Die for Lily (Liliana, Heretical Healer EDH Primer)

Hi everyone!

I slide in between all the new cards to show you my latest work: My Liliana, Heretical Healer EDH Primer

I've played Liliana as my main Commander since 2019 and the deck underwent many evolution until it reached its current state.

This is a high-powered deck but not cEDH level at all. The deck is a control-ish one that focuses on controlling the board, thanks to the various different tools coming from the black color and the numerous Planeswalkers, while assembling one of the winning combos or winning the game thanks to the value generated from the Reanimation package.

Give it a look if you are interested in this cool commander or simply you want to give me you feedback on the primer. Tell me if you have any advice on things I should explain better in this primer or other things/cards that you think are worth to be discussed.

Thank you all for reading! See ya!


I really appreciate in depth primers. Thank you for the time you spent writing it. How consistent are you in hitting your land drops on curve. I noticed a rather high mana curve of 3.47 and only 33 lands. Don't you have to take mulligans rather often with these numbers?


Thank you so much! I don't find myself taking many mulligans and when it happens the free one of EDH surely helps a lot; I rarely mulligan down to 5. The fast mana helps a lot and the lands are actually 34 if you count Agadeem's Awakening. The mana curve is also 3.47 on paper but you have to consider it less as the majority of time you are going to dump the bigger creatures and reanimate them for a much cheaper cost