But did you even try writing poetry to express your dislike of being shot? If argument and poetry doesn't work, it is time to bring out the big guns. The really big guns. Hit them with a major - and I mean major - leaflet campaign. That will bring them to their knees.


Did BJ Blazkowicz even *try* singing "God Bless America" to the Nazis?


*DLC: Kinte Cloth and Capitalism! (The capitalism is exclusively insider trading and illegal transactions that will never be investigated by a prosecutor.)* Note that, irl, rightwingers threw a fit when Wolfenstein came out because nazis were the bad guys. The studio told them to pound sand.


Slight nitpick. Rightwingers threw a fit because it compared *them* to Nazis by showing how accepting America would be of a Nazi occupation. To which I say...where's the lie?


Two words: Jimi Hendrix


I don't get it ?


Have you also tried voting the Nazis away?


Nah man, Nazis have a 100% immunity to the poetry debuff. What you need is *slam* poetry, which will make their attacks do 25% less damage and give you an achievement


I prefer to cast "Compare the Nazis to Voldemort" to give them a -33% attack speed and -20% movement speed debuff, which lets my party's cleric cast "Sing America the Beautiful" which banishes the Nazi from the mortal plane temporarily, allowing us to walk by without killing anyone.


What about waiting until the next election and voting?


Now, if that's not enough, I'm sorry, it's time for the T-shirts: "Nazis Out”, “Fascists, no thanks”, and if that's not enough, well, I don't know what will be.


I am happy someone got the reference!


I was disappointed noone else did.


What was it referencing?


Red Dwarf, where this sorta thing was parodied in an episode about an evil monster.


A show called Red Dwarf. They are being attacked by a monster that steals their emotions. One has no anger, another has no fear, etc. His leaflet campaign suggestion starts about 1:25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g124hpodhgQ


"If I was Hitler's mother"


There is a leafleting campaign in The Old Blood :D


Some centrist acquaintances told me that I was crazy for thinking it was acceptable to “kill the fascists, just shoot them in the face” should a civil war break out. They were like “but you’re a white man, they won’t come after you.” And I said “I’m a socialist, I’ll be at the top of their list.” I don’t advocate violence but if someone means to kill you then you best beat them to the punch or escape so they don’t have the chance.


Honestly, the opinion that "they won't come after *you*, so you shouldn't fight them" is so goddamn cowardly I almost have less respect for it than fascists. At least they'll stand up for what they believe in. If you're not willing to fight, step out of the way for the people who are.


“Fuck you, I got mine” strikes again


The number of liberals I have seen say something to the effect of "I cannot be part of a community that would treat minorities the way that's being predicting, I'm running away to a blue state, while leaving those minorities behind" is insane. That is not going to help.


That’s something I’m super torn over rn. I stayed in TX through all the bullshit with voting rights, trans healthcare, etc. in order to continue trying to make things better since I wasn’t directly affected by any of those things (I’m non-binary but not interested in medically transitioning, I live in an area not targeted by the voter suppression, and so on). Since I could stay without being harmed, I wanted to try to help the people who would be harmed but don’t have the resources to leave. Now in the past several months, I’ve been strongly considering leaving since I have a uterus and am directly in the line of fire with the anti abortion stuff. But realistically, I’m still not super vulnerable since I have the resources to go elsewhere if I need care. So I’m really struggling with whether I should continue to try and improve things even though I just want to leave and be somewhere where I know I’ll be able to replace my IUD in 3 years.


I’m in the same line of thinking, being a straight cismale, I’m unlikely to be targeted, which makes me perfect for protecting minorities, and I will do so until I’m dead, or they can protect themselves


> So I’m really struggling with whether I should continue to try and improve things even though I just want to leave What ever you can do, what ever you can give now, I'm sure would help, but in that situation eventually it could become untenable. But it will not help to run away for that will only hasten whatever trouble is to come. We despair, I think, because we feel like we're all in this alone. Because we are, in a way, alone in a room looking at a screen. But the counter is to get out, make connections. Make the case for why a different path must be taken. Make people aware of the trouble that is to come and that now and soon are the only times to change it.


Bi black woman here and yeah. Same. I'm terrified. The roe v wade thing is horrifying, obviously, but things like "do plessy v Ferguson next" make me honestly scared for my life. With the way the Supreme Court has been ruling, nothings off the table. I've been thinking about trying to move elsewhere -- maybe Canada, maybe Europe. Still, this is my country and I'll be damned if I let it be taken from me by some fucking fascists.


They always find someone to target; eventually their actions will affect you, and there won't be anyone left to stand up for you


I've heard so many people give this reason and I always bring up Martin Niemoller's poem: First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. Maurice Ogden's [The Hangman](https://www.facinghistory.org/holocaust-and-human-behavior/chapter-7/hangman) also has a similar message


> They were like “but you’re a white man, they won’t come after you.” This is exactly why the difference between a fascist and a centrist that's fine with fascism is aesthetic. If we were talking strictly about crime, the centrist acquaintances would be aiding and abetting. I also like how they're declaring, unambiuously, that they're anti-patriotic (and if they claim to be Christian, they absolutely aren't). It's nuts that whiteness got away with been branded as the "normal" ethnicity. What other racial group has the regular social phenomenon of [declaring](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/lyft-driver-kicks-passengers-out_n_6283616ee4b0c84db72969f8) "phew, now that we're all the same ethnic group in here, I'd like to make it clear that I hate this country, would cheerfully murder 80% of its population and enslave the survivors, quietly force the 'acceptable' ethnicities into a hiearchy where many of them -- not me -- were second-class citizens at best, and I absolutely hate and violently reject the explicit tenets of our most popular religion but pretend people who look like me are the only ones who count as its adherents. Got a beer?"? That is the most peculiar social phenomenon that I can think of. And even white people who hate that shit with a burning passion still treat it as a *normal* evil. Finding out that a family member is a murderer is a shocking, life-altering revelation, but finding out that a (white) one is pro-genocide is a *bad day*. It is absolutely nightmarish that anyone has gotten used to this, even less that millions of people have and late-night comedians just joke about it. N.B.: Not saying that this is the particular fault of non-chud white people; merely pointing out that several centuries of rightwing success has normalized some amazing stuff.


Also shows a lack of basic historical knowledge. Alongside disabled people, leftists were among the first people to be sent off to death camps, before the Nazis had even come to the decision to try to kill all the Jews. The reason being, of course, that it’s quite a bit easier to go after smaller groups which are perceived more negatively by society (disabled people were viewed as burdens and embarrassments, while leftists could be fairly easily painted as “political extremists” and have public opinion turned against them) than to *immediately* go after a relatively large ethnic group composed of ordinary citizens, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Kind of like how trans people are the current hot-button target of conservative wrath, because “let’s get rid of trans people” is sadly a significantly easier sell for the general populace than “let’s get rid of *all black people*”


By design. As bad as fascism is, it's only a means to an end: power. I feel like there has been the wrong emphasises on WW2. By design.... Sure the holocaust was a huge part and must be given its due, but not enough emphasis was placed on the leftists getting killed, because Conservatives kinda liked that part. So all the bad of WW2 is basically just antisemitism and not economics or anything else in the eyes of our history, and not like everything else as well. I view this manipulation on the same level as how Conservatives changed the perception of MLK Jr.


Which also explains why the murder of disabled people and homosexuals have historically been glossed over as well. America *started* the whole “let’s sterilize/kill disabled people to purify the gene pool”, so naturally they’re not going to condemn the Nazis for doing the same. Likewise, the “good guys” were imprisoning and castrating gay men *including Alan Turing, who was indispensable to the war effort*, which means they’re not really in a position to complain about the pink triangles because they would do the same thing if given the chance.


Even if I wasn’t gay and disabled, if need be I would more than happy fight for those that WILL be targeted


>but you’re a white man, they won’t come after you. That moment when the quiet part is literally said out loud.


My italian blood boils, hang 'em all, upside down


Try the sing “Dog Bless Murka” cheat. Do it on the steps of the Capitol. Sing it right after women have been subjugated. Should get you through to the next level. Then, you should be able to privatize social security just as Bill, Hill and Newt intended. Prison industrial complex will expand massively as well. Then, you will be in full neolib Dem mode: indistinguishable from the enemy other than social justice issues you can just pay lip service to. Most importantly, it won’t impact corporate contributions and you can pretend to give a shit!


I have a way to complete it whilst keeping the moral high-ground: Shoot them in the head, it instantly kills them. Faster and more merciful than how they treat their opponents (I think, never took the time to look up how the Nazis fought against actual combatants.)


They mostly lost


Fucking nailed it. Only one way to deal with Nazis.


I feel liked these posts are from Russian troll farms trying to spark unrest in the West. (Of which we have evidence of them doing.) Of course violence is acceptable during times of war as depicted in this game, but we should never be the ones to escalate violence. Centrists are more likely to be hawks so isn’t it a straw man to say they are against war? People say a lot of things, it doesn’t mean they will actually do it. If the people in this thread advocating violence were to see a Nazi peacefully protesting, even with violent ideology, they aren’t going to shoot them, because they know they’ll go to prison. They’re all talk, no bite. 99.9% of Nazis are cowards too. But if that 00.1% is convinced by threads like these that violent leftists are coming to kill them, they are going to kill first, and any one of you advocating for violence will be partly responsible because your words sparked it. Escalating tensions is exactly how war starts because each side believes the other is about to kill them so one side decides to act first. It isn’t centrist to be against escalating violence even against people with violent ideologies. “Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.” ~ MLK “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” ~ Gandhi


>I feel liked these posts are from Russian troll farms trying to spark unrest in the West. (Of which we have evidence of them doing.) My man please go outside and touch some grass


We both can.


I bet they didn't even try baking a 'Fuck Trump' cake


As a 'liberal' I strongly advocate the killing of Nazis. Shoot away.


Pretty sure liberals actually promoted the Nazis to NATO, whereas the commies after ww2 sent them to gulags. Stalin once joked about rounding up top Nazi officers and shooting them, which literally made Churchill cry. True story.


The soviets used Nazi's post ww2 just like the west did, don't pretend one side was better than the other post was. Soviets had an operation paperclip analog as well as employing many middle nazi officials in East Germany just like the US employed tons of Nazi party officials in West Germany


> The soviets used Nazi's post ww2 just like the west did, Yes, they excluded a few nazis from the gulags, vs almost no change in nazis within west german security/nato forces post war. Best part was many ministries like Justice with higher portion of nazis post than before/during, lol. Would you say your lot possess the brain cells or integrity to compare sizes of numbers here?


Stalin literally allied with the Nazis to invade Poland. True story.


Yes, notice he created an ultimately successful buffer to win the war. You'd think Poles would appreciate that given their status in Nazi hierarchy, less so aryan liberals (you know, most of Reddit) who would've done very well had it gone the other way. edit: it's curious /u/Larsaf types often pretend to virtue, but always block people to prevent them from replying.


Yes I'm sure the Polish people loved what the USSR did to them when they invaded.


Ah yes, im sure the Katyn massacre and other massacres committed by the USSR in Poland was totally necessary to buffer the war.


So NATO just successfully buffered against Putin, you dumb Tankie.


I love this


[I gotcha bro](https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/7/14534862/wolfenstein-nazi-talk-mod-richard-spencer).


Oh my lord, this is amazing!


I mean, literally "conservatives be like"


This fucking killed me


Debate the nazis


Dude thinks he's playing Undertale lol


Can you post it but high res?


He'd be looking to play an RPG.


You must pass legislation banning books that contain references to CRT. Remember they must be strictly according to your own opinion and you must ensure you know nothing about what CRT means first. Then you must take to the airwaves! Tell them about how the real Nazi state is the left and their mandates! Tip- Never answer which mandates they mean! Just remind them that Fauci is worse than Stalin! Then give them masks, hand sanitizer, and loads of vaccines and … yeah pretty much you can figure it out from there, you’ll have beaten the deep state!








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I remember finding Wolfenstein 3D on my Tandy 1000 back in junior high in the 90s. Super rad. But then I found Doom and have been a left leaning alt middle centrist ever since.


"Hello, I am a centrist liberal-" I dont even want to read whatever dumbass shit they have to say. Heres my upvote. Bye.


All right, I read the post. That was funnylol you had me in the first half, im not gonna lie


I could be wrong, but weren’t the people fighting WW2 (on the American side at least) liberals, not leftists?


Well it depends person to person. During the great patriotic war the US tried to distance itself from antisemitism and racism a little bit to try to distinguish itself from the nazis, but white supremacy was very much still normalized and accepted in the same way it is now. I’m willing to bet that a good few soldiers fighting for the US probably had their fair share of sympathies for the nazis.


Strom Thurmond was one of the US soldiers who fought the Nazis in WW2. Even got a Purple Heart for it. As he shot the Nazis, he said to them "Nice ideology. Think I'll take it." Fortunately, no one's dumb enough to think Strom Thurmond was a good person. [Oh, wait.....](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2BE_7VppOI)


The people fighting WW2 on the American side ran from people like JFK, who was legitimately farther left than most of the Democratic Presidents in recent history, to guys like Patton, who probably would have beaten the shit out of you for calling him a liberal. WW2 wasn't about left vs right as much as it was everyone vs fascism.


The Nazis took most of their eugenicist ideas *from America*. There was a significant Nazi sympathizer movement in the states before Pearl Harbor, and the US turned away Jewish refugees in the early stages. The US didn’t oppose the Nazis out of some ideological conflict or belief that genocide is wrong, they did it because the Nazis posed a *political* threat and was attacking countries the US has alliances with.


No, America opposed the Nazis because their buddies attacked us. That's it. That's literally it. There was even talk of siding WITH Hitler because *communism bad*.


Well, America was opposing the Nazis before Pearl Harbor in the form of sending supplies to Britain and being involved with intelligence gathering, they just held back on military intervention because “strategy” (aka they didn’t care enough to do anything beyond the bare minimum of tepidly supporting their longtime allies until they were directly affected)


Yeah, and since a significant portion of US corporations did a significant amount of business with the Nazis so the official US stance was neutrality and "America First" in the early years of the war. It wasn't until there was an attack on American soil that the US got pulled into the war on the Allies side. Shows you how useful liberals are. They will gladly offer material support to the literal Third Reich until it affects them personally.


What the hell makes you think leftists who wanted to stop Hitler to begin with didn't fight in the war? The pussy liberals were the ones who wanted to not get involved, while the conservatives wanted to join Hitler because *communism bad*. Fortunately for the world, Japan made the decision for us.


Why would leftists fight in a liberal's imperialist war?


I'm sorry, fighting **the fucking Nazis** is a liberal imperialist cause? Get the fuck off my internet.


Not that they particularly wanted to. It was only until the US got directly affected that we suddenly have a shit about the Nazis


I wish you could do a pacifist run in any of the Wolf games.