Need true wireless earbuds but don’t know what to get.

I have Powerbeats pro, which are great besides their dumb firmware issues. But the case is far too bulky to carry around. So my only use for them is working out.

So I need true wireless earbuds, but not for working out. My price range is $250 give or take, and the case needs to be Jean-pocket friendly. I consider AirPods Pro 2 since I have an iPhone but idk I feel AirPods in general are overrated.


The PowerBeats Pro have an absurdly large case; almost anything you buy would fit in your jean pockets better. If you're an iPhone user I think you'd be very happy with the Airpods Pro 2


Sony WF-1000XM4?


The Sony Linkbuds S seem like what you want, and they've just dropped in price (here in the UK) to £119.


I’ll check them out soon. Thank you


I did not know your price point, but the Jlab Go Air Pop are super cheap, but they actually sound pretty nice. They do have a small case if just needed some inexpensive around town earbuds. It seems the case for the Sony c500 and Sony Linkbuds S are not bad either. The c500 is a little cylindar but not bad. The Linkbuds S case seem good too actually smaller than the XM4 case. I do know the new Bose QC 2really downsized their terrible case.


Your suspicion of the Airpods is correct. Not to mention severely overrated. The best for straight sound quality are the Liberty 3 Pro imo. They work just as well for the iPhone except you wouldn't be able to access LDAC, but even without it they're still the best available plus you can find them for around $100 these days. This is one instance where you get much more than you pay for.


For the same price right now I can also get Beats studio earbuds. What worries me is how limited I am with an iPhone


I’m getting the liberty 3 pro tomorrow. I really can’t find many negatives about them


The only thing is it'll take a little more time to find which ear tips/wings that will work for you. Other than that they're a work of art.


Holy shit you’re right. These are amazing


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Linkbuds S are extremely unreliable, I got 3 and all 3 had drain issues in the right bud among other things. Consider Cambridge audio melomania 1+ if you don't care about anc.. the price is great and sound quality is top notch. If you do care about noise cancelling consider Jabra Elite 7 pro or cheaper yet soundcore space A40.