What is you go to appliance/equipment in a kitchen and most under used?

What is you go to appliance/equipment in a kitchen and most under used?


I've been veggie for over twenty years and do a lot of cooking at home. I also cook in an Indian restaurant. My most used equipment at work and at home are my knives and cutting boards. I'd say the can opener gets a ton of use in both settings. Also in both settings, the food processor gets a really good work-out. At home the stand mixer gets the least use. I've used it on occasion to make bread and pizza dough, but I really prefer kneading by hand. It's kinda therapeutic. Otherwise it's taking up space, but there have been occasions I'm grateful to own one. I use a mandoline at work on occasion strictly for consistency, but I rarely use mine at home just cuz I dig slicing with a knife. Although it may not count as "equipment," truly the most-used item in both settings is the scrubby/sponge. As it should be.


I'm not a gadgets person and I travel for work. I've found that all I really NEED is my knives, cutting board, a pot, a pan, a sheet tray and mixing bowl. Everything else is a bonus, but I can get through 90% of all recipes with that.


Can you please mention if you have a favorite brand/material for cutting boards? And your favorite food processor. Thanks!


For cutting boards, I prefer wood. They're easier on the knives. I have 3 at home that were custom-made by my friend. You gotta keep wood boards super clean cuz crap can build up. Plastic boards are sketchy, imo, but that's all I've ever used in restaurant kitchens, but we have industrial dishwashers. Still, I don't really trust plastic boards, they're also good on your knives. Ideally, glass boards are the way to go. You'll never get gouges in them for crap to build up, but your knives will need to be re-sharpened a *lot!* Food processors are a really personal choice. Robo-Coup is the industry standard; reliable and durable and also quite pricey for a home cook. I'd been using a Ninja Bullet and a Ninja blender for years, and they've served me quite well. Then I got a new roommate who likes to blow money on cooking equipment he never uses. I don't recall the brand of his processor, but he dropped close to $300 on it, and yeah, it's the bomb. All kinds of attachments and whatnot. Still, I was getting by just fine with my Ninjas and Bullets, so there's that. I guess the bottom line for food processors, if it's really inexpensive, there's a reason for that. But there's no need for a home cook to drop a bunch of money on one, y'dig, there's a nice middle-ground. Read reviews, and just ask us on this sub, we won't stear you wrong!


Thank you for your detailed reply. I am an amateur home cook and in the market for both, a good cutting board and a food processor. Will look into the ninja line for the food processor. I appreciate your response.


Do NOT buy a glass cutting board, they are by far the worst material you can buy. Glass destroys the knife’s edge, you would need to sharpen after every 1-2 uses.


Ikea has a great, large (!!!) and inexpensive wooden cutting board. Highly recommended.


I got a Magimix food processor 2 years ago and it is amazing. It's heavy but not too loud, multiple bowls and cutting blades, slicer&shredder plates, I use it all the time.


Bamboo are by far my favorite cutting boards. They last a long time, are super durable, and look nice too. In fact I’ve been using the same one for years with no need to replace it.


And your best knife or favorite one? I’ve been thinking of investing in a good knife. Thank you


Not OP, but a friend of mine is a chef and recommended me the chef's knives from F. Dick. We are in Europe and I have no clue how international/intercontinental they are, but I got my BF one for his birthday for about 70€ and we love it.


what's the secret to sauce is it just whatever spices in ghee with milk?


I have found Indian cuisine pretty doggone complex in terms of spices. Lots of stuff that's kind of hard to find, for me, so I order stuff online. What I make at home is generally tomato-based sauces (or gravy, as most Indian cooks refer to it). I suggest [Manjula's Kitchen](https://www.manjulaskitchen.com/), that's where I learned most of my Indian cuisine before the gig at the restaurant. She's got lots of easy to follow recipes and really useful tips about essential stuff to have in your pantry. Edit: I just wanted to add that the spices used are extremely intentional. You can almost view the food as a "delivery system" for the spices, they provide health benefits as well as practical benefits (asafoetida, for example, is used in nearly every dish, and it is known for being anti-flatulant, which is useful considering that so many dishes use beans of some sort!) These recipes go back literally thousands of years, they are tried and true (and mighty tasty!)


Most used: Skillet Least used: Cleaver


i use a cleaver instead of a chefs knife, but i got used to it


Most used: A good toaster oven. It's basically a mini convection oven, and I use it pretty much every meal. Least used: Juicer. Seriously, why do I even have this thing?


Same. Don't use my oven as my toaster fits 9x13 pans. I bought the juicer, used it once SMH


My toaster oven is a mini convection oven which we bought when our oven bit the dust like three years ago. We haven’t replaced the oven because this thing does a freaking good job with almost everything. The only thing I miss is being able to bake a good loaf of sourdough in a Dutch oven. Also, I actually keep the appliance outdoors in a protected area in the summer and do all baking outside. Since we live in Texas, it helps keep the house so much cooler. Then in the winter I’ll move it indoors and it’ll help warm the kitchen.


So, if a toaster oven is a convection oven, does that mean I could replace my toaster and air fryer with one thing?


There are some toaster ovens with an air fryer feature. Essentially, it's a mini super convection oven.


FYI not all toasters are convection ovens! So make sure you get one that is labeled as such.




That’s what we did. It ninja brand and it folds up out of the way. We love it


Yeah if you look around there are tons of options marketed as air fryer toaster ovens.


Cool. I'd love to have a larger air fryer and not the wasted space of a large, 4 slice toaster that's used maybe 3x a month.


same question!




What toaster oven do you have that is a convection oven? I’ve had a couple but none with fans


There are a lot. You can even get some now with an air fryer function.


An air fryer is a convection oven, but with a basket instead of rack. How would an "air fryer" function change what a convection oven does?


Well, in mine, the convection fan runs at a much higher speed when it's on air fryer mode as compared to regular convection mode.


That's interesting and makes sense. Thanks!




I have a Breville, mom has a Cuisinart, and we both like ours.


Exactly the same for me. Although I’ve upgraded my toaster over to an air fryer. It’s basically a larger toaster over that can do a few more things.


When I got locked in for COVID I took to fresh squeezed lime juice in rum. Juicer is probably the most used for me.


Most: Air fryer I just got my own place and I'm building up my appliance collection so pretty much everything I have right now is in use. This is a good thread to determine what I don't need .


I dunno. It comes down to the individual, right? For instance, some are saying they never use x, whereas I might find x to be among most-used equipment. I think lifestyle and space constraints have a lot to do with it.


Good point! I saw mention of coffee grinders/electric kettles which I was using daily at my old place. May be my next purchase. Good coffee is my vice :). Deleted and reposted as reply cause I have boomer brain lol.


Thrift store for sure for that stuff.


If someone is starting out and dies not yet have an air fryer, I suggest they instead get a countertop convection oven/toaster oven. Why? - replaces the toaster - can replace the oven for smaller things (mine takes an 8x8 pan) to not heat the whole house in the summer - replaces the air fryer because an air fryer is a convection oven that they put a basket-shaped rack in. Ours is still going strong after 14 years.


Toaster oven is great! The convection ones work just like an air fryer so I may actually replace mine with one of those. I just already had the air fryer and it gets a ton of mileage. Today, I just reheated some chicken pot pie with some aluminum foil. It beats the ever loving pants off microwave and doesn’t require preheating like an oven.


When I lived in a tiny house with my partner, we opted for a countertop oven instead of a full-sized one. Sure, we weren't able to cook a full size turkey, but we had no problem cooking just about anything else we could think of. Two quarter-sheet pans worked well for the times we really needed to fill it up. This was in Florida too, so not heating up the house was very welcomed.


I may have committed battery to a chicken once to get it to fit ... :)


Yes! We have one like this too! It does everything!


My husband put it on our wedding registry. I was like, "Why? I have a toaster already." He was right. He doesn't lord it over me, but he was very right. Because it's so fast and relatively small, I'm willing to do stuff like baking six cookies, from dough I froze, even though it's 95 degrees out. I would never do that with the full oven, but fresh cookies make life better.


Exactly! I love freshly toasted bread with dinner. Sometimes I just want a mini-pizza. And it does air-fry fries so nicely!!


Most used is a silicon mat for cookies. Least used is set of metal skewers. We need a garden to become BBQ people.


If you have a gas stove, you can roast marshmallows for s'mores on the metal skewers.


Electric unfortunately. They have been used for jacket potato. Apparently the skewer through the centre helps the potato cook in an even manner. No idea if it's true but we have done it for years. Actually my daughter "invented" a new cookie recently. Standard cookie recipe with the addition of diced up marshmallow and a couple teaspoons of smooth peanut butter plus chocolate chips. Not bad for a 3 year old.


The skewer through the potato will make it cook more evenly. They actually sell "potato nails" that are just long clean nails to drive through a potato when you bake it.


Most used is our countertop pellet ice maker. Least used would be the Soda Stream.


I don't understand, those two sounds like they would be used together!


Lol right?


Rofl sadly I drink way more iced tea and diet Pepsi than I should!


Oh man. I use my soda stream on the daily! Love it. If I ever move, I’m having one built in! What is this magical ice thing you speak of???


Look up "counter top ice machine" on Amazon


Oh ho ho ho ho. I did. And I bought one. Thank you.


Can u buy me one Santa clause?


My most used is the George Foreman grill. I use it daily for meats and vegetables. It's much faster, cleans up easy and it's perfect for getting a little char, but not burnt. Least used, stand mixer. I was so happy to finally be able to have a nice, expensive, heavy duty mixer. Then I stopped making meals for more than two people. It's not worth the effort either to dig it out or clean up afterwards.


for appliances- most used: rice cooker least used: kitchen aid its just too heavy and annoying to set up


Really? I was thinking of shelling out for a kitchen aid, but I have a very small kitchen so haven't gotten one yet. Also, I'm not a huge baker.


i got it from my grandmother for free, i always wanted one and it is great for doing breads, meringues and anything that needs a long whip or knead, but for me personally i only get around to doing that kind of baking about once a month. if you only have really low down cabinet space to store it, its a huge pain to get up to the counter, its like 40 pounds and bulky lol if you dont have a lot of space, its probably not worth the cost. i use my hand mixer 4/5 times i need an electric mixer just because its so much more convenient and easier to clean


Thanks! As it is, my coffee pot is on my table due to lack of room, lol, so kitchen aid probably not a great choice. I have room on the cabinet for my air fryer though darn it!! I use that thing all the time. Especially now during the summer.


air fryer is awesome! much more worth the space because it can be used for so many more foods most people eat on a regular basis. started saving so much money on oil too with the air fryer


Even better, mine was a gift, lol. But I love it so much I'm thinking of getting an air fryer/toaster oven combo. (Also my toaster is playing out so perfect timing lol) And it's greatness for crisping things or heating bread products that a microwave would make hard and chewy. So toe that's saving money because those don't get wasted


exactly! i actually have an instantpot/ air fryer combo so i can have the pressure cooker function all-in-one, i dont use that function nearly as often but it does save a lot of space


FYI, if you have a small kitchen and are thinkgf of a kitchen aid mixer, the miniature ones have a weaker motor so they die sooner.


It also means you can't use them for any heavy dough.


Also, the small ones are not good for things that need a long whipping time.


Oh okay! Thanks for the heads up!


I’d wait until you have a larger kitchen. I keep mine in a corner and move it to the outlet when necessary. I don’t bake a heck of a lot, but when I do, I love it. It’s also super helpful for hashbrown casserole because mixing frozen potatoes with your hands in painful.


I have little counter space, but my KitchenAid is on the counter (in the corner so it's not in the way, but is easy to us). It's a godsend when you do bake, and it's great for mashed potatoes, too.


I agree. I use mine a lot, but I keep it out on the counter so I don't ever lift it. Mine is one of the bigger ones. If you are just looking for something to use for cake mixes and cookie dough, then don't bother with the Kitchen Aid.


I use my KitchenAid for a lot of things besides baking. For example, I mix my granola in it, I mix my ingredients for veggie burgers, etc.


Yeah, I hesitated on simply saying baking because I know it can be used for other things, but couldn't think of any lol


I don't think it's worth it to have one unless you have a regular kitchen job that it really takes the grind out of. E.g. You make two batches of New York bagels at the start of each month. I am not going to spend an hour kneading each batch. I will let the Kitchenaid run for two hours (with a break! Don't beat on your stuff!) For batch baking/cooking, I think it's worth it. or if you do your own bread for the week. But you need to be able to say "this is going to save me a day of labor per month" to make it worth the counter space. My two cents.


Honestly even my hand mixer rarely gets used. My grandmother would be mortified that I'd rather just buy those bagels or cupcakes LOL


If you are doing batch cooking anyway, bagels are an easy side job. If you aren't, bah.


If you don't bake it honestly isn't worth it. Just get a hand mixer.


Holy crap, I just found the whisk and dough hook attachments to my hand mixer that I honestly thought were missing!! That's very exciting! lol


Having the space for one makes a *huge* difference. In our old apartment our kitchen was so small if I needed the kitchen aid I had to put it on the dining table. Now it lives on the counter, and even my BF uses it.


Most used: Microwave Least Used: Instapot


I blame Instacart and Instagram for everyone thinking the Instant Pot is the "instapot." That's my "you kids get off my lawn" old-fogey freakout.




You've just nailed a holdback for a lot of people. I have a chest freezer and a hungry family, so it works out well for me. But even the stock I make would be too much to be useful if I couldn't freeze a bunch.


Ninja foodi FTW. Pressure cooker and air fryer. I only used my instapot to cook rice and broth but I pressure cook a lot more when I can airfry afterwards.


Lol I am the opposite. I use the instant pot a lot. Makes everything taste like it's slow cooked in way less time. Ribs, pulled pork, Jambalaya, potatoes, rice, egg bites, cheesecake bites, Mac and cheese, so many options and the real only downside is it's a pain to clean. If it had a self cleaning mode I'd probably use it for every meal lol.


Yes the Insta pot is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Great for families of four, or more, on a budget.


Honestly never thought I'd use one. Bought one for my folks, and...they never used it, so I copped it and started playing around with it, lol. I have more equipment than most(worked in kitchens for years) and was kinda snobby about the widespread love for the IP. Lo and behold; use it all the time for things like bean cookery and breaking down collagen and yogurt and the list goes on. You can get chili from hard beans and frozen chuck in an hour. Anyway I'm a total convert. Still love braising stuff in my dutch oven, but when time's an issue the IP does the trick without sacrificing quality if used correctly. Two cents of unsolicited opinion.


Go to: My ninja Under used: My coffee grinder


I just got rid of my coffee grinder about a month ago because I hadn't used it in years. Bought a coffee maker with built-in grinder and it's pretty awesome.


Most used: 10 inch skillet and Vitamix blender Least Used: cake pans and food processor


We never use our vitamix! It’s a shame!


We use ours daily, my kid is tube fed and I blend her meals in it daily. I also use it for my spouse and l. The soups that thing can make are amazing!!


Most used is definitely the rice cooker. Least used is the electric water kettle


Tea drinkers gasp in despair


I use a kettle to make coffee every morning. And hot cocoa, and tea, and cleaning (Boiling water down a drain works wonders!). I don't think I've ever had a day where I didn't use the kettle. It was the first thing I set up in the kitchen when we moved 2 weeks ago .


This could not be more inverted than my kitchen life haha. I just boil rice when I want it, so the rice cooker sits there out of the way because it's more effort than I find it's worth. And I'm an avid tea drinker who also makes lots of noodles and pasta dishes, so the kettle is used a fuck ton.


I use a non electric kettle daily, but the electric one gets pulled out whenever we have guests because they go through hot water super fast.


My hand mixer is probably my most used because I looooove mashed potatoes and make them frequently. Least used is probably my big mixer. I don’t bake but it was a hand me down from my mom


Most used: instant pot duo- with all of the features I use it almost daily (instant pot, rice cooker, air fryer as most used options. Great way to cook without heating up my whole kitchen!) Least used (that I thought would be helpful): hand mixer


I would use my duo a lot more of the sautee mode didn't give me the c8 error all the time. Terrible design to have no workaround besides a reset that may or may not trip again...


I’m actually really surprised to hear that- I’ve had mine a little over a year and have never gotten that error message.


It's super frustrating and pretty common. Basically it thinks the wrong pot is being used. First one popped up about 5 minutes into the first use of it out of the box... Contacted customer support but were no help *Edit: I guess I have the duo evo plus, so maybe a different model


Most used: instant pot. Least used: air fryer someone gave us.


This is a very personal question lol. The answers are opposite and all over the place.


Use my large saucepan all the time but never properly learned to use the wok. No dietary restrictions.


Most used equipment: Chefs knife and biggest skillet we have. Cutting board. For least used items it really depends on the season. For example I break out my hand mixer during the winter months to bake cookies and such but rarely use it during the summer. But during the summer I use my bullet to make smoothies and protein shakes but rarely use by hand mixer. Definitely seasonal appliances. Also I use the instant pot a lot during the summer so I’m not using the stove or oven and heating up the whole house.


The knife, pronounced “nife” Many people have forgotten this versatile kitchen tool exists due to the abundance of single use food prep items, such as the banana cutter. - Someone in 2030


Yeah knife is the obvious one in every kitchen probably can be kept out of the list to choose from


Where does one buy this banana cutter that you speak of?


I got a banana cutter. It makes awesome wavy banana slices.


You can get a crinkle cut knife and make wavy anything slices!


I didn't know u needed another gadget until now thanks


Most used: induction burner Least used: waffle iron Omnivore


Hand mixer


Air fryer and blender are my most used. I rarely use my hand mixer or bread maker.


Used: Rice cooker Least used: Air fryer


Coffee maker, number 1. Constantly being used. Completely unused is the breakfast sandwich maker I had to have. Thing has been sitting in a cabinet for 5 years. Never touched.


To add another layer of nuance, there's a difference between an appliance that I use frequently and makes my life easier, and an appliance that actually makes it possible to do things I couldn't realistically do otherwise. I use my slow cooker and immersion blender all the time. There are ways to do those same functions with a stock pot and a food processor, respectively, but it would be much less convenient. On the other hand, my stand mixer and VitaMix don't used as frequently, but allow me to make more complicated doughs and smoothies that I couldn't otherwise make myself. If you're starting a kitchen from scratch, go with the ones that are used more frequently. When you've got all the basics covered but have hit a barrier with what you can do without a specific tool, then make an investment in a more specialized gadget. Or just wait till you finish grad school, get married, etc. and have people buy you those as gifts. That's what I did.


My most used is a toaster/convection oven and my least used is my actual oven. I’m mostly just cooking for my self so the toaster oven does just fine for baking and it is at temp within seconds where as it takes a sold 10 minutes for my oven to preheat


Most used: Rice cooker Least used: Blendtec (I use a $20 stick blender WAY more often)


There are things I use more, but I'm going to pimp the Danish dough whisk. It is the best for bringing together dough ingredients. You can get them for about $10 on Amazon, but I spent a little more on the metal handled dishwasher safe version (because my kid kept putting the wood handled one into the dishwasher). Least used, stick blender. We have two, because we forgot we had the first one. Gets used maybe once every 2 years.


Most used: stove/oven/toaster (I use them all about the same) least used is my food processor. Wait unless coffee pot counts. Then that is my most used! Not a vegan/vegetarian—although I don’t eat a lot of meat.


Most: stove Least: vitamix


Most used: microwave, Keurig, bean grinder, oven, electric water kettle, rice cooker Least used: air fryer, popcorn maker, some scraper thing to julienne veggies (I thought I'd use it more and needed to add X amount to an order to get free shipping - haven't used it once) No special diet


I'm an omnivore and my most used equipment I the rice cooker in summer and the electric kettle in the winter. My least used item is a small blender (I rarely blend anything and when I do I use the immersion blender)




Most: air Fryer/convection oven. I use it for toasting, warming, and cooking several times a week. Least: cast iron skillet. I just make the occasional cornbread in it.


Most used Ninja oven/air fryer Least used: stand mixer


I use my egg beaters very rarely, but I \*do\* use it. (Old fashioned, hand crank, fwiw.) I use my cast iron dutch oven all the time.


when you say cast iron dutch oven, does that mean unenameled? my understanding is that all dutch ovens are cast iron


My is enameled. True story, there are some Dutch ovens from the mid century that are other materials! My dad has a cast aluminum one.


woah thats cool!! i did not know, thanks :)


Air fryer. It’s been such a great appliance for eating healthy. Plus you can take it when road tripped and make pizza, boiled eggs. Roasting vegetables. It doesn’t pull a lot of power compared to a microwave.


Most used: kettle, electric, British. Least used: as a couple of posters above said, a juicer. But mines not a fancy feed your vegetables in and get vegetable juice out one. It’s an electric orange juicer, halve your orange (or other citrus fruit), splat it on the juicer and the juicer turns (saves the workout 8n your wrist), the juice collects. Yes, it’s the least used appliance, but I’ve had it 30 years (since we lived walking distance from the market and I’d get fresh oranges for juice each weekend) and it is invaluable that once or twice a year during marmalade season!


Most: Ninja food processor Least: Microwave. I prefer stove top or oven for reheating my food and only use the microwave when doing popcorn because it’s quick.


Most used: Anova circulation cooker. Least used: Deep Fryer. My air fryer is faster, cheaper, and easier to use.


Are stoves and regular convection ovens not the most common ways to cook things anymore


Tie between air fryer and crock pot. Least used electric griddle


Most used: microwave Least used: waffle iron


Most used: instant pot (5-6 times per week), toaster oven (daily), blender (4-5 times per week), and I just got this neat little breakfast sandwich maker that’s fun and used a handful of times per week (so far!) Least used: kitchenaid mixer (it’s cute on the counter but I just don’t use it much!), crockpot (my instant pot has all but replaced it)


Most used: instant read thermometer Least used: kitchen aid stand mixer. Until I decide I don't care about my weight again, at least...


My new gas range! I'm in Texas and we had that power outage snow thing last winter. I had an electric range then and it was a pain in the ass to boil water via our little camp stove. I got a gas range and I like it very much. Takoyaki Maker that I whip out only when my mother in law is around, guess who got it for us.


Most used: 5qt saute pan with lid, 2qt pot with lid, spatula, rice paddle, rice cooker, oven, sheet pans Least used: ice cream maker


Most used (almost everyday) is definitely our coffee maker and grinder, if that counts. Otherwise, probably the vitamix. Moderate use (once a week to once a month): kitchen aid mixer, Microwave Least used: food processor, hand mixer, instant pot (still in box for over a year), immersion blender


Most used would be air fryer and rice cooker, least used probably waffle iron.


I know it’s not exactly cooking related but my espresso machine was definitely the best kitchen purchase I’ve made. Use that bad boy every day


Most used: air fryer. Least used: crappy espresso machine.


After our stove died last year we used the absolute hell out of the electric skillet. I used it it constantly before that too because it was so convenient and never burned anything. Also the electric kettle for tea or fast boiled water and the rice cooker. Least used is definitely the steamer and electric grill outdoors. It's a pain to clean so I usually just go with a grill pan on the stove.


Most used: coffee pot. Least used: instapot.


Most Used: Soda Stream Least Used: Bread maker


Most used? Fridge and stove- if we are looking at smaller appliances-toaster, kettle, rice cooker Least used-George foreman grill, flat griddle, food processor. If I’m at work the most used is food processor and slow cooker (both used daily) least used is hand mixer


Most used: Immersion blender. Just easier to use when you don't need to transfer food multiple times in to different containers. Least Used: ~~Toaster. Not a bread person. My husband likes bread but we end up with waste when he's the only one eating it so we rarely buy bread now.~~ Pasta Maker - have only used it 2x since buying it.


Workhorse: toaster oven Dustiest: Salad spinner. Don't worry, it's a gift I re-inherited after the recipient moved into a nursing home and stopped cooking altogether.


Most used: toaster Least used: cast iron pan


You are really missing out by not using your cast for certain things.


i rarely use it because my entire home is filled with smoke while i cook steak :(


Most used is the instant pot. Least used is clay baker. I am not a vegetarian. I mostly use the instant pot for making yogurt, broth, soup, pasta sauce, and rice. I have also used it for some one-pot recipes I found online. I have made my own corned beef from an unseasoned brisket - it was delicious, and I didn't use the unhealthy salt the recipe called for. I tried the cheesecake and the lasagna too. I used my clay baker a lot before I was married. It is great for poultry or a pot roast or stew. My husband wants to grill everything so I have hardly used it for 25 years.


Don't laugh. Most used is my Crockpot. I have a couple in different sizes. I use them ALL year round. Least used is the Keurig coffee maker my husband just had to have. It makes 1cup of mediocre coffee at a time, you have to buy these special pods, which are not as cost efficient a a bag of beans, and it was really expensive. It haunts our pantry.


most used : hand mixer. least used: blender, except when i have some triple sec and tequila lol


Sous vide most used and deep fryer least used


Nobody said it yet. Oster kitchen center. When it was working, used it often. Unfortunately, it isn't working anymore.


Most used: Tramotina Pro series restaurant fry pan or 8" chef knife Least used: mandolin


Most used, cast iron skillet. Least used, insta pot.


Most used: one of those squeezy citrus juicers or my Mokka pot. Least used: vegetable peeler


Least used: * crockpot * electric popcorn maker * waffle iron * sandwich press Most used: * cast iron skillet * silicone baking sheets * Misto oil sprayer We cook both omni and vegetarian meals


Most used: rice cooker. Least used: air fryer.


Most used: air Fryer Least used: food processor. Used to use the food processor more when I lived with my family. Once moving out with just my bf chopping stuff for two isn’t so hard.


Most: air fryer and breville smart oven (got it as a wedding gift and it gets used every day). And I feel like I have to include our Keurig and Nespresso. I use the Keurig and my husband uses the Nespresso. Both are used multiple times a day lol. Least: full size ninja blender. I much prefer my single cup or immersion blender.


I'm a simple man, my most used is my favourite knife. The least used would probably be a cast iron grill pan. It's heavy as hell and I don't like it. I don't have space for proper machines and I don't really like the one-machine-for-one-thing thinking. I like multifucntional stuff.


Most used are the instant pot, emersion blender, and soda stream. Least used are the food processor and ice cream maker.


Most: vitamix & rice maker Least: fancy kitchen aid mixer (too cumbersome to pull out of the cabinet and I don't like baking)


My vast array of cast iron i used to cook and bake, plus my plug and play large rectangular griddle are basically the only things i use to cook. I don’t own a toaster nor microwave, everything is done on those two, yes even toasting bread. The last thing I’ll use is obviously a microwave and toaster lol


Most used would be rice cooker (Asian household lol). Least would be the blender. My husband was like “I’m gonna make margaritas all the time!” When we bought it. It has been used twice since we bought it a year ago.


Most used: air fryer, the stove top a very close second. Least used. My blender. I don't even know the last time that poor guy has seen the light of day. Especially after getting a stick blender.


I'm assuming we're not including refrigerators and stovetops? Most used: coffee maker, electric kettle Least used: toaster


Most used appliance: air fryer Most used equipment: quality French Chef knife Under used: single application gadgets such as an avocado peeler, or an electric quesedea cooker. I've purged all my single application items because they took up too much storage for their worth.


Actual chef here that meal preps his food. Ninja foodi pro, it literally is a “do a bit of everything” gadget and it does it well.


Most used is my electric kettle, which heats up water for my tea every morning. Next up is my electric griddle which I use often for pancakes, French toast, bacon, and veggies. Least used is my Ninja blender.


Most used is cast iron skillet Least used is instapot I am a pescatarian


Most used, silly but... Toaster or broiler! Plus small nonstick frying pan perfect for two eggs or grilled sandwiches. Least used... food processor and giant wok I HAD to have but have literally never made a stir fry in my life.


The most used tools are the wusthof knifes with nicely seasoned cutting boards and a two edged handy peeler. A sturdy stand mixer and random hand mixer are taking the 4th and 5th place with a cheese shredder at the 6th. The rest are just junk that has virtually no use apart of maybe a pizza cutter


Not vegetarian. Most used would be my air fryer or Nespresso with the milk frother and least used would be my pressure cooker or George Foreman grill.


Hand mixers are great! Those are my favorite underrated tool in the kitchen, both commercial and home use. Think in batches while using them, scale what you do with it. You can make instant cheap and healthy Mayo and vinaigrette’s for salads and sandwiches with them! Not to mention the blended soups for colder seasons, the salsa for warmer, humus in an instant, instant access to quick and large amounts of pulsed (onions, garlic, tomatoes, shallots, roasted walnuts, you name it) You can also use them to whip eggs and egg whites, scramble veggies Into omelets, whipped cream in small portions with controlled sugar, pesto, hollandaise sauce is amazingly easy, pancake and waffle batter, and to top it off, if you half defrost raspberries and blend them until smooth you have an amazing no sugar raspberry compote that’s great for breakfast.


Zojirushi rice cooker.