. Makes it less sticky and the excess starch has a bitter taste.


So your rice doesn't come out tasting like a burlap sack.


I've never washed my rice and it always turns out fine and fluffy Stovetop method Set 2 cups/500ml water to boil Once boiling add 1 cup /250ml rice. Stir with fork Once rice begins to boil, turn to low simmer and cover with lid Cook for 15minutes (or until water is absorbed) Can season with stock, herbs etc


I do almost the same thing and it's perfect every time. I add about 1" cube of butter and one chicken bullion cube into the water. I also add everything at once and then bring it to boil and reduce heat about 50% to finish. Takes about 20 min.


You can cook rice by putting it in water in a pot and placing it ontop of a burner on your stove


Just don’t forget to turn it on




Instant Pot, hands down. I use mine everyday, sometimes multiple times per day for rice, pasta, beans, vegetables, so much stuff.


Another rice cooker


Not "cheap," but personally I'd look at the high end Zojirushi's. They can do more than just rice, high quality, and they sell replacement parts. Plus some of them come with a steamer tray so you can steam things while you cook rice.


I bought my instant pot when my rice cooker broke thinking it could replace it plus do more and it didn't take long for me to buy a new rice cooker. The rice never turned out right and it isn't really any faster than using a rice cooker. My understanding is that the slow cooker function doesn't work well either since it only heats the bottom. I still use my instant pot for other things but I would strongly suggest not getting one too replace a rice cooker unless you have an extremely limited kitchen.


Buy a 50c fuse and fix the fucker.


A small pot works the same. Rinse your rice, add to pot about 1:1.5 rice to water ratio. Bring to boil, lower to simmer. Time about 20-25min.


Aroma brand digital rice cooker with the steamer insert.. Amazon


Instant Pot


rice cooker


are there any rice cookers without a teflon coating? john olivers video freaked me kinda out...


I mistakenly believed my Instant Pot could replace my rice cooker. It doesn't. I ended up picking up off Amazon for ~$16,


Another rice cooker


A sauce pan. Lol


a pot?


A pot and lid.


A pot?


I love our instant pot brand rice cooker. Got it at a habitat store. Perfect rice every time. Our other one was hit or miss and it was expensive


I highly recommend getting an instant pot. Saves you time and it’s multifunctional (has a yogurt function, rice cooker, etc).


Search Walmart for rice cooker, sort by price. Done. There are a couple under 20 bucks.


I'm team Multicooker! Love that thing. ❤️


A bigger rice cooker that you can put veggies and meat in.


instapot !! worth its weight it gold. you can do so much with it, and can often get it with a coupon for <$100. you can slow cook, steam, cook rice, roast, instant cook, and more.


Get an instant pot. It can make rice and also a ton of easy meals. I was surprised instant pot wasn't a top comment tbh, instant pots are hella dank


I made shredded chicken last night. First cooked the chicken with the sauces and stuff. Then cooked the rice while I shredded the chicken.


You can do oven rice. One cup rice one cup water on table spoon or however much butter, pinch of salt. Cover in aluminum tightly and let it cook for 20 at I think 350


A Pressure cooker! (The stove top kind and not the electric cooker like rice cookers and instant pots) Almost EVERY household in India has a stove top pressure cooker. These are heavy yes (like stew pots) but they last for YEARS. YEARS. My mum's had mine for 20 years. Since they're not electronic, there's no problems that can arise. Plus they cool much faster than instant pots. We cook lentil/lentil soups on the reg and we only need to soak our lentils in some water in the cooker and let it sit on medium heat for half an hour and they're soft and good enough to eat. We prepare the tempering separately and just add it to the cooker once it's depressurized. It's honestly a very versatile utensil if you've got a whole family/roomates to cook for or like to meal prep. They don't break. Are easy to clean (once again, no electronic stuff so you can stick it in the sink and scrub it quick or maybe even the dishwasher depending on the instructions). And last you really long. Plus they come in a variety of sizes. Steaming, boiling, stew, stock, chili making - you name it and the pressure cooker can do it better and faster than a rice cooker/instant pot. It doubles as a regular pan if you take of the lid too. The possibilities are endless.


An even bigger rice cooker.


I've never owned a rice cooker and never understood why I'd buy one can you please explain why I'd use it?


Got another rice cooker for about $20 at Walmart, and upgraded for $50. Otherwise, use a pot


Ninja foodie 8qt. Air fryer, pressure cooker, steamer, bake, broil, all in one (have never used the dehydrator function). Rice made in the pressure cooker is decent. Makes boiled eggs that are very easy to peel. Great for reheating and crisping up left overs too.


I won a contest at work about 8 years ago and got a gift card of my choice. Ended up using it on a zojirushi rice cooker. Pretty sure that thing will outlast me. The answer is another rice cooker, and if you can swing it, get a nice one. Cheap ones still do the trick though.


Instant pot without a doubt.


An insta pot/ pressure cooker. Go to a reused store and u will find some used but in good shape. Or even another used rice cooker


I get more use out of a simple, enameled, cast-iron pot. So get one of those. But if it has to be an appliance, pressure cooker. An instant pot, at the least, combines a rice cooker, crock pot and pressure cooker. So there's that


A rice cooker


I’m not gonna necessarily recommend it bc idk if it will even work but I made spaghetti in college with a coffee machine


I use an instant pot some times. Really love it.


Have you considered- a rice cooker? They’re pretty damn useful


Ninja Foodi or Instant Pot


Instant pot - it cooks rice and a whole bunch of other stuff


Instant pot. It has multi functions, rice being one of them. Also, if you research it well, you might find one for less than $30 at Walmart soon, since they tend to have secret discounted ones pop up, especially around the holidays.


Instant Pot


The well known Instant Pot makes a fantastic rice cooker.


I agree with others on here. Get another inexpensive rice cooker. Nothing is easier than that.


A pot. The one's you can make rice and other stuff in


Instant pot


instapot or other brand of electric pressure cooker.


Get a instapot and make rice and other things with it. I have a $300 fuzzy logic rice cooker and in my opinion, the instapot does a better job (and quicker). Just make sure your water/rice ratio is 1:1


I replaced a ton of kitchen gadgets with the instant pot 11-in-one. I loved my steamer for rice before, but this does more than just steam. I definitely recommend that if it's in your budget. I haven't used it just for rice myself, but my BF did and the rice turned out well. I've made rice dishes in it, as well, but that's where you just dump all the ingredients in with the rice. I use that in place of my crockpot, air fryer, and steamer. I love it and the fact that it does it all instead of all those individual machines, makes me love it even more.


Instant pot. Rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, sous vide, yadda yadda.


Every time I used my rice cooker it never made rice perfectly and I followed instructions. Now I just use a big pan and go 1 for 1 on rice and water and my rice turns out perfect every time. I just use my rice cooker for steaming stuff now. Making rice is a lot easier then it seems you just gotta try it a few times :)


Make rice in a pan wtf


As a Hispanic, seeing people make rice in a rice cooker instead of a nonstick pot with lid is so painful. It has a fraction of the taste and takes longer 9/10 times anyway


It's faster in 240v countries.


As a Hispanic with a a semi-hi end rice cooker I am never going back. I cook everyday and I could never beat our rice cooker.


And yet Asian, who eat the most rice, almost always use a rice cooker.


Regular pot. Cover the bottom with rice and add double the amount of water. Put it on the stove top to low for 20 minutes. Perfect rice!


Instant pot with Air fryer lid. Awesome multitasker


Buy a multicooker. It's like a rice cooker, but with more functions and features. I use the steamer tray to make boiled eggs while I'm making rice. I bought an Aroma brand for $35 at Costco.


same, i bought mine at costco. i f\*ng love costco lol


I have had a cheap rice cooker, I also am happy to use a pot, I can get perfect results every time from either. That said now I have and InstantPot. If you do more than cook rice… I highly recommend the instant pot, I use is to stew and steam, make soups and beans quickly… I have even made English style steamed suet puddings in it. I have used at 1-2x a week since I bought it. Saves time and makes less to clean.


Instant pot


Air fryer


This is the way. I make nearly everything in that sucker. My absolute favorite is ghetto pizza: A slice of bread, sauced with canned spaghetti, marinara or pizza sauce I have in the fridge, some pepperoni or lunch meat, cheese on top and 5min in the air fryer. Invest in a little oven safe casserole bowl or the like and you'll be amazed at what that little sucker is capable of.


Instapot. They are super cheap around the holidays. And give lots of options for cooking different things.


I mean, if we're supposed to be eating cheap, all you need is a pot and a skillet.


you can make rice just fine in any pan. i have had rice cookers in the past but i dont understand the added value. throw in rice, add water, put on stove, wait ten minutes and it is done.


A regular sauce pan with a lid? If you are using a gas stove you might also want to get a heat diffuser too


I’ve always used a regular pot to make rice. Comes out perfect every time just google er